First Impressions of Uluwatu Bali

First Impressions of Uluwatu Bali

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Good morning, guys and welcome back to another video here in Indonesia I’m actually, with the squad here. We got Luke. We got Harry. Subo udesina [Good Morning] We've got another Luke here. What's up guys? So, we've got the Irish Luke, we've got the Australian Luke, and we've got the usual British legend right there so as you guys can see we've got the helmets on we're getting ready to go. We've got a little bit of a road trip ahead of us. We're gonna be heading to Uluwatu or as Harry likes to call it Uladanku. So, we're taking yeah, the mopeds out there it should be about an hour depending on traffic and we'll share the journey with you guys our first impression of what it's gonna be like in this beautiful place called Uluwatu.

So, let's do this. Alright, engines are started. Full speed ahead boys. As we say yallah [Let's go] Just kidding not gonna drive that fast. That's how you end up dead. We're gonna drive nice and and safe here. So, we gotta drive through Canggu first and we're hoping we're not gonna hit too much traffic Canggu is really starting to pick up a tourist now. Now that things have opened up over the last couple months here and this place let's put it this way is flooding with tourists so we're gonna see if we get caught in any of that change traffic but if not-- Oh we got sire behind us. Full speed ahead sire.

Raise the drawbridge. Full speed ahead. Hello there sire. One chicken thigh. As you guys should probably tell it's gonna be a fun ride cruising out there and I am excited for the journey doing a little road trip around Bali is always a good time.

As you can see guys this right here is the Canggu traffic I was telling you about it is just loaded with cars, mopeds, filling in every little square inch here obviously not the safest place to be mopedding and- and filming here but sometimes you gotta do it sire. It's getting a little busy nowadays. Yeah, that's bad. As you can see sometimes, we gotta take the handy dandy sidewalk. You just gotta fit in whatever tight little spaces you can and that my friends is how we do it. But I will tell you when you're driving around these areas you gotta play it safe because there's always-- Down boy.

As you can see guys we haven't even made it out of Canggu yet and we are still weaving in and out of traffic from every possible point. It's honestly almost even hard to keep up with each other. As you can see, we're just zooming across here we go I think he's about to overtake it and oh just considering it and full speed ahead. Yeah, it is stressful. Playing a video game. Yeah

Exactly except the problem is the difference between this and a video game is you won't respawn anywhere. If you don't make it through this level but yeah, guys actually though it is it's a dangerous cruising through here. You gotta fit through such tight spaces I haven't really been filming as much now because we're on like busier roads we're going faster but we just stopped to all find each other then we're gonna be cruising a little bit further I wanna say we have roughly 42 minutes left so still quite a ways to go but hopefully it won't be so congested the rest of the way. We've got the sign for Uluwatu right up there.

That means we must be close full speed ahead. Guys we're about five minutes out. We've got me and Harry right here. We- we lost Luke squared somewhere around here. So, we're gonna be seeing them once we get to the temple in just a moment. Oh, you got that. Hello sire, how we doing? We got chicken thighs on deck over here.

We have found the boys. How many minutes you guys been here? Like 20. Liar Yeah, liar liar. Five minutes? Like five minutes. Oh, not bad, not bad. Yeah, we got caught in the traffic. Alright, looks like we got to pay a

little toll right here. Bus 10,000, car 2000 motorbike 1000. Hello, oh yeah for us two. I got us Harry. Looks like we got two fresh tickets right here.

And now we are near the temple it looks like. Cheeky market run. Alright, we have made it in one piece. Alright, so we're about to find out

here if we can get in without sarongs on. All the boys came here with shorts and I think we need to have these legs covered in order to get into this temple here. Looks like the [Speaking Foreign] Very good, thank you, thank you. Thank you so much. Alright, looks like we're gonna get a fresh sarong on here probably gonna go with the orange one. Oh, nope that's not a sarong.

There we go. We got here a little purple. We need tickets first. Alright, let's get the tickets Oh, we can style it. Oh, you already know bro. Let's see if we can get the sarong on here. Thank you very much. Yeah, there we go hooking me up. Thank you so much

There we go. I would have never gotten that. Did I have a few less chicken thighs. Alright, looks like we gotta get the tickets here. How much are they? 50k Oh man, that's a good business model.

I’m just kidding it's a really good price. Wow! Man, he's a natural at making these. It's a fresh knot.

Yeah, I think you got it. Just start crying in front of them and I’ll be like alright, son it's okay everything's gonna be fine. That says one sarong for Harry. It's written right there in Japanese too. Hello, one ticket.

Thank you. 50 big ones. Thank you. Dhanewaad [Thank you] Hello, my friend how are things? Never been better and you? Oh, perfect. Oh, valid good to go. Thank you so much.

Alright, guys we are in first stop in Uluwatu this is the temple so let's see what we're gonna go ahead and see down this way. Alright, looks like we got a nice little walkway bringing us in here. Hello! No, thank you. So, looks like we've got the beginning part of the temple here. Entrance is gonna be down this way. Temple, cliff view. I’m thinking we start with the temple first boys. Cliff view after. I say we start with the food pool. Now

we're talking. One chicken thigh sire. Looks like we got a nice little viewpoint here if you're not familiar with Uluwatu the one thing that I’ve seen in all the videos that I’ve watched before I’ve arrived to Uluwatu is that there are incredible towering cliffs all over this part of Bali that looked down into a beautifully colored sea much more beautiful than Canggu where the sand's a bit brown. Oh, yeah surf's up down there. Those are some serious waves. Don't think I’m gonna be surfing today. Yeah, let's do it there's no one else in the water.

That's never a good sign. Alright, I’m guessing it's up this way the stairway that leads through the gardens and we're gonna get some nice views more views of the cliffs over the ocean as we go up here and I believe that's the temple up there with the orange roof top. Oh, yeah you can see more of the cliffs on this side. I guess the only sign they have right up here. Women who have their period are prohibited from entering the temple. Not entirely certain why that is.

Wow, look at these views, we got flowers here and then now you can really see the waves crashing let's put it this way if you were swimming down there you wouldn't make it out those rocks and cliffs down there where those waves come in do not look very forgiving. Alright, we're entering into the temple over here. Yeah, oh we got the spot what do we got down here Luke? Holy crap. Imagine just doing a backflip off this into the water. We would not survive. Rock paper scissors who goes first. Just kidding guys.

Wow, just look at this drop right down here. Looks like even way over there in the distance there's a stadium. They must have some sort of events. Alright, we got a hungry man up here Mr. Demant. We're thinking about jumping off the cliff here bro you guys in? Hell, yeah.

Alright, guys so we're walking around this place and let me tell you you can definitely feel the beautiful architecture. You get your southeast Asian feel with like the darker color stones mixed with the white stones. Kind of just looking through here do not enter for worship only so it seems like there's some areas we can walk around here some that we're not able to. and wow Really a beautiful place though.

What do we got going on over here so we have seems like some other viewpoints this time facing more towards the mountains or I guess another part of the coast here. So, we must really kind of be on like a peninsula. If we look over there we can see even more cliffs statue right up there way in the distance see if you guys can see that one right there kind of just peeking out of the forest very picturesque views over here. Alright, we're gonna take a different way down this seems like it's more of like the main staircase probably entrance to the temple we took the side route but that one gave us the beautiful views of the cliffs this gives us the garden. That is perfectly designed with some really exotic trees here as you can see they're kind of just like twisting and turning and then they have like a shape where they almost make like a bridge over the top of these staircases right here. Alright, we're leaving the temple area guys we're walking into the monkey zone.

So apparently there's about 400 monkeys that live in the forest right over here and they're known for stealing stuff so I have my wallet and phone basically hidden under the sarong right now and I’ve got my GoPro being held so tight right now but I do want to see some monkeys here I always have some pretty wild encounters if you guys have been following along for a while monkeys like to screw around with me so I wouldn't be surprised if some monkey business happens but so far, no signs of them, bit of a bummer guys. No monkeys on the way out maybe it's because it's midday they're not coming out because I don’t, I don't blame them it's pretty hot at this time I’m going to toss the sarongs right in here and head into town. Alright, guys back to the bikes there's a nice little stop there. Honestly, it's probably one of those places you want to go for sunrise or sunset to get those golden hour views still really nice around this time but we did a quick power walk through there.

So, the boys are hungry so we're gonna hop on the bikes head into town see what we can locate for some grub. Alright, suka espresso time yallah [Let's go] Turn left then turn right. Alright, we got six minutes guys to go from the temple to -- Alright, guys looks like we got two minutes till we're there. This must be coming up to the main street this way. Looks like we got a big bridge right here to cross.

And there we are guys. So, looks like we're getting close to the downtown area. Lots of restaurants as you can see which looks quite nice. The place we're stopping at

I believe is right- Alright, I think this is our spot right here. Alright, sire we have made it you ready for some chow bro? I’ve been ready all day. Let's do it. What do we got going on here? This is it. Thank you so much. Alright, let's see what we got going on in this menu. Brekkie menu does brekkie still count though if it's 2:13.

It's never too late for breakfast. Fair point, fair point. It's breakfast somewhere. I think that somewhere might be here. Sandwiches, salad bowls, oh yeah burgers.

So, we got a little bit for every everyone's taste buds smoothies too. Oh, yeah you already know for sure I’m gonna be getting say iced latte. Alright, yes could I please have the smoothie bowl just no-- but no shredded coconut please.

No shredded coconuts And then I could also have an iced latte please. Oh, yeah. That'd be it. Thank you so much. I’m gonna go call you world health. Oh, you already know bro I gotta go work on that six pack gotta be chiseled. Oh, yeah guys we got ourselves a latte as

you can see it's not an iced latte unfortunately they don't have any ice here so that's a bit of a bummer but let me tell you this I hate hot drinks when it's hot out so. That's exactly why. Alright, here we go we're gonna slam it. It's too hard to slam but we're gonna do it.

Oh, it's too hard to slam. Give me like two minutes once it cools down we're slamming that thing we need that energy. Look at this the acai bowl has arrived what we got going on in here. We've got bananas in there, we've got some sort of I want to say nuts strawberries, maybe some cashews in there. Oh, yeah this is gonna be delish bro you got me. So, I would say it's a decent sized acai bowl.

It's about half the size of the ones that I’ve had mainly in Canggu but it looks delicious so let's give it a proper bite. I will tell you guys in this probably like 25- 30 Celsius weather something that's ice cold is immediately bringing down my body temperature especially now that I’m having this latte which I gotta slam. But it's very tasty guys. I would probably rate it higher up on the acai bowls but so far right now I would say the ones that I’ve had in Canggu are beating it.

Guys I needed a couple more minutes to be able to analyze the flavors. What I will say is that we've got more of like almost like a sour acai. It makes me wonder if this is like blended with something else like some other fruit. Because it does taste different still quite good but it tastes more like a berry blend like a bunch of different berries mixed up blended together. But overall, very good the nuts add a nice amount of protein in there and it's exactly what I’m looking for something healthy something light started this morning off with a massive omelet breakfast so it's a nice one to cool the body down and give you some energy for the rest of the day as we go as we show you guys more of Uluwatu. Alright, guys we have finished it off. It was quite good.

Like I said not the best one I’ve ever had but definitely got the job done brought a little bit of it with me as a souvenir here so I can take that whether you've got later. How was the burgers? We got laundry down the road. Yeah, true that. How are the burgers boys? Oh, yeah you guys look like you hated it. Yeah, delicious. Oh, yeah. So, guys to get that iced latte as well as an acai bowl came out came to about 127,000 which includes a service charge tax which is about almost 9 US dollars. So pretty good price definitely cheaper than western prices obviously a bit more expensive than if you're to get like the traditional Indonesian food but still very good. So, worth it now we got the energy let's head out. Thank you so much we'll see you next time.

Alright, on to the next place guys here we go got the moped parked right over here. And here we go. Full speed ahead sire. Whoa, we're going full speed ahead there. What do we got going on here we got a lot of shops all lined in this main street here. and oh, petrol I’m gonna stop here and get some petrol.

Hello, petrol? Perfect. I got one bar left. Can I get a full tank please? Alright, so here we go looks like we got the we're just filling up the bottles there. Alright, we got the funnel

and it seems like right over here we've got all the gas right there and we've got him in absolute vodka bottles that's pretty sweet. so, let's see how many bottles the moped's gonna be drinking tonight One bottle, number two. Oh, that thing's slurping that gas down. That petrol

That's two bottles. Another one, three. The more the merrier. Alright, there we go and we got a third bottle filling up in there and that should do the trick. Alright, perfect how much? 45, alright, I don't know if that's a full tank but that's enough to hold this off. Thank you. Let's get that gas cover back on.

And there we go. Alright, quick and easy. Yallah [Let's go] I will say guys that's one of the nice things about driving a moped is it's so cheap on gas you know like for me to it wasn't a full tank as you can see right down there but it was enough to pretty much almost get it all the way up and it only cost me like three bucks 2-- 2.88 maybe. But I know the conversion as of today so pretty sweet now we're gonna cruise up these windy roads full speed ahead. Wow, it looks like we've got a bridge everyone's stopping oh you can see the beach way down there and we've got a welcome sign welcome Padang, Padang beach. Padang beach it's been a while. so, it's pretty quiet I believe this is another one of the downtowns here in Uluwatu. We've got some shops we've got money exchanges we've got ATMs. Looks like some places to buy some oils

and creams things like that. So, it's definitely a much more low-key style beach town you know Uluwatu is known for its beaches and so that's really what most people are doing when they're coming to Uluwatu. So, they've got a bunch of like new little modern style you know Balinese restaurants, coffee shops just a very vibing place because like you're in the jungle right now but you also still have a very modern feel. So I think you know that gives it a very special charm compared to you know for like Canggu I really like Canggu a lot but obviously it's very loaded with people now with development and everything.

There he is what up bro? Now that's what we call- that's what we call an entrance. What's up brother? How are we doing? Good Good, how are you guys? Alright, we have located Jarrow you probably saw him in I believe yesterday's video where we hiked up to the top of Mount Batur and he lives out here in Uluwatu so we'll be spending some time with him in a little bit right now we're heading towards the beach kind of gonna see what we get ourselves into on the way over there. Such a vibey place to drive through though like we've got flowers everywhere really nice landscaping. Uluwatu you are beautiful Down boys sit. Look what we got here Elka brown beach club so I guess Uluwatu’s got the beach clubs too for those of you guys who are into that but now we're coming into some new areas. Seems like there's a lot of development over here the beach we're going near right now is called dreamland. Oh, looks like here we are parking

downstairs dreamland beach hello it's been a while. Oh yeah so you guys you gotta make sure you've got good breaks if you're coming down here. Holy moly. We're going through a little jungle forest here special moped parking down here.

Wow, look at how steep this is right here guys. Alright, oh market hunt. We've got market hunts. We've got market hunts Harry. Market hunt. Alright, we have just arrived to dreamland and as you guys probably heard me screaming on the way down we've got markets sitting right along I guess this river that leads directly out to the ocean so it's gonna be a cool place to check out. I think

my moped over here is beeping. Oh, there we go. Down boy. So, we are arriving hello what's the cost? 2000? 5000? That's good five thousand. I think it's whatever you want boss

Alright, wow. the river's even got a little beach too on this side. Yeah, check it out down there bro you're going swimming in the green stuff? Yeah, it looks kind of like a vibe down there and it looks like we've got restaurants all along there too.

Yeah, exactly yeah with some of Luke’s saw color grain he'll make it look like it's nice and blue. Hello, oh we've got some good stuff over here might have to come back up here in a bit . Wow, the waves are a nice size here are those surfable waves? Oh, we've got let's see if we're telepathic on three we're gonna see if we're both thirsty for the same thing three two one coconut.

Oh, that means it's time guys full speed ahead I’m seeing them on the counter over there let's go. Might have to bleep that one out. Alright, coconuts right up there Oh, yeah coconuts. Hello, my friend. Oh, you have the freshest coconuts on the island. Oh, perfect, perfect. Well, I think that I’m- I’m going to need one. Do you have any cold ones?

No? alright, we'll take a warm one then. Perfect. Oh, yeah. That's the freshest one you have? Oh, you got the big knife there. You can chop someone's head with that. That thing's squirting water everywhere. Wow.

Look at that- that is a sharp knife he barely is hitting it and the thing is just smacking right into there. I feel like something big is about to happen. Oh, and she's taking it away we're going this way. Oh, we might be having it at the bar. We gotta pop the the head off this don't we? Oh, and it slides right on in there. We have now entered. That was crazy he literally just sliced

it and it went so nice and how we doing good coconut, yeah. Let's try it out. Tasty coconut. Very nice. Oh, that spoons for eating the the meat yeah. Guys I will say enjoying coconuts is a new thing-- Oh, good coconut yeah.

Best coconuts on the island? They taste so fresh honestly, it's only in 2022 that I actually really started loving coconuts and now anytime I’m at the beach I think I’m always getting one at this point so. With how hot it is outside here guys it is fixing the body. Oh, we got we got a massage going here. Alright, guys I just sat down with a coconut I think I had been convinced I told her no the first two times but let's put this-- Oh, yes there we go. I think it's now time to start enjoying this coconut. When I thought the taste of the coconut was all I needed right now then I realized holy moly are we-- Oh, whoa we we've got the leg going here guys what is going on. Oh, thank you it looks like Luke’s getting one too this is my friend maybe he needs six hands three people three people.

No not for me. I will say guys but buy one coconut and get the massages. That's pretty sweet. So, what do we got going on down here. Oh, we got another one we're now up to three people here. Holy moly. Alright,

we've got a lot of stuff going on right now I can feel it in my arms I can feel it in my back. Wow, oh we got some creams going on down here. Holy moly. Wow, the oils the oils-- Sire we've been taken over. Can you hold that for a second bro. Guys as we say welcome to Uluwatu.

Wow, I don't even know how many hands are on me right now. Masseuse from every single direction. I didn't even realize I had this many sores in my body right now. Oh my god. Guys I’m doing the splits now you're pulling my legs too far in one direction. I don't think my legs are meant to go this spread. Holy moly.

That's a good spot right there. That is nice. Guys as you can see here, we've even got the hair man oh yeah, he's digging his over here.

This is great. Wow, my legs are very spread right now as you can see here one's all the way on this side of the table and then one we've got my legs all spread I hope it doesn't tear my pants here. Goodbye Luke. How long's yours going for? Next three hours? Wow. he's not going anywhere. We walked over thinking we're doing a market hunt I guess the market hunt's doing us.

Oh, my legs don't stretch any further than that. Oh, oh they got the feet now. Alright, I think I am massaged out, Alright, I think we're going to call it a time out now. Yep, finished thank you. We're going to call that finito here. Oh, yeah looks like we still got-- Hey, how are we doing bro it turned into a massage party while you were gone.

Jarrow has made it back how are we doing bro? We're going to call timeouts here that's very nice. Thank you so much. I don't know if my body can handle anymore but thank you. What's the what's the total on this? What's the total on this? We had- we had about five people here what's what are the going rates here? How much? 50 each. how many people? Whoa.

200. What's a fair price bro? Four people. Four or five. I couldn't- I couldn't count how many hands were on me. Three minutes. Alrigh, well we got one hundred here. 100 no. He's a local I gotta trust his opinion. Thank you. Well, guys as you know that is my favorite part about vlogging is you just never know what is gonna happen. We saw the coconuts we ran over here

and it turned into a bunch of massages. How are we doing? Surf's up today. How's it going man? So, guys we're gonna take the head off of the king coconut there that's what they gave me the spoon for but I feel like this one has a little less volume than the ones that I’ve had before because normally it takes me a long time to finish these or maybe I’m just dehydrated right now but we're gonna finish this thing off three, two, one. Another coconut done. And we're gonna try maybe even a little a little bite of the shred right there. I’ve never tried this but

let's see do I just like scrape the meat out like that. It's kind of cool how it comes out okay but we're gonna try it out guys here we go. That reminded me why I used to hate coconut.

And I did a very intelligent thing I finished off all the coconut water before trying that. So, now I’ve got nothing to wash it down. When you're on the surf you get like this nuts like the pov yeah yeah, it's sick. Yeah, that is sick. Can you get one of those in Bali?

Yeah yeah, I’m gonna have to get one. It's just rubber and plastic they specialize in that stuff. Can I leave some of this with you? Yeah. We'll get a couple of massages for the money.

Yeah, probably only two, yeah. Kelly what up? How are you? I know like over a year. Nice to finally meet you. --a coconut my friend? Yeah, just one he already paid for his. Thank you so much I appreciate it. So, guys paid about the 35k for that coconut which comes out to yeah maybe two dollars roughly.

So, it's delicious and massage ended up paying a hundred thousand which is like seven bucks but I guess I had like four or five people giving me a massage I don't even know how many but yeah rehydrated ready to go here. Me and the boys are actually gonna walk this way into the market we're gonna do a bit of a market hunt see if we can find some local clothing here in Uluwatu. So, let's check out what they've got.

Alright, we've got a lot of stuff over here let's see what we've got going on. Bintang tank tops. Sweet. Let's cruise on down this way. We're gonna keep looking. Oh, wow. Now that right there is a good looking Hawaiian shirt. Oh, baby baby. Look at that.

I think this orange one might be a vibe. That's a nice one. Yeah, these are long ones, yeah. So, let's see what we've got going on over here? Alright, that's a nice-looking vibe. I do like the long ones though those those give a special type of feel to them.

We got a green one. We got a yellow, which one which one do you think's a good color? We got blue, green. I think maybe green could do it or this one. Yeah, should we try this one? You think that's a good color for me? Try that out. We could strip down here. Let's see what this is gonna. Thank you. Oh, yeah guys. I’m liking how this feels.

Oh, yeah it fits me? ight here in Uluwatu. I think this might actually do the trick. The real question is what are we charging for one of these? It's a nice color for you. I think that's a nice color.

Cheers bro. So, it's this one or the the green one? You want to try the green one? Yeah. I feel like what do you think which one's more my color? I think that's fine. But you know I think this will do and how much? 80,000. 80,000, perfect. You know what we'll take it then. We'll take it.

Which one? This one. Yep. Okay. Alright, we got a proud new owner of the nice shirt. Thank you. Goodbye. Very goodbye I think that'll have to do.

Thank you so much I really appreciate it. You too, thank you. Bye. Oh, sorry I just knocked this off. Yeah, you might have to get one.

Oh, what else we got down here. The market hunt continues looks like we got men's, women's clothes. Shorts, swimsuits. Hello. And what else is down here? What do you think bro? Bintang tanked up? You can't go wrong yeah. Got some similar stuff here. You got all of your like tropical vibes here guys so you got hats, you got a looks like cover-ups towels. Got sunglasses. Oh, these are- these are nice purses yeah

these are the good-looking ones Mabelle got those when she was here with me and still looking thank you. Hello! And we got some fresh hats down here. Nice dresses. Alright, lots of lots of beachy stuff a lot of similar stuff though I feel like a lot of these stores probably have similar suppliers but very nice nonetheless. Oh, bintang cap oh yeah you can't go wrong with that. Yeah, how much for the Bintang hat? 40,000. Alright, that's a good quality Bintang hat. Oh yeah, alright.

This one's 40,000 you said. Alright, well, we're going we're going for the Bintang cap Luke. I think black's probably my color yeah Exactly it's gotta go with the shirt. I think we'll just go with one for now.

One Bali Bintang. Tempting, tempting. Let's see where did I put the-- Change for this please? Thank you. Alright, now. Alright, let's get this thing to the right size there. We've got the hat. Now let's try it on.

Guys take off the other hat that I’ve been wearing for months. Oh, yeah. We are ready to go. King Bintang here. There it is. Oh, everything's Bintang here. Oh, perfect. Thank you so much. Thank you. Do you have a trash for this? Oh, thank you so much.

Alright, I know right I’m a new man we got the Bintang cap and we've got the fresh new shirt I’d say this has been a pretty successful market hunt. Looks like we're getting to the end of the market here guys. Probably because the pandemic we've got half the stalls closed because we're not getting as many people but that is the market hunt I’d say that's great. So, we paid eighty thousand for this which is about five dollars and forty cents we paid for the Bintang hat forty thousand we're talking like two dollars. So pretty good shop here now we're gonna be fresh when we head down over to the beach.

Let's head back this way. Alright, we just found found sire and he's got a hat now what do we got Bintang? You haven't seen what else I’ve got. Oh, oh okay we gottA see what's on the back of his hat here. Oh, it says Bali. Oh, yeah oh and it matches the shirt just in case I forget where I am you ready for the big one? we got a compass? Oh, this is the big reveal. Whatever it is is real, okay. Anjed [Seriously] Oh, he's got Gucci oh jeez bro how much you pay for that three thousand dollars? Too much, too much. Three thousand. Three thousand dollars. Let's just say

the girls are gonna be queuing up. Seven dollars for real Gucci, wow. That's a great deal. She assured me it was real. Tempting but I don't want to steal his style.

Well beach time boys? Hell yeah. Let's do it. Let's do it guys. It looks like we've got just about two hours roughly left before the sun sets. So we're gonna go down there maybe even do a little bit of swimming so when I snap my fingers, I’m gonna have swim trunks on three, two, one. Oh, and bam we're in the swimsuit there you see that bro how did that happen snapped the fingers and somehow, I changed but here we go guys we're heading down into the water and if you're thinking I’m going surfing there's a zero percent chance of that right now, these are like intermediate to expert waves but that's alright, we're gonna do a little swimming we're gonna cool off in here and that's where we're gonna leave it at. Alright, here we go guys this is actually water surprisingly this is the first time I’ve gone in the water since I’ve been here Whoa, full send swimmer. Now that's one way to get in Wow, here we go.

Straight up trip. I was planning on going way further and straight up face planted how is it? Indescribable right now. It's Luke’s last five days in Bali after ten months here so you gotta enjoy that swim. Why am I leaving? I know why are you leaving how could you leave this I’m

never leaving. I’m not leaving. I’m not leaving. straight vibes out here. Alright, guys I think we might have recovered you but what I was gonna say is the one thing that I like about Uluwatu versus Canggu is the really beautiful beaches here more of like the white sand beaches, I like that more than the black sand beaches. Certified vibes what do you think sire? Ah this reminds me of Colby UK, UK beaches. Oh, this is just like the UK they surf like that too right. Goodbye sire Body serve hold it.

Wow, I think nearly clotheslined me we're gonna body surface guys. Holy crap. Oh, That thing just straight up clothesline. holy [ __] very strong. Whoa, holy crap I just got absolutely annihilated there. Wow. No water is all over the microphone but this stuff will just rip you out to sea. Getting smacked by one last wave the

boys have been taken down. Oh we got a big one coming we got a big one holy crap look at that thing it's just swallowed up the surfer. So, refreshing. I say we went out with a proper bang there guys and we're coming in again and we're back. The waves destroyed us.

Oh yeah and I lost another ring so that means market hunt. I’d say we had a pretty nice beach experience here guys the sun is just about at its end we got a couple drone shots up there to share with you but that is, it some of our other friends are grabbing their surfboards and then maybe we'll show you a little bit more of Uluwatu if it doesn't get too dark so let's head out. Alright, we got our man over here flipping bottles let's see what he's got going on. Oh, let's see a couple flips brother. Let's do a couple flips here brother. Oh, oh there we go. he's tossing them up.

Whoa, wow, behind the head and then around. Holy crap. Oh my god. bBest bartender on the island then whoa and he caught it like that and well bam. Whoa! Holy I can't even keep up with my eyes even in slow motion wow Whoa. This is insane. Cheers brother. Wow, that right there is a very unique talent there guys a nice way to end our time here at the dreamland beach now back to the mopeds. Let's go.

Alright, guys we have gotten back on the moped here everyone's way ahead of me but we're cruising to the next spot oh looks like we're cutting a right here just in time full speed ahead. Hello, hello sire. I need a chicken's eye Alright, guys we are back in business we're tired we're going to show you some of Uluwatu baby let's go. Down boy.

The Bintang garden we're back at it. Alright, we're going to get a little glimpse of what Uluwatu looks like at night. It's quite surprising there is there is a lot of it that's still very undeveloped like I was saying earlier in the video I didn't really know what to expect I mean it's debatable you know there's there's a fair amount of development where I’m at right now but there's a lot of pockets of the jungle that are just kind of mixed in to me it kind of feels like a spread out city like there's a lot of different like parts of the city, you'll find that uh you know I have a fair amount of restaurants cafes clothing stores like it seems like there's just a bunch of different like downtown gomos but there's not one main one but I might be wrong obviously this is just one day trip out here in Uluwatu so I’m trying to see as much as possible to get a feel for it but it's a great city so far.

2022-06-17 06:43

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