First Impression of NORWAY ! Indian Motorhome Travel Vlog 4

First Impression of NORWAY ! Indian Motorhome Travel Vlog 4

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Good morning So our plan was to leave Sweden yesterday but we couldn't We left for an hour from Gothenburg We left Vicky there yesterday and we solved our gas problem Everything is fine now, we bought a new drone So we left from Gothenburg at night thinking we will reach Norway today We won't reach today but we will enter Norway But after walking for a while we thought we found this place good This is a free parking spot And there are toilets there which are also fine Everything is free here so we planned to stay here It's morning and time for push ups has stopped I have made a routine to do push ups everyday I used to do 100 push ups everyday but my routine got spoiled I had to do party routine and I was thinking what I will do in Norway trip It's been 3 days since I am doing push ups everyday Today is sports day so I will try to maintain my routine in Norway trip Let's see how the day goes I think I didn't show you this bed earlier Look how colorful it is Paji is sleeping here, one of us is not here So Paji is alone here He spends his alone time here And this is the lining and there is a curtain here So Paji gets complete privacy So we are thinking to clean this place So this is the bed We can move the chairs around We have set the chair We will remove the shield And then we will go for breakfast Zaheer wants to be a bandera poto So we have cleaned this place a little This is a good thing Yes, yes, we have cleaned it We have kept some clothes here There is a little storage space here and there There is not much but still there is a little storage space And look at this, I found this thing to keep shoes This is a place to keep shoes But we are 3 people so we can keep all the shoes here Anyway, we are doing breakfast So what is the scene to have breakfast We have all the camping gear Chairs, table, everything We have kept everything here And here is our stove Tea is being made And breakfast will be made And in the meanwhile, Lovely Paji has brought a bottle Why? Because we have to clean it Because we are going to have good views And the video is not made properly from inside So we have to work hard And this is our special breakfast Which is full of nutrition Which is made by Sabi Paji But all this stuff is from Spain, right? No, no, it is from America It is written here in Spanish Galletas Galletas are biscuits, right? Yes, biscuits We have also found a bag This is trash, right? Yes, this is trash This is trash This is trash This is for seats This is for seats Paji is giving us a big bottle What will you do with it? I will clean it with shampoo Paji, these are our food vloggers So what all have you put in it You have put muesli and oats These are 2000 mt tall plants So nowhice... So our vanlife has started now. I feel like I am having my Vanlife now... Music So, breakfast is done. Now it's my responsibility to wash the utensils. But this is how it is. Like we did in the last trip, the overlanding

one. Everyone does it together. Some people don't do it and then they get irritated. So, whenever you go on long trips, go with people who will shake your hand. Music Hey, I'm getting a call.

If you do it right, then do it right. You should shine. You were a Pandit yesterday, you're not right. We came to India for the best future. He's a Pandit. We were postponing it for a long time.

We were planning it and planning it. We were like, no, wait. So, we found some locations at night and did it on the map. And then we got this Garmin app. We saved it on the map.

Norway's mess. Laughs So, now the plan is to go from here and then come back to Finland. So, it's been a slow morning today.

We had a nice meal and left at 1 AM. And Oslo is 250 km away. So, I think we'll reach Oslo in 2 hours. We'll enter Norway. I mean, Oslo will be there as soon as we enter Norway.

And then we'll go west from there. We've mapped it all out. But let's see where we'll reach today. Music So, we've reached Norway.

We're entering Norway. And there's a toll here again. I thought it would be less.

There was no road or bridge. So, it's 50. And there's a bridge ahead. Laughs There's no bridge here.

Only toll. And a toll. And a toll. I think it's less than 100. 100 crores.

100 crores? 100 euros. Crores. You can put 5000 crores. No, 500 crores.

I think it's 100 crores approximately. 100 crores? Let's see. I've seen this bridge before. It's on the sides. It's in the middle.

Why will they give toll for this road? What is this? I can't see the view. Look at that. Look at that. They should give toll for that bridge. They shouldn't give toll for this. We'll have to pay.

We'll have to pay. There's a sign that says toll custom. I think it's just a custom check.

I don't think we'll have to pay. Rest, it's just 100 meters ahead. Let me tell you.

This was the toll. That's it? Yes. Because they don't want to claim anything. Oh, they'll go there. We don't want to do anything. We don't want to do anything.

We have money left. So, for the first time, Norway's oil, the most expensive. I think the rate of diesel is 20 crores. And, How much is it in Norway? I think it's 7-8 rupees. It's 7-8 rupees. So, 20 euros.

Oh, sorry, 2 euros. For 1 liter diesel. Are you ready for 50? Yes, I'm ready. 150 euros.

It's not on the tank. Approximately 150-160 euros. So, meanwhile, you can divide it by 3. But how long will it run? It'll run for 800 kilometers. It'll run out in a day or two. Yes.

We'll have to get 25-30 euros of diesel for 2 liters. I was unlucky. I chose the Norway trip. I go somewhere else. The easiest way to do it is this. 3.5 liters.

3.5 liters, 1,700. No, it's 1,900. When we will get back home! I don't have my camera So I have got the fuel in I have converted 13000 Indian Rupees for the fuel 83 litres So this will run for 850-900 km for 2-3 days 207 00:10:17,720 --> 00:10:04,000 1700 crores for our... It will be over But since there are 3 people, it's fine So I had entered Norway but Oslo hadn't arrived yet I was so worried I just woke up and Oslo has left Where are we now? On the ground We are on the ground I don't know where we are I don't know if Oslo is there We are going to National Park which is still I think 180 km Okay But now the drive will be slow The highway will be slow Okay And the speed will be 70 So it will take 3.5 hours Okay But that means we will see good views So We are going to National Park There is a place called Trolltunga It's quite famous in Norway So let's go Let's see The houses you saw If you have seen my Russian series When we went in 2018 We went to Murmansk The vegetation and the houses were like that Landscape was like that Russia was quite cheap Quite cheap compared to Norway Let's see if there are any special things I will recommend you If you want to see such views You can go to Russia instead of Norway I don't know Maybe there are some beautiful things Can you do it in Russia? Or is it safe? Yes It's very safe Russia I don't know about the war What is the condition But I got a special security From the police The police was following me all the time So It's good Petrozavodsk area And then Murmansk It's quite similar I took a small stop here To see the festival How did you like it? Dinner is being prepared Pizza will be prepared We have eaten pizza We have brought the whole box of Euro With us Touchy Park Euro I have to go to Malacca Leave the girl It's a good spot We have beer We are used to this This drink is like caffeine Because he has to drive So he needs to You don't have to drive Then we have to give him company In Norway they have beer Actually Back home in India In Norway all the people are like vikings They have abs But you don't have abs You are fat No abs Beer No abs We live good in Norway You have been to 6 packs of beer Yes We had tea And then locals came A guy and his girlfriend And his brother They were very nice They told us You can camp anywhere This is my house And if there is a way to the river I can't deny anybody If someone tries to go to the river I can't deny them I can't stop them Camping is free everywhere You have to see where you can park But our destination is far 2 hours more Let's start It's 7.30 am We will reach by 10.30 am

Let's start We are going to the market We reached here There are toilets And someone has kept honey here He said One box is for 10 Euros And you can pay by Paypal On this email address There is no one here You can pick it up But let's start Because he is so honest So let's start Look at him He is leaving his phone To make a video Bro, video was expensive It's not about video It's about people My phone is not working Okay, we will test it It's time It's 10.15 am It's dark at night Yes The more we go ahead The more we will reach We will reach at midnight It will be sun at midnight How much more we have to go? 1 hour 5 minutes 1 hour 5 minutes more And then we will reach National Park There is a camper van ahead There is a lot of culture here We have seen a lot of camper vans And all We will find something to park We have asked them It's allowed to park anywhere It's very beautiful I think you can't see You can see the sunset But there is snow on the peaks Note it Eeming fell Let me do it Let me do it He met people from Afghanistan He speaks Pashto He is talking to them in Pashto Is there a camp there? No He is talking to them in Pashto We stopped here We saw this church My drone guy And when we got down There was a car And suddenly the lights were on I thought they will ask Like a lot of Europeans Especially Germans But here we saw We met a couple in the day Then we met some more people And here too They are very friendly I never thought Europeans are so friendly They think we are cold They are depressed This lady was also very friendly She spoke to us in a very friendly way We took some shots It's 1 am And we have reached somewhere It's a very beautiful place You are like a Jiggy Jumper There is a river here 398 00:20:10,000 --> 00:20:02,000 It will be fun in the morning And we have found a spot to light a fire So it will be fun We will have dinner here And light a fire And it will be fun in the morning So our food has been packed From Sweden Vicky Paaji had packed our food Frozen Frozen chicken And our bonfire I don't know who kept it But everything was there Wood, grass, everything Everything He prepared everything He was an angel Paaji, Skål! Salute! Cheers! Cheers! [Powered By Dubverse]

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