First Impressions of Hanoi Vietnam

First Impressions of Hanoi Vietnam

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Good evening my friends and welcome back to another video here in Vietnam specifically we are in the city of Hanoi and we are about to go on a cycle. What is that called, a cyclo tour? A cyclo tour. Yeah here with Jordan one of the bros here that we've been doing some traveling with. Still not exactly sure what a cyclo is but we're about to find it. Yeah I think it's like their version of a rickshaw here so we're gonna go for a cruise. We gotta grab a little headset down here. Oh yes, please my friend I’ll take one of those.

Alright, we're gonna be back in the CIA, we gotta hook the earpiece up let's do it. Alright, CIA testing, testing. Copy, I can hear you. Yep eyes on the target, eyes on the target out there take them out, take him out he's done.

Yeah we're gonna be using this thing going for a guided tour so it's gonna be quite interesting. I think we're going for like two hours all around the city. I have no idea what to expect in Hanoi. It looks like a very like hustle and bustle type of city so I’m excited to like cruise around the streets maybe we'll stop at some markets, get a little bit of the history, see quite a bit so we're gonna round up the squad here and head out in just a minute. Alright, so as you can see, these are the cyclos we're gonna be taking for a cruise. You've got the driver on the back seat and then we've

got a seat right there up front. We've got a whole fleet of them arriving right now so we've got a massive group of people. Right now some people are doing the cyclo. Some people are actually doing the tour bus and then also there's some people doing the walking tour. So we figured cyclo is gonna be the most adventurous. So are you ready for this

buddy? Oh let's do this. Let's do this. Let’s go. Alright, so we've got the cyclos right here yeah. We got license plates on the cyclos.

I’m not sure what the process is but we're about to hop on one so here we go. You ready for this? To be completely honest, I have no idea what is happening right now. Yeah, yeah. I don't know if these guys are who's taking us or he's just trying to get us home so he can get some money. Yeah

exactly, it's hard to tell at this point. Oh is it one person per cycle? Oh we all get our own. So much better being on my own. Yeah. Yeah we gotta go. Alright, so is it- is it private rickshaws?

Let me get one of these Bugatti rickshaws let's- let's do this. Bugatti rickshaws. Alright, I’ll hop on. Is this a fast one my friend or is this a whichever one he thinks the fastest? Yeah which one do you think? We legit- legit walk past the white dude right like the authentic experience. Yeah, yeah exactly. I’m hopping on this one. Let’s get this going boys full speed

ahead. Here we go, load them up, load them up. Hello my friend, what's your name? Nice to meet you. Hey catch you guys later, see you in the dust. Full speed ahead let's go. Alright, guys yeah this is sweet. I didn't know how they were gonna work it feels like two, three people because I’ve been in a few different cyclos all around the world and this one like you get your own red velvet seat. We've got

even like sun carving if you do this in the day, a little foot rest right down there and we're going for a stroll so- oh we're being passed right now. We're being passed, full speed ahead my friend. Guys we've got a proper tour. We've got like maybe 20 cycles ahead of us. We've got a whole squad of them coming this way. I mean there's probably

maybe 70 of us total all on cyclos maybe a few less than that but like just cruising through the streets of Hanoi like this is probably gonna be the best way for me to give you guys like my first impressions of what it's like being in the city. I like I said at the beginning of this video, I had no idea what to expect, what it was going to be like well like cruising through these streets, it's very modern and like you have like very lit up buildings almost giving you like a Las Vegas feel, designed marble structures right there on the left and it like for the most part like pretty tame streets. I had heard like in Vietnam and I’m sure this is definitely the case in some cities that like the traffic is just madness like you know similar to India maybe similar to Egypt that there's just people like weaving in and out everywhere you go but like so far some of the roads around, it's like nice, tame and chill. Good layout in terms of like the like civil layout of the crosswalks, the roads and everything here. So yeah it looks like they have a lot of modern restaurants, cafes all these types of things. Hello. Very nice locals here. So hopefully we'll

be able to get off the cyclo at some points, meet them and yeah. Like this looks like the place I need to go for coffee though one of these days, we've got a cafe's here. We have cafes on the other side of the street and a lot going on. I always like to share with you guys like what it is temperature wise. My guess is it's probably 70 Fahrenheit

which that would maybe be like I don't know in Celsius. Let’s see I’m looking up on the- oh yeah, 75 it looks like right now 75 and 75 converted to Celsius is 24 Celsius so it's a really nice temperature to be cruising around like I’ve got pants on and then a t-shirt and I’m very comfortable at the moment just cruising through the streets. During the day, it does get hot this time of year but yeah like it's springtime and we are cruising Vinmart that kinda reminds me of Walmart but the Vietnamese version and much, much, much, much smaller. Oh we're coming up near the opera house, wow. Alright, guys so we're actually at the front somehow we- we only have one other person ahead of us and now we are at the front of the cyclo cruise right here and right there that is the opera house. So this has your feel of French architecture right there, French architecture? Yeah French architecture our friend says and so like look at that it's beautifully designed and it's sitting right here kinda like in the city center you got the roundabout with Vietcom Bank and some other like very nicely lit up buildings.

Like my first glimpse is just into Hanoi right now it's very modern, developed and this is crazy because Vietnam in the last weeks just opened up for tourism so this is still like rather I think odd in a good way that like Vietnamese people are now seeing-- Oh we got- we got videographers coming out there. Hello my friends, getting the good shots tonight. Alright, they probably don't speak English so they're probably wondering what I’m saying but yeah guys so- Oh full speed ahead. We’re getting past now. Come in, come in

but yeah guys as I was saying like in Vietnam, they haven't had tourists in years so it's almost like a little bit of a woe for them to now see foreigners back here for the first time in two years. Alright, here we go guys. We are starting to get into the busier sides like the streets are filled with people. We got people eating ice cream over there somewhere around it. Oh

he's catching up. He almost caught us. Yeah, yeah slowly but surely. So wow guys yeah it's there's a lot going on like in every direction, people are enjoying restaurants, ice cream. It seems like- like a lot of shops are opening up here but one thing I can tell you I do recognize Mcdanklins right down there we got Macas. We got Macas.

Yeah back there that's Chris he's from crazy rich Asians the movie so he's on this tour with us as well. If you haven't seen the movie crazy rich Asians, you definitely gotta check it out. He’s the- he's in the- he's part of the wedding that that's why everyone crazy rich Asians comes to visit Singapore so he's a funny guy, really funny guy to be exploring this place. Alright, now we're picking up in terms of traffic here. We've got

lots and lots of mopeds and scooters all around this area with the traffic kinda like mixing right in between there. They’re- oh enjoy it. Hey, get back here. Full speed ahead, we gotta go, we gotta go. He’s taking us, Chris from crazy rich Asians has not taken us over. Oh man, that was a sneak attack right there guys, a distraction tactic very well played. As you can see here, a lot of people take three on a moped. We got two on a moped

there but there was three families when I wasn't filming in a row three people per ped. So I would say there it's easy for me to say that there's definitely more mopeds in this city or scooters as some call them then there are cars. This is my assumption but based on how many I’ve seen that's my guess. It looks like right over there to the right, we've got a I don't know what is that an outside street performance going on. There we go. You're doing a great job. I’m loving it. I’m loving it.

Oh yeah, we gotta stop here get a quick dance. How we doing? Great job. Alright, let's see it hit it out of the park, there it is. Hey that nice locals we’re meeting guys all around here this is awesome. I really wanna get off and go like talk to people so that's that is one of the benefits of doing the walking tour through the city like over here on the left, we've got a lake with basically it looks like restaurants surrounding it, a walkway not like the restaurants aren't fully surrounding it but you can see them along the perimeter as well as some walking space right over there. So yeah this city's an absolute vibe guys like oh my god.

It’s unfortunate that we're only here for like literally 15 hours and then we are flying out so in the morning but that just means like of those of you guys that maybe are just seeing my videos, I am only in Vietnam for just a few days so I’m making a short series but I’ll for sure be coming back to Vietnam in the very near future to make a full series exploring all around the country and that's when we'll take you like more deeper in the weeds on some of the streets. Whoa. Alright, we can't let him pass my friend, full speed ahead full speed. We can't let him pass, we can't let him pass, forward march. Forward march.

Alright, so I mean guys it's like a I don't know what day of the week it is. I think it's maybe like Thursday or Friday so it is popping off. Whoa, we got some bangers going on over there. We need some more of that music. I wish our guy had some portable speakers on

this thing we'd be going full speed. Oh we got the police man coming through. Guys this might be one of my new favorite ways to explore around the city because we're just cruising and our good man here is just taking us around, pedaling around and so yeah, this is a sweet way to do it because we're going at a faster pace than walking but a slower pace than like driving around in a car and you feel more connected.

It would just be like getting off at a couple of the stops would be nice right now. Alright, and the fun does not stop here my friends. We're coming up along the coffee club so Vietnam is very well known for all of the coffee they produce and you can see that in the coffee shops, that are scattered all over this city. So it looks like this is the hangout spot to go ahead and get a bunch of photos like everyone's hanging out down here, getting some photos, hanging out, enjoying the nice weather. Hello nice people here.

Alright, we lost Jordan. He was somewhere near us but I can't see him anywhere now. Well like guys, this is such a walkable city like all along here we've got ice cream people are chowing on and that looks seriously so good right now. Oh there goes the Vinfest bus, all electric bus right there cruising to the city. Hello.

Wow, that little baby was just a little girl was just standing on top of the moped while driving now that is wild, welcome to Vietnam. Hello. Alright, we're cruising through the streets here. We’ve got a lot going on. Look at all these mopeds over here everywhere. Hello. Very well-lit streets you can see that one there's like a trellis of lights right over there, stop lights like are really well designed. We've got like it counts down I guess probably to tell you

how much time until the light changes so that's nice. You don't have to rush through because you have a pretty good idea when it's gonna be changing. Alright, coming down this way like look at on both sides of the streets it's just lit up. That’s what I really love about a lot of the Asian countries that I’ve been to Eastern Asian countries is that there's just so much light at night and for me that's so attractive at night, I really enjoy it. Oh wow, so you can see this massive church. How are we doing? Alright, very good. You can see we have this

massive church right here that's all lit up. Wow, wow beautiful. This city tour is amazing. Everyone's having some coffee here.

Wow, we got the whole squad here enjoying some coffee there. People love their coffee here guys so many coffee shops. I cannot emphasize that enough. We got people just kinda like hanging out enjoying, stool set up there. Hello, hello. Really nice people over there so yeah that's cool. They just had these

little stools set like basically down in front of the- the garage right there like the- the metal doors in front and they're just hanging out enjoying some drinks and enjoying I think maybe even some of them were playing some sort of game I didn't see what it was though. And it looks like right here I’m not entirely certain because I can't read Vietnamese but it's a very beautiful architecture cruising past there. Hello. How are you? Good and you? Oh very good. First time, yep. Thank you.

Hello ready yeah how are things? Everything good. Oh that's perfect everything's wonderful. Yeah. Oh yeah, enjoying the time really nice locals over here. A lot of people speak English right down here in Hanoi too. Hello, the guy's like no the girl's like yeah let's go. Alright, oh we got some street food going on here.

How are you? Hello. Oh that food smells delicious. We got fresh chickens out here. We've got so much amazing cuisine. I gotta jump right in. I’ve already had some five had some other traditional stuff but I need some Hanoi delish chow. Alright, it seems like we're getting to the area where people go out at because it's way busier, a lot more young people hanging out all around here. Everyone's turning up over there. They've all got bruised there.

I gotta figure out how to say cheers in Vietnamese. Let’s see if I can figure that one out. Alright, let's go Google translate, change the language now too Vietnamese.

Alright, Google already knew. Alright, cheers. Oh got a loogie over there and hoan ho. Hoan ho. That’s a good one there we go. Cheers hoan ho. We’ll have to see if that works the next time we pass a group of people hoan ho. Oh we got clubs over there got the hybrid ultra-lounge

and it looks like this is the spot. Oh they're cooking up some delish chow over there that's for sure. At this point, we're like far away from the rest of the pack. We got a bunch still behind this we had some ahead of us. We've gone through a

lot of the streets though. We're getting a good idea of what this place is like. Alright, as you can see we got the undercover videographer right there. How we doing? Hoan ho. I figured out how they do it so it was like a red light there was four seconds left and then you start going like very slowly and then it turns green like and you're already in process, you're already moving so that's how things work around here. Honestly, it makes a lot of sense because then you're not going too soon but you're going soon enough where you're not wasting a single second of your day.

Alright, it seems like we have arrived to our drop-off point, here we go. Are we done? Are we saying bye for good? How was yours? It was pretty nice bro. Yeah sweet, sweet. We went for a nice, nice little cruise. Yeah, it was nice ride. The cyclo, you

were on into a cyclo? Yeah. Yeah it was a nice cruise around the city, got our first impressions of Hanoi Yeah and what do we got going on over here? We got a show. It’s the water puppet right. Oh yeah,

thank you. Oh yeah, thank you. Got some fresh ice cream here guys, I was pointing out when we were down by the lake how good some ice cream looks so- So good. That’s so good. I don't know like what flavor is like pistachio or something? This is rice rice rice flavored ice cream and it's tasty it's like a sweet rice. No rice ice cream. I already had dessert back in the hotel man. Fair enough yeah you can't double down. They only hit the gym twice tomorrow yeah extra gains.

You got fast or slow? My guy was slow. Ladies and gentlemen, get the ice cream and we go to the second floor. Alright, so we're heading in. We’ve got the show going on. I’m not entirely certain of the details of the this show. I think so is it the puppets. We’ll toss the camera right in there and oh thank you, I’ve got one in my pocket.

I’m trying to save the planet here okay. Looking after the environment. I like that. It's just wasteful you know you guys are taking that just gonna throw it out yeah despicable. Thank you, you're disgusting.

Is that actually his name? You sounded dead serious, I see why you're an actor. Oh and they're gone just like that swam right under. Yeah they look kinda like real fish actually. Oh where'd he come from? Oh he's trying to catch him.

[Laughter] Yeah exactly. Oh look at it he went for it, he missed it. He might have to move- move to the boat job next time. He's not gonna get any fresh catches today. He missed it again.

Guys so pretty epic show like the way they run all those puppets at once was like so, so cool. So that was really fun to see and like it was so spontaneous. We arrived here, popped in the show and had quite a good time. We're looking for the- the squad. Alright, we lost them somewhere. Alright, well we're heading out into

the streets of Vietnam so I think we might even have to stop for a little snack because I’m not gonna lie I’m pretty hungry. And there's a lot of delicious street food you can find here in the streets of Hanoi. Yeah guys so we're cruising the streets of Hanoi. Honestly, like I personally feel super safe. You're probably noticing we have some people in suits near us because the company's just you know being extra precautious, pretty much the only things that happen here in the streets of Hanoi will be pickpocketing so if you're walking around this area, I always recommend you guys I got zippers on pretty much all of my clothes on my pockets or one more layer to stop anyone from pickpocketing. So it sounds like it's a pretty common problem here in

Hanoi but other than that like everyone seems friendly. You know you saw earlier in the video walking around, saying hello to people and yeah like the culture seems really friendly. I’ve always known Vietnamese people to be like really nice and welcoming so really nice hotels as well all around the neighborhood. We've got such a picturesque view over here. We got the lights hanging from the trees there bro. This is like a tangled the movies yeah lantern festival. Yeah exactly get them all hanging in the trees just in the

local roads. Alright, now we're getting into the busyness of the city here. Oh yeah, from every direction guys we got horns going off, we got people everywhere and yeah, yeah yeah we're definitely gonna get it. We're just walking through here but the scooters kinda know to watch out for you, you see this like I’m just walking right yeah, yeah. Yeah exactly yes. No problem at all. Says wow look at this we're gonna begin this place going.

It is packed down here. It is a Thursday night and it is popping off. Wow, this is the spot. Hey Kevinm is cheers hoan ho? Guys now we are in the center of the parties. I almost feel like we're in like Vietnam's version of Koh san road like bars all around us like everyone's sipping on some brews, having some food. It is a nice experience out here. I wish I was in Hanoi a little bit longer to be able to- Can I try out the mic? We’re testing out. I was gonna see if I could hop on the

mic. Yeah, yeah. So how well do you know the streets of Hanoi Kevin? Because I know the v. You know the v. Alright, he knows it whoa, whoa yeah a nice little stumble right in there guys but look at this design, we've got like tom's bar that I believe that's tom and jerry right over there like these streets are so welcoming and I’m being told right basically right now I said today's Thursday and if it was a Friday like these streets would be so much more packed but like I love this vibe. This is one of my favorite reasons

why I really enjoy spending time and traveling through Southeast Asia because just like the energy, the loud music everywhere, the street food, everyone's having a good time like all of it is why I love, love, love this place so I can't wait to come back and see more of Vietnam. We got a little day party going on over there. There we go. Yeah see a little Thursday night shindig going on there. So how do you decide the so you have a Vietnamese name and then you also go by Kevin. How do you select your- how'd you select your name? What did we call again? Kevin. There it is.

Home alone that's how you got it, that's amazing. Yeah guys basically like everyone we've met has like a Vietnamese name and then they have a like English or American name that they use so it's always interesting to hear how they selected the name they used so Kevin does Kevin selected his through home alone. I’m yelling Kevin that's pretty funny. We got the party music right here, there it is. Alright, so we got the spot to take a seat. Yeah as you can see, these tables are super small like they're probably like maybe 18 inches tall and we're on these like tiny little seats so when you walk through here like everyone's very low to the ground. Everyone ovr.

Let’s take a look at the menu here so what's the- do you have any idea what the local beers people get? They buy tiger. Well, I assume it's like these ones up top. Oh Saigon beer that's definitely local Hanoi beer. Guys 25k how much is 25k? You know? I gotta get my handy-dandy converter out so we can get an idea what these prices are more out of curiosity.

Oh it broke. No, he said I’m going to I’m too big. Wow so one of these beers only one us dollar look at that 1.99. Oh speaking of beer, they have arrived. Or at least the cups. Now you enjoy the drinks. Oh these seats are great.

You thought Asians were short. No, we just sit on short seats. So here the thing to do is to drink your beer with ice cubes. I always find that quite interesting so we're gonna toss a couple of these babies in there. Oh yeah, you're doing- you doing ice beer. Ice cold beer bro that's how they do it here in Vietnam. That’s the Vietnamese way. We gotta teach Chris the lessons about Vietnam.

Alright. One more, one more training ready. This one is for Kevin tour. Alright, Kevin beer tour, okay and another we'll have another one from Paul we've got all on Paul. Alright. Alright, let's try it with the ice cube that's nice, it makes it extra cold. What do you think Chris? You’re up.

Alright, things are escalating here. Chris is now filling up beers with shots. Chris what is that? We’re gonna go with this. Korean alcohol it's just chemicals. Oh there we go. Alright, well load me up then load me up. Yeah have some cream. Cheers, that looks good, it's mixing in there nicely. Looks kinda like a chemistry experiment,

science experiment there. Alright, that's gonna be good. Guys we're going round to counting. Oh yeah, there we go. There we go. Are you ready? Are you ready? I’m very ready. So we've got what is this? It's called dried squid? Yes sir, this is the dry squid, very famous one in Vietnam. In Vietnam the western Vietnamese people do

and this is the white with drinking beers and we have the dry squid. The dry squid so we gotta do a little dip ski. Oh yeah, we burned them on fire. Am I eating this thing whole right now? Whoa, it's a dripper it's a dripper watch out. Let’s go. Let's go.

Oh wow how did you feel about that? Is it spicy? Very. Is it like chewing gums? It’s very chewy. It's like beef jerky in the-- Yeah beef jerky, yes. What else, what did you feel? Honestly, I really enjoyed it though. Okay

and you guys come to Vietnam and get to try that. You need to yeah, you need to. What’s the official name of it? [___] is the squid and nuong is like fire, on fire. I will tell you the aftertaste of this sauce right here is very spicy like the insides of my mouth are now burning. To ask a question because it as a person that does not like seafood that smells terrible but isn't better than it smells.

It is better than it smells but my breath is probably worse than I think it is. Because it's very fishy and that's why we have it with chili sauce to reduce the fishy flavor and improve the tasty flavor. Whoa, so that does the trick. Yeah guys I did enjoy it though. It's like a jerky version like a beef jerky version of seafood. So it's nice though gets the job done. Yeah it's a great news. Tonight, I think it is. Okay you're putting me on the spot. Yeah, yeah you- you

can't back down. I’m taking the smallest piece of that. My biggest customers tonight. So Trevor is gonna be trying his first jerky seafood. I’m calling it jerky seafood and oh he's got a little spiciness on there. Doing it for the vlog in our vlogs you know. Literally. Alright, Trevor’s analyzing the flavors let's see. Wow I think because I already said it

smells bad. That spicy sauce is right up my alley but it masks the fishy flavor so I like that but it is really chewy you said it's like beef. Yeah, yeah it's like a lot to you know like- It's never gonna like I’m not gonna stop chewing literally like without this magical, magical little dip I don't know yeah I don't know if I need it. That does the trick for sure

everyone is coming back right now. Alright, we're all going, thank you very good time out here. Alright, there we go. You guys got a little taste of what nightlife is like

here in the streets of Hanoi, Vietnam so let me tell you this I am loving it after a little sneak peek of what it's like here wow, I love Vietnam. [Music] [Music] I guess the later it gets the crazier it gets. Seems like people are starting to fill up more and more and oh we got fresh fruit that's looking good, lots of fresh fruit parts. I couldn't even tell you what a single one of those fruits are. I’ve never seen any of them that's insane. There he is.

Oh we got security. They got me, they got me they've been busted. Alright, that's what I would call a successful night here in the streets of Hanoi, Vietnam. So it's about 11:17 some of the streets are starting to cool down, quiet down a little bit here but we still got some people ready to party. Hello, hello how we doing Kevin? I am so good, never been better yeah. Never been better. There we go. There we go that's the energy we need tonight. Hello. Oh massage over there.

That looks very nice. Thank you very much. Yeah Kevin's like I could go for that. We’re gonna pass the road, yeah. Oh alright. Oh we got a little street. We all go together We’re going for it. Wow, look at this look at this. What are you doing? Holy moly, our security told us to go look at this. This is right in the middle

of the lake here, we have various designs in the garden that are so lit up at this hour in the evening. Hello. As you can see, we've got the lit up bridge this way. Kevin I’m going in. I’m sorry bro, I’m done. They fell for it yeah, yeah not a chance I’m going in there. Yeah look at this over here though beautiful.

So guys we just made it back to the hotel where we're staying at at the Sofitel been such a nice night. Good night gentlemen. Yeah guys so I just made it to the room. I really hope you enjoyed coming out with us. Obviously, we had a little bit of fun

with the event but I’m gonna sit here. My first impressions of Hanoi are amazing like we didn't really like get into because we're in such a large group and we're moving kinda with like the group security like get the chance to meet that many locals but like I said hi to people a lot of times throughout the tour. They were so nice, so friendly like everyone that we did get the chance to meet. They were just very welcoming and I know everyone here in Vietnam is so excited to have tourists again so excited to have life like starting to get back to normal after the last couple years so like I said only the last couple weeks did things start to really open up and so you can feel that energy. You can feel that excitement that everyone has and so I’ve loved it so much like Vietnam is a place that I’ve this is probably my fourth time in this video saying it now that like I can't wait to come back and do like a full like entire tour of this country. Like I’ll probably do maybe one, two months and explore all different areas and obviously I’ll come back to Hanoi. I’ll

be able to really like dive deep into like the street food culture, meeting people, making some local friends, going on some adventures here, showing you more of the city so there's just so much to like see and do here, it's almost like a teaser to be honest with you like since I know that I’m only here for a short time I’m like oh I wish I was here longer but like I’ll be back. 100 percent I’ll be back because like this is an amazing place so can't wait. But yeah guys really hope you've enjoyed this video and if you have, smash that like button and I can't wait to see you guys in tomorrow's video where we're exploring more of Vietnam.

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