First Impressions of Munnar, India | 4 Hour Road Trip from Kochi | Huge Indian Food Thali!

First Impressions of Munnar, India  | 4 Hour Road Trip from Kochi | Huge Indian Food Thali!

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good morning from the back Waters of Kerala it is  a beautiful morning it's just past 7 A.M Forest   getting those teeth brushed hey hey I'll go  fishing going fishing with a rope there's a man   fishing out there it is just gorgeous so again if  you recall from a previous video here's the water   and there's our room so today uh sad material it  really makes the end of our stay uh here but we   are beginning a four plus hour road trip across  this beautiful part of the country uh to Manar   and we're very excited to see what Adventures  come our way as we road trip I know that there   are some cool sights to see from the road so we  are going to just sort of have a Leisure morning   but we're gonna try to be in the car by eight so  it gives us about an hour or two uh just kind of   finishing up what's up bud there's guys in the  water yeah right there oh yeah there are guys   in the water you must be taking baths huh yeah  nice all right well we'll uh touch base as we get   towards the car back at the car breakfast again  at the resort delicious and now the four hour   road trip begins with a few stops along the way  that we're very excited about as as we get there   where are you gonna go in the back  yeah all right oh there you go all   right you got your books okay everybody  has their big backs and then the day packs should he be here or do you  want me to sit here no uh   which one do you want do you want to  go up front or I go I guess I could go   front Okay and then you got a little more  room okay I'll go across okay all right okay all right thank you again sir all right  thank you thank you so cash we are teachers   teachers yes and so we worked in Alaska okay  it's where the two older kids were born okay   and we were teachers there for five years okay  and when Granite was born is the time we started   thinking should we stay in Alaska or should we  go for more Adventure overseas and when Cedar   was born our daughter that's when we said okay  let's look for the overseas job and we applied   a bunch of different teaching jobs and India  and Chennai was the one that really uh matched   our personality and what we wanted out of the  experience so we ended up in Chennai 2015 to 2017.   yeah and it was great we loved India immediately  um since then we've lived and taught in Dubai so   we went from Chennai to Dubai Dubai to now we are  in Indonesia okay so two years in India two years   in Dubai three years now into Italy yeah and  so this is our winter Christmas vacation so we   come to India so from here you are going back  to Indonesia or uh eventually we will get back   to Indonesia so from here from Kerala we'll go up  to Mumbai okay uh Mumbai up to Amritsar I'm gonna   and then if we can get the visa straight  we'll go across the Wagga border into   um Lahore and then down to Karachi and then at  that point from Pakistan we'll fly to uh we'll fly   to the Philippines at least that's the loose plan  everything can change it was to say we're having   trouble with our Pakistani Visa which we've been  to Pakistan before okay but this time it's just   issues so with the kids actually so but yeah so  are you from this area yes my house is just two   kilometers oh is that right yeah okay and do you  have a wife and children yes I have a wife and   she's working okay and I have a daughter 11 years  old oh yeah yeah girls the best yeah I love you   and so your your 11 year old daughter she's in  school yes it is school that's it standard okay   six extended very good very good and how is she  doing in school yeah it is good yeah good good   accident and what is your what you said your wife  works what does she do she's working in a hotel   oh okay as a front office manager excellent kid  yeah and and that's here in Kerala yeah from here   around 20 kilometers oh very good it's nice yeah  that you uh and then are you a full-time driver   yeah full-time full-time driver okay I'm full time  in the tourism industry I see I see do you work   for the hotel as well or do you what earlier in  the hotels yes and before some time in the travel   agency also but now the last five six years  in the full time driving field okay good okay   so so so like a private somebody could hire you  yeah okay we'll have to get your uh details yeah   um and sharing this video because uh it's so good  it's a very beautiful car and uh yeah very nice this is a village this Village's Village name is yes and how many people live here do you think  approximately it's a big Village uh not too small   and uh approximately nearly one leg two legs oh  wow okay yeah yes yeah and this place is very   close to Cochin also just half an hour drive  from Cochin okay and the most of the people   who live here do they also work in tourism  or do they work in no they're working in all   the different fields like a private field  and some shops own business and everything   and a lot of people is working in ernakula media  so even every day they can go in the morning and   evening come back just half an hour distance  only okay and when they go to work do they ride   a bus like this blue one they can hire the bus as  soon as they are riding this two-wheeler okay oh   they might have a motorcycle I see and uh most of  people depending the public service bus okay and   that's what these big ones how much do those cost  that's normally a Brooks uh for the minimum cost   around 10 Rupees 10 Rupees yes and is it it it's  just it follows a bus route so you could hop on at   a stop yeah in every every 200 300 meter there's a  stop okay I see so minimum one or two kilometer 10   Rupees is the charge I see a person yes okay all  right well that's right there are three this is   a private business only oh and even the government  service bill is also available and in this private   bus there are three color codies there in Kerala  okay and one is this blue one okay like this blue   here blue one okay and the second one is the  green color and the third one is the pink color   okay so blue green and pink and the blue is only  for the local distance okay so not far nor far   and the green is will be the in the long distance  Interstate okay in this in the inner city I see   so from one to the other yeah and uh the pink will  be the long distance Intercity okay so where would   the pink bus start where would it go that's in  every every uh area I'm in around 20 30 kilometer   there is a uh starting point is there for example  nearby uh here the best starting place is okay   that is hardly from here around 20 kilometers  I see I see and the next is there then next there are different different destinations in  between around the 30 to 40 kilometer of uh okay and then do many people do many tourists ride  the buses or is it pretty much all local uh means   tourist yes tourist if the people are coming by  group then they are hiring the bus okay and if   they're coming individually or in a small group  like that then they are hiring depends on the   small vehicle and a medium Vehicle Center sure or  something like this yeah so if they are traveling   in a group like 20 people 30 people like that they  are having a best that type of facility available   here okay I mean different types of even from  four seater to 49 seater Vehicles available in   the highest okay for hire yes so big buses right  down there in this school my daughter is studying   this oh this is your daughter's school yeah I  wish you had more time I also study the hair   oh is that right even my father also studied very  old school yeah yeah so we love yeah okay how did   you and your wife meet uh okay yeah it's a she's a  friend of my sister okay friend is the family got   um went there and made this because then finally  end up in the mattress in how many years have you   been married uh now it's around 12 years 12 years  wow you guys that's awesome and one daughter very   cool not only the tall waves and now it's in  the 13 years okay I was on 2009. I see ice yes   in different different I mean for example in  a two kilometer distance in all the places   have different different names for example we  start from panavali and this place is called   the tricha tukulam okay my next is coming what  is Allah then it is coming Malayalam names only   maybe this difficult no that's okay I like  to hear them I cannot pronounce but I like   to hear them so is there a Temple in each one of  these Villages or one big one no all the villages   minimum two three temples are there oh wow wow  yes okay minimum two or three temples will be   there in each Villages okay yes and then do you  um I know right now it's the festival season yes   have you been going to Temple for festival or  or not so no according to my free time I'll be   go to the temperature okay because most of  the time I'll be in the other places like with the tourists yeah even whenever I am in  the home I'll be if the temple is going on that   particular time then I'll be at in the first year  if you're in a different city can you just go to   any Temple you want if there's a festival like  you're welcome yes yes yes yes even there are   in Kerala there are too many big and famous  temples are there for example guruvayu Temple   that's from here 120 kilometer away okay and  in trivandrum padmanabhaswamy Temple that is   a very famous temple are we gonna pass  yeah that's hardly from here uh five of   his journey oh five hours yes that is where's  the uh South Side well when we have more time   we need to definitely come and do a temple to  where we went to that Temple last night last   night yeah that was me right there but it was  really nice that Temple was Autumn Bali David yeah there is some some offering is going yes  yeah we've really learned about the story and the   blessing and kind of seeing that was around pretty  pretty cool break time how's everybody doing   just uh wow about two hours in the car and it  is time to stretch everyone slept pretty hard   yeah did you sleep a little bit yeah yeah I  slept I'm gonna get your brother out oh yeah   yeah so okay we're at a waterfall uh place  we're definitely up in the forest now uh   the hill station land uh for sure okay guys so  we're gonna walk down to the waterfall yeah and   um yeah get some pineapple is  that okay shut your legs a little I want I want baby strawberry juice I don't  know if they're gonna if we're gonna find   that but we'll take a peek all right oh so very  popular this waterfall uh spy right yeah popular   all types of uh makeshift little uh things  for sale oh here's pineapple right here   pineapples from this region so it's really fresh no let's get it yeah why not hello guava is this  guava you think mango mango I bet it's Green   Mango okay let's jump into a pineapple uh do you  guys want one each and we'll shoot let's get two   and we'll share it okay does that sound okay all  right now she's gonna wanna offer us chili salt   should we do one with chili and one without yes  okay all right all right let's do that oh she left ah 60 for two okay Thirty for one yeah perfect foreign okay okay all right we'll get we'll get  mango as well so all right should we give   it a try and walk down a little bit let's try  it yeah all right so here's uh here's the mango oh really sour big deal one by the mango too sour for you oh my God it's too good has the chili on it is it way like super  chilly it's like a sweet chili awesome   that's good ew a sweet here I'll try  it here yeah come uh downtown sign here   oh it's salty not sweet salty yeah  is it it's like chili though nope oh man it is hit my throat wash it wash  it down with a sour mango okay okay I don't think that's good I love that flavor  yeah yeah how about Green Mango all right well   first fruit stop yeah it's almost success  all right well we'll munch on these and   work our way down a little further all right  for us so you see that monkey over there yeah   yeah do you remember any stories about the monkeys   do you remember when the monkey saw that  girl soda the Pronto yeah what happened yeah big monkey stole this  little girl's Fanta that was   in Pakistan actually yeah look there's  the monkey still in the fruit right there oh my goodness so many so many monkeys so  all types of little knickknacks to purchase   bubbles yeah is that cool let's go check  out the waterfall what do you say first   so this is like yeah certainly a popular  stop uh for oh there's a soft serve it   looks like oh that looks nice I might have  to get one of those so here is the waterfall tons of selfies wow for us you see  the waterfall look way up there man wonderful what a stop so  we'll kind of hang here enjoy nice scene all right road trip so far is  pretty good pretty good real smooth the   roads are nice all paved nothing nothing hurt  about that at all nope the towels are cool   yeah and now I like how we're up here in the  hillside yeah he said we're starting to make that   incline now yeah we're gonna go up and up and up  all the way to the Tea Plantation all right well   we'll uh enjoy and then kind of head back to the  car in a minute we stopped at a vegetarian Banana   Leaf Restaurant essentially uh this gentleman  brings out all veg dishes and spreads them around   3 so these three separate banana leaves and he  serves them through I think it comes with a rice   uh so it'll be interesting to see  uh what these dishes are all about   if I had to guess this is the pickle this is  something sweet and then these are all savory yeah I'm not sure how many dishes or  different items are served on this   finale it was a pretty big leaf  this is a mixed [ __ ] mixed veg   and lettuce finger okay yes the finger  beetroots salt yes and beans and beans   okay see what's coconut okay I see I see  got it so all Savory and then the pickle oh you want pickle and salt we'll  grab the guy in the next round okay these are released okay potato  that's sweet the blood curd yes   let's let's go there's a metal  stew okay lentils okay okay so good oh yes Apache thank you spawn all right so a spirit huh I don't know  about another school business here yeah perfect okay all right awesome well  looks like quite the spread   beats coconut veggie finger I don't quite  recall what this one was but it's a variety   of mostly Savory and I believe this is  the sweets yeah potato yeah this is the   current yeah I see vegetables in there yeah  all right oh here's a little salt receiver then you tickle salty people okay well what do you think guys   can't wait to dig in Bon Appetit okay rice is  coming okay yes how's your banana yummy we got   the big banana yeah we got a whole bag of bananas  oh so many oh here comes the rice small rice   and big rice oh this one's the local rice okay  rice steamed rice maybe I go Carolina rice okay   oh yeah so you can see those big fat  tunnels great thank you that's funny good   yeah rounds round yeah local the local  rights yeah and that's good okay thank you nice we universally agreed  caller rice is uh where it's at   that's enough all right so great which ones  you're liking the ladyfinger yeah have you   tried any of the other ones which ones uh  which ones do you like my finger this one   in the potato what is it that you're liking about  it um I like the lady finger because it's like   quickly flavor okay like a tarnish flavor like  this one because it's like a little bit on the   spicy side and all right this one because it's  machine the potatoes nice you have the textures   of the way of the lady because I really like have  you tried the beef yet no not yet you should try   that one uh beet is definitely a unique um a  unique flavor all its own grab some of that earthy Kelly how you doing over there but  I'm digging into the vegetable stew right   now yeah which one was that one  that was this uh oh this one here doll fry okay okay and this got sweet so  it's not a curd and pineapple okay all   right all right so we've got these two are  the sweet ones wow thank you yeah cups yep   big deal yes which ones are you liking  um I like um this one the ladyfingers that's all the veggie mix yeah   yeah oh we're coming back oh here comes  the sambar right on the rice perfect we have big vegetables in there yeah these are um these are the drumsticks are  they not no they look like ladyfinger to me   yeah drumsticks on those really long green  uh hard like uh outside fibrous but on the   inside it's really soft you kind of pull it  off like a um artichoke heart leaf kind of   like that cool all right well again our  table is just getting more and more full oh yeah the cups are here so they brought cups  they're a bit they're a bit wet on the inside   so we're gonna just sort of dry them with the uh  with the napkin we don't want to risk any sort   of uh upset tummies this early in our trip  um these are sweet by the way oh really no   don't cry oh that's a doll fry the doll fries  I don't know I'll try this one it looks like that first one did that's the sweet one  it's really good it's everything else is   Savory and of course it's all vegetarian  so you're uh yeah a big win for Cali yes   granted how you coping with that in all  veg meal veg I like Vegs but I miss them   yeah yeah like doll bot for example it's got that  chicken or the or the other meats available or the   butter chicken butter chicken yeah we'll  get plenty of that as we head more North   you need another banana no you're gonna  do you're doing okay you want some bread   all right I'm pretty excited to  try that sambar with the rice yeah kind of a medium spice level you want  some bread just a little that's where I go   yeah yeah that one I like yeah all right so  I haven't really tried a lot of these yet   let's see and this one Kelly it's like  uh I think the coconut coconut Maybe that's nice yeah we're okay that's it all right  this is like a yogurt kind of curd they call that   curd it's a nice way to cleanse your palate when  it's um when it's pretty hot yeah of course you   wanna try the yogurt no okay okay so the chapati  the rice this one this one this is that they've   served this before I don't recall the name of  it something maybe like harassment or something   yeah but it's really liquidy you just sort of  pour it on like that yeah we've had that before hmm that's a good flavor I like that one not  sweet this one it looks like it'd be sweet pineapple I think this one has pineapple in it like yeah  big chunk of pineapple not it's not sweet per se hmm definitely pineapple though this is a good stock do you  think yeah I think I needed   lunch I didn't realize kind of how  hungry I was until I started eating potato heard Boris has so far not quite latched  onto the Indian Cuisine I think you   will on time so we always kind of  travel with a big bag of bananas   just to kind of give him something  to eat this is the uh with coconuts welcome to the dream catcher Plantation Resort it  is a beautiful property we're just pulling in and   already it's nothing but tea plants growing right  on that ledge I believe there's cardamom that   grows here as well and it's gorgeous how is the  ride guys oh it's good everyone yeah bumpy I'd be   in there we are way out all right so we'll get out  we'll get settled get kind of a good view of the   property and I check out all the amenities that  this place has to offer but so far I already see   quite beautiful quite a beautiful property  before we totally explode out of our bags in   these rooms so we ended up with adjoining rooms  which is always our preferred method we've got a   nice little TV we'll probably sit right in  this bed zone out for quite a little while   we'll see what happens uh workspace looks  nice let's check out the bathrooms that's   the most important tip all right okay so  we've got a um just kind of a standard   shower this is a wet bathroom as they call  it so when the shower's on this whole area   will get wet so we'll kind of strategically  show our bathroom toilet paper management but   yeah right there I'm sure they have got good  hot water but just a small little wet bath oh you guys played hide and seek yeah all right  good luck and of course you saw kind of already   the kids room is just basically a sister room to  this one um a little smaller footprint actually I   assume it's the same uh wet bath in here let's  take a peek all light yeah okay so same same   little kind of mini wet bath in here it is nice  they provide of course all the shower necessities all right so the rooms will be great I think uh  the most uh epic part about the room of course   are The View of the mountains so all right  we're gonna get comfortable hopefully we can   um I think they're gonna prepare a little bit of  a cooking demonstration so we can see a little   bit more of the uh Kerala Cuisine uh that's going  to start about half an hour but it's a full day   a full-on schedule oh my goodness I see black  squirrels climbing up those trees maybe they're   flying squirrels but either way should be a nice  place just to rest and catch up on some relaxation   time now they just brought drinks uh so some more  kind of refreshment drinks so we ended up with   some black coffee um milk coffee as they call it  and guys how's the juice pineapple juice huh yeah   refreshing yeah I hope so looks good yeah yeah  nice and bright I mean they so all the pineapples   are like from this region so they're really  fresh I'm gonna make sure it doesn't close oh   yep you want to get locked out of the room all  right so as you walk around the property it's a   whole gaming section foosball pool table full-size  pool table ping pong paddle ball chess Checkers   it's all here but the coolest feature hello  the coolest feature is right here and that is   the suspension bridge whoa  does this remind me of Pakistan holy cow okay the last time we were on one of  these things uh that was quite interesting uh   scenario but this one seems much safer hey look  at that that never happened oh cool t on the right   t on the left and cardamom down there  wow we should be drinking uh as much tea   as possible in this region I think oh gorgeous  temperatures are warm but definitely feel cooler   hello and where we're going now we're  going to the cooking demonstration   also the pool it's up by the pool yes oh my gosh  so we're gonna kinda get two birds with one stone   here we're gonna swim see a cooking demonstration  should be pretty great oh cow look at that view   the mountains yeah so this really is why  uh you come to dreamcatcher absolutely get   up above the heat up here in the mountains  well and the fact that it's a hotel and it's   a plantation yeah so it's so green there's  something yeah now we're staying of course   in the main uh Hub here but there's these side  rooms here I think they're even like it's like   a tree house somewhere yeah I could kind of  see some of these houses up on stilts tons of   ayurvedic massage available on property here see  if we can't take advantage of that yep and all the   spices yeah all right let's check out this pool oh  yeah looks so clear look at how clear the water is   really wow beautiful this looks deeper this side  looks like the shallow side no no no no no no   come on come on so I could tell already there  is a shallow side for Force it's actually even   walled off that's perfect look at that it's  like an infinity pool so this is where you   guys are allowed to play y'all I go well mom  will be here too how's it feel s so cold God of course they have a whole pool just for Forest   cake if I put your feet in there  oh jeez Forest what a prankster at least you got the stairs too yeah  and it's not nice to push people in   what happened oh I tried to  grab you it turned into a push all right so they're gonna hang  by the pool I'm gonna go upstairs   and see what the cooking class is  all about hello how are you hello   hello Chef awesome real pleasure sir what is  your name finish finish nice to meet you thank   you for taking the time we're very excited oh  wow beautiful yeah in British how long have   you been the chef here 40 years four years wow  fantastic what's your Specialties especially   no rabbit wow okay I'm interested I see and  do the rabbits are they just in the region on the farm okay wow that's great wow oh  okay over here just uh incredible property oh yes oh my goodness okay I recognize some of  these spices let's see how good uh my memory   is from a former another cooking class we  took in a different video okay Chef can I   guess yeah okay so certainly coconut  coconut coconut oil coconut oil yeah   chili powder slice onion onion yeah oh what is  this one coriander okay I did not get it okay black pepper yes crushed black pepper Curry  Leaf okay ginger garlic paste your taste nice   good yes now we're talking now this coriander  is this from is this from the area right here   oh yeah okay are most of these spices from the  region okay wow I know obviously with the the   coriander that's growing there wow quite  beautiful coconut oil okay ginger garlic   paste now these seasonings are these uh very  similar to all carola dishes are they all   using a similar blend basically we have some  special on I mean Kerala traditional spices   oh okay black pepper yes of course red  chili cumin red coriander powder leaves   yeah so almost all these spices are using in  all almost all the dishes I see but only the   um quantity okay quantity is yes I see I see  so different dishes some dishes coriander will   not be used but some dishes coriander is I  see so it's it's a play on very similar yes hey buddy you want to see the cooking class oh  you're all wet you must have been in the pool   so much fun wow so you see that rabbit do  you want to eat some rabbit no thank you   oh yes thank you you mean okay okay okay oh I  mean when he puts a rabbit okay go ahead guys   so the kids are gonna pop it out yeah so rabbit  uh very very uh traditional spice Blends nice   wow coriander yeah coriander coriander and the  curry leaves Curry leaves go ahead and guess them   all oh man black pepper yeah I mean cumin okay uh  it's a paste Ginger paste ginger garlic paste oh   chilies salt coconut and maybe yeah chili powder  chili powder our favorites yeah man it's great yes I love curry leaves those are Curry  leaves yes okay I like how when they cook   they turn bright that Vivid green color okay  so Chef added just a little salt and now uh   my favorite ingredients again healthy generous  portions black pepper spicy dish very spicy okay   and this is the the black pepper also from the  region he said wow oh from the farm yeah you   can recognize the chili powder for sure vibrant  orange cumin yes and there's a shredded coconut   shredded coconuts okay I noticed there's a lot of  coconut uh added to dishes um the coconut oil also   from the region yes wow I mean everything they say  God's country right oh yeah yeah it's all here yes all the dishes we are using coconut  right it's just a great healthy base   yes so coconut oil shredded coconut in  most of it yes and we are using coconut   in different form in our curries okay so  we are adding coconut milk and of course   coconut based and yes so all the forms all  the forms we are using yeah I mean and you   can just see that's now becoming like a a  just a solid mix rubbish ah the main dish yeah so the name of this dish yeah can  you break it down for me yeah basically   this is rabbit coconut okay rabbit coconut mix you   mix okay that's the ordinal foam in  Malayalam okay that is rabbit means coconut means and mix means I feel like I can't say it I'm not allowed  to eat it so okay help me one more time all right I get to eat yes  thank you Chef it looks amazing   just the smells alone on this dish are fantastic  and wow just to see the colors outstanding the spices they blend but they all kind of come  through I'm definitely getting the chili powder   and the pepper the cumin it's lovely a very very  good dish Chef um oh my gosh the rabbit tastes   outstanding I've got this great burn going uh  from all that chili powder it's really really nice   okay kids hello who wants some rabbit all  right come on over here yeah it is uh fantastic   outstanding the the spice up now there are bones  okay so just try to grab one oh yeah go dry your   hands real quick dry your hands your towels are  expected by your stuff my mouth is on fire now   it's like it's a slow burn and I'm like it's just  so good I can't believe it so the kids will dry   their hands they'll come in a sample but wow what  a boy so we took all those spices you made the   sauce first yeah so the marinated uh rabbit went  into the blend you basically saw and it combined   and they serve it dry like this so it's not a  soupy uh type of dish he said it's your specialty   right yeah our sauce right so it's just uh wow  it's a good burn now there is bone so just kind of   eat around it and then you can put the bone back  on the plate it's sort of like a dry spice rub   and this is rabbit there you go  there's a little piece there shooter that's just spicy yeah yeah you like it yeah  what do you think Santa you getting that spice   there's a big black peppercorn right there  on that piece careful that one all right well   it's uh yeah so Chef marinated the rabbit meat he  cooked it he combined it with all the ingredients   you guys saw earlier and this is kind of the  final product the specialty and he was saying   all all the ingredients are local wow there's like  rabbit farm in Kerala there's goat farm in Kerala   there's a chicken farm all local not like factory  farm anything it's all local and all the food all   the spices all supports the local economy the  employment base here is quite High just because   everybody takes parts and that that alone I mean  there's no chemicals there's nothing's brought in   from hundreds of miles away it's all on in the  city refueling the economy I think so hopefully   economy yeah so even when you come and stay at  uh dream catcher to eat this kind of food for   them to take the time by the way the pool is just  slammed good place to be it's me it's awesome that   happened in place especially while you're eating  rabbit rabbit then you jump in for a cool swim you   got this amazing view oh yeah the hillside yeah  I'm ready to move in yeah all right well we're   going to uh wrap up this portion of the video now  we're gonna dig in let the kids swim for a little   bit but wow what a great I mean from the boat ride  this morning the road trip waterfall lunch now   we're here snack wow yep can't wait to see what  happens tonight this place is all right foreign

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