First Impressions of Munnar India

First Impressions of Munnar India

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Good afternoon my friends from another video here in the beautiful mountainous town of Munnar. I’m here with my bro the doggy dog down boy, good boy and we also got the British legend here. Namaskaram [Greetings] Yeah we're namaskramming around the neighborhood here and we're gonna be heading into the town. So we're actually

staying at Fragrant Nature you guys have probably seen if you've been keeping up with the daily videos here and we're going to find ourselves a tuk-tuk right now, negotiate a price to get us into town and take you with us for the first impressions of this beautiful city of Munnar. No tuk-tuks around here. Hello. Tuk-tuk, tuk-tuk? Auto, rikshaw? My friend do you know anyone that might have a tuk-tuk around here? Do you know anyone that might have a tuk-tuk, auto to the town? Yeah. It’s very hard to get here. Yeah. From one of those? No, it's all- Oh, it's not for sale for rent, no. How do we get a rickshaw from here, an auto? If you want, you have to look for him.

There we go. Thank you my friend. Hello my friend to the town center of Munnar? Yeah. Yeah. 100, yep. Nani my friends see you. Alright, guys we actually gotta go pick up Harry. We've got him down here.

Oh right there, right there. Harry hop in my guy. We found ourselves a fresh auto. Let's go. We’re good to go my friends. We'll see

you on the flip side, yeah. Alright, Namaskaram [Greetings]. Goodbye my friends.

Did you go to the petting zoo over there? Yeah, it’s a beautiful view. We've got dogs. They’re all eating the rubbish and this guy's packing some heat here. Oh. Guys, we've got roughly a six, seven minute drive into the town center and I love this drive here. I don't know how much I’ve been able to show you of it during the day but it's basically winding roads next to tea plantations here. Well, that's probably what you'll

find in most of Munnar to be honest with you but each- each set of mountains obviously you're gonna get kinda a different view, a different feel to it. This side feels a bit more like the jungle. I will say guys just driving into the town there, one thing that I really like about Munnar is that they have a lot of signage about not littering. Fortunately, I’ve been to quite a few Indian cities unfortunately, I’ve found that there's a lot of place where a lot of places where there is a lot of litter and so to see some of these especially these really, really beautiful towns tourist towns where sometimes the tourist towns are the ones that get trashed the most that's where they care a lot about making sure litter is not there, things are probably disposed of. So it's a really nice thing

about Munnar as I’m just driving into this place. Let me maybe add on to that guys though I would say generally Kerala in total like statewide I’ve only been to Kochi now and now but like both cities I’ve met are very very clean compared to other cities that I’ve been and that is actually what I heard from one of the tourists. I wanna say it was from I don't know if it was from New Delhi or another spot but he said that that is what brings in a lot of tourism is how clean for example Kochi is and then you know Munnar that we're starting to realize as we cruise through this area.

One of the big perks, you know it just makes the place look that much more attractive when you're driving in if you're not seeing obviously you'll still see some litter here guys there's no doubt there but in terms of like the mass volumes that you might see in other places that is one of the things I like a lot. Oh guys, we're driving in right around dinner time. Oh those smells that we can smell right now are delish. You can really tell the layout of this place is meant for tourists because there's just so many restaurants that are curated in terms of like their menu styles. They're popping out everywhere especially when we just drove in. Now we're I believe coming into old Munnar. We're right at the beginning of

the entrance to old Munnar kinda near the bus station a lot of restaurants. Good afternoon. Look at the locals going over here bro. Hello.

Sukomano my friends. Oh yeah, we got a group right here guys the sukomano you can tell the endearment between friends here. Everyone’s got their arms around their good friends sukomano my friends. Hello, sukomano.

Got a couple replies there they're probably like what is going on. Hello. Got a wave out of him. What do you think bro, first impressions coming in hot? Oh this is exactly what I was expecting, very friendly people and it's actually a nice temperature like really cool. Yeah. Although I kinda feel

like I’m a little bit underdressed because when it gets dark it's gonna get very cold. Yeah exactly. He's got the shorts on. I got the- I’ve got the pants here because I have been here a night longer than Mr. Jaggard and let me tell you, it is a really nice break though from Kochi’s heat as Harry was saying you know like because during the day it still gets nice and warm here but then you kinda get that break in the evening and then it actually gets pretty cold where you need a jacket at night. Jacket run. Keep the change. Thank you my friend, see you.

Alright, we have arrived to the town guys and let me tell you this, we jumped out of the tuk-tuk immediately because we saw the chai bazaar, bazaar. Oh they're not letting us through, don't mind us just gonna the chai bazaar. Oh yeah, let's do it. Hello. Alright, hello chai bazaar.

Oh do we get fresh chai here? Oh I think the chai bazaar we go on this side to get the fresh chai. Hello, how are you? You guys have delicious, delicious chai here? Alright, I think we'll need to try out. Hello my friend, can we try your best tea? Which kind of do you want black tea or green tea, normal tea? What is everyone's favorite? My favorite black tea with the rose. Oh

alright, I’ll take one black tea with a rose and then I’ll also take one peach black iced tea. Oh yeah, I got one cold, one hot one. There we go. That looks delicious. So this one's the iced one and then this one is our friend's favorite type of chai right there at the chai bazaar and then pay and then pay here. Yeah perfect. Sorry, I only have 500. Five.

Alright, guys obviously we had to start off at the chai bazaar not just because we love chai but also because Munnar is very well known for the chai. So this is about as fresh as it gets here. It's grown right in the mountains of where we're at. So I figured the proper way to do it is to get the local's recommendation and to get something that just sounded refreshing which is gonna to be this peach ice tea. So I think with the sugar cube you're supposed to maybe eat it first.

Oh it mixes nicely with the tea just ate my sugar cube bro. It tasted very good and then- You ate the sugar? Oh yeah, that's what you're supposed to do, right bro? I don't know maybe Americans do. Now let's try this one out.

Oh that is delicious. I think that's probably one of the best teas that I’ve had since I’ve arrived to India very good, very tasty and I do love peach to be honest with you, we'll put one ice cube in there to cool it down and then we'll try this one out. Oh it's a little too hot to down but if we put another ice cube. Oh yeah, that is a great recommendation. I see why it's your favorite tea Nani. Oh guys the pet is delicious. I’m going

to sip this one and enjoy it. Thank you very much my friends delicious. Alright, here we go. Hello. What’s this? Fresh lottery tickets? Oh I wanna be a millionaire. Yeah.

Time to try and cross one of these roads here. Oh and we made it across halfway 50 percent is completed then we're going for it successful crossing. Oh the squad here. Hey, you're back for round three for the day. Yeah very nice. You had a good time? Good time. Yeah very nice, goodbye my friends.

Yeah should we hop on? We'll be namaskaram and being all the way over there bro. Guys as you can see, we're starting to get downtown. We've got fruit markets here. We've got all kinds of stuff from small little cafes to convenience stores, hotels down here. Oh yeah, spice shops you got a little bit of everything right in the center. So I think here is the tuk-tuk central as well as the jeeps down there.

That’s where all the jeeps are hanging out if you wanna get a tour somewhere and then we have a pedestrian only bridge that we're gonna be cruising across right here, and we're going over a little river running to the downtown area here that's quite nice. Hello namaskaram [Greetings] how are we doing boys, yeah? Alright, we missed one yeah very nice. As you can see here, we're connecting two sides of the city here. It's kinda like a multi-level market on that side, a bakery there, hyper market just a little bit of everything. Oh is that five thousand we get 500 larger size? Oh what is this? 20 rupees. Oh that's a very good deal. I only have a 200 my friend.

Alright, well let's try this thing out. You might hold that for a quick second bro. So we got our 500 rupees we're gonna toss that thing right open. Oh we're gonna put that right inside there. That’s looking quite nice. Oh we're

matching. Oh there we go. That’s the way to do it here so we fold it over and it's that extra cash right there. Best purchase I’ve had now so far. There we go. I’m gonna start saying drinks on you from now on. Yeah I know right. Yeah exactly. Allow me to pull out the rupee wallet bro.

Just from the US and the United Kingdom England. Yeah I gotta switch it over. It's okay. The guy goes by England. Whatever works for you. Yeah. Hello. Hello brother. Hey, there you guys

are. How we doing? How are we doing? Thank you brother. Guys, it's crazy. This brand new wallet cost me 20 rupees. I threw them an extra like 30 or something like that because they gave me such an honest price which I really appreciate. Which way? This way, yeah. Alright, we're doing a

little market run. Oh we got a jeep coming this way. Oh, full speed ahead we're gonna die here but guys look at that. Your boys got that money wallet. Let's go bro. Pink police.

Yeah the pink police right there. Hello namaskaram [Greetings]. Hello, how are you? There he is, namaskaram [Greetings].

Alright, hundai [Good]. 306 00:12:00,160 --> 00:12:03,279 Our Sri Lankan followers don't like that though. So we got fresh fruits over here in the marketplace, yeah. Yeah. Oh got the man's got a lot of garlic up there. How many- how many spaghettis you think that could make? Probably three or four hundred thousand maybe. Namaskaram [Greetings]. Yeah guys they

have probably every possible vegetable you could ever think of and more. Look at this there's literally there's so many vegetables here that I’ve never even seen before like that is an interesting maybe that's a cucumber. No, I don't think that's a cucumber. Namaskaram [Greetings]. Wow and what is this thing? Is that a coconut, mini coconut? Are these coconuts bro? Yeah, yeah but they're not like I don't think they're drinkable coconuts. Oh okay,

that's one of the ones you'd wear on your head. Namaskaram [Greetings]. Alright, let's see what we got going on like this one you know what kinda ginger. Oh that's what ginger looks like. Alright, I was gonna say that one looks familiar but I haven't had it. Hello,

we're getting a full veggie tour right now. Fresh bananas my friend? Yeah. Oh perfect, you want one? Oh yeah. Oh yeah two bananas please. Thank you.

Alright, fresh bananskis, it's chow time my guy. Oh wow that's huge. Wow. Oh yeah, look at this thing guys.

Banana next to the size of my head about the same size yeah. Yeah. Thank you my friend, nani. Mr. Jaggard took a bite. Is that orange? Looks orange. Wow it's good though yeah it's good. Let's try it out guys. Oh it's much harder than a normal banana. It

tastes similar to a banana but yeah much harder but it's nice though. Hello my friends. Namaskaram [Greetings]. That’s one thing you guys can do here, grab yourselves a banana cruise through the markets Lots of clothing options over here. Alright, guys we're doing a little bit of a market run here. I’m seeing we've got some fresh hats going on, lv hats that looks kinda nice. Hello namaskaram [Greetings].

I saw you have some nice hats here. Yeah even the perfumes. Perfumes yeah and hats. And hats out here. Oh perfect you got some Louis Vuitton options over here yeah. I can walk back here? Yeah sure. Alright, alright, so that's a pretty fresh one right there lv. Oh it's similar to the supreme one, let's check that out.

Alright, that's real? Surplus. Alright, extra stock. Alright, let's try this one out guys see how it fits. Alright, toss it right on there. Oh let's get the glasses on. Alright, how are we looking? Quite nice. Yeah sir. Approved. Yeah sir. Alright, and then is this the only option you have for this style hat or other Louis Vuitton options? Same brand. Same brand yeah.

It’s not the same one, there's no more colors. Oh no more colors, see we got- Oh nope that's hiding under there. I did see one when we first walked in there's one right down here. Oh no

that's the same one and then there's a green one. Oh can I try that one? A lime green hat so that one will be able to stick out quite a bit then. Alright, is it gonna be a good size for my noggin? Alright, let's try that one out. Oh there we go guys, we're sticking out here. We’ve even got the Louis Vuitton price tag on there. I’d say that's

pretty fresh looking. Highlighter, oh yeah. I feel like I’m heading to a panama city beach for spring break vacation that'll do. Alright, I’m thinking how

much for each one? Yeah, this is 190. 190. It is about 460. Oh 460. Alright so I’m thinking we'll probably wanna go with the 190 option today guys. I feel like that's a bit more budget friendly. Exactly. So here we go my friend. Just for this one, yeah thank you so much and your good name? My name is Shahid. Yeah Shahid from Munnar? From in

Kalanaur. How far is that? Yes around 400 kilometers. Oh so how many years you live here? Yeah I’m living here for the last 12 years. 12 years and you like Munnar? Yeah of course. Yeah it's very nice. This is your shop? Yeah--

Yeah very nice. I think you are running in a channel otherwise some-- Oh yeah, are you a future subscriber. Yes sir. Thank you my friend.

I’m from the United States. Yeah. Yeah, your YouTube? World Nomac.

What are your- what are you focusing on in channel, travel- travel vlogs? Travel vlogs, food, culture, things to do, places, things to buy, all kinds of things. Yeah well perfect, it was so good to meet you. Thank you so much for the purchase. Goodbye my friend. Alright, guys you're

looking at a proud new owner of my lv hat so that's about 190. 190 comes out to roughly just under 2 US dollars maybe 1.70 so good price pretty high quality here. We do have some strings missing out or that are being pulled out of the side here but I think it'll do. Hello sire. I need a chicken thigh.

You’ll be good to- can you tell me whether that's silver or not? The way I was trying to figure out is usually silver's quite heavy and that doesn't feel heavy but there's a- that's silver. Yeah, yeah I feel the difference of that. Yours is bigger though. Yeah it's a lot heavier. Yeah, yeah that's not silver. Why

did he tell you it was silver? Yeah. It might be though. The true test is wear that thing into the ocean. Yeah but I’m

time constrained so the best way would be to go to a different jewelry and find out. Oh yeah, exactly see if you can sell it back to them. I’m gonna go across the road. How much did you pay? 450. Oh 450. Alright, six dollars, six bucks I paid a thousand when I bought this one in Kerala in Kochi. You’re going yeah. I’m trying to find a

chocolate shop around here. Oh yeah. Alright, so you'll go to that one I’ll- I’m gonna cruise down to that chocolate shop over there.

Alright, guys we are walking right here in the middle of the road but though we're safe because we're right there on the median and now we're gonna cross over to this side. We're gonna see if we can find ourselves a nice little delicious chocolate shop right now and I think I see one right down here. Oh let's sneak over to this side. We got bikes coming. We got a lot going on here

and we're walking up to a place called Al Haq Homemade Chocolates. Let's see if they have any. Hello, hello namaskaram [Greetings]. Oh you have homemade chocolates? namaskaram [Greetings]. Homemade chocolate. Alright, alright. Alright, I’m gonna I’m looking for a place where I can sample them.

Thank you. Oh you're from Kochi? And you're recommending to go up here, you recommend to go up here? No, we don't go, you don't know what is there, no. Dangerous, dangerous? No, no, no, no, no. Okay yeah chalo [Let’s go].

Wow. You offer unifrom if we get a job here. Let’s do it. Yeah, this is the ultra-local stuff though cause you got your main mainstream shops down there that's where most people go. You come up here

laboratory, a tailor. We come here to do the sunrise- sunrise hill. Nice to meet you. Really nice locals everywhere here guys everyone's really friendly welcoming.

They are wondering what are these guys doing walking around with cameras and then as soon as we give them a good old namaskaram [Greetings] then they're like hello, hello my friends welcome to Munnar. Hello. Huzzah. Namaskaram [Greetings]. Guys now we're up right here at the top if this doesn't give you a bird's eye view of Munnar I don't know what does. A lot going on even at like 6:30 p.m. here. Sun’s pretty much set but still lively in the city, lots of churches here and hello my friend, namaskaram [Greetings] and yeah, we kinda just stumbled upon this place after walking through the villages guys. We're gonna continue probably in a little bit maybe find even some dinner, try out something local here from Munnar and see where the night takes us. I feel like we've explored a fair

amount of the downtown markets area but I think we have a couple more streets to kinda just leisure our way through and see what we run into. I’m trying to find somewhere to get some delish chocolates because Munnar is known for that. This homemade chocolate over there. Oh alright, as we say chalo [Let’s go]. I spot the chocolate guys.

That means we're to be working on these bellies today and here it is guys, we got the suba biscuit stall so let's see what we can find here. We've got chocolates on deck up here. Namaskaram [Greetings].

Alright, we've got some delicious stuff. Are those donuts? There’s all types of treats I’ve never seen before. Namaskaram [Greetings]. And fresh chocolates on this side. Oh yeah, that's gonna be delicious. We might need to taste test a couple to see which type we're gonna get. Can I taste test a

couple chocolates to see which ones to buy? Perfect, I’ll save you bro. We’ve got- we've got Harry back here. Alright, service please. Oh sorry, sorry. You break it you buy it Harry.

Is that me? Sorry, sorry. Oh the Jaggard meister, you break it you buy it bro. Looks like I’m buying all of these. That’s gonna be delish though. Guys as you can see, we have lots of types of chocolates here and I’m not sure which flavors to get. I

probably need to do a little mix and match, try out a couple pieces here. Let’s see that means we're getting spicy chocolates guys, it's taking over. My friend, machan [Bro]. Hello my friend. No problem. Oh yes my friend, I would like

to- I would like to taste test one. Do you have spicy? Sweet, sweet only on no spicy. Alright, so no spicy. What type is this one? Oh yeah, I wanna taste test two or three of them and then decide. Perfect. I taste first put in my hand, my hand.

Perfect. Yeah we'll try that one. I don't know what it is but the flavor what? Milk, milk flavor. Alright, oh milk texture is quite nice. It's like a nice light milky chocolate like a white chocolate flavor and the nuts kind of have more of the aftertaste in there it's quite nice. Mr. Jaggard what's the next one we should

try here? This Oreo. Oreo? I just made that up. Oh yeah, give it a shot bro. That’s really good and it's like a mix of both worlds chocolate, vanilla. It’s just like milk.

Oh milk chocolate another one. Yeah. And that's dark chocolate, that's dark? Dark? One of those too. Yeah we'll try this one. Thank you. That is very delicious. No problem, no problem we'll take one of each. All of them.

Guys, it is so good. I’ve got chocolate stuck in my teeth right now. We're gonna load up these bags here and he's getting all the good stuff in there. Oh yeah. Oh he's doing actually one

of each. Oh wow. Oh maybe he misunderstood me. I meant one of each of the three different, three different types we tried. One of every single thing in this shop. Exactly they did not expect it.

Okay well perfect my friend how much? 250 50. 50. Thank you my friend.

Oh yeah, we've got a fresh thing of chocolates there guys, a match made in heaven delish choc. Thank you my friend and then here's for the taste test thank you. Nani my friend we'll see you next time nani. Alright, guys we got some delish chocolates in the system now. I couldn't

be happier let's put it that way. Okay guys the 50 rupees I paid for those chocolates were about 65 cents and then our guy did let us do a taste testing. Just seems like he doesn't do those very often because he was a bit confused so he gave him another 50 tip for that. Now we're gonna see if we can find some chow this way. What do you think bro? That's

the base I saw but usually you go where it's busy and it's absolutely empty. Yeah, yeah that's a fair point maybe we keep cruising. Maybe we do the old ask a local. Yeah exactly. Alright, guys Mr. Jaggard has located a spot for us on Google reviews here right downtown with a pretty high rating Tea Tales Cafe secret passageway up. Good afternoon.

Hopefully it's open. Hello. Oh the browder's here. Get some Wi-Fi. Oh there we go.

It’s not a bad idea, pick up some Wi-Fi to go. Oh there it is Cafe Tea Tales, Munnar. Hello. Separate YouTube channels, there's one of them. Where are you guys from, Kerala? Yeah very nice God sun state, yeah. Yeah very nice. Yeah we can get something some food here. Oh thank you very much. Nani Aliya [Thank you bro].

Thank you. Let’s see what we got on the menu bro. Hello, hello good afternoon. Hello my

friend. Hi. How are you? Do you have a menu? Yes sir. Oh perfect. Your good name? Let’s try these things out see what's on the menu. Oh yeah, another bedroom here. Oh

we've got the brownie and ice cream, Lebanese kebab. Oh brownie and ice cream. Oh geez, we're gonna be going sweets after sweets non-stop today. We've got a little bit of everything in here guys coffees bites, fruit juices, limes mojitos, not alcoholic and there's even something called addictions here. Of course that was the first one Harry landed on brownies, Oreo, nutella. Sounds delish. Brownie and ice cream.

Yummy, yummy. You guys know that one? No. Alright, let's see here. We're gonna go with I wonder if they have dosas here. Guys as you can see, we've relocated spots from inside to outside. We've got to enjoy those last 30 minutes roughly of sunlight and we've got a wild dog running down boys, sit. What are you

thinking about getting bro? This dress here. Oh the dress that's looking pretty fresh two pieces, two pieces 299 right there though that's a bargain certified. I’m thinking I wanna get something local but it's not really too many options. Yeah. One question my friend what items are local to Kerala? Local food to Kerala? None. Samosas, those are Indian. So samosa

enough for one person or this is mostly on something else? How many, how many samosas, one? How many? How many one, two, three, four? I’ll take three samosas veg, three samosas chicken, we'll do that and then also- we'll also go with green mojito. Thank you. We got something going on down here. They’re crossing hands and pulling each other one way versus the other.

Does he put him out on the road? Is he fighting them? Oh wait. Hey, there he is. Hello namaskaram [Greetings]. Goodbye gentlemen. Goodbye, nice to meet

you. Oh yeah, let's do the selfies. Enjoy your trip. Nice to meet you all, goodbye. Alright, guys as you can see here, we just got some delicious stuff coming this way. We've got samosas chicken three of them vegetables three of them. We've got a green juice. I’m not entirely

certain what's in here but let's test it out. Oh wow. As we say another green juice, done.

Very good. It's got a minty aftertaste in there. Honestly, I drank it so fast guys I can barely taste the flavors but my whole body is revitalized. I think I’m seeing some limes in there too. Oh no that was the mojito that's what that is. You guys I’m forgetting what I ordered here so the first one we're gonna try here, we're gonna put a little dipping saucein samosa.

Literally fresh off the oven guys. What I love about samosas here or everywhere where samosas are is just the fried outside texture you have that crunch and then you just have like a creamy type of sauce mixing all of the vegetables together. Just look at how delish that is. Let’s get a closer taste on the exact type of sauce. Spicy? No, not spicy it's almost like I wanna compare it to like a honey barbecue. Oh nice. But I feel like that's the wrong comparison maybe the Indian version of it. Goes down quite smooth. Now we're going

to try out the chicken here guys we got veg and non-veg here. That’s the nice part about India, you can find literally veg or non-veg at I’d say essentially all restaurants not all but like nearly all of them because I wanna say someone had told me it's somewhere around like 30-70 split between vegetarians and non-vegetarians so that's why you'll see so many signs of veg and non-veg. Anyways, we're gonna try out this non-veg samosa. Oh baby that is so, so good.

Oh the hair man is gonna love this so the chicken in there I will say, I prefer the chicken over the veg because I do love my chicken inside of samosa there. I could probably eat easily maybe 12 of these the crunch same as the vegetables in terms of texture but taste that chicken a little spice in there makes it that much better. Another bite-sized one here let's put it down. Yeah that looks like one bite. Oh yeah, very hot guys but oh my God, another one of my favorite foods here in India and this I also don't remember what I ordered there. It looks like some kinda like beetle juice.

Something like that. Oh passion fruit juice. Open the gullet. Oh that's impressive. Another passion fruit done. Alright,

guys we just got the bill back here for us to each get a six pack of samosas chicken and veg we got the exact same thing. You'll have to go to Harry's channel and watch his reactions. Let me tell you this though he loved them then we also got some juices and everything that comes out to about 610 rupees and in usd that's almost eight dollars on the dot. So for that meal here at Tea Tales Cafe right downtown, we kinda stumbled upon this one after Harry looked at some Google reviews, looked like a good spot. You get western food and a couple local items but it's mostly like western food but we tried to go for local and let me tell you this, we did not regret it. It was so, so good. Sire, what'd you think over all those samosas? Delicious for the capital D. I could have

it Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and twice on Sunday. Oh there we go, it sounds like he would only eat samosas with days of the week that end with day. Why, what did I say? Because every single day of the week ends the day.

Sire- sire still doesn't know every single joke that I have but he'll learn sooner or later. Nani aliya [Thank you bro]. Alright, guys that was a delicious meal. To be honest, I probably could have eaten more samosas if they were in front of me but I wasn't gonna overeat this time in order more so. Hello, hello. Yes we are going to Fragrant Nature.

You know? 150. There we go. So we're cruising back guys and I’ll end the video once we get back but I’m not gonna end it yet just in case anything wild happens on the ride back. Oh yeah, I got it.

Hello my friend. Alright, we got 200 and chocolates for you. Okay thank you. Thank you my friend goodbye. Alright, guys- namaskaram [Greetings].

Yeah guys I figured I’d give them the chocolates we got earlier because I tasted them and I was like do I really wanna have more sweets? I was like maybe it'll make his day bring it home to a special someone or something or he can chow on him after the rickshaw ride but we have made it back guys. I’m gonna give you my final close out here the amazing, amazing, amazing city of Munnar. We’re saying hi to our nice staff here at the hotel guys. Anyways, yeah that's where I’m gonna go ahead and end today's video exploring the beautiful city of Munnar. It is such a cool place guys. I love mountain towns. I mean it's got a population of roughly 30 thousand but it feels much larger because of the amount of tourism obviously the makes the city that much larger for accommodations, tourism activities and all that stuff so so much to do, so much to see. As you guys

will see in the upcoming videos here we're gonna be taking you to some of the best things to do here. Honestly, we only have three nights here so there's only so much we can see in that amount of time if I had maybe one more day, I would say that I could see everything but I will tell you that in the upcoming videos what we have planned for you guys is an awesome time. We're gonna be meeting locals. We're gonna be seeing

some of the natural landscapes around here and doing some fun stuff. So if you guys have enjoyed this one, make sure to hit that like button. If you want some more videos both here in India as well as all around the world, hit that subscribe button below and I’ll see you guys in tomorrow's video.

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