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[Music] good morning everyone here from China  a new country for us right now we're here in   the capital Beijing we got here last night and  always wanted to come to China really curious   about how it is we only usually see like the  political aspect in the news not really how the   day-to-day life is or even how it is for travel  really and right now we're in front of tianan   square the famous Square so that's the Gateway  we're going to be going there tomorrow though   and behind there is the Forbidden City so we have  tickets for there tomorrow and first we're going   to be exploring around here this is called chanman  Street one of the famous old shopping streets so   we're going to be walking around here try out  some of the Chinese food hasn't been completely   smooth navigating around so far no uh we came  from Japan which uh it wasn't the easiest place   to travel to in terms of language and the  language barrier issue but I think here it's   uh it's even harder for that uh but we're still  trying to understand how everything works and I   think the main problem is that they don't use the  same app that we use uh in the like Western World   they're all completely different yeah they're all  different so we're learning about everything so   already right at the beginning of the street looks  pretty cool the artwork looking forward to seeing   the Chinese architecture everywhere this is like  the old Beijing we usually prefer the old parts   the hotel that we're staying at is more in the  modern area big modern buildings everywhere yeah   I think I saw this shot in the photos like this  other Gateway here with the awesome building in   the background so this is a walking Street I  think no cars whatsoever so we actually got a   visa on arrival that you can get which is for 144  hours which only starts at midnight from when you   arrive like after you arrive at midnight and you  can get that at the majority of the major cities   in China but you have to stay within the city so  we got to stay within Beijing during that time but   on this trip we are also going to visit maau and  Shanghai so basically the 144-hour thing doesn't   apply for maau they have a different system  so we're going to go there and then once we   go back into Shanghai we'll do the 144 hour Vis  I thing again over there that's they got like the   uh the TRS to get around didn't know they had  those here on this street so here we got one   of the roast up restaurants which is famous  here the pecking duck I would always order   that at Chinese restaurant so think we'll  be trying that out soon pretty cool looking   restaurant too one thing that's surprising me  so far is there's basically zero foreigners   whatsoever we just came from Japan which was  like foreigners everywhere I think I've seen   like two or three so far and that's it it  is literally just like almost 100% Chinese [Music] [Music] we'll go down one of the side streets now there's  supposed to also be some cool Alleyways that   they call hutongs so this area is over like 500  years old I think they even use the traditional   clothing here like we saw in Japan also we  get stared at quite a lot here I've already   noticed that yeah I think especially me with my  curly hair I think they like it yeah we already   spotted people taking pictures of us too I  think that is actually quite common common   throughout China that they might ask to  take pictures of you or they might just   take pictures of you without asking like  we just saw [Applause] [Music] [Applause] before so one thing that you're probably wondering  about are the internet restrictions here in China   so basically all the sites that we normally  access on a daily basis like Facebook Google   search Google Maps Instagram and YouTube which  we need to access for our jobs are all banned   here in China and the way that we're able to  bypass this here is uh with surfar PPN which   we've been using for the past four years  and they are sponsoring this video we have   mainly been using surf shot to keep our personal  information and data safe from potential hackers   on any network that we connect to throughout the  world and also to be able to have access to all   of the Netflix libraries as the film and series  availability changes depending on the country   that we are in but here surf shark has been even  more essential as it still allows us to access all   the websites that are blocked in this country  we can simply connect to a different location   and then the restrictions are all gone with just  one single surf art subscription you can connect   unlimited devices for your entire household  click on the link in the video description   which has the discount code jumping places  to get four months for free and that also   includes a 30-day money back guarantee policy  so this looks cool looks like a mini indoor [Music] market hello niow it's the only word I  know niow yeah it looks like it's mainly souvenirs   Carol also had somebody start grabbing her hair  was saying something in Chinese but I think she   was happy yeah she was smiling anyway don't  know what she was saying yeah you definitely   can't go wrong for street food here seems to  be like dried fruit don't know actually hard to   tell what it is lots of different kind of sweets  even got live little scorpions I think you can   eat them never seen that before though over  here these ones are dead that's like a centipede   I think big scorpion some bugs yeah I'm not  really in the mood for that right now though [Music] [Music] so we've come to that first restaurant that  I pointed out earlier yeah it's really fancy   in here turns out that it's the oldest and  most famous roasted duck place in Beijing   since 1864 so I got the half order roasted  duck 158 and that's with the pancakes and   Carol got some sort of fish ju what is it it's  boiled fish with some sauce there some yellow   sauce peppers in there bigger than a imagine  yeah it is Big that was 128 so this is exactly   how it would be when I would order in other  countries make the little pancake here don't   know if this is how you're supposed to do it  usually this sauce is the tastiest part of the dish get some of this in there  too so I don't know if this is   how you're supposed to eat it like  a a wrap like a taco or something it's like exactly the same as when I ate it in  like England Portugal as well had this roasted   duck yeah the sauce is definitely the best  though so they just brought this big bowl   of soup that we didn't even know was included  seems to be like some mild veggie soup I just   had a taste not exactly sure what it is though a  new taste how's the fish very spicy oh it is yeah   burning everything could have guessed that  with all the the peppers it's good that's super [ __ ] so over here in China one of the main  way to pay for things is with an app called   alipe which we downloaded before we came here  and then you basically just have to register   your credit card and then you can pay for things  by scanning a bar code so we've already used it   a few times here and it worked but at that  restaurant it wouldn't work at all it kept   saying that the environment wasn't secure  I don't know why we tried three times so we   just ended up paying with cash instead  so keep in mind that that can probably   happen best have a bit of cash yeah we need  to go to an ATM get more cash wow what is that some ice cold drink yeah supposed it's  a bit like Japan where all the foods are so   strange to us so I think we're just going to go  on a bit more more of a walk around it is just   basically all food places though pretty much  all the stores are are just food places so I   did read online that some of the buildings and  roads here are reconstructions this one looks   pretty new still looks awesome all the the wooden  Parts this little doorway at the endet is cool too [Music] oh [Music] [Music] [Music] so it is the next day and we're here at the  tianan square just a massive queue to get in   I think this is just for the security checkpoint  we did read that there' be crazy cues yeah but   people said that the cues are fast so hoping  that it won't take long to enter so we bought   tickets just for the the Forbidden City but  that gives you access to tianan square too   and I think you've got to actually go through  the square to enter the Forbidden City anyway   seems like it and I think you paid 80 you1 per  person 60 60 yeah uh but it was not an easy   thing to do to to purchase the tickets because  it uh sells out really fast so I had to buy it   uh in the exact time that they opened the the  slots to to sell the tickets and I think that   was at 8:00 p.m. local time Chinese time and  I bought it like a week before 7 days before   and yeah I was able to buy it because I did it  really fast but then 10 minutes later like 810   p.m. it was already sold out for the day that we  wanted to so we're officially in the tanan Square   now back behind me there you have the monument  to the people's Heroes guess that's something   related to the war and then on this side where  you see everyone going is the mosum of the   former leader maong so he was the founder of the  People's Republic of China that have been ruling   ever since the Civil War and that is the war  where the Republic of China fled to the island   of what is now Taiwan and established Taiwan so  we actually were in Taiwan last year and in the   capital over there taipe they they have a kind of  big Square similar to this and that one also has a   mosum of the leader of the ROC at the time so the  opposition of ma donk and I think in October the   1st of 1949 was when he announced the foundation  of the People's Republic of China right in this   Square so every year on that date there's like  some sort of special event here outside of China   though I think that this Square is more famous  because of the massacre that happened here in   the 80s which was like a government Crackdown on  protest which I think many people died they don't   know how many people died though I actually don't  know too much information about it I just remember   that photo of the guy stood in front of the tank  that were always shown that's about it really and   I think the main entrance to the Forbidden City is  over there got across this big highway road some   where where do we cross I think there's a like a  tunnel over there yeah there must be I don't see   any Crossings over here on top of the land that's  the picture of Ma dong isn't it yeah that's him so   from what I read the main gate there is actually  called tianan so that is why the square back there   has that name it's named after the main gate  also known as the Gate of heavenly peace once   again though there's just barely any foreigners at  all I think for every thousand Chinese people that   we see we see one Foreigner I really thought  there'd be many here since it's the capital [Music] so just to give you an idea how big this place  is we're just here at the beginning and we got   to go through all of this absolutely massive so  this place was built in the early 1400s and was   the residence of the Emperors during the Ming  and Ching dynasties until 1925 I believe and   it's called The Forbidden City cuz for around  500 years only the royal family and specific   government officials could enter here no one  from the public so it was literally forbidden   and then around 1925 it opened as a museum  just like you're seeing now chaos yeah wow   yeah so we've been in yet another queue for like  over 30 minutes I don't even think we're in the   official complex yet the main ticket office is  here right now all right so we're finally inside   it's almost 12:00 now so I think we've been  here like 2 hours and we've only just entered   the main part so if you come in here expect  to spend a lot of time in C I think right now   it's going to be more chilled out though it's  a really big area inside pretty awesome Square   the amount of big tour groups though is really  intense like all these groups you see in here are   just in tours together some of the groups look  like they have around 40 to 50 people massive   groups so how many people did you see that can  come here each day um I'm not sure if it was   40,000 people or 50,000 people but it way is just  a lot of people yeah so every day since it maxes   out you'll always have that amount of people here  look at the size of this SCH scure awesome don't   know what that is like a lion or a dragon I've  always loved the Chinese architecture though we've   seen it before in Vietnam a lot of the places that  we went in Vietnam were during the time that China   ruled there the Chinese dynasties and also in  uh Taiwan it's very similar similar history [Music]   so through this way we've got all these  different Halls palaces Palace of heavenly   Purity Hall of Union I think that's the main  one Hall of supreme Harmony that's in the middle wow look at this though each doorway you go through it's just some massive  epic Square really is gigantic so we rented one   audio guide in English but they had like uh almost  all the other languages and this was 40 U1 uan on   yeah for yeah just for one we we didn't need to  so to give you more of an idea of how gigantic   this forbidden city is there's supposed to be  on almost 9,000 buildings here so even though   we're walking through the Central Area even behind  there on the sides there's many little buildings   so behind this wall too I don't know if we'll be  able to look on that side at some point I don't   see any openings here the doors are all closed so  this is the Hall of supreme Harmony this is the   biggest and most important one in the Forbidden  City and this complex is supposed to have the   largest collection of ascian wooden structures  in the world so this will be one of them [Music] h [Music]   so even if you don't get the audio  guide they're pretty good with the   signs the majority of the buildings  have these signs explaining what it   is Hall of the middle Harmony so it  said that this was constructed in 1420 another really beautiful building and  another one and there'll be others so we've   come through yet another doorway and I don't  know if you can see in the distance there's   a hill back there so that's a park that we're  going to go to later on supposed to get some   amazing views of the Forbidden City from there  that's what we'll be doing after this [Music] spe [Music] so we ended up just visiting a clocker  museum inside of here which we had paid for   before we paid 10 extra for that that's why I  thought we paid 80 so it was 60 to enter but we   paid 10 for that Museum and 10 for another one  yeah another exhibition that we're going now   and I didn't know what they were but at the time  that since I was trying to like buy everything   as soon as quick as possible I just bought all  the the things that they had and then since it   wasn't so expensive uh but it it was cool the the  Clock Museum thing it was nice and also was good   to avoid the Sun for a little bit cuz it's very  hard today yeah so they had clocks from Europe a   lot of British clocks I don't know if they were  brought here as like gifts or presents and then   there were also clocks from China made in China  later on really impressive clocks though probably   some of the most beautiful clocks that we've seen  wow some really amazing doorways and that's why   we're going through so it says that the  collections are the legacy of the Ching   Court I guess the Ching Dynasty that I mentioned  at the beginning displays around 400 sets pieces   of artifacts from the Palace Museum collection  so we just got some drinks I got a Coca-Cola I   thought it was China's version but it actually has  the Coca-Cola there so yeah it's just different   writing that's all got the dragon K got a te mhm  cha ch ch yeah it's funny yesterday we went to a   restaurant and we searched the translation online  and we saw that it was CH ha CH like in Portuguese   it's Sha Sha yeah yeah I think all the t words in  the world actually originated in China so we said   cha and then we got a fork instead of T and then  we searched online and we saw that fork is also   c ha but pronounced differently yeah but what  are the chances of just the two words being so   similar in a restaurant yeah in a restaurant and  they probably thought oh the foreigners don't know   how to eat this Chopstick so they gave us a fork  but we wanted it a te yeah so then I had to show   him the actual word on the the app and we got te  instead so speaking of dragons on the Coca-Cola   can check out these dragons on the wall so we've  seen loads of different paintings of dragons in   this complex but this is the best so far that  was like a a sea dragon in the ocean ch [Music] yeah so if you want a bit of peace and quiet  around here pay a bit extra to come in these   other galleries cuz not everyone's coming  in these places way more laidback all right   that's like a a baby one don't know if they're  playing or fighting so you can basically film   and take pictures of absolutely everything  in here even in the museums I know in some   countries in museums they don't let you take  pictures of everything but so far seem seems   like nothing's off limits so this part here  is a Opera theater from the 1700s so it's not   open but this would be where the emperor would  have sat to watch the show head on [Music] oh [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] h [Music] so this is going to be our last stop in  the Forbidden City the beautiful Imperial Garden   nice little Arch oh look at what they've done with  all the Rocks no climbing so this place is pretty   much right at the exit and I think now we'll  get a bite to eat and go to that Park in the   viewpoint not even sure if there's restaurants  right outside hope there is I think you could   easily spend like four or 5 hours walking around  though You' probably need that amount of time if   you really wanted to see every single place every  Courtyard every building you can go to [Music] [Music]   so on the side of the exit you can see the big  moat on the other side that we entered I didn't   see any moat whatsoever I don't know if there  still is one and we just didn't see it I don't   remember seeing it though pretty cool tower  on the on the corner yeah overall just super   impressive yeah we've been to some uh Imperial  seat and uh like royales around the world but   this was the biggest one and the most impressive  one by far it's really beautiful as well and   totally worth coming uh it's very crowded but  I think it's worth it Y and like we said if you   like pay a bit extra to go to the areas on the  sides it is like quieter there so I definitely   recommend doing that too so we found this trendy  little place right next to the exit and the   par didn't expect a place like this some hippie  music I think that's how you say it sh Chang   Shang don't know if I pronounced that properly  I'm going for the brace pork rice 40 and Carol's   getting the tomato and egg noodles 38 they even  got friends on they watch friends over here it's   really cool though they have like loads of plants  it's like some nature hipster looking Place Mr Tedy cool music mhm very unique place we got some  cold green tea too Japan got me a bit addicted to   cold tea especially good in the the really warm  [Music] weather and make it better so that took   about 5 minutes for them to bring it really quick  yeah the portions have been really good so far in   in China I think the portions are bigger than the  ones in Japan yeah yeah and as we're showing now   this is a more affordable option so this was  only around $5 mine smells great yeah mine's   a bit spicy yours too no not this time just  like a tomato sauce and tomato taste [Music]   so we're now in the park Jing Shan park it was  temp per person to enter so the entry fees to   the placees been pretty reasonable so far seem  to have like a little market going on got some   food trucks too pretty cool vehicle so even  inside here it's still kind of looks like   the Imperial Palace it's like the same style and  color here so the sign there says that it's like   a Chinese Inc art exhibition ink art you got the  the pandas the famous Chinese pandas don't think   I've ever seen a a panda before in real life  yeah this is my favorite one looks like the Himalayas maybe tobet car's looking for the  Himalayas it's probably the Tibetan region [Music] so I [Music]   all right so these are the views that we came  for actually thought that we were going to be   higher it looked higher from down there but still  some pretty good shots of the Forbidden City gives   you a better idea of just how wide it is so this  morning we started all the way on the other side   so we just realized that that wasn't the highest  one that we were seeing before it's this one up   here so yeah just a bit higher yeah  there's way more people at this one   this is definitely the M main Viewpoint you  get a way better view though bit hazy today   yeah not the best day for be viewing everything  but still you can see how impressive the temp   the complex is very huge yeah yesterday it  was a lot clearer the sky so got some more   View view from the back looks like some sort  of Temple complex again yeah or Palace yeah   it looks like it I don't know there's also  another park over there that people visit it   it really is so hazy though can barely make  out the buildings in the distance [Music] so after exit in we've come across this  other Hong the old Chinese Alleyway places   don't if there's any stores in this  one looks like a residential hutong just where people live I think even  tinier Alleyway here yeah I don't   think this is a a touristy  one at all by the looks of it now I think that's just going to  somebody's house so basically in the   past I think the majority of Beijing would  have all been like this and a lot of the   hutongs have been destroyed obviously to put  like modern buildings big buildings but they   still have many I think they still have like  thousands in in Beijing this part looks real   cool yeah I'm not sure if these buildings  are like restaurants or something [Music] [Music] okay see how [Music] [Music] so we're back at the hotel which is called life  Fortuna and this room is around $98 a day but   that includes breakfast too they have a really  good breakfast here it's like a buffet we're also   in a pretty good location so we're right near the  business district I think that's the main business   district over there the tall buildings and below  us there's many restaurants that you can eat at   our hotel actually has a Starbucks inside too and  it's really good because on the rooftop there's a   swimming pool and also a really big gym a really  good gym so we're going to be making use of that   as well and the room is also really nice I like  the layout of it so you got the sofa here that's   the TV beneath the stairs there's just some like  cupboards and drawers and kind of different cuz   our beds up here you can close this and then it  is a AC room we also have a air purifier which we   don't always get in many places little desk area  to do some work also has like a kitchen so you can   do some cooking here but there's no like pots or  pans so yeah I don't know if you'd have to bring   that yourself we haven't been using it anyway  we just been eating out and then the bathroom   is through here nice modern bathroom so overall  really enjoyed our first two days here in China   the main complications are just with the internet  restrictions and also the fact that we have to   get used to all their apps but today on the second  day we're already working things out a lot better   and yeah learning how to use their apps and I  mentioned earlier in the video that we had an   issue with the alipe but today we had no issues at  all we used it many times scanning the Q QR codes   and yeah we're able to pay every time so yeah I'm  not sure what happened yesterday so the apps that   we've mainly been using overall are Alay to pay  for things there's DD China which is like their   Uber which we've used many times to get around  and their Google Maps is like do D du if you   search on the App Stores du maps and the apps are  very similar so when you using their Maps it kind   of still seems like Google Maps really and also  their Uber app is is kind of similar so it's not   that hard to use but there is the language barrier  also and we've been using their translator at poot   called BYU b a i du U so yeah we've been using  that a lot of the time you'll definitely need   that also to speak with people we've been using  that you can do like voice recording or they   can write stuff down so yeah definitely get all  those apps but besides that like walking around   and exploring there's no like big difference to  any other country really we were actually saying   that we think Japan is actually way more different  to what we're used to the way they act and the way   things are over there I'd say that Japan was  more of a culture shock and in the next video   we're planning on going to the wonder of the  world the Great Wall of China so really really   looking forward to that and yeah we're going  to be heading there tomorrow doing a tour and   that's what we be coming up next so if you like  this video just drop a like as usual to support   us subscribe see more videos like this follow us  on Instagram and we'll see you in the next one oh [Music]

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