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hello everyone here from Taiwan our  first time here and we're in the capital   of Taipei a bit of a breeze going on right now  definitely cooler than southeast Asia yeah but only over 30 degrees Yeah so we're actually happy  to be here and now I think it's around 16 degrees   Celsius so it's very very good not that cold but  it's good yeah it is it is winter so I think it   only gets like this cold really pretty quiet right  now because it's still early we're staying in that   building here probably show it later on in the  video and this area that we're staying in is   called shiman I think that's how you pronounce  it is this why you saw the majority of the   accommodations yeah I think it's the most touristy  part in type in Taipei and you guys are going   to see why so and the street that we're on is  mainly just like Cinemas so you got a cinema here   and there's some other Cinemas down there so  you'll see these anime looking images everywhere   I think some of these are video games others are  films can't really work it out I think that's from   Japan right but I guess they they like it here as  well in in Taipei well in Taiwan [Music] thank you so this is one of the main roads we're gonna film  here at night at some point because it looks a lot   better all these boards and screens that you're  seeing are all litting up so yeah you can't really   see how good it is right now so you can see  all these boards going down there this will   be all full of light I'm actually surprised  by how quiet it is yeah it's like a totally   different place when it gets darker because  it gets so busy and with all the lights like   I said it looks different so even this road here  all these are lights so they look cool at night   really is pretty dead right now though at this  time what time is it anyway uh 10 30. 10 30 A.M   yeah so it's not the time to come I guess yeah a  lot of the stores seem shut right now too [Music] thank you before we continue with our day we're 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with surfshot we can set our devices   to a different location and that way we can watch  any series or films that we want with just one   single account you can connect to unlimited  devices which means you can use it to keep   your family safe online too click on the link in  the video description which has the discount code   jumping places to get 83 off and three months for  free and that also includes a 30-day money-back   guarantee so that back there is the presidential  office building we're walking on the other side   and it looks like they're preparing for an event  so that's where the the president works I don't   think it's a place you can visit anyway just look  from the outside yeah there's something going on   though you got army trucks red carpets coming  out as well so we've worked out what the event   is already because they have these Paraguay Flags  so going all the way down this road this Paraguay   and Taiwan Flags so the president of Paraguay  is visiting today I think so regarding entry   requirements to Taiwan it was kind of confusing  online because we knew we know that Taiwan had a   strict lockdown that I think only opened up  quite recently but there are pretty much no   requirements you don't have to be vaccinated  you don't have to show any documentation the   only thing they ask of you is that when you  arrive you've got a testing kit some covid   kits at the at the airport for free and you just  test yourself like a self-monitoring period for   over a week so like the day you arrive you test  and then a few days later and then if you clear   you're fine but you can always go out obviously  if you do the first test and you got kovid you're   not really expected to go out traveling around  right but uh nobody's checking up on you you   don't have to give the results to anyone so yeah  that's the only thing you have to do right now [Music] [Music] so we've now arrived at one of the  main attractions here in Taipei which is   the famous Liberty Square the squares within  and look at this for a impressive entrance   this is a Liberty Square Archway one of the  gates gigantic it probably looks cool in the   in the video but from here I think it looks  bigger it sounds like that yeah it's always   like that because when I saw a picture  of this I thought it was way smaller in   person things always look way bigger even  compared to our video here with the GoPro   so we're gonna head inside now so there's four  main things to see here obviously the gate that   we just showed then you have the national Concert  Hall and then on the other side in a similar style   is the theater I don't know if you can enter  these two and back there is a Memorial Hall   so the square was constructed in the 1970s but it  actually has the name the Liberty Square because   there was lots of pro-democracy demonstrations  here in the 80s and 90s which eventually led to   the country being a democracy before the  90s it just had a one-party rule [Music] [Music]   yeah foreign Memorial Hall not sure if I pronounced that  correctly absolutely massive it's even bigger   than the gate back there it looks like it's taller  anyway so he was the ruler of the Republic of   China that eventually ruled Taiwan after the  Chinese Civil War wow beautiful Square from   up there yeah the the Garden area is so well kept  it's actually a big Garden area yeah so big that   it's hard to even capture the whole thing even  on a GoPro so this is where all the people are at   in here ah the soldiers  back there isn't there yeah [Applause] so underneath the Memorial Hall there's actually  this exhibit like a museum and check the square   out here this whole picture imagine how  many people there must be in the Square   and then around they just got other stuff some  old pictures I guess the history of Taiwan   group photo with classmates of Tokyo  oh that sounds cool old cars here [Music]   thank you so a good thing about coming at this  time of the year is that it's cherry blossom   season late February March so they have them  all over all around the gardens we did see a   few in Thailand already in the mountainous  regions man that's a pro camera the sniper so this spot's even nicer now follow the trees  way more than the pot that we're at before that's   why everyone's around here one thing that you're  probably noticing is that there isn't really many   Western tourists here we barely see any westerners  probably not seen about five or six all day   so it is mainly uh locals or people from other  Asian countries nearby oh look at that one that   one's full super pink beautiful can you see  all the little birds little yellow birds oh   man they're so tiny tiny little birds be able to  film it close they're too fast yeah they're flying   around too quickly got the wedding photo shoot  going on good place for a wedding photo [Music]   [Applause]   thank you [Music] so we now walk into our next stop  it's about 35 minutes away but yeah we like   walking around just to see how the place is it's  actually very green so there's these trees pretty   much absolutely everywhere in this area and you  see these Gates here so this is from when there   would have been like a historical wall I guess  going around the city so we've already passed a   bunch of them that's from the 1800s still really  in good condition and from what we've seen so far   during our week here everything seems super  clean you barely see any litter at all do you   that's a cute little dog yeah everything is  very clean and everything works fine I mean   the the subway is very good I think we're gonna  get the subway uh later on yeah we will do yeah   the city is very nice we actually like here we  were not expecting it to be so so nice I think   yeah it's pretty quiet as well I think the people  the people are very quiet so even when you're in   busy areas still it's not that loud people  just don't seem to be that loud around here   so pretty nice calm Vibe and very organized like  Carol said now we've come into what seems to be   probably more of a older neighborhood by the look  to the building too pretty worn out less nature   around this area as well so it seems that we're  now in a block called Bo pilio historical blog   blog and more information about it but it seems  to be it's just a historical area yeah that's   what it says on Google Maps yeah yeah so that's  pretty much the area that I just mentioned where   I said everything looks a bit older we'll see  if there's like a sign or something oh this   bar looks interesting and anyway maybe we can  go down there yeah there's a sign there too   the Chinese style lanterns oh that  must have been how the area was 1898   ancient map with manga old place I guess it's all  this area here then this part so this district is   called Wan Hua supposed to be one of the biggest  trading hubs in the old days and this was just   one of the main streets at the time isn't too much  to see to be honest there's like a little Museum   the majority of this stuff was in Chinese though  and nothing really looks that old I don't know   it doesn't look like hundreds and  hundreds of years old do not climb looks a bit older yeah this area yeah  maybe that's some of the original Rock   yes I think it's all just being restored pretty  much so this area looks pretty cool a bit more   movement going on here lots of restaurants seems  like it's pretty much all restaurants we're going   to be eating pretty soon have to find a good  place with dumplings [Music] foreign [Music]   so the reason that we came down here was to  visit this temple one of the most famous ones   here longshan temple one of the oldest too  and I think all these decorations are from   the Lantern Festival see all the lanterns on  the outside we just missed that so we missed   the festival but at least they have all the  decorations here so that's pretty cool to see   so this was built in 1738 although  it has been restored since looks it looks real yeah the koi fish so we've been to quite a  lot of tawish temples lately especially   in Southeast Asia from the Chinese settlers  there but this is looking like one of the   most impressive ones those are some of the  coolest lanterns we've seen yeah amazing   very very cool yeah once again you get  those like warriors on them that we've   seen in many Taoist temples I said taoisto  is also a Buddhist temple so it's a mix so it's like a Courtyard area I think  the main Temple is just in the middle   out soon a lot to see here though [Music] thank you [Music]   so the sign back there says that during  the World War the U.S bombed this place   by accident because they were their allies  at the time but apparently the Buddha statue   within it remained but all the other structure was  destroyed completely so even the fellas here look   completely different to anything that we've seen  before loads of carvings everywhere in the rock   every single pillar is like that the birds the  flowers so this is a main temple Hall here [Music]   so we're now looking for a good place  to have some of the Taiwanese food I   think this is more of just a market  area there's some street food here   yeah this area here looks like a  proper Market little indoor one   we got here usually every country we go to there's  some sort of food that we've never seen before yeah I don't think there's any places to eat here  though it's just more to grab food to cook at home   you're looking online for a place yeah that's something we haven't mentioned here in  Taiwan the language barrier yeah it's pretty   tough yeah and like Carol said we've been to a lot  of restaurants where they don't have anything in   English and the people also don't speak English  so we've had to leave a few times so the Quest   for dumplings continues we found a place that  Carol found on Google Maps but they only had   mixed which is like with shrimp stuff like that  and we have an allergy so couldn't go there   they didn't have any plain ones this area  here has loads of food but no dumplings   the area that we're staying in has loads of stores  with dumplings everywhere but we can't seem to   find it around here yeah I guess just keep walking  down it seems to be more like toys and clothes now loads of people around there though oh dumplings were like the thing that they  had in every single restaurant but apparently   not yeah just because we want to eat it  we can not find anywhere with it [Music]   so we had the kind to give up we just couldn't  find a place we even asked people if there was   like dumpling places around and they said  no so I don't know if it's just this area   that we're in but we did find these kind  of dumplings for Carol is it cabbage yeah   cabbage and in here in this restaurant there's  only a vegetarian options so I'm eating Chris   is not and later on we're gonna have to go  to a restaurant so that Chris can eat yeah   that's not something that we do often  how much was this yeah 60 60 okay nice very good just pure cabbage  there's some spices inside like I don't know what but it's very tasty   yeah they gave the sauce as well I'm  not sure what that is probably spicy   feel good I'm addicted to dumplings so good  news for me we found this food court here with   loads of different places so we thought one  must have dumplings and we finally found this   one here it has dumplings and what we've been  using lately is the app of Google translator   so you can take a picture of the menu up there  which is all in Chinese and it will translate   it to you in English so there we can see like  steam pork dumplings vegetable dumplings sorry we had waited that's for 160 and the other ones are 110  I think so Carol ended up getting this   soup which we have no idea what it is really  on the translator it said Millet soup yeah   yeah sure there and then I ordered it I have no  idea what it is I can't even smell anything really she didn't like it it's like forage oh yeah yeah   so like nothing no taste for it  so the pork dumplings have arrived   extra steamy we could see them cooking it  I think they just do it with steam yeah juicy inside I think there's  some spring onions in there okay   I can taste it cabbage a lot  of them are mixed with cabbage so good though that's why we're hunting dumplings down  because they're so delicious yeah we've   been eating dumplings a lot here but we just  can't get over it yeah so steam box number   two has arrived the beef ones so I've never  had the beef ones only the pork ones before I I like the pork ones more The Taste I actually  prefer beef when I'm eating it pure but in The   Dumpling sport just tastes better I think I think  it is pork it's like the most common one that's   probably why what we've seen so far yeah it seems  to be a lot of places just serve the fourth ones [Music]   laughs [Music] [Music]   so we've now come to a place called Elephant  Mountain we ended up getting a uber because   we're going to run out of time it gets dark in  about an hour and 40 minutes so the Uber was   13 US Dollars and it was about 25 minutes to  get here and this is a trail from what I read   it's like 30 minutes and you get some good  viewpoints apparently quite a lot of people   here so it's like it's a popular thing to do so  we've only just started but it is extra tiring   because it's just non-stop steps step step  steps there's like no flat parts so far it's already got some views from up here so it's quite a few different Lookouts  and trails some dirt trails too   so you just gotta choose which one you  want to come to what's the place that we're   going xinjiang or something like that sorry  we're just ready though yeah I'll write down [Music]   foreign [Music] that's so close to the city center you have  nature options like this and mountains where   you can do some trekking on Google  Maps it actually shows the tracking   symbol all around and I didn't know  that uh Taiwan was such an area for   hikers but there's hikes absolutely  everywhere I think maybe next week the best things to do here yeah we're just  waiting for the permit to be approved yeah   need a permit for it ah cool so the Lookout Point  that we chose doesn't have anyone I think this one   is called firework Lookout Point Wow way better  city views from here so when we drove fast this   seemed like the business area Like a downtown  business area majority of the buildings still   like condos and apartments but yeah it just  just seemed like more of a business district   and that's the tallest building in Taiwan  I think it's called Taipei 101 Observatory   not sure how high it is but way higher  than anything else around as you can see [Music] thank you [Music] all right so I think our last spot is going  to be this mount shangshan three minutes only they're showing us up yeah yeah they're running  the trail oh check out these big rocks or borders oh man steep so this is the Shang Shan  Peak nothing crazy only 184 meters that's the photo spot right there with the love  part I think the fire firework view is the best   yeah that's the best one that we've visited  yeah and for some reason nobody went to that one   foreign [Music]   so this is the accommodation that we've been  staying at it's 45 a night and that seems to   be more on the cheap end compared to other  places because it has a kitchen well I say   it has a kitchen but it's just this pretty much  so there's not even a sink area we have to use   the bathroom sink but they have this little  portable electronic thing to cook on so yeah   we can at least use that to cook it's definitely  not a kitchen just because they have this they say   it's a kitchen and then we've got a pretty big TV  on this one that we never really use the internet   seems to be a bit in and out a bit dodgy it's  not like a constant signal for some reason and   we've been using the AC a lot mainly for the heat  so that's it this area got the sofa too and then   through here it's just one big open bathroom it's  also a washing machine in here in the bathroom   so we've been able to use that as well that's  come in handy so we still have more videos to come   from Taiwan we have about two weeks here overall  excluding the week that we've just had where we've   been working here mainly and we're planning on  visiting some cool places some different places so   looking forward to that if you like this one just  drop a like as usual to support us subscribe see   more videos like this follow us on Instagram and  Facebook and we'll see you in the next one [Music] thank you

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