focus. ♡ #03 Travel, Eat, Enjoy, Chill ♡

focus. ♡ #03 Travel, Eat, Enjoy, Chill ♡

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Hello. Welcome to Silently Mine. I just want to share the good, simple things that make me enjoy my day. It was a long holiday in Japan, visiting my friends and relatives. Most of the time, I spent on train rides or in small cafes and local restaurants.

Riding trains in Japan always amuses me, especially during non-peak hours. My admiration for nature runs deep. I can still hear the sound of trains in my head.

The sun seems to always show up wherever I go. The glittering sea is a sight to remember. Often, we are too focused on our dreams that make us forget to appreciate the present and take care of what we have. This moment was a time for me to momentarily set aside adulthood and embrace a childlike mindset. This train ride took me through short tunnels, and I found myself guessing what lay beyond each one. I keep a vivid memory of how each scenery change after each tunnel.

One of these days, I will paint them. Sometimes, we should slow down to see things clearly. Even when you are so sure about the future, unexpected things happen.... unexpectedly. Sometimes, we should slow down to not miss anything good.

When there is something we badly want, we might fail to realize better choices. Be careful. "Choose the right." is one advice I still have hard time

applying in my life since 6. My innocence was gone when I worked abroad and started living alone. I only knew that it won't be home-like but I did not know how it feels to be like a fish out of water.

The frustrations and disappointments I have gone through became my opportunity to practice positivity and love. There is always hope. If you cannot find it, make it with the help of your family and friends. The train stopped to wait for passengers. Finally, the trip continued. I don't make plans when I am on a solo trip.

I just follow my mood. This time, I was in the mood for a long ride watching the sea. This long silence was a kind of a lullaby called countryside.. It's sometimes a relief to know I am away from urban areas.

Closer to clean air. Closer to green fields. After sitting for a while, I started feeling sleepy, so I wanted to stretch my legs and walk a bit. I decided to get off at Dainyu station.

I started walking straight... when I saw something cute from afar. Wind turbines. The flowers also caught my attention then I saw a "Welcome" sign. Then, I checked my map. This place actually has a small cafe.

I doorbelled and waited for a while. I thought it had closed. But, the lady welcomed me. She was surprised a customer came that day.

It's a two-seater café. The lady said there was no more stock for food and offered me a homemade pudding. I didn't mind as long as I can have something warm to drink while staring outside.

It's a tiny café yet cozy. I am happy I can somehow converse in Japanese. It's very helpful especially when I am in countryside areas. Some elderly people may not like foreigners but surely there's just a misunderstanding.

I want to learn more languages. It's a tiny treat but it was worth it. I wanted to get closer to the beach over there. I had a nice time here.

Definitely, I will visit this place again. Let's cross the other side. It's truly beautiful. And, there was nobody but the birds and me. I relaxed for while...

I know it will be long before I come here again. It was an old bench that gave me a nice rest. It was getting late and I wanted to reach Fukuoka City before dinner.

Since I won't stay long, I stayed overnight at a hostel that is very close to the train station. There are nights I stay up late to finish my assignments so it won't interrupt me during the day when I am at work. I often talk to myself when there is something I don't understand. Whatever you are trying to achieve, I wish you achieve it.

Enjoy your journey. I don't know where I get my strength everyday. I am thankful in my prayers. Save time even for a simple breakfast. It's my favorite part in the morning.

I'm heading out soon for a walk. Because it is cold outside, I filled my stomach first. Maizuru Park is just across the street.

The ducks were still snoozing. It's not my first time here. But the differences in seasons make it all seem new. I would love to jog around here every morning.

Such a nice place in the city. From these small things, I realize that positivity is not only about thinking not negatively but it is also a way of appreciating the good things around. I can dislike people or things but not for long.

Be honest to yourself and to others. I walked slowly in this spot for a while I was saving this very road in my mind. This pond is populated with healthy-looking ducks. They swam away when they realized I was getting close.

It's a nice place to have a morning walk. A lady came to feed the birds. It must be great to have wings.

While witnessing this scene, the nice winter air was embracing me so well. I kept walking around the city. Then, I met an acquaintance and had a good lunch. It may look very simple but I can still taste the fish every time I remember it.

My time here went so fast. This scene encouraged me to pack light and bring only what I need. While waiting to board, I passed by this dessert place. The strawberries caught my eyes.

Kids pancake" was all I wanted but.... sorry to me, it's only for kids. What you see is what you get. This is how I punctuated my time in Fukuoka this winter. I can't be more grateful for the nice time I had on my own. Let's fly again soon.

Thank you. Silently Mine

2024-03-10 21:57

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