Gastro Hood | Deca bez roditeljskog staranja imaju svoju porodicu | Dečje selo | Sremska Kamenica

Gastro Hood | Deca bez roditeljskog staranja imaju svoju porodicu | Dečje selo | Sremska Kamenica

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Welcome to Gastro Hood This is episode seven. We're now in a place with a different energy, Where kids are full of joy. We are in Sremska Kamenica.

For the first time, Gastro Hood Festival Happens during the biggest Orthodox Christian holiday. Happy Easter, brothers! There he is. How did you lose your tooth? It got loose during the night so I took it out. You took it out yourself? -Yes. Man, you're a brave kid! No crying. -No crying? Well done! What about you? I pulled out this one by myself.

And a new one grew back? I took out this one. And this one grew in too! Let me see! This one for me! You know what this is? -No. You do like this and you look. See? I don't see anything. Well there's nothing.

I'll show you what it is right now. Eh? Do you see me? I see you. And do you see two Milans or one? Hmm, one. One, well done. This is dronbulje (mouth harp). This instrument is called dronbulje.

I know, I played it once. Okay, I played it once. Enough! Haha, now you try! Like this. Like this, go on.

It's slipping for me so I'll pass. Now I'll show you something, put it like this, finger here. Wow! Soon we will announce and assign Six dishes for four chefs! We will judge the best dish, And vote for it. Stop, the people haven't made them yet, They have to make them, take it easy! Are you ready for the best dish? Yes! Are you ready for the best dish? -Yes! Well done! The first Gastro Hood Festival in your village. We vote for the best dish and we've got fantastic chefs here Who have already won awards around the world, And now came to visit this place. This is David.

Introduce yourself, lad. Today we're making a very nice dish for you. Louder, have you had breakfast? I am Zlatko, I come from Kraljevo and I love to cook! Let's make some noise for Zlatko! Yaaaay! Zlatko! I am Matija and I will make the best dish for you! Give it up for Matija! Yaaay, Matija! Matija, Matija! And here we've got our brother... Lazar from Kosovo and Metohija, Zubin Potok. We will try to make the best possible dish today.

Yes! Let's go! They don't know what they'll be preparing yet. I'll assign the dishes quickly and make it official. They have two and a half hours to finish.

You will make, you will make.. Tortillas! On your mark! You will make, you will make, you will make.. Cutlets! On your mark. You will make, you will make, you will make...

Meatballs! You will make chicken! Let's have an applause and the tournament is open! Let's go! Wohoo! Run, run Dragisa! And you see the Gastro Hood Festival, It's great. All is well, the energy is fantastic. While the kids are playing over there, We will check in with our first chef, At his location. I've sautéed the onion, And mushrooms. And we will also sauté the red peppers. How's school going, where are you at? I'm in my third year of hospitality and cooking school In Cacak.

I'm doing very well in school. We've had lots of competitions and preparations, Went to Greece for special education. I love to cook, which is the most important thing. So that's it. Let's go check on our other bros.

Laki from Brnjak. Laki, what are you making today? Tell us a bit about your school. Where you're from? What you like to cook and how? Well first of all I come from Brnjak, which is Zubin Potok. I'm a student in the hospitality and tourism school In Vrnjacka Banja.

I'm in my third year as a culinary technician. Today we're making pork cutlets with mushrooms. See you later Laki, we'll come around again Just pay attention and don't overcook that meat, Make sure it's juicy, Laki! Third dish with our bro here. What's cooking? Meatballs in tomato sauce with rice. Whoa, tell me what have you combined with the meat? I see you've added some stuff here.

Yes, I've added finely chopped bacon and onions. What does it mean for you to be our guest at Gastro Hood as a chef and competitor? Well.. For starters I really like the organization here, Well done to the whole crew.

It's a really lovely event, So I'm going into it with my heart full as they say. The atmosphere is great, And I'm really happy to attend. If there's a chance for us to work together again, I'd really love to. It's a really great thing.

I'm really happy to see that big smile on your face. See you later. Hope you grab an award here today.

Thanks! - I'll be back again. While you're waiting for the guests in the house, Is there some rakia, bacon or something to snack on or drink? Always hospitality here - there's some cheese, rakia, And bread! And it's great, right? -With toothpicks. Well I can only say.. Well done, brother! Do you work out? I can see you're pretty built. I go to the gym sometimes when I have time, After work and such.

But generally yeah. You like to cook? Love it. Now tell me about the time we met, And what I promised you when you saw me by the traffic light with these friends? Well first, Let me tell you first that I love this work, And I've been following you as a chef for a long time. Once we met by chance at a traffic light In Belgrade. We requested a picture with you, And my friend Zlatko mentioned purely by chance That we're also chefs. You promised us you'd bring us to Gastro Hood, To film a show and we'd hang out.

To tell you the truth I didn't believe you at first, Why us out of all the chefs, But when we got the invitation we were blown away. So basically I'm over the moon and so honored to be here. I'm so glad. That's my goal, And the essence of what we're doing here, It's our goal to motivate young chefs, To stick to the business, Because culinary arts are the best line of work in my opinion. I agree.

Every profession is noble, But I'd never trade culinary arts for anything. Me neither. Are you happy to be cooking for these kids here? I am beyond honored and happy to be cooking for these here kids. Especially because they're clearly enjoying it so much.

They just keep asking what's this or what's that. You can tell they love food. I can't wait to see their reactions. I'm so glad you're enjoying our festival And that you're a guest in our show Gastro Hood. Not a lot of time left David.

My brother, enjoy yourself And I'll be back to see you later. Healthy and delicious food? It's possible. Zepter masterpiece cook art, An expert in culinary arts from the new age and healthy life. Cooking on low temperatures without toxins or fat. Saves time and money.

Reduces calorie intake, The food doesn't stick to the bottom or burn. Preserves vitamins and nutrients, scent, color and flavor of the food. Highest quality technology and design. Zepter masterpiece cook art, the art of healthy cooking. How long have you been at this? -Seven months for now. Seriously? -Yes.

And going well? -Well yes. And tell me, who bought this equipment for you? The Levi 9 organization. We have a scolarship and can use it for equipment. How long have you lived here? How old are you? I've lived here for two years. I'm 19 years old.

I'll be 20 in May. And what are the conditions here? Are you having a good time? Got good friends? The conditions are great. I've got friends, Colleagues who go with me. Dzema is one, Srba, they go to training with me And we cut people's hair together.

"Children's village"- the original idea came from Austria, from Hermann Gmeiner Who among other things sent a single grain of rice To various addresses in the world and said "If each of us set aside this little, there would no longer be hungry children in the world." And so, in those years following WWII Up until 1975 when this children's village opened, It was the 100th in a row. And they say it's the most beautiful one, It does seem that way to me. Must be thanks to its location in the Kamenicki park, A state-protected reservation. To all of us in this line of demanding work, which we can freely say is hard The biggest satisfaction comes when the kids come back as adults To thank us and tell us that it would've been nothing without us.

That's of course not true, because they carried the biggest burden. They started from a seriously disadvantaged point in life, With no family - which is so important to all of us, And ended up graduating from a faculty. It also happens during New Year or Easter holidays Now grown people with families, come back with gifts. I'm used to people here, to kids, everything.

I'll be sad to leave, But what can you do. You live here with kids who are six, seven, eight years old. Do you try to give them advice and influence their growing up, Thinking and everyday life? Yes, well, I give them advice to listen to the aunts, Go to school - I think that's the important thing here. School comes first, then everything else. They have to finish school in order to become something and someone in life.

To earn their bread and such. You certainly know you've got a responsibility towards them. They have their caretakers, But you guys are their role models, They talk to you, you grow up together. You've got a court, you play football, basketball. Basketball. You have enough people for football? Yes.

Yeah, we have enough for three teams. What advice would you give to these kids here? As someone who's older, now of age, what would you tell these kids? What would you tell these kids? That nothing is impossible. Because usually people have prejudice towards the kids from the orphanage, They think they're doomed to fail And that they'll give up on everything they want. Is that what they thought about you? And you're so motivated And you know you'll make something of yourself in life.

Yes. -Everyone thinks so. And they should. I can tell you also, I grew up in Kosovo, In a time of war, When we didn't have electricity or water.

I grew up in a small village, Where we couldn't move around freely or leave, It was war time. Nobody believed that a kid, From that environment can success. but I can tell you I was persistent and I believed in my dreams. And today I'm recognized in the streets, People and kids like me a lot. To think I'm from a village, Where we didn't have power during the war And now I'm on the big stage with lights And tons of people.

I just looked at the sky and said "Thank you god for believing in me." I thanked everyone who believed in me, But most of all myself because I believed in myself first. There's one phrase That's my life motto in my line of work. I was in Montenegro some years back And an elderly priest asked me "What do you do in life?" I tell him and he says "That's good work."

"It's better to save one soul like yours than to build a hundred stone churches." That only goes to show How every child and every life is precious And we can't generalize things. As a wise man said once "What person is the most important in your life now? It's the one who is next to you." So we were supposed to practice in that line of work to make it so.

We do our best and here, Hopefully, we will see results. Here folks, the competition is underway. As we can see the competitors are tense, I don't know if they'll make it in time. Tell me brother, do you think you'll make it in time? How's it going? Well brother, you know what? I made it 60% of the way. 60%. The macaroni needs to cook... -Yes.

And the meat has to roast. And here it's evident we've got a kilogram of white, I think it's exactly one kilo of white. Good, awesome. We'll let you work and move on. Moving on.

Andrija will check on the next competitor. Let's check on Inas, what has Inas got to say! Hey brother, how's it going? What's going on here? It's coming along perfectly, We're chopping bacon into cubes. And wait.. What are you doing after?

I see something's cooking here. Heating up water? That's the pot. We'll add onion to sauté it and briefly fry it on oil. After that, we add the bacon, Tomato sauce and let it all stew for a bit, Then add some more veggies for richer flavor.

Good. -Once that's all done, We'll make the meatballs. Sorry to interrupt, but you're the head chef, right? Well not me, my friend is, But we basically work as equals.

Yes, yes. We both do our best. Great, well done. Let's hurry on. Now let's visit my favorite to see what he's doing.

Wajwai: What's up, brother? Branko: How's it going my favourite? Cutting the meat? Yes! Branko: Good. Matija: We're making patties now. Wajwai: Can I cut one? Matija: Yes. Branko: Tell me, What are you planning to do while he chops? Branko: You can talk to me.

Matija: I can commentate on his chopping. Branko: Tell me, What you're planning to do after you win? Matija: That's some good chopping. Branko: What are you planning to do after you win? Wajwai: I chopped it too thick. Matija: I'll celebrate with my friends. Branko: You mean us, right? Matija: Yes! Branko: Well great, awesome.

Branko: So we're missing our fourth contestant. Wajwai: My favorite is so fast, we can't even see him, This is all chopping by itself! Branko: He works so fast I can only feel the wind! Wajwai: Yes! Wajwai: Oh, sorry if I interrupted you brother. Wajwai: It's okay! Okay! Branko: He's the best. Branko: We won't bother him at all, well done.

Wajwai: Look, the onion has chopped itself just now. Wajwai: The dude is tearing through it! Branko: The onion is chopping itself, awesome. Branko: Well done. Wajwai: See there's more proof! Wajwai: This is frying by itself! Branko: I think he got the easiest job, With the easiest dish.

What do you think Andrija, Are tortillas the easiest to make? Branko: Okay, he's not paying attention to me, He's flipping the tortillas. Awesome. Wajwai: Oh, there is is, aaaah! Branko: Here he is. Branko: He slowed down a bit so we can see him, awesome.

Wajwai: How's it going, brother? Lazar: It's going great, brother. Branko: Awesome, tell us how long it will take you to finish. Lazar: About an hour and a half, maybe two. Branko: Great, we'll let you work, And check in again later.

Contestant number three, I think he'll win. I have a lot of faith in him. My favourite is Speedy Gonzales, Contestant number four, you can't even see him. Aha! Gonzales, yes, yes, yes.

I have no doubt about our competitors. Branko: I think it'll be great and we'll eat well today! Wajwai: What do you think about... Wajwai: What about Orlando Bloom, what do you think of him? Who is Orlando Bloom? That guy from Pirates of the Caribbean, the first one over there. Ooohh, ha! He talks the least.. He talks the least and works the most. He's cooking hard.

Haha, well done! Good one! The egg-smashing competition can start. Here are the names, here are the kids. Wajwai is drawing names, And Branko is standing there. -Yes, I stand here.

When we draw the names, you pick your eggs and the contest is on. Luka Mitrovic. Let's go Luka! Luka, Luka, Luka! Choose your egg! Come on, Luka, choose! Let's go, Luka, let's go! That's cheating. You hit it on the side. Get him Luka! Go Luka, go Luka! Yaaaayyy! Well done, Luka! Happy Easter! ♫ I need a moment and I'll fall in love like before ♫ ♫ To give you everything, tell you I love you ♫ ♫ But I don't have you know, now I know I don't have you ♫ ♫ You'll always remain my only sin ♫ ♫ The sky is adorned with thousands of sparkling stars ♫ ♫ And that's a thousand wishes, i see us in each one ♫ ♫ However, times are tough because you’ve become a mistake ♫ ♫ You used to be my salvation ♫ ♫ Wine hides the words you wanted to say ♫ ♫ I know you're running from us ♫ ♫ But come to your senses tonight ♫ ♫ Happy birthday to you ♫ ♫ Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you ♫ ♫ Happy birthday dear Samir ♫ ♫ Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you ♫ ♫ Live long, live long ♫ ♫ And be happy all along ♫ ♫ Live long, live long ♫ Let's hear it for Samir! Happy birthday my dude! Here you go! Who made the chicken with pasta? I did! -Inas! Who made the mashed potatoes? Laki! Give it up for Laki! Who made the tortillas? Whoo! Moving on.

Wow! Meatballs! Who made the meatballs? Matija! Well done! Who made the pork? Applause for Laki! Moving on, Who made the Mexican style chicken? Yess, our brother, let's go! The chefs behind us have served their dishes And the kids are tasting them now. Sorry my voice is hoarse Because I've been in holiday spirits all day. Lots of singing, joking, running. After taste testing, we'll let the kids vote.

And they'll vote by making noise for the dish. The winning chef gets the trophy, And first spot! Welcome to the first Easter Festival! I've just turned on my phone To record the strongest voices For every dish. Lazar! Pork chops and mushroom sauce! Let's hear some noise! Let's hear it for Zlatko and the tortillas! Not bad, not bad. This is a bit better.

Give it up for David And pasta chicken with four cheeses! Let's hear, let's hear, let's see! Beep. Last dish - meatballs in tomato sauce by Matija! This is amazing, people! The scale is sky-high, I can't believe it! See now you can see here which dish won. Which dish won? Meatballs.

Meatballs! Meatballs! We have the festival winner! Give the trophy for first place! Let's go! Second place goes to... Pork chops with four kinds of mushrooms! Well done Laki! Let's see the Gastro Hood cup for second place. And third place, third place... Chicken with four types of cheese, David! And since we know Gastro Hood leaves no one behind, We have something for every contestant! Fourth place gets a t-shirt collection. Here you go! -Thanks. Make some noise for tortillas! You've watched the first Gastro Hood festival.

Thank you for being with us and for supporting Gastro Hood! Gastro Hood! Gastro Hood! Gastro Hood! It doesn't matter where you're from, Or what you've been through in life. Keep smiling and believe in yourself because Nothing is impossible! Here, look this Dare, Dare, Dare. Tell us about yourself! What are you doing, folks, how are you? Anything new? I'm Darko. Give it back! Here's my sister. -Give it back! Give it back! Give it back.

People, where am I? What village am I in? In what? I'm at the Kids village, right? And how many years I've been here? I've been here six years. Folks, I got wet. Here's little poopy Branko. And some guy with mushroom on his head. People, I'm gonna go rest for a bit, okay? You guys know what it's like to be tired? Wow, everyone, let's go eat, okay? Now we're stuffed, let's go sleep! Off to sleep we go!

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