Getting A Taste of Hong Kong in Singapore! | Eatbook Food Guide | EP 51

Getting A Taste of Hong Kong in Singapore! | Eatbook Food Guide | EP 51

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Chiara: Hi guys welcome back to another episode of Eatbook vlogs *gibberish upon gibberish* My cousin! My cousin~! Gladys: Gladys Ang Gladys ang~ Chiara: No la Chiara Lim (Sj is a Lim too) Both: Screams Gladys: Ok ok Chiara: Is it recording? Chiara: Hi guys welcome back to another episode of Eatbook vlogs today with my cousin here! And as usual, this vlog is a themed episode Gladys: It’s themed around a very beautiful country. Chiara: Singapore? Gladys: No It’s Hong Kong. It's a Hong Kong food guide~ Chiara: And who else to ask but Gladys? Gladys: *Confidently* YES! Chiara: She worked at Tai Cheong Bakery before Yes, I worked at Tai Cheong Bakery before And then I've been to Hong Kong twice Chiara Ooo twice! Gladys: Yeah. and I really, really love Hong Kong food Chiara: Say no more. Let's go.

Gladys: Bye bye Haha I don’t know why I said bye Chiara: Okay we’re at our first location And it's Chef Wei Hong Kong Cheong Fun so Chef wei is an actual person And he's an ex head chef of peach garden He’s worked in Peach Garden for 12 years And now he is set to open his 12th outlet soon Gladys: Okay, we have 4 flavours here with us today so this is the plain one This is the prawn the mushroom and then the Char Siew Chiara: My favourite is the prawn one I always have to order prawn Chee cheong fun when I eat hong kong food Gladys: Okay same! Chiara: Since we both love the prawn one so much, let's try Gladys: We start with the prawn one first Chiara: this one first Gladys: Yes Chiara: And it also comes with chilli And this is house made by Chef wei Gladys: So normally right when I eat chee cheong fun I have it just as it is I don't add any chilli or anything. because I love to like y’know put in the soya sauce and everything. Yeah, I think this chilli it taste not bad leh Chiara: What I liked about this chee cheong fun Is that the skin is thinner than many places It’s almost ribbon-y Gladys: I always love, like, a good, like, big prawn in my chee cheong fun Ono that sounded very wrong the skin right, is very thin and it just melt in your mouth. Okay I think this time I'm going to try to add a bit of chilli Since I had it plain just now already usually I don’t la but I guess it like, add a bit of flavour to it we'll see what Chiara: Just try la just try And this time I'm going do- Gladys: OH! Gladys: Do you need my help? Chiara: What I usually do. Gladys: Oh, my God.

Chiara: So not lady-like sia but whatever I don’t care Gladys: Piaaaaaao~ Both: Ohhhhh! Gladys: okay okay not bad not bad not bad That was a good pour, good pour Gladys: Wah! Chiara: Isit better with the chilli? Gladys: Okay~ It’s a different flavour Yeah. And I wish, I actually wished I’ve added more chilli Chiara: Mmmmm Chiara: Mmmmm Gladys: Ya! Gladys: Look at this. Oh, my God. it is, packed leh Yeah.

it’s like I like it when I can see the fillings through the skin It means that it’s ribbon-y~ it’s thin ya okay let’s try let’s try Gladys: If I’m gonna be honest it’s exactly what you said It didn’t add a new texture for me everything just felt like again just melted in my mouth Chiara: Okay I’m gonna try with the chilli this time As I remembered lo but you do get an extra sweetness from the char siew fillings Gladys: Yeah, just a bit la right I'm quite excited to try the mushroom one cause I've never tried mushroom chee cheong fun before They actually used like different types of mushrooms Chiara: Yaaa! Gladys: What is this called? Chiara: Shimeiji Gladys: Oh okay okay 3, 2 ,1 go~! Chiara: Oh it’s nice leh! Gladys: I love the mushroom one! I’m so happy There's just not one type of mushroom Yeah, it's like different textures in my mouth Cause mushrooms, they’re- it’s quite strong Their flavours’ quite strong already So you put them with like the plain chee cheong fun right and the sauce right Oh my god! Chiara: It reminds me of mushroom paus I ate in primary school Gladys: Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm~! Chiara: You open right is actually very. 流(flow) one Very gooey So it’s a different texture ya you get a bit of crunchiness fro- from the mushroom But you get a lot of flavours from it also There’s that earthiness There’s that jucyness again This one for sure I'm going tilt the plate for more sauce come come I help you Gladys: Oh oh thank you thank you Chiara: This kind right I must douse it with sauce one Chiara: Sorry don’t judge me ah Gladys: Yes Chiara: You guys don’t judge us Gladys: No I won’t Chiara: Okay let’s try Gladys: Plain chee cheong fun lor Chiara: Actually still good leh Gladys: It’s still nice Chiara: I feel like you can taste more of like the ricey-ness Gladys: Yeaaa~ Chiara: when you eat it plain Gladys: And it’s like is actually thicker la you can tell and the way they cut it right is like y’know by square is not by the- Usual rectangle portion Chiara: but it’s still nice la the fact that without any extra ingredients to hide behind and it still tastes good right it means that it’s good. Gladys: Yes So everything here priced at $4 except for the prawn one is priced at $5. Yeah. Which is a bit more premium. because it’s prawn la right? Yep~ And everything is dam affordable! If I stay nearby, right.

Or just opposite right the Kopitiam I’ll just come and buy because it’s super easy to um to get? but then I think it’s because it’s like a new kopitiam and like you know there’s alot of like other famous stalls here also So you might have to wait for a while, because it’s just like the opening Chiara: So you said you like the mushroom the prawn and the you tiao one right? Now, the next place I’m gonna bring you has both the you tiao and prawn inside the chee cheong fun Gladys: Huh really?? The one I liked to go and I liked to order specifically that dish Gladys: Is it that place at Jurong Point? Chiara: Yesss! Gladys: OK, let's go la! Don’t wait already Uh but this one I wanna bring la ah because very nice. Chiara: This one give me la uh Gladys: You can take that one The rest I will take~ Thanks~ Chiara: Hhuhuhu I can’t stand up Chiara: Yaaay so we’re now Jurong Point my hood and I’m going home Buh bye~ Gladys: Heey nooo~! Don’t go home! Chiara: Okay and this place It’s a very beautiful cafe because it looks exactly like how I know Hong Kong should look like. Gladys: Yes, it really does Both: It really does? It really does! really got the Hong Kong styled cafe feel Chiara: Okay la, let’s go Hong Kong right now Gladys: That’s right~! Gladys: So we are at legendary Hong Kong at Jurong Point And this is one of the few Hong Kong Restaurant that I know that is authentic Hong Kong Food Yea~! Chiara: Well, on the editorial side we use the word authentic really get really carefully but the dishes do look, super authentic. Gladys: Yes! Chiara: Shall just start with the dish That I said everybody must know about? Gladys: This is the one right? Chiara: Yeah Gladys: Yeah Chiara: Oh okay it’s actually not you tiao I suspect it’s deep fried Cheong Fun skin Gladys: Oooo okay okay~ Chiara: Then there is stewed cabbage or raddish basically it's a mix of ingredients that is amazing and can you please try for us? Gladys: Yeaa, I cannot wait already wow Chiara: Damn shiok right?? Gladys: Yaa! this one right has so many things going on in that one roll and for some reason I don’t know if it’s the same for you It kinda reminds me of carrot cake like the- the crispy part it reminds me of a carrot cake then together with the prawn and then together with the rice roll and then like there’s like a different texture to it waah it’s super flavourful Chiara: Should we try the carrot cake next? Gladys: The XO Turnip Cake yes Chiara: I’m not usually a big fan of huge cubed carrot cake like that I prefer the hawker style Chiara: Y’know you mashed it all up Gladys: The super small kind Gladys: Okay this one, important question Team black carrot cake or Team white carrot cake Gladys: Come Chiara: Okay everybody say Chiara: everybody 1, 2, 3 WHITE WHITE WHITE WHITE >:( Gladys: Thank you it’s just uh the one behind the camera that likes white get out OK there's like you can see there’s like a there’s a lot of like spring onions I think isi- is it chilli? Chiara: It almost looks like the black carrot cake in hawker centers Gladys: yes yes yes just that it’s in bigger chunks lor Both: Yea Shall we try? Gladys: Yes wah the turnip flavour is very strong I expected it to be a little bit more crunchy Chiara: why leh? Gladys: I think because like on the outside right, I see that there’s like this layer it’s like the crispy skin. Ya! so I thought it’ll be more crunchy Chiara: I actually really like it leh Gladys: Oh you liked it? Chiara: I liked this one because there’s more surface area that um is touched or exposed by the XO sauce Gladys: Understand understand Oh my god~! Chiara: Matches us leh Gladys: This is so cute! it’s really dam cute Chiara: Come let’s try~! Gladys: I like it that the custard right is not too egg-y some places right is too egg-y right to the point where like I feel like it doesn't taste like custard any more and the the custard to pau ratio right I think it’s just nice Chiara: I think ah this one personal preference Y’know why I prefer my liu sha pau more salty because it’s salted egg custard ma Gladys: Okay, yayayaya Chiara: Feel like this one might be missing a bit of the salted egg salt but it’s still a very Gladys: It’s still a very good custard Chiara: Indulgent Chiara: Liu shao pau dessert Gladys: Mmmm Chiara: Ya! Chiara: What should we try next? Gladys: Actuall I want you to try the condensed milk bun Yeah, Chiara: Okay okay I’m gonna try wah look it’s glistening leh Gladys: I love it leh I'm quite surprised that the toastiness is throughout the entire bun not hing is fluffy about this bread leh Gladys: I need to tell you every time we go to Hong Kong restaurant, we must get the bolo bun! Chiara: but so sorry, I don’t leh Gladys: You don’t!? Don't think we can be friends anymore Gladys: They are very generous with the butter though give you one HUGE slab of butter Chiara: Is this supposed to be like that? Ummmm Okay it’s supposed to be even more toastier Chiara: Oheeeh Gladys: yeah. like you know like the top right is usually a bit more hollow.

Yeah, but this is more of like it’s more fluffy ah than hollow Chiara: For this one, what I don’t like is that umm There are sugar crystals inside Gladys: And normally you don’t get to taste that right? Chiara: Yeah, but one good thing is that the saltiness of the butter really stands out amongst the slightly aromatic bread and crust Noodles okay~! Gladys: Okay this right is a staple also in Hong Kong Like everywhere you go, you confirm will see Wanton Noodle Yeah. And their noodles right a bit more special is the thin kind. Yeah. Chiara: Well, I must say This looks nothing like how it tastes Gladys: Oh! Chiara: Cause it looks very bland but it’s actually super flavourful Gladys: It is it is and I like that the prawn dumpling is a bit salty Chiara: Oh I haven’t tried it yet Gladys: Oh oh try try try! Gladys: It’s very very salty! I love it. And this is the kind of soup right That I’ll keep on drinking Chiara: okay last but not least let's try the meat platter We ordered the 4 in 1 platter Gladys: Yes! So um someone told us that Um, there are different sauces To match with the different meat The roast duck, you can pair with the plum sauce and the soya sauce and then for the soy chicken together with the scallion and ginger oil And then for the roast pork together with the mustard sauce Chiara: Then the char siew leh? Gladys: Char siew can eat on its own la don’t need any sauce one wah look at the crispy skin on top Chiara: Wah it’s thicccc leh! This one! Gladys: Is leh, this one is thiccc Gladys: Yours sounds crispy AF Chiara: Eh even though it’s so thicc right it’s so tender leh Gladys: Okay for mine right the char siew uhhh it’s okay la it’s okay, maybe because it’s a bit cold already then the meat is a bit like taste a bit gamey to me But I still like the outer layer the crispy part of it ya and like the glaze, the honey glaze to it, very nice Okay shall we? Chiara: yes Gladys: et go Oh my God.

I love the soy taste right Is important for me when I have this kind of dish and it’s like it’s not just over the skin it’s like inside the skin also you can taste the flavour of it And I feel like you don’t need any other sauce to go with this it’s just as nice as it is. Okay I’m gonna try with the sauce Chiara: Do it do it Gladys: Yeah, it's the scallion ginger sauce right? Chiara: yes Gladys: Okay even though I’m not a fan of the ginger I’ll stil try oh, wah the scallion ginger oil smell very fresh Chiara: I drooled Gladys: Wah! Chiara: I’ve tried Gladys: The sauce very nice! Chiara: I secretly tried before Gladys: Together with the scallion right And then because I think, scallion on its own is already very fragrant so it just compliment each other very well Very, very well. Chiara: Firstly the fats is where all the flavours are coming from and then the skin is like a fried version of the fat Gladys: Wow. Chiara: But it’s not really fried, it’s roasted then the meat itself is tender and juicy. without tasting gamey at all Gladys: OOooo Chiara: I Woldn’t even need any sauces So, how, what do you think of this place? Gladys: Wah errr Maybe 8 8/10 Chiara: 8 ah? same sia, I will give 9/10 actually I feel like, there’re many more hits than misses Gladys: That’s true I think I, why I gave 8/10 is because I’ve tried food in Hong Kong before Chiara: Hmmmmm, how does it differ? Gladys: OkayNumber 1 I think it's about being in the place itself. Yeah.

and like the experience you get right Especially inn a hk styled cafe is nothing like this it is not empty. It's like Chiara: So you want to be ill treated ah? Gladys: No no no no! Gladys: Okay here we are at our final location for the day and we are ending it off on a sweet note Chiara: Wow you’re still so positive leh I’m tired already how ah? Gladys: No we can one we can one Chiara: yes let's go Gladys: we have all these desserts here And they are all from authentic Hong Kong Delights Chiara: And I’m quite surprised at what they offer here at Authentic Hong Kong Delights is a bit different leh Gladys: So like we were talking to the boss earlier on and she said that since young right her mom has always put in seaweed into their green bean soup Yeah so it’s something that she has just grown up with la! but for us it’s like something new. Chiara: Yeah I’ve never seen it like that before Very interesting Okay come let’s try it let’s try it Chiara: Okay surprisingly it’s not sweet Gladys: Not sweet at all Chiara: So if you are worry about the Hong Kong desserts being a bit on a swee- sweeter side this one considered quite healthy leh Gladys: Yeah. And also I’m surprised with the texture the seaweed is very soft Gladys: yes I can taste the seaweed but luckily right it's not that strong but it atcually goes really well with this one and I like the texture! The beans are abit like sandy but then with the added texture of the seaweed right it balances out very nice Gladys: Okeh shall we move on? Chiara: Okay n ext one let’s try this one next because the owner was saying he like this one I’m not a big fan of almond desserts Gladys: Oh why leh? Chiara: I feel like, got a bit of medicinal taste Gladys: sometimes yes if it taste too artifical I would prefer this as a drink.

Chiara: OooOOo Gladys: Imagine this ah, imagine this cold ah, with grass jelly Chiara: Actually is quite shiok leh Gladys: Right? Chiara: Yeah. Gladys: Yikes I prefer it cold Cos to me It’s a very milky dessert right And when I when I- Milk to me is like must be cold then nice Ya, so if I dtink it warm like that hor Okay only la Ya not too bad. Gladys: Ya not too bad. Chiara: Is it because we very hot today?

Gladys: Ah ya la! Chuiara: I’m saying us la, not the weather Chiara: Why y’all never laugh? laugh! LAUGH! For a person who does not like almond flavoured desserts right I think it’s not bad yeah yeah I feel like the ratio of almond to maybe milky flavours is about 1:1 Gladys: It’s just nice! Chiara: And I'm a big fan of milky desserts So I would still drink this I wouldn’t order But if Gladys you order, I would like steal some of it ya know let’s move on to the next dessert Gladys: Okay! Chiara: Come, which one do you wanna try next? Gladys: Okay, I wanna try the yam sago Chiara: Omg I‘m thinking of the same thing Cousin~! Gladys: I have never heard of yam sago have you heard of yam sago? Chiara: I’ve heard of yam sago But all the yam sago I tried, all not nice one this one looked like it’s yam paste Sago Gladys: Like Orh Nee And you love orh nee Chiara: I love orh nee~! Gladys: It’s sooo uh what isit called? thick Chiara: and I like that the chunks of yam yams, they are very incosistent There are big chunks plus small chunks Okay you cannot compare this to orh nee la cause orh nee is like it’s very different it’s shallot oil plus a lot of yam Gladys: yes Chiara: This one is more of yam + coconut milk Ya, it’s very is very. The taste is very traditional It’s very aromatic it's very milky and it’s very Yam-y I love it leh Gladys: Ya Okay but for me right I prefer it without the chunks of yam Chiara: Whyyy?? Gladys: I like it in this form but if you ask me to eat chunks right I don't really like it. Can we like ummm split this, because right uhhh I don’t like ginger (let’s see if)Sweet potato ginger soup will warm my soul today or not? Gladys: 1 bowl is only for $2 like, $2 leh! Honestly we go to a shopping mall right we might get it at $4-$5? Chiara: The ginger soup doesn’t only taste like ginger it tasted like sweet potato also so you get like that natural sweet- earthy sweetness it’s like a rounded sweetness not like pure sugar kinda sweetness Gladys: Ohhhh Chiara: And the ginger is a bit spicy but not in a like heeurggghhh way, it’s in a *makes soothing sound* way Wait I tell you even the sweet potato is dam soft leh Gladys: You cannot go wrong with Mango Sago See it’s dam creamy!!!! oh my god and got the mango chunks This mango sago right is very sweet very sweet but then still got that sour note to it yeah and I love it when the mango sago has chunks of mango in it Chiara: We left the last one that we both have not tried before Gladys: Yes But we’ve seen it at here and also Legendary Hong Kong Chiara: Restaurant Gladys: Yeah Gladys: we were actually looking at it and then it looks dam cute Chiara: Wah actually I’m quite impressed it’s not only peanuts leh there’s also sesame seeds in it Gladys: It kinda looks like glutinous rice balls Yeah, Chiara: Let’s smell Gladys: Wah I can smell the peanuts la ya lor just the peanuts Chiara: Shall we? Gladys: Yap let’s go She took 1 bite I took the whole thing Chiara: This is muah chee la Gladys: Yea Yeah, Chiara: but is a the main subject of this Is the rice ball itself Cos muah chee I feel like you're just eating mostly peanuts and a bit of muah chee and a bit of the mochi But this one the peanut takes a back seat the main star of the show is the slightly roast-y sugar coating outside plus the rice flour Yeah. So what did you think of the desserts here Gladys: The one that stood out to me the most is, the green bean soup with with the seaweed Gladys: Yeah Chiara: Same Gladys: Honestly, because it’s like my first time trying it it’s like an all time favourite but then like in a- in an improved version Chiara: Ah it adds a different texture like that *awkward pause* Chiara: Ask me back ask me back Gladys: Okay what about you? Gladys: OKAY! What about you what about you? Chiara: Wah I think my favourite is the GInger Soup! Eh don’t roll your eyes eh I liked it hdfashgdj it’s very don’t know leh Gladys: Is it very homely? Chiara: Uhhhhhh I would say it feels very good for the body y’know Like I feel slightly energised slightly comforted after drinking Gladys: Getting older Chiara: What I liked about this stall is that it’s not too sweet.

I mean a lot of hawker dessert places you get super sweet ummmm sugar level. it’s like you can’t choose Yeah, but I think this one the default is mildly sweet leh It's actually quite an enjoyable way to end our day today Gladys: yeah. Chiara: How’s your first time being infront of the camera outside you enjoy it? Gladys: Yeah! Chiara: It’s fun right? Gladys: It’s fun! and luckily my first time is with Chiara So I'm even more, less afraid Yeah, Chiara: Then what about the place we’ve been to today? Gladys: Okay! Uh I love all the places we’ve been to today honestly Chiara: Coming from a Hong Kong food connoisseur leh~ Gladys: Yes, really really! Because like I said in the intro, I really love Hong Kong food la The best part about it right is that we are eating at very affordable prices. Chiara: but actually I feel like if you compare it to other like chee cheong fun places other cheng teng stalls it’s not say very cheap Ya but it’s still on the affordable range Gladys: because it's premium Is it? Chiara: Ya and it’s the money worth because the ingredients are pretty premium Chiara: I feel Gladys: Yea yea yea Gladys: Okay then what about you today? do you like all the food that you’ve tried? Chiara: I love leh.

Actually I’ve never been to Hong Kong but I realised I actually really liked Hong Kong food leh Gladys: Yaa!! Chiara: I think Hong Kong food it- Some how it feels a bit soul warming Yeah, yeah. Chiara: Right? Like this ginger soup like the- like the wan ton mee 1, 2, 3 Chiara: Legendary Hong Kong Gladys: Chef Wei Hong Kong Cheong Fun Gladys: Is it cheong fun? we mentioned before right we've been to legendary Hong Kong a few times Yeah, on my own and then with them that kinda thing Uhh but I love Chef Wei Hong Kong Cheong Fun because of the you tiao chee cheong fun and the mushroom chee cheong fun Ya I really, really, really like those two and I love, I love it that it’s in a Kopitiam setting Chiara: True true true Gladys: And I because I love like chilling at the Kopitiam Chiara: Okay I love Legendary Hong Kong restaurant because the menu is damn long. Gladys: Yes it is it is Chiara: There are like over 300 dishes at that 1 store alone Gladys: Yeah.

Chiara: So it’s insane you want something for snacks you can go there you want something for meal big meal. you can go there you want something for desserts also can go there. Gladys: They have everything la basically everything A tip from the restaurant right is that you order from their what- through their Whatsapp Yap, and they charge it at restaurant prices Chiara: So no mark-ups? Gladys: Yeah! Exactly! Chiara: Delivery $5 but if you order $100 and above right It's free. Gladys: Yeah Chiara: but do it 1 day before la it’s not like Grab or Foodpanda you immediately get it you know or ya Gladys: Yeah Chiara: Okay what about Authentic Hong Kong Delights like, did you like it? would you return? Gladys: Ya I’ll return I'll come back here! Yeah.

Eh especially if I'm at the nearby area right cause I’m always at Tanjong Pagar area my friends and everything If I wanna have desserts right I'll come over here Chiara: I think we’ve only tried their sweet stuffs They also have like water chestnut cake Yam cake, raddish cake Gladys: herbal jelly Chiara: Yeah. But I would totally come back not only for the ginger soup but for the sweet and savoury stuffs also Gladys: yess~ So overall, honestly, I really enjoy today la Chiara: Same leh~ you made it enjoyable Gladys: No you made it enjoyable~ Chiara: Thank you for watching this episode of Eatbook Vlogs if you liked Gladys send a like over here and if you love Eatbook watch our other videos over there and remember to like, share and subscribe! Both: Byyeeeeee

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