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This is a puma vehicle. 2 girls came and start dancing with me. Police came and they packed their items. This is my Thali. From 6pm to 7 pm party will be done here.

You can have unlimited liquor in 50 Mexican Currency. I welcome you all to a new video. Those who have watched my previous video know that I am in Mexico right now. Mexico's capital is Mexico City. I am in the city centre and the building which you are seeing behind me is the famous cathedral.

Mexico city, metropolitan cathedral. This is my 1st day in Mexico City. I came yesterday night and I slept, let's see my 1st impression on the city. The population of the city is 80 lakhs it's less than 1 crore. It is also called a city of palaces. This area is called as city of the palace.

There are more than 180 museums in Mexico. Which is more than any other city. I will withdraw money from the ATM. I had taken money in the previous video, but I paid in cash for the hostel, I have booked for a very long time.

I have to withdraw again and I am also hungry, I have to eat something. Let's go throughout the city and see the first impression. Today is the weekend and many people have come out. Before coming here, everybody told to stay careful in Mexico city. Crime rates are high and you should be careful. Everyone used to scare me.

I did not feel anything like that. You should be careful in the big cities. I saw an ATM in google maps.

There is an advantage of Indian people. We are brown, I am dark brown. Some people will be white but, I don't look like a foreigner.

I look like Indian, if I go to some middle Eastern Country, people think I am from the middle east. If I go to Africa,I look like them also. If I come to south and central America, I look like them also People don't treat me like a foreigner.

If I was white, it could be more dangerous. I have a friend in my hostel, he is from London. I went out with him and everybody was staring at him and nobody was even looking at me. If he was feeling scared, he used to come close to me. Mexico is 2nd Spanish-speaking country to which I have come. I visited Spain 2 months back, you know that.

People speak English in Spain, I was in Barcelona. That was a big city, I guess people don't speak English in small villages. Nobody speaks English in Mexico. I told him I don't know Spanish.

Nobody speaks English here. Everybody speaks Spanish. You can live with English in Spain, but you have to know Spanish here in Mexico. I told him I don't know Spanish in Spanish he doesn't understand English. The city is not expensive. If I eat something, I will get more idea.

I have come a bit far from the centre the area is less crowded. No, here it is crowded again, I can see ATM on Google Map. This area looks safer than New York. Selling ice cream. I can see ATM here on Google Map, I also saw ATM back in the street on google map, but I did not see ATM there.

It is showing again on Google Map let's see. There are many shops on the roadside like this. It is showing there is an ATM on my left.

This is a footwear shop. This is a footwear shop. There is nothing here.

Yeah, here I can find an ATM. There is no English in this. There is no English in ATM, let me see after inserting my card. It is not mentioned in English. I will just guess it. I don't understand Spanish, but I am guessing it.

I am right till here, I guess this is the amount section. I will withdraw 1500 Mexican Currency. 1 Mexican Currency is equal to 4.5 INR. They are taking commissions, so I will withdraw More Money.

I will withdraw 3000. I will withdraw 3000. They will take 200 INR commission. I got a message stating 12710 has been deducted. I have taken the money without any knowledge, now let's see what I can eat. These rickshaws are seen here.

There was a similar type of rickshaw event in New York. It is looking like corn. It was for 35 Mexican Currency, It is 155 INR. It is 155 INR. I am making a video for an Indian audience who earns in Rupees.

I will convert the amount in whichever country I go. Even my relatives earn in Indian rupees. If they are spending in US or any other country they are not earning in US right? They have earned it in INR rate. That is why I always translate. The architecture is very good here.

I have not heard that architecture is very good. If it is there, I have not heard it. I came and found out that the architecture is very good.

They eat only fast food. Tacos, Tortila, ETC This looks like a popular restaurant because it is crowded. I should have my breakfast in a restaurant. This is the shop in which Indian God Idol is being sold. This is made in India. This is the store where we get our Indian supplies.

This is the name of the store. A-R-T-E-S-A-N-I-A-I-N-D-U It looks great. Police are there on every street. When I came to the hostel at night I asked them if it safe or not. It was in the night time, the receptionist told you can travel only till 2 of 3 blocks. You should avoid going to other Street, You can go in day time.

This is a local dish. This is tortilla. I don't know how it is cooked. It is also being cooked by all.

Our staple food is roti. Their staple food is tortilla. People are friendly if you want to talk they talk very nicely. Let me go, I am in a hurry. These roads are made of cobblestones. It looks like India to me.

Even people are similar in looks. Mexico City is not clean. It is not like Europe or any other clean country. So it looks like India to me.

I had come here yesterday night to have my dinner. The restaurant's name was VIPS. The food was very good. I had taken chicken tacos it was good. I also got the side dishes along with it. Look here he is a joker.

Today is the weekend so I guess the people are more in the streets. I will tell you in the upcoming videos. This is a type of Shawarma. it is a non-vegetarian dish.

This is not chicken this is some other meat. They have put it here. Let's go. It smells very good here. It is a City Centre hotel. Many of you watch the videos but don't subscribe to the channel.

Please subscribe to the channel. It smells good here in this place. Police came, so they tied up their things. 141 00:11:02,866 --> 00:11:10,200 I couldn't turn on my camera they were selling something on the street as soon as the police came there covered their things.

They were selling small items as soon as the police came venders took and they ran off. If you are staying in a big city, I am not talking about Mexico. Don't carry any expensive items. I have come in Pajama, and I have my shoes. I have a phone in my hand I want to have a ATM card in my pocket.

I had no money, I just withdraw some money from the ATM. If you are in a big city and if you're going to the city centre. I forgot the name, I had tasted this in Italy. I hope my stomach doesn't go wrong. He is giving the change in coins.

He has not given 20. let's see how innocent he is. He has given only 70. I don't know whether I did not understand properly or he did not. It is fried so I feel it is very oily. There is cream inside.

We just came back to the centre. This is an India town. What is this? This is a vegetarian restaurant. This is an Indian restaurant let's eat something. I feel like, I have come to some Bazar.

This is an Indian restaurant. The restaurant is empty. I have sit here. English people have come and there are also some local Mexican people.

South Indian man give me this menu. Let's see the menu and check out the rate. Multiply it with 4.5 you will get the Indian rate. The dollar here represents Mexican currency. Cabbage Pakoda Costs 40 Mexican currency. This restaurant is very cheap.

Indian restaurants are very expensive outside the country. This restaurant is exactly in the centre. Butter naan is 29. Everything is around 120 to 150 INR. This restaurant is not expensive.

Indian restaurants are very expensive outside the country butter naan will be more than 200. This restaurant is very cheap. I am not that hungry, but I have to eat something. I want to eat an Indian dish.

A girl is dancing in an Indian restaurant. This is my Thali and there are mixed veg dishes. This was 170.

I ate my breakfast. The bill was 175 Mexican currency. It is around 600 rupees. It was not expensive, but the taste wasn't good as it was looking. Girls were also dancing.

Girls were dancing to Arabic music. This is a mixed culture. This is not a bar. Mosquitoes will go inside, close your mouth. This is C and A company, there are many stores in Germany.

This is a very big store. This street will always be crowded, I can see this through my hostel window. I will show you through my window. The one in which the window is open is my room.

This is my hostel. I will go to the hostel I am planning to go to the gym. I will take rest for a while and then go to the gym. This is a party hostel you have seen in my previous video. I will show you inside the hostel.

There is a rooftop on the fifth floor. There are bars and restaurants. People will be sitting here. This is a rooftop and there is also a bar. I will take a Corona beer.

This is Corona beer it is 40 Mexican currency. It is around 170 Indian rupees. But the view is also very beautiful.

You can open your laptop and do some work. You can also have cigarettes like him. To people who don't know Corona beer, It is an Mexican beer.

This is very popular here. This is for the original authentic drink here. Party will be organised from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. at night.

You can have unlimited liquor in that time. It is 200 INR you can have unlimited liquor. Just observe the crowd now.

This is the next day and we had to go to gym. But the gyms are closed today so we made something on the terrace. This is Frank, he is from USA. He had this TRX cable. So I thought to tie this and make Gym at the hostel. This is the next day and I guess the time is 5:00. I have not eaten anything, I am hungry. I want something to eat.

I don't know many things because this is my second year in Mexico. People who have already visited Mexico will tell I am giving the wrong information. Whenever I go to a new country and add a video, people comment on that video. I am showing my first impression in the video.

It is not necessary that I have to know those things, I will always share my first experience. I will see if I get something to eat. This is the centre of the city and you have seen how many police are here. Today is Sunday so many things are closed. This restaurant was crowded I saw it when I passed it yesterday. Today the restaurant is closed. You only get beef and pork in Mexico but I don't it either of them.

I eat chicken. That is why I am searching for an Indian veg restaurant because I did not find chicken yesterday. Today is Sunday, the area will be less crowded from tomorrow. We were ready to go to the gym but when we came done I saw that the gym was closed. We also saw other gyms were also closed. These are roadside shops.

This is sanitiser for 45 INR. People still wear masks here, yesterday I saw in the metro, people were wearing masks. Here are also people are wearing the mask Yesterday I was in a bus and I was the only person who had not worn mask. An interesting thing happened yesterday. Everyone gathered in the hostel and decided to go to a club. There were locals who also told us they will take us to club, which is around the city.

We went to that club which was like a party neighbourhood. It was also LGBTQ neighbourhood. We went to the club and started dancing the groups were formed at the hostel. I was with Giri the one who was sitting on the table. They celebrated a festival which is coming next week They are preparing for that. I was with Giri in the club.

We were just standing in the corner. All the stores are closed. I found a vegetarian restaurant in Google. I am going to that place now.

She is selling fries. When we were club in the last night I was with Giri. The one you saw him in the table. His family is from India, but he was born in Malaysia. We were sitting together and a girl came. She came and started to dance with me.

I think this is normal in their culture but I felt it is very weird. I told Giri that we will leave this place. It is a new country and the first day I wanted to go out. We went for by the time her friends came. She came and started to talk with me.

She told that she was working in bajaj, she was a genuine lady she came and started to talk. She was not wrong. I was Talking with her and everything was good.

I was talking with that girl. After that, an interesting thing happened. 3 more girls came to the club.

I don't know whether they are friends or they came from different places. There were three ladies and they were local Mexicans. They came and started to talk with me. There was security inside and outside the club they were wearing mask. I was not able to see their face. If anything happens next they should not get to know who was the guard.

Security was there, I did not feel the club is unsafe. They came and asked me to dance with them. The one who was already talking with me got tempted.

They started to fight with each other, she was told I was talking with him why did you come? They started to fight. I told Giri to go from this place. Those hostel people saw and they came. It became crowded, and they started to fight with each other. They started telling I was talking with him.

We came out of the club. We ate something in the night came back to the hostel and slept. It was a very weird incident, I did not experience anything like that before. There was Harley-Davidson Standing, and this is a market. This is a Puma vehicle.

That was a gay-friendly club and there were many gays in that club. I started to gain the attention from everyone. It was very hard for me. So I thought of sharing that incident.

All the stores are closed here, there was a market behind us. I did not feel the city is unsafe, I am alone and roaming in the streets. I am also making the video, I did not feel the country is unsafe. You should be careful in every country.

I always look after myself no matter how big the country is. I did not observe anything special. The road in which I am travelling now is empty. If this road was not there in Mexico or any other country, if you are a foreigner and tourist you have to avoid such places in dark time.

You have to be careful in every place. I did not feel the country is unsafe. I can see the vegetarian restaurant here. In this road. I am walking on the road. This is the Indian restaurant.

AL -ANDALUS let's go inside. This place is very weird. This is the menu, I have ordered lemonade, the menu is in Spanish I cannot understand anything, I have to use Google Translate.

I guess this is fries, I don't know you should multiply everything into 4. If it is 80 Paisa, then it is 3.5 INR. The restaurant is very good. It doesn't look like a roadside restaurant.

The restaurant is very good. I will translate it and I have to order something. This is an Arabic and Mexican mixed restaurant. I had ordered sweets. This is my favourite. This is Tacos.

I guess this is tacos, if I am wrong please forgive me. I don't know anything more than this. This is Salsa. They eat very spicy food. I have not eaten anything spicy. So I cannot eat this. Let's keep the menu down.

This is not a completely veg restaurant there are many vegetarian options. There are also non-vegetarian items, I found out Chicken Shawarma. Pollo they call it pollo, I have also ordered shawarma.

I had ordered sweet and this lemonade. This should fill my stomach. I have got my shawarma, which is very spicy. I cannot eat this.

I wanted to eat something Mexican. I was very hungry, so I didn't want to take the risk so I ordered this. I had my food and the bill was 185 Mexican currency. Which is 750 INR. If I had taken something on the roadside. It is 15 Mexican currency, which is around 60 INR.

When we came out from the club yesterday night there was a cart of tacos. They had only Pork and beef, chicken was not there. I requested one person. Even my friends did not know Spanish.

I told local to tell the seller, that I wanted only cheese. He added cheese to the bread and gave me. He added chatni on the top which was very spicy. We will go out now. All my hostel mates have in to see a boxing match.

It is Mexican wrestling. You have seen in WWE. They will cover their face with a mask and do wrestling.

I don't like that so I did not go. I have to take right, to go back to the hostel. There are many cloth shops and girls are shopping. This is a gaming centre. I guess we have to insert money and play game. There is also a softie shop.

It is an ice cream shop. It starts with 10 Mexican currency. She was cleaning the machine otherwise I would buy 1. To try the taste.

All the taxies here are pink in colour. All the offline taxis are pink in colour in New York it was yellow. The charge based on metre. In India, they are yellow board, no matter which vehicle but here every vehicle are pink colour.

But the Uber doesn't have any fixed colour. It is written CDMX. It is the name of Mexico City. There is a police bus in the middle, it very nice. It is matte black. The driver was using his phone.

The video is already long, I will end this video here. This was my first impression of Mexico City. I like this city a lot, the people are chill. They are very friendly, I did not feel the country is unsafe. Everything is going good. There is Cathedral.

You can see that. There is a big Mexico flag on top of that. I will end this video, who have not subscribed, please subscribe. Thank you so much for watching, bye-bye.

2022-11-16 03:28

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