First Impressions of ALGERIA Exploring the Crazy Capital ALGIERS الجزائر

First Impressions of ALGERIA  Exploring the Crazy Capital ALGIERS الجزائر

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what comes to mind when you  think of the country of Algeria the very center kilometer zero off to the UK somewhere hopefully the world's cheapest pizza now for a  tank set zero one two three one two three in trouble they're getting over is there a new you  know what this has got like bubble gum taste to it so from the gardens   set of Algerian transportation of the city  a very Rusty Rusty looking Cable Guy up this was what comes to mind when you think of  the country of Algeria perhaps the Civil War   perhaps the revolution but to be honest probably  not too much being the fact that this country has   had one of the hardest visas to obtain in the  whole world it's pretty mysterious but things   are starting to change after six weeks going back  and forth to the Algerian Consulate in London we   finally got the go-ahead while on the Caribbean  island of Antigua so quickly came home Pat our   bags took the two and a half hour flight to  the capital of Algeria Algiers we're going   to be spending the next 15 days exploring as  much of this country as possible which probably   won't be too much it's the largest in Africa  but anyway welcome to Algiers we're actually   located right by Algiers airport which is  actually about a 30 minute drive from the   center and we use the app hitch which is like  the Algerian Uber we heat a ride and it's really   really affordable actually for that Journey it  cost around three English Pounds um and look   behind me it doesn't look like you're in North  Africa the architecture is absolutely stunning so right now we're in the very center of our  gears and you can see why they call it the   White City with a lot of these buildings  dating back it's a French Colonial period hey how are you great to finally meet you so  yeah it's been a long time coming all right   we're excited thank you so much so I've actually  just met our friend we've seen who've been talking   to for months trying to help us organize our trip  to Algeria because it's a little bit confusing   for us how to get the visa so it's amazing  to finally meet him and he's going to shout   around sort of the main spots of the city today  is going to be like our first impressions taken   in the city center and basically just being  a complete tourist right behind me there the   grand post office dating back to 1910 I mean have  you ever seen a blooming post office that fancy it's actually put in our post offices to shame  it really is it's an unbelievable building right   now I'm standing on um kilometer zero which  is the exact center in the house of Algiers   oh no they're very center kilometer zero as the  grand post is actually out of action you can buy   your postcards from this tiny little shop here  that only sells I think postcards and books so   we're gonna get a postcard and we're going to  send it off to someone from the new post office this is so cool it has literally every everything  you could ever want guides books but what we want   is the Algiers postcards for 35 dinar each who's  going to be the lucky person we send it to us hi thank you it's your friend now it's  time to post them at the new post office off to the UK somewhere hopefully so as soon as  actually staying above the post box it's a sign   commemorating all of the postmen lost their lives  During the Revolution when you send your postcard   make sure that you remember them I really can't get over these streets you  would definitely think you're walking through   a Boulevard in Paris you've got the flower  Cellars on the corner you've got all the   balconies with people's clothes drying over  the top and uh I don't know I don't know what   I expected from Algiers like I say maybe it is a  little bit mysterious um definitely misunderstood it's very unique I've never seen anything  like it before anywhere hello my friend in   everyone's very friendly as well in Africa  you look good very nice I've seen machine this looks unbelievable the Algerian  pizzas this was 50 dinar which works   out about around 20 P each insane definitely  the world's cheapest pizza now for a taste test when they said it's called Pizza Curry I  thought it's gonna have Curry on top it's   very Saucy but so delicious and  even better that it was only 20. Saha from the cheapest pizza in the world to  a traditional Algerian mint tea we have come   into the tontonville which is one of if not the  oldest cafes in all of Algiers dating back to   around 18 17 you just come here and you people  watch everyone along the boulevard I still don't   understand how you drink a really hot mint  tea in 30 degree heat but for some reason   okay they cool you down drink your mint tea and then just get back out  and head to the side streets of our gears get   lost and just again look at this architecture  this isn't even one of the main streets the   hustle and bustle of a city of over six million  people apparently eight million during the week   because people will come from other places to work  six million at the weekend this is sort of like   the sports Market type Street and every  country I go to without fail recently this   hasn't been forever I'll get a football  shirt So the plan is to find an Algerian   football shirt and become a real Algerian man oh  this one is nice this one is good can I see it ah it's nice what is the two stars is  that both times you want African Cup   of Nations we need a third star next  year third star next year inshallah this one I can try to on this is the tiles kind of style  I can try this one as well yeah   thank you I do green first and  then new stuff I'm fat catfish and you know how it goes here one  two three yeah one two three I think   I'm too Paddock for this one maybe  you think I think XL they're better focus one two three so one two three oh Instagram thank you so much you're matching now Habibi Habibi baby  one two three one two three [Applause]   Thank you Grandma bye one two three Viva algeri I am now officially a  proper real Algerian man and we are now actually   heading down towards the port side right there  is the Mediterranean Sea and it's where a lot of   ferries come in from Marseille and some other  Spanish cities I think that we're headed down   there to hopefully get some traditional food and  some lunch I'm starving it's so hot it's June the   sometime in June right now by the time you see us  it'll be later lemon hot in Algeria and this is us   for lunch Sapori it's so cute it's like a little  hole in the wall feels very like Seaside you know   because it's small Brighton yeah fish and chips a  little one under the bridge but this does couscous we were actually really lucky because  they were about to close the restaurant   but they've stayed open for us we've  ordered some traditional food I love   the fact that this is a hole in a wall serving  traditional Algerian food and we've been told   that this my label's upside down but this is  selecto which is like the Algerian Coke right   um and is this available yeah which is only  available in Algeria but also in Marseille   in France Montreal and Paris so now I'm  gonna try to go I'll coca-coder in drop they're getting over there is you know what  this has got a slight bubble gum taste to   it I don't think Coca-Cola are in trouble  but this isn't too bad thank you so much it's huge wow yeah it's  massive thank you very much thank you I just love the bowls that it comes in it comes  with the sauce and like a Little Teapot as well   so I'm just going to pour some of that on but  we have couscous with meatballs and vegetables   that looks good I'm gonna just do a quick taste  and chickpeas as well like massive chickpeas   so you need the sauce obviously because  couscous is quite dry okay [Music] foreign it tastes amazing I don't  know how else to describe it it's come out sort of in like a I don't  know you could say like a modern type Fusion the sauce is not for salsa I've never had a  sauce before and it makes it so much better   we've had it in other countries and after a  while it's a little bit dry yeah it's a lifesaver so all of that food came to less than 10 English  Pounds basically in Algeria in Algiers there's   two exchange rates you can get the exchange  rate from the bank or there's a somewhat   other rate that is about as much as I'm gonna say  but the other eight gets you a lot more for your   money but we're now burning off that couscous  walking along the Che Guevara Avenue I didn't   realize that Algeria had such a good relationship  with Cuba you can see the ship that'll be heading   out to Marseille probably later tonight then  behind me just the Promenade of French colonial   buildings Mediterranean in the distance fresh  air blowing in doesn't get much better than this you probably don't know that and only the second Metro  in Africa after Egypt so that's what   we're gonna do we're gonna get the Algerian Metro [Music] this is fancy I wasn't expecting next and two minutes later we are out we  have made it to the botanical gardens   for 50 dinar around 20 English  Pence and the London Underground   needs to take some tips from the  Algerian Metro hello my friends hello hello hello crunchy [Applause] this way everybody's so friendly in Algiers um  yeah we're heading to the Botanical Garden welcome to the Botanical Garden this is actually a  beautiful right down behind me you can see all the   way down to the seaside this was built back during  the French Colonial period back in the 1800s and   this botanical gardens is actually split into two  I believe I think you have like the English side   Savage side it's all overgrown the English size  like a jungle and the French side obviously is   beautifully well kept and uh yeah this is 70p  to get in 70p to get in I mean it's not bad almost blending into the jungle in my  Algerian football shirt but you would   not expect or think that this was in the  center of the capital city this is the   British side of the Botanical Garden the the  Jungle the bit that's a little bit overgrown   Pond behind you it's nice it's hot it's really  hot so it's nice to come somewhere like this   and just relax get out of that midday Sun we are  now deep in the jungles of our cheers look at this Capital City really from the gardens we're taking our next  set of Algerian Transportation oh the   city a very rusty old looking cable  car up above the city to the Masters   monument and it was only 20 dinner each  I don't even know how much that was Tempe here we go it's gonna be three minutes  off I think and uh it's a bit bumpy   it gets really really cramped because  this is used not just by tourists it's   used as locals public transport  it's unprepared to be squeezed three minutes in the Algerian cable car stroke  sauna later we have made it up to the Martyrs   Monument this was actually built in 1982 to  commemorate a lot of the Fallen Soldiers during   the battle for Independence just look at the size  of this thing 92 meters high on the Hills above   Algiers that is impressive yeah I was about to say  wow she knows everything you don't know how hard   this was actually from the Martyrs Monument it  was like a beer hunt of Algiers obviously it's not   common for people to drink alcohol but in hotels  you can find it but unfortunately we've come to   the orasi hotel which is the most expensive hotel  City but we have a great view the sun is set in in   the distance over Algiers and we have a Beaufort  premium a lot I've got one of the beers of Algeria they're kind of situated like I would say in no  Max land on the Hill from the very end of the city 's beautiful sea breeze takes the edge off walking  around in 30 degree heat I think we're gonna waste   away by then the problem is I feel like these  two beers are going to cost more than anything   everything we've done today good morning what  a way to end our first day in Algiers Up on the   Rooftop of the arasi hotel trust us to find draft  cold beer in the city of Algiers but I will show   you where we're staying so we're staying at the M  Suites hotel which as we said was near the airport   um and we've been given a hefty upgrade I must  admit this is the living area sofa we even have   a little kitchen area and then we have TV  number one and a dining table a separate   toilet I love the bathroom because look it's got  like pink marble I love that and then you come in   and we have our massive bedroom we've  actually been having our breakfast in bed   a couple of times and also down at the buffet  because why not really very greedy and lastly   this is just crazy like it takes me minutes  to walk across this room check out our balcony   you can actually watch the planes taking off from  here yeah you can watch the plane Stadium but   I just think it's like a nice little addition to  our spot you know what I really like this location   it's about a five minute drive to the airport  it's more of a relaxed area and if you want to   go to the city center it's been like two to three  English pounds on hitch the Algerian Uber but   that is our first day complete in the 10th largest  country in the world the largest in Africa Algiers   is not what I was expecting at all what were you  expecting from Algeria don't believe what you read   online it's definitely dated it's an incredibly  safe vibrant you know what beautiful city and if   you do want to explore it I'd highly recommend  going around with wassini actually has his own   tour company we've been talking to him for months  we've become friends and he's been telling us what   to see and do how to get our visa and to be here  finally it's pretty surreal but we've got so much   more coming up 15 days exploring probably a speck  of this ginormous country but we're very excited   we've got a lot more to see and do in Algiers so  we'll see you in the next one from Algeria [Music] thank you foreign [Music]

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