First Time in 60,000km This Happened on the way to Delhi EP.29 | Pakistani Visiting India

First Time in 60,000km This Happened on the way to Delhi  EP.29 | Pakistani Visiting India

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One of them is a potato kachori and the other is a lentil kachori. This is the first gate, known as Amer Singh Gate. The third wife of Emperor Akbar, Jodha Bai, was from Amer near Jaipur in Rajasthan. You'll see all those impressive things here.

One of the most beautiful structures in this fort is Muthamman Burj. I'll take care of it... Or you may use your thumb. Do you have a YouTube channel? Yes. What's the name? Will tell you in a minute. Assalam Alekum. Good morning. Namaste. Sat Sri Akal to everyone from Agra. We showed you the Taj Mahal yesterday.

But there are some other worth visiting places in Agra as well. Especially the Agra Fort that we still have to visit. After visiting that, we'll continue our journey towards Delhi. Our ride to Delhi from here will take around 4 hours. Delhi is a really big city, with some real traffic issues. So, we'll decide which area to stay in, once we have reached there.

Will keep you posted. But before anything else, we'd like to go for breakfast to some nice place. After that, we'll visit some more places.

You can sit. Our boys will do it for you. Can we eat outside? It's different for different sitting. If you sit inside, you'll be served nicely with a plate that has everything. Everything from vegetable, sauce, jalebi, kachori etc... But the taste will be same irrespective of where we eat? The only difference is that you won't have all the eating options inside. Everything will be in the plate.

Actually it's quite pleasant outside. That's why we wanna sit outside. Do you want us to serve a full plate outside? Sure. Serve all your best items.

We have come for breakfast to a restaurant called GMB. It's one of the few places that the guys at my hotel recommended to try local food. They have kachori and jalebi and more...

We'll show you what the locals here prefer to have in breakfast, once it's served. So we have the breakfast plate now. Let's ask about these food items. I do, however, recognize a couple of these but it's better to ask.

Can you please tell us the names of these items? This is potato kachori. This one is lentil kachori. These two are potato curry and that is pumpkin. Yogurt and jalebi. Both these are potato curry? Yes.

And this is pumpkin. Okay. There are 4 kachori in this plate. A couple of them are made from lentils I guess.

We have potato and pumpkin curry. And we have some yogurt sauce and jalebi. Let's find a suitable place to eat.

Please take a look at this. I think this one is the lentil kachori. Trying this kachori with potatoes and pumpkin is a great experience. I never tried it with pumpkin before. Really amazing taste.

These vegetables are delicious. It's slightly different from what we are used to having for breakfast. And as you know, we started seeing jalebi in breakfast since Gujarat. And the trend continues from Gujarat, through Rajasthan and now in UP.

Let's finish our breakfast and then get going. We can see Manoj having breakfast. He came from Delhi to try this kachori. They make really delicious kachori.

You also enjoy it. You didn't put that chili in the curry. It's really nice. Please taste it.

We just had it a few minutes ago. So what's your opinion? Very delicious. So tasty. Pleased to meet you. Thank you. It has started raining while we were having breakfast. We'll leave for the city after we finish this buttermilk.

We paid 190 INR for our breakfast. It included breakfast and buttermilk for two. So not very expensive. Gonna finish this... And wait for rain to stop. There are two more UNESCO World Heritage sites in Agra other than the Taj Mahal.

One of them is the Agra Fort. It's also known as the Red Fort. Because it's made from red sandstone. It's quite similar to all the other Mughal era buildings. Right now we are standing outside the fort. Its construction started in 1565 and took 8 years to complete.

It was built during the rule of Akbar. Whereas the Taj Mahal was built during the time of Shahjahan. Before Emperor Akbar, there used to be a fort here as well, called the Badalgarh fort.

That was replaced by this much bigger fort. From the outside, you can see that the walls are really massive. This is the first gate called the Amer Singh Gate. Before that, it was known as the Akbar Gate. Amer Singh was the Chief Commander of Shahjahan. He changed the name of this gate to his own.

This is the entry point of the fort. After crossing the first one, we come across this second gate. This is a much bigger gate and the main entrance. We have crossed the first 3 gates.

The 4th gate is almost a 100 meters away from the 3rd one. It's located on a slope so that in case of an invasion, the guards can pour hot oil to restrict their movement. The older fort, Badalgarh fort, was a mud fort. The first Muslim ruler that came here was Sikander Lodhi and his son Ibrahim Lodhi.

They were defeated by Babar in Panipat. After Babar, came Hamayun and then Akbar. It was still a mud fort during the times of the first two Mughal emperors. The construction of new fort was started under the rule of Akbar.

Let's see what else is here for us. Before the 4th gate, towards the right side, you see a building. It's called Jahangir Palace.

Right in front of this building, you see the bathtub of Jahangir. Because before him, Akbar also had a palace here for himself. The third wife of Emperor Akbar, Jodha Bai, was from Amer near Jaipur in Rajasthan. We've already visited that in our Jaipur vlog. Jodha Bai was from that kingdom.

She had a son, Saleem, who was later known as Jahangir when he became the king. This bathtub used to be in the palace of Akbar. It was gifted to him by the family of Jodha Bai from Rajasthan. It's all made from sandstone. However, it was covered on its sides by gold.

Later, the place was attacked by the Raja of Baharatpur and he destroyed Akbar's palace. They also tried to get this bathtub from the palace. But it was way too heavy, weighing about 3000 kg. And it's made from a single piece of stone. So they removed the gold cover and left the tub here. Now a days, it's placed in front of the palace.

You can still see some of the calligraphy along its sides. The Jahangir palace was actually built by Akbar. Akbar is famously known to be inclusive of all religions during his rule. During his reign, every religion had its representation in his court.

That's why if you look at the beautiful carvings on the sandstone, you see that many of the symbols there are from Jewish, Islamic, Hindu and Christian faiths. You see all those symbols carved beautifully. You hardly see such artwork anywhere else. You can say that here they would arrange private functions of the royal family. You'll see balconies on the upper storey.

Since Jahangir had 20 wives, each wife had her own balcony. So they could watch the proceedings of the events taking place, from the balconies. As you come out of the Jahangir Palace, you get a great view of the palace. But you can also have a wonderful view of the Yamuna river and Taj Mahal from small windows here.

The archaeological department here has done a great job in making the gardens around the building. Looks really beautiful. The fort has many interesting and historical points. Right now we are in a very beautiful open area.

You can see some nice looking gardens on my right side. This is called Angoori Bagh. You'll see many rooms here as it's a 2 floor area.

Right next to it, is the Shahjahani Palace. There's a place called Roshan Ara Pavilion right beside. Not too far from here is the Khas Mahal. It is constructed from white marble.

Really beautiful. It's a very old building so you won't be able to see all the details clearly. But there are some details that still tell you how impressive this artwork has been.

One of the most beautiful buildings in this fort is Muthamman Burj. It is also known as Shah Burj. Some references call it Jharoka Darshan. What I understood is that since it was made in Akbar's time from red sandstone... The king would come here for the common people to see him. Later it was transformed with white marble during Shahjahan's time.

The place also offers a great view of Taj Mahal. We can't go inside. But I did try to get some detailed shots. Because the marble work here is marvelous. You can see a similar style of work inside the mausoleum of Taj Mahal.

This fort is too big to see everything in detail even after spending a whole day here. We have spent almost 4.5 hours here. We saw a lot of stuff in detail. But there are many other places as well such as Diwan e Khas and Diwan e Aam.... Jahangir' throne...

Ratan Singh Haveli... And many other places. We did take some shots to share with you though.

Some of the sections are closed for public. But most of them are open. Because renovation works also take place in parallel.

Overall, you can say that it's one of the best forts to visit. Unlike the Taj Mahal which you can completely visit in a couple of hours... But here you need a lot of time. We tried to give you a compact sort of a tour. Hopefully you must have enjoyed it. Okay Sir... Thanks.

Bismillah... In the name of Allah... *Prayer for the journey* We pray for a safe and memorable ride ahead. We are leaving Agra behind and headed straight to Delhi. If everything goes as planned, we'll reach Delhi today. I'm really excited... Despite the fact that Agra fort tour has literally exhausted me.

That's how big the fort is. I've been told that motorcycles are allowed on Lucknow to Delhi Expressway. That's why we got on the highway from Agra. Let's see if anyone objects because I'm still not certain. My hotel guys told me that I could take the motorcycle on the highway.

Delhi is 212 km from here. This is the first toll plaza in India where 2-wheelers also have to pay the toll. There it is... mentioned there...

Sir, this is a German registration plate. It's on the rear side. They have charged me 205 INR till Noida. Almost 2.5 USD. Alright , we need to refuel the motorcycle and also get something to drink. So, we'll be taking a short break here.

I saw a signboard of petrol here. I hope we get it here. However, I can't seem to see it here. Where's the fuel station?? Let's keep going. It's not here but we have been told that we'll see one soon. No point in staying here then.

It's just the beginning of our ride. Is there anyone in this village? There's one on this road. But it's a little far from here.

Could be a few kilometers. Has to be a couple of kilometers. You won't have to go too far... Just a couple of kilometers.

That's okay.. But how do I manage to get there. You'll get it there. But we are going the other way. Towards Noida That's far. Right? How far is that from here? Could be 20 - 25 kilometers. Must be around that.

Won't you be able to get there? I don't think so. This one is still closer. Anyways... we'll see.. Thank you. I'm afraid that the motorcycle will not be able to make it to that far.

Google says that there's a fuel station nearby. Let's try getting fuel from there. That's the fuel station. We'll get it from here. We've got three bottles of fuel... roughly 5 liters or so...

The fuel station was not too far. Almost a kilometer away. Sir... please come here in front of camera. He's Vinay who helped us. He came here to drop his son off.

He had to take a bus from here. I wasn't able to get a rickshaw so he took me there. Let's get this fuel in and then we'll leave. Thank you so much. No problem.

Don't press it too hard. Open it first. I'll cover it ... Or you can use your thumb. Just like that... There you go...

Thank you Vinay... No problem man. Do you have a YouTube channel? Yes. What's the name? I'll tell you in a bit.

I'll return him the bottle. Sure. Actually we took the bottle from a shopkeeper so he's saying that he will return it.

Since I'm going in that direction, I'll just return it. The bottle was filled with gasoline. I'm not sure if it will be any good to him. They can always sell the bottles. Still showing no range. It will show.

No, it's not marijuana. Somebody gave me flowers that are now dried. You can have them if you want. Just dried leftovers of flowers.

Is that GoPro? Yes it is. The camera is on. What's the range? I mean how far into distance can it record? It can record everything from here to Agra. I don't mean recording. I mean how far it can see. Only as far as you can see. Okay Vinay... Thank you so much.

What's the name of your channel? Do you have YouTube? I have everything. Please open it. I'll show you. Even I have a channel. Oi see. Subscribed. Thank you.

Nobody subscribes to my channel but I can subscribe to yours. Okay then. It was great to meet you. Thank you. Bismillah... As soon as we reached Noida, it has started raining. We are fortunate that it didn't rain while we were still on the highway.

It's still a light drizzle. Hopefully if we reach our destination within next hour, it will be okay. Someone behind me is giving me high beams... Okay bro... I don't think we were actually blocking his way. No worries man.

According to navigation, it's gonna be an hour ... Could be even more because these are rush hours. If it doesn't start raining too hard by then, it will be a fun ride. Delhi is amazing. Really beautiful.

Such nice roads... And... Even the weather is pretty awesome today. Not hot at all. We have slightly cool breeze. Much much better than what I anticipated.

And that's just not the case. Hopefully, next couple of days will remain like this. Because I want to live my dream of visiting Delhi to the fullest.

Apparently, we are in some posh area of ​​Delhi. I can see some hi fi shops here... Quite lush. Colors of Delhi. We are at some round about... don't know where exactly.

I think there's some historical or touristic site nearby. That's why the place is so lively. Anyways... we'll find out about it in the coming days. We have booked a hotel online in the area known as Baharganj. We are almost 500 meters away.

Almost there. There it is... Hotel Ritz... We've got a room here. Since we made online booking, the rooms in the pictures looked rather spacious. But we got here to find out that these rooms are quite smaller.

No worries... We'll stay here comfortably for the next few nights. For this room, I paid almost 45 USD. That's around 4000 INR. And it's in the same price bracket that we have been getting in this tour. Let's go out and have our first dinner in Delhi. Hopefully we'll find something to eat.

We are here for dinner. Here we have Simra with us. I think he contacted me a couple of weeks back.

That's his father, Gurwinder Singh. Sorry for my pronunciation. And he's Sehaj. He's the younger brother. Thank you so much guys for your love.

For our dinner, we are at Nizam restaurant. This is a special roll here. Whatever the name is... I hope it will be delicious. Thank you so much for watching this vlog. I'm gonna spend some time with the guys. Remember me in your prayers.

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