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Namaste [Greetings], Namaskar [Greetings]. kaise ho [How are you?] Udaipur? Good morning, good morning my friends. We are giving you the first glimpse and also my first glimpse of this incredibly beautiful city. [Music] Wow, honestly guys I'm pretty much speechless. This is the city of lakes, this is Udaipur. So guys we're gonna be taking you with us as we explore through the streets of this incredibly beautiful and picturesque and almost like a romantic-like city.

Just from when we arrived here Rahul and I saw a bunch of different it seemed like couples out here, a lot of tourists a very inviting place to give you a once in a lifetime experience. Just looking out here, this almost feels like an Indian version. Let's head on down and we'll take you guys with us through the streets where we are going to head on over and explore. Kaise ho bhai sahab? [How are you bro?] Theek hai [Good]. Very theek hai [Good]. Good morning. So guys this is actually the hotel where we're staying at and it looks over the whole lake. We just woke up here a couple minutes ago and yeah, it's a cool place

and for a really good price. You can see the designs here. We've got paintings, we've got kinda like vine leaves all the way up and down this place and so just a one-of-a-kind type of place. Good morning. Morning brother. Kesay ho sire? [How are you sire?] Perfect. Everything's bohat acha [Very good] out here.

Dhanevad [Thank you] We'll see you later. So guys that's over here at the Dream Yard hotel that we're staying at for 16 dollars per night for us to share a room so 8 dollars per person. That is a great, great price. I guess it's called a hostel but it's like a it feels kinda more like a hotel to me because you have your own room but yeah, I guess it's hotel lake ghat or also Dream yard hostel. So yeah guys really nice hostel though, one of the nicer hostels I've ever stayed at. And these are the streets we're gonna be taking you with us through in just a moment. I think we gotta find ourselves

some coffee. Namaskar [Greetings] my friend. Dhanevaad [Thank you] Bohat acha [Very good] Kesay ho? [Yeah, very good] Very good. Very nice locals guys, we're getting some recommendations here already which is fantastic news. We're just waiting on Rahul here. Chalein chalo [Let's go] Rahul. Alright, here we go. We're about to

chalo chalein [Let's go] down into these streets here. It is about 10 a.m. so you guys will get an idea of what it's like this early in the morning. Alright, wow. It looks like we have some morning seaweed being moved over onto the shores.

Good morning. Very good and you? From the US. Aap ka naam kya hai? [What's your name?] Rasool. Mera naam hai Mac [My name is Mac] Mac and Rasool. Nice to meet you, dhanevaad [Thank you]. Alright, looks like we got some fresh

seaweed coming in this morning here. Alright, that looks fantastic a lot of lakes here, the city of lakes a beautiful city. Alright, where too? Nice to meet you my friend. Alright, here we go. Looks like we're going the wrong way already that's alright. Alright, the busyness has started in the city. Good morning Udaipur. Hello Udaipur. Good boy, down boy.

Even- even those dogs right there were looking like alright, who's coming through the streets right now I'm screaming. And see guys this is why you kinda feel that European vibe like nice paved roads kinda winding through the buildings, plants balconies like terrace. What do you call those? Juliet terraces looking out into the streets, lots of little coffee shops right here. Oh dhanevaad bhai sahab [Thank you bro]. Where you from? US. Which state? Illinois, Chicago. Dhanevaad bhai sahab [Thank you bro]. So we're arriving to the spot here, Jheel's Ginger Coffee Bar and Bakery. Oh yes, it is time to get some delish chow. Good morning,

kaise ho bhai sahab? [How are you bro?] Alright, what do we got going on here? Some delicious stuff, we got some views down there on the lake available? Perfect. Let's see what we're going on. Hello, kaise ho? [How are you?] Alright, oh yeah we've got some seating out here so we got seating right inside and down here a little patio. Hello. Yeah we got two seats out there bro. Rooftop, oh yeah. Alright, let's check it out then. Wanna order first we order here yea? Okay, theek hai [Okay] Dhanevaad [Thank you] After you bro.

Alright, so we're arriving to- is this considered to be Udaipur's best cafe? Yeah. Oh really. I don't know but that guy is-- That's what the guy says yeah? Yeah. Alright well, it's got a pretty awesome design as we walk in here. Hotel guy, yeah. Hello sire.

Dhanevaad [Thank you]. Oh, it's a proper stair climbing up here guys. We are gonna have earned this breakfast more than ever, give me the breakfast food sire. Alright, wow we have made it up.

Good morning. Kaise ho? [How are you?] Bohat acha [Very good] Dhanewaad [Thank you] Hello, hello. Oh yeah, we got a nice patio up here. Oh yeah, one more up. Oh alright, we're going again. Alright, dhanevaad [Thank you]. Here we go. I guess we're going a little further up guys, we're getting a full tour

of the entire place. Do we have any seats up here my friend? Oh it's gonna be limited. Alright, well what do we got going on? I think this is gonna be our only option bro.

So guys we just made it to the top of Jheel's. Let me tell you this the views are much, much better up here than on the first floor. Although, the first floor was nice being that close to the lake. Now you can look out got the bridges in the distance. We've got the islands down there. Oh yeah. Yeah actually we're gonna move over-- Hey Rahul, let's get this, let's get that table right there. Oh yeah, there we go guys. Now we can see the islands in the distance.

That's what I'm talking about. Good morning Udaipur. Oh guys I already love this city. My first impressions I haven't even shown you anything yet and my first impressions in this-- Of this place just like blown away. The design of it is what I love the most. It almost feels like

I don't even know what to compare it to like you it almost feels like you're like an Indian city mixed with like a European feel with a little bit of Venice vibes here when we're by the lakes and just yeah like so, so much. I could easily stay here for a long, long time but anyways let's go ahead and check out this menu here. Oh wow, the whole place just cleared out within seconds. When we came up here guys that was the right when I started this video, it was a full house now. So guys it looks like we've got quite a few options of things to sip on here. We've got espressos, cappuccinos iced coffees, teas, shakes, cock tails, aerated drinks, grilled sandwiches.

Oh yeah. Alright, so we've got a lot of options pastas, wood-fired pizza. Alright, pancakes. Oh baby, baby and a homemade bakery sizzling brownie. Alright, well what do you think for breakfast then bro, which one's the breakfast? Did I miss it? Hello my friend, how are you? Aap ka naam kya hai? [What's your name?] That's a great name. Could I have a let's see here one peach iced tea, one iced Americano? Which is the most popular sandwich? I knew that's what you eat.

Pesto roasted veggie sandwich that sounds very nice too. And then on the other picture you said pastas. Pasta could be kinda good. Is there a pasta with pesto? Oh yeah, right there. Oh can I have the pesto pasta just with no mushroos? Without mushroom. What about you Rahul? Need caffeine Yeah, I need caffeine badly. Cappuccino Yeah something with paneer probably.

Alright, guys we've got the iced tea and the coffee, also drop a comment below if your preference is iced tea or coffee, energy drinks or natural energy, I'll be curious to know. Let's try this one out. Wow, that made me wanna select iced tea as my number one favorite. That's a peach iced tea with these views, ice cold refreshing it doesn't get any better than that. Let's try out the iced coffee here. Also very nice. Could probably use a little milk in there but the coffee the flavor in it really gets some of the best coffee that I've had so far as I've been traveling through India because the bonus there's a couple cities we've been to in Rajasthan with the coffee at some of the places was not as good. This right here is like gourmet coffee but in terms of just my preference we could probably toss a little milk in there because I do like my coffees with a little bit of cream in there but both I would give like for India 10 out of 10 for sure for like world rating for coffee, I give it probably 8.5 out of 10. So really high ratings plus

you know the real question guys is are my taste buds biased because the scenery right here is incredible or do you think that doesn't actually affect it? That's one thing I've always wondered, it's just like when you have a delicious meal delivered to you right in front of you and you know the food presentation is impeccable does it taste better because it looks good. Someone argued, yes. Oh yeah and here's what we got guys the delicious pesto pasta right there. We've got some looks like garlic bread to mix it with. We've got some peppers in there, we've got some tomatoes and Rahul's going for the pizza there bro living the Italian life. Pizza boy. Yeah there we go, you're gonna give it a test. Welcome to Udaipur guys. It's very cheesy you know it's very- It looks cheesy. It looks delicious, got an

Italian flavor to it? You can try. Maybe I'll try a little slice there, give it a shot there, Some local pizza. Yeah it's medium spicy pizza. Oh that is delicious. It's got a nice spice to it. It's got like your Italian thin crust there, nice little spice to it though quite, quite tasty probably one of the better- best pizzas I've had actually in India. I've only had probably two or three at this point.

Who would have thought guys one of my first meals I'm having here in Udaipur is gonna be an Italian meal. I'm okay with it though. Italian's one of my favorite foods and I've had a lot of local foods over the last couple weeks. So it's fun to mix it up a bit. Alright, here we go. We're gonna try out the pesto pasta. It looks incredible so much pesto in there. We've got some cheese. Get a proper bite.

That is incredibly delicious. Wow, I don't know if you guys know this because I haven't had that much pesto because I guess in a lot of the countries I go to it's not as common to get but it's for sure like one of my favorite foods of all time is like pesto on the pasta just anything and it's so delicious you can tell it's fresh. Noodles are cooked well, good chew to it. All that guys with a light breeze. This is paradise here in India, I'm loving it. Let's try out the garlic bread here.

It's not g double o d my guy? No bro, it's not g double o d. It's g triple o d. Good. Very good. I must say props to Rahul, he found this location. And it just checks all the boxes delicious food, great coffee, views on point as I've said a million times now. I'm gonna keep saying it and a proper meal like good sized portions too like Rahul wanted me to get this himself an entree and then split a pizza and I was like bro, I'm not trying to get the pizza belly here. Well good food guys overall very nice. Alright, that was a delicious meal my friends. Now we're gonna head on and

continue showing you more of the city of Udaipur. Bad news here though. No working on laptops that's my only disappointment on this place. My guess is because a lot of tourists come in and

out, they wanna keep the tables clean. Namaskar bhai sahab [Greetings bro], got the brownies down there too. Oh yes. Its good brownies in there. It's the best stuff yeah. Yes of course. I shouldn't have eaten so much then I could have eaten a brownie right now too delicious. Alright, 1606.

Alright, well we've got 1606 that comes out to roughly 23.50 dollars that's me totally guessing in US dollars so very good price for amazing views, delicious food. Really enjoyed it, dhanevaad bhai sahab [Thank you bro]. Aap ka naam kya hai? [How are you?] Nice to meet you, yeah. Dhanevaad [Thank you]. Khana bohat sawad bhai saab [Food is very delicious bro] Practice makes perfect as they say. International card?

They are accepting international card also. Yeah that's a big deal guys to be honest, not that many places I've found I think since after the pandemic are accepting international cards but these guys are so dhanevaad [Thank you] for that. Thank you. Dhanevaad [Thank you]. Alright, let's chalein chalo [Let's go] out of here bro. Alright, guys the journey through the city continues. Wow, as soon as we walk out we have a nice large gate.

That's the nice part about this city guys the first impressions continue to get better and better. We had an incredible first meal exploring this place, and we're walking through all these areas we've got temples here. We've got incredible paintings. Namaskar [Greetings]. Nice people here. Namaskar [Greetings]. And so yeah guys really a fantastic vibe. The nice part in terms of Rajasthan if you've been following along for the series as we traveled through quite a few cities, it's not as hot here. Now it's probably just around 12:30 and I would say like it's a very comfortable temperature and how do I call this shirt? Kurta.

Yeah, yeah in my kurta and a pair of pants and I'm like pretty comfortable probably after walking up a couple hills it'll be warm but like a, a much nicer temperature. We've even got a restaurant here called Pim Pim. Whoa. Hello. A nice guy in there. He looks like he's pimping out. Alright, so we're going to the next spot here. We got the Bagore museum.

Namaskar [Greetings], nice locals here. Look who's back? I just follow you now. Dhanevaad bhai sahab [Thank you bro] Very nice of you. Oh, thank you. We'll try and make it then. Thank you my friend. We're actually enroute to the palace but dhanevaad bhai saab [Thank you brother]

No view dhanevaad [Thank you]. So we've got a lot of markets and things where you can buy textiles all in this. area Foods and many things. Yeah Rahul just brought up a good point here that like we have obviously you guys haven't seen us getting a tuk-tuk or anything yet like when you stay down here right in the what would you call this area like the center? The old city. The old city yeah when you stay in the old city like you can pretty much

walk everywhere and as you've been seeing throughout this whole time, we've got shops everywhere. You can buy any types of gifts and items, clothing, textiles, wallets see dogs in the streets a lot of stuff all around here and it's all able to be seen by foot. And there's a plethora and by plethora guys, I mean a massive amount of rooftop restaurants so if that's your thing, it's definitely my thing this is your city. Wow, guys a little bit of everything. I was just telling you how many things you

can buy here. Now we're even coming across paintings and we've got stands here for some fresh snacks and that's leading us right up to the palace which I'm excited to see. As you can see, we're walking right up to the palace here, got big groups of people. Hello bhai sahab [Bro],

And ticket bookings right up this way. Dhanevaad [Thank you]. We're gonna go ahead and take a look. So we got student, teachers, adults 300 rupees. It's probably gonna be a special foreigner price I'm guessing. Namaskar [Greetings] A little bit. Kesay ho bhai saab? [How are you brother] Bohat acha [Very good] Dhanevaad [Thank yoyu] Namaskaar bhai saab [Greetings brother] How are things. Very good. Very good. We'll take-- which ticket?

Outer area. We are going outer area. Theek hai [Okay] Very good, and we pay with card? That's a good sign. After 2 o'clock they charge 800. 830. 830 and before 2 p.m. they charge 530. Oh that's- that's a certified bargain. We need the- the tickets for- For the-- Two. 60 60? Only outside? Only 60. There we go, dhanevaad [Thank you].

Perfect. Tickets to get in, we got it. This is a very good thing like a foreigner and Indian same price. Yeah that is nice. This is the only place where we have same prices.

Wow, that's very nice dhanevaad [Thank you]. Aap ka naam kya hai? [What's your name?] Mukhul Mehra. Oh, Mukhul dhanevaad [Thank you] Mukhul. Dhanevaad [Thank you] Mukul. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you very much.

Enjoy. Dhanevaad [Thank you]. There we go guys as we say chalein chalo [Let's go]. Let's head on in. Alright, we are entering into the beautiful palace. Namaskar bhai sahab [Greetings bro]. You need this? Yeah. Alright. Dhanevaad [Thank you] Rahul. Same name, same name. Very nice same name. Yeah it's a great name. Great name Rahul dhanevaad [Thank you].

Thank you. Alright, thank you very much. We are entering into India's second largest palace, pretty incredible right. Hello, hello how are you? Alright, we're entering in officially to the palace, there we are. Alright, it's getting a little warm there. Welcome officially to the palace. We have entered and now that the breeze has stopped, it's gotten a bit warmer my friends but wow, what a massive, massive place. So where to I don't even know where to go.

That's why people get guides here a lot of times guys but today I'm gonna be your guide. Do I have a lot of facts? No. Do I have a lot of caffeine in me? Yes. So let's head on in and explore this place together. So I guess this is the official entrance to get in right there a bit of a traffic jam going on here. Dhanevaad [Thank you]. So guys the 30 rupees we paid to get into this part it's about 30, 40 cents and it allows you to walk around the outskirts of the palace of the museum. Wow, look at these are some of the largest doors I've ever seen.

We've got paintings at the top of the dome. Oh and there's even pigeons sitting on the light fixtures. So let's head on this way, lots of paintings all over this place. Guys we've decided to enter India's second largest palace in the world. By the way, the first largest palace is

in Karnataka. So we paid 300 rupees per person to get in. That's gonna be about five US dollars so ten bucks for the two of us to get in and it's gonna be amazing. So I think we're gonna retrace our steps this way to head on in. We're gonna find Rahul. Oh we've got, we found him Rahul's pretty excited his first time ever in this palace, India's second largest because of that I'm very excited. Yeah very much so,

so it's this way to chalein chalo [Let's go] in? And welcome my friends, we have arrived. Hello. Guys we have entered in to the palace. We are going upstairs now. I'm gonna bring you with us, we're getting a workout in but I can tell you when you walk in every single square inch of this place is beautifully designed. Hello bhai sahab [bro]. Dhanevaad [Thank you].

And holy cow, we are here. Guys and this is what how we start off the palace the right way. We've entered and immediately we're seeing many of the kings of India here. Oh Rahul's been busted. Guys I'm kidding, he just forgot to give him the ticket. We got his ticket too, lots of incredible paintings dating way back to the 1500s and look at to this level of detail that is one of my favorite things about paintings. I'm by far not an expert in any sort of way.

I don't actually know that much about paintings but what I can tell you is it's incredible that you can take a blast into the past and actually be able to see 35 kilograms right there guys two that's times 2.2 pounds that's my math's not great but that's maybe 80, 90 pounds imagine that saying raise the drawbridge sire. Alright, we are crossing over to the other side of the palace. Guys and I know this is a first impressions video but like wow, what a place to be seeing right now just blown away the amount of architecture that is built into every corner of this entire place. I believe these are marble steps that we're walking up based on how

slippery they are so if you're walking in be careful but holy moly. And looks like we got- I don't know what this thing is like a bathing pool. What do we got going on right here? Oh this is the most photogenic spot of the entire palace.

Got- Oh got views into the city from there mixed in with a little bit of stained glass, very beautiful. So guys we have found one of the most picturesque spots but watch out if you smash your head on that thing, you're gonna need some stitches here. So as you can see wow what a terrace you used to be able to look at back in the day.

Incredible views. I can understand why they built it in this exact location but yeah if you come right here, you can get a very nice photo spot. Looking right through here you can see the lake from two different angles, very nice. Let's chalo [Let's go] and move on. We're continuing through here. There's some pretty narrow passageways, it's kinda like endless areas to walk through and look at this courtyard. Wow, you got the birds chirping in here that is beautiful absolutely beautiful.

So many incredible viewpoints over here. As you can see, we've got these towers right there with multi-colored glass all around. I've noticed they have small little like I guess a little larger than Juliet balconies and it just looks over the whole palace. I mean it's just so crazy when you imagine like the entire perimeter all of it is perfectly carved to various Indian designs here and you can see it on every square inch of everywhere even right there you have elephants like that stuff actually just like blows your mind because like you see sometimes people like making a small little like street carving of a picture and that might take him many days to make like a small little you know one foot by one foot stone engraving you know and this is an entire palace that would take you hours just to even walk around this whole place. So that just kinda probably puts into perspective for you how much work goes into creating such a place. I mean look

at it's all around this entire courtyard and plaza right here, mind-blowing. Kesay ho bhai saab [How are you brother?] Very good. Bohat acha [Very good] Aap ka naam kya hai? [What is your name?] That's a great name. Nice to meet you brother. Yes sir. Thank you very much, no problem see you next

time. Yes I will look forward to it. Famous for honeymoon. I gotta- I gotta bring the girl with me next time.

That will be next time. We'll be returning then for round two. Yeah. Dhanevaad [Thank you]. Very good. As you can see, we've got the a lot of parts you gotta watch out for here it says mind your head. I'd probably just put cushions there because the amount of people that don't read the signs but A for effort we got crazy fans so don't put your hands up right there but other than that we're going here. Guys let me tell you one thing my biggest piece of advice is

not too many biryanis before you come here because imagine this if I had my normal amount of biryanis, I wouldn't even be able to get through here. If I hit the gym, I can barely make it through there. Forward march About face. And we are in the next room of the palace here wow, the whole palace has just turned pink with a lot of various designs here. We've got green stripes. We've got paintings in every direction.

I think they may have been a little shorter back in the day because a lot of these doorways are a bit- a bit shorter. Wow, the crazy part guys when you come through here, every single room you go in is like completely different like that one was pink with the green stripes here is like almost like a the dominating color would be like red and gold and then you have so many paintings of things that happen. We have wars on that side. We have pictures with the king at various events through history just a lot, a lot so let's chalein chalo [Let's go] this way.

And wow this is what you imagine how it's look like. It almost looks like a giant checkers board here, we've got the one of the most beautiful parts I've seen yet in the palace here just a lot of different designs and look at this terraces on terraces on terraces here, stained glass over. It makes me wonder if this is original it's probably added in. It looks like it might be added in. Theek hai [Good], dhanevaad [Thank you]. Alright, and on to the next room. Oh I thought this was the end of it but it looks like this is just another blue room. Seems like each room kinda has

its own theme of colors as we explore this place way too next alright, it's good thing they have this signage otherwise I would have been lost. Honestly probably when they built this thing originally, it must have been hard to remember which way to go because there's just so many doors and passageways that lead to one place after another. I'm guessing that fan was recently installed because I don't think that's been around since the palace was built. Guys so it just meant it's a little bit

further here and look at this view right out the window you can see how incredibly well designed the entire courtyard of like outside of the palace. So this area I'm showing you right now that was the part when we first walked in you pay like 30 rupees and you're able to access basically any of that area, cafes, shops all of that and then yeah the 300 obviously gets you up into here where you have all of the immaculate designs incredible. There's just like everywhere in there in this palace there's just so much to look at and see. Alright, guys we've made it through most of the palace here. It seems like now that there's a lot more red signage all over here this is going to be the end of it So, what a cool palace. Obviously, I didn't go

into detail in every single room with you guys but that just means you have to come see it yourself, really an incredible palace. You can get a guide here for five people like between one to five people for a private guide for about 300 rupees. So yeah if you wanna do more like the history side definitely do that. We were going for a little bit more of an expedited tour through here and yeah it looks like oh we got one more passageway and then we're back. Guys we're stopping for a quick break here. We're gonna have some delicious volcanic water which is gonna go right into the system after walking around quite a bit. As you can see, my lips are probably even a little dry right now

because we've been in the desert heat for so long so I'm about to literally finish off this entire bottle. Was gonna try and finish it but it's so cold to give me a brain freeze, a good one. Quick little water break about 220, 110 each for us to get volcanic water one of the best quality waters I've had actually in India. I had a lot of best today in this video but let me tell you that's what happens when you're here in Udaipur. Alright, now it's time to chalein chalo [Let's go]. Wow, gotta readjust to the hot weather outside after being in that nice air-conditioned cafe right there. So I think this is where we're gonna

be heading out and the boats are this way bro? Alright, guys and that's where we're gonna conclude today's first impressions video. So far, let me tell you this really enjoyed exploring this side of the city. Hello my friend. Namaskar [Greetings]. Kesay ho? [How are you?] Theek hai bohat acha [Okay, Very good] Kaha se ho? [Where are you from?] US Dhanevaad bhai saab [Thank you brother] Nice to meet you. Very nice people here the squad of

guides there. So as you guys heard earlier ,there's a lot of licensed guides that you can take and do it tour. Honestly, I recommend them like you know in some of the cities maybe guys can be a little bit pushy here they're very nice. They're like you know like they'll ask you and if you don't, you kinda just keep walking and they all seem really nice, good in English. If you

speak English obviously which you probably do if you're on this channel right now and so yeah, really nice people here both around the palace we explored all around the city, a lot of nice experiences so far here in the city of Udaipur got nothing but great things to say so that's- that's a really good sign for this but there's so, so, so much to do in this city that this is just one of the many videos we're gonna be making while we explore this area. So if you guys have enjoyed this one, make sure to smash that like button. If you want some more videos both here in Udaipur as well as all around the world, hit that subscribe button. I'll see you guys tomorrow.


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