From being LOCKED up in ETHIOPIA to getting on a KTM in MADAGASCAR in ONE DAY.. [S7-E92]

From being LOCKED up in ETHIOPIA to getting on a KTM in MADAGASCAR in ONE DAY.. [S7-E92]

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Wow, that's a cool car Nice car! Am I locked in? No. They really? Yeah South Luangwa, ZAMBIA Season 7 - Eps. 92 Good morning Internet, it is 10:45 in the morning and welcome back to the channel Welcome here in South Luangwa in Zambia. Now I am starting this video a little late because this morning I went out to look for animals which was amazing but now I am leaving today. I am riding today to Malawi And I'm just going to show you where I am now and where I'm heading today So I am now somewhere here in South Luangwa National Park. And this is already Malawi And so today I'm riding to the capital of Malawi, Lilongwe so it's not so far It's 275 kilometers I think. Let's pack up and hit the road

All right. Off I go! Let's see if I can see some animals on my way out Oh what a fantastic place. Ah, it's just.. wildlife is just amazing isn't it? To see all these beautiful animals and I mean that night ride was really quite exciting And then you know coming across a big pride of lion in the dark. Oh it's something else you know   There are so many lion! So yeah on my way to Malawi I'm pretty excited but even more so because I'm going to Malawi now actually to go to the airport Hello. There's a lot of them

Hello beautiful So I will of course uh, explore Malawi But not now, I'm flying away from mainland Africa to go somewhere else for a couple of weeks and that is.. so excited about this I am going to Madagascar Yes, I'm so excited about it. So there are no ferries to Madagascar So I can't bring my own motorbike. The only way to bring Alaska is to really ship Alaska there But that means I would first have to ride to probably Durban in all the way in South Africa Or somewhere in Mozambique, to like a big port and then find a shipping agent, you know Get a crate or I don't know it's a huge  hassle probably also very expensive For you know a couple of weeks exploring Madagascar, it's just not worth it So I decided to leave Alaska for a little bit. I'll be back for her but leave her for a little bit And rent a motorbike in Madagascar. So I'll just fly there, rent a motorbike, explore the island   And then come back to Alaska That's my plan. We're getting closer to the border

It's not so far anymore. 10 kilometers or so I think "Two nations, one border" Very nice Hi! - Hi - Good afternoon I proceed? - Yes Oh okay Where do I go? This is the customs office *blaming me* You have mirror You have a mirror you see me Pass, pass, pass, go ahead I am parked here You are parked there? Yeah This is a parking No you need to look at your mirror You look in your mirror and you see me You don't look? Thank you Right I think that was that, no? If this was it, then this was a very efficient border Slow down This side How are you? - I'm fine. How are you? Where? - I go to Lilongwe Lilongwe - Yeah - Okay Bye - Thank you Okay - Thank you, bye bye Okay I am in Malawi. Oh, do we drive left or right, good one Looks like.. I don't know. Left still Yes. Left, no

I think Forgot to ask. So that was really really, smooth Super happy. Um yeah, nothing left to say but welcome to Malawi! Yee whoo! I made it. Very smooth

So all I have to do now is find a place to stay Lilongwe for tonight And uh, find a place where I can keep Alaska while I am in Madagascar Oh and I need to buy a a suitcase, like a small one uh.. to bring on the plane I am 50 kilometers from Lilongwe Wow, look at all the charcoal. It's really impressive how much they can fit on a bicycle It's incredible Must be pretty heavy I think my taxi is here No. I'll just have to wait a little longer  because there is a taxi coming and to take me to a shopping mall Because I need to buy like a little suitcase. Uh, to bring with me to Madagascar To bring my stuff and then yeah, reorganize everything and leave the rest um, here in this place where   I'm staying. Okay this one.. is my taxi I think

Hello. You.. you're the taxi? Are you taxi? - Yes - Yes, okay Well, they have everything here. Wow! Anyone looking for toilet paper? They have all the toilet paper Suitcase.. suitcase Carpets Ah aha. Yeah, that'll be enough This one? - I think, what do I need to bring? Ha ha ha Just the kind of stuff you want to put inside I know I know That's all? - That's all Although is there also an ATM here? - Yeah Then I also after here, I'll go some take some cash Yes, thank you Hello! Yeah! Okay, I am packed and ready to go  to the airport Now this is what I'm bringing to Madagascar. I'm bringing this one bag which basically, contains everything that you need to run a YouTube channel

So it has all my cameras, my cables, my chargers, my batteries, my laptop All of that, my helmet. And then this is the suitcase that I bought which has some clothes, some shoes   some toiletries. Uh, my neck brace and this is how I will be sitting in the plane I have my boots on. And yeah, I put all my gear on 'Cause that's really the only way how I can bring everything with me So yeah, let's see how they are going to like that My taxi should almost be arriving, so I'm just going to go to the gate. Take a taxi it's about 30 minutes I think to the airport

And then catch my first flight. I have two flights, so there are no direct ones to Madagascar from Malawi So first I'm flying actually to Ethiopia to Addis Ababa. There I have a really long layover And then I'm going to fly to Madagascar. So let's go

Good morning - Good morning Airport Okay, I made it to the waiting hall Uh, my flight is leaving in I think 2 hours or something like that So I hope that the layover in Addis Ababa is going to be okay, because it's a long lay of it's like I think 12 hours But I can't leave the airport because I don't have a visa for Ethiopia so I'll have to stay inside the terminal there For the entire night, that's going to be interesting but hey, let's first see if this flight will make it to Addis Ababa Start boarding We've just landed at Addis Ababa Ethiopia at the International Airport Welcome to Addis Ababa Please come this door Look at this I didn't see this coming Look at what a nice, nice room Unreal and then.. where is Addis Ababa? Here Go outside Oh they do lock you in. Am I locked in? No. They really?

Yeah, see so there's no escaping. But there is Addis Ababa. I did not see this coming So I was totally prepared to spend the entire night because I have like a 12-hour layover   So I thought okay, I have to spend the entire night at the airport I'm going to lay on the ground somewhere or I don't know find a chair or whatever And then I was already standing in the bus taking me to the plane to get to Addis Ababa When someone came into the bus and was like, who of these passengers is Noraly So I was like me, and then she handed me a paper which is was the hotel reservation So I was like, but I didn't book it, like how is this possible? Because yeah, I don't have a visa for Ethiopia so how can I go past immigration But then yeah, this is apparently a thing that Ethiopian Airlines does Really amazing. So if you have a layover of more than eight hours, um They will take you, everybody who has that, they take you in a bus and bring you to this hotel and you can stay the night for free I even get dinner and a breakfast included and yeah, I passed immigration, I'm in the city I am in Addis Ababa, so I could try and run away. I mean there's nobody really checking anything

Except that this door is now locked but yeah, that's pretty cool right and a lot better obviously, than spending the whole night at the airport I'm really happy. I'm actually going to take a shower because I was obviously boiling in all my gear So uh, I am going to take actually, oh  look at this bath Is there light? Yeah, there's even a bathtub with a glass wall to the room I am just really amazed, because obviously in the last couple years I'm not flying so much anymore But I used to fly a lot in my previous job. I was flying all the time and I have never experienced this So um, what a pleasant surprise. So yeah, I'm just going to take a shower and then see what is for dinner Oh, by the way so when I left the airport, um I also had to go through security again And they were not liking my YouTube bag at all I had to open it, take everything out and they were just like what is this? Um, it's a camera What is this? It's a camera What is this? It's batteries for a camera. What is this? A laptop It just kept going. Um, I obviously have a ridiculous amount of cameras and stuff

Oh, and then they're like what is  this? I'm like, it's a mount for a camera for on a motorbike Rice. Oh beef curry Naan. Lentil stew Chickpea powder Look at these desserts It's the best hotel ever That was an amazing dinner. I say good night

Good morning! It's still dark outside but let's see what is for breakfast this morning Bye I made it. I made it, I am in Madagascar Um, I'm now standing next to the car because the owner of the company that I'm renting the motorbike from,  Francois He offered to pick me up from the airport. So total luxury So I was like, oh that's so nice of  you. So he's now just paying for the parking And then I think we're going to go to the workshop and have a look at the bike I'm not immediately going to ride today because I'm pretty tired But uh yeah, uh let me just say the first most important thing. Welcome to Madagascar! I am here. I'm here and uh yeah, we're still right here at the airport as you can see And my luggage came immediately as well which I'm super happy of Because it's always nerve-wracking if your luggage makes it but it came off the luggage belt so here we are Oh, Francois is here. So this is Francois

Hello - And where are we going now? What is the plan? - The plan is go to the workshop Yes - In downtown Antananarivo And have a look at the bikes - Yes - Yes So this is already.. Antanana.. I cannot pronounce it Antana - Say Tana - Tana, that's easier. Tana The outskirts of Tana We are here Moto Tour Madagascar Oh wow Hello Whoa! Enough bikes, yeah Wow awesome Look how many bikes This one for me! Yay! This will be my friend in Madagascar Awesome Oh yeah, see they also have bigger bikes Wow. What else is here?

And here the big bikes. Tenere, T7 So tall, okay Okay bye Okay okay. We are on our way Okay, I'm still getting used a little bit to the bike. Anyway, my bike is set up And um, one of the guys is now just showing me the way to the hotel Um, so I don't have to look for that which is nice And then yeah, tomorrow morning 7:00. I am off so.. super excited

Can't believe I'm in Madagascar Such a different feel this bike. Oh man, it's really tall It's not so easy to get on and off for me because it's so tall I'll still have to also put this camera, this 360 camera in a bit better position 'Cause it's not really ideal But yeah uh.. all things that I'll have to just work out. It's always a bit different on a different bike Wow, that's a cool car Nice car! Yeah, this handlebar is definitely I think a little bit wider than on Alaska Can that be? I think so I have a feeling that I cannot squeeze through as easily as on Alaska I have a feeling I'm gonna love it here Now I won't be doing much city riding of course Oh here Okay, this is nice safe parking Okay, so I made it to my hotel room, it's a little bit dark here so I'll just keep this short but yeah I just want to say I'm so happy to be in Madagascar This place has been high on my list for a long time and I can't believe I'm actually here It was a long journey to get here but uh, already I'm so happy and really looking forward to the ride And just riding another bike for a little bit I think it's going to be really fun, to ride KTM and yeah, explore the island do lots of dirt As you can see. I have a lot of stuff going on

I'm just quickly charging my laptop uh.. full, so that in case if there's no electricity or whatever In a place and yeah, sorting out exactly which camera I put where and kind of make a new system Because of course, on Alaska I know where everything is. I have my little system of packing and all of that But now it's very different, because I have a lot less stuff with me so in a way it should be easier But the bags that I have like the side bags, I'm borrowing those but you can't take them off the bike Like I can with my Mosko Moto bags so they have to stay on the bike, so that's a little bit inconvenient Uh, so I prefer the system that Mosko Moto has but I could only bring kind of my duffel bag I couldn't bring like the whole set, and I think that would have also been too much you know, I don't need so much stuff So this is a I think it's a fine solution for now for this trip. Um, so that was it for today

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