First DAY IN INDIA and Customs Clearance of my Motorcycle EP.03 | Pakistani on Indian Tour

First DAY IN INDIA   and Customs Clearance of my Motorcycle EP.03 | Pakistani on Indian Tour

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Our first meal in Kerala is gonna be our first meal in India ever. It feels great to have our motorcycle back. And we are gonna explore India on our motorcycle. Isn't that amazing... Here comes our motorcycle... Hello...

Thanks. So we have only our carnet papers. Assalam Alekum Everyone and Welcome Back to the Channel from Kochi Kerala. We got here just a few hours ago. We'll start our first day here by picking up our motorcycle from the customs.

I told you all the details in my previous vlog where we shipped the motorcycle from Dubai. Hopefully everything will happen smoothly and we'll get the motorcycle today. The shipping company has confirmed it. So we'll be leaving soon as we don't have much time. Let me introduce you to someone who's here with me; Karthikeyan. He's from Tamil Nadu.

I don't know what to say. From which city? Nammakal. He'll be traveling with me throughout the 30 days we are gonna spend here. Gotta be fun. Hopefully.

We've never met before but I knew him for some time... Must be two years... Just before the Covid times. When I bought my motorcycle, he was one of the few guys who were uploading the pictures of G310. I sent him a message back then and since then we are somehow in touch. Exchanged a few messages a few times.

I needed someone to guide me in India. For instance, in terms of drone flying. Being a Pakistani I don't want to take any risks here. It will also add to the quality of videos. We'll do our best.

So lets go. Yeah. This is the first time that I'm sitting behind someone on a motorcycle. Our mic is not working properly. That's why I won't be able to record much footage for now.

Hopefully, we'll explore the city in a better way once we get our motorcycle. It happens sometimes when you start a new tour, some of your gear doesn't work properly. That's what happened to our mic. We have reached the customs office. This is an island known by the name of Wellington Island. We just met customs officials.

Very nice and friendly people. We spent almost an hour in these offices. Our file had already been completed and submitted by the shipping company. I'll share more details when we finish all the procedures here.

So our file was already here. I was interviewed here and they asked me about details like the places I plan to visit. As we speak, our motorcycle is under inspection. Then they'll prepare a letter stating that they don't have any objections.

And the motorcycle can be imported. Only then will they open the container. And that will probably be followed by someone checking the visa. I'm not very clear about this bit. So I thought it better to let them complete the procedure first. We are leaving from here now to eat something.

Since it's lunch break here, we thought to have a meal too. The mic is working now, so we'll be recording as we move. Here's a restaurant.... Veg Feast. We are gonna have a vegetarian meal today. This is our first meal in Kerala... or in India for that matter. They have served curry of different vegetables.

This is a banana. Is this coconut? This is garlic... Please give me Kerala rice. Since we are in Kerala, we should be trying Kerala rice.

So these are Kerala rice. Lentils? Sure. Let's start with the name of Allah and hope that our meal will be delicious. Our first meal in India.

It's really good. Especially the traditional manner in which they have served the food. It's extra ordinary. Sort of a cracker. This is ....? It's ghee.

Just a little. Give me the camera Karthikeyan and eat your meal. I'll tell you how to eat this one.

The proper way to eat. You are gonna sit like this. Karthikeyan is showing me how to eat this meal. You start with mixing the rice first...

And then you top it with the other items here. Such as pickles and other curries. You add all of these to the rice and then eat. I hope I'll eventually learn it. The tea is really good. Let me show you.

This is like the milk tea we have back home. Without sugar for us. We've been waiting at the shipping company for almost 3 hours. Waiting for our motorcycle container to be opened. Waiting for them to tell us to take our motorcycle and start exploring India.

And we just received a call that they are gonna open the container now. A guy is leading us on his scootie. He is taking us to the port where our container is waiting for us. He is a representative of the shipping company. Lets show you the roads of Cochin or Kochi.

It's a very green region overall. I can see my motorcycle. They are bringing it out.

Honestly speaking... It feels great to know that we'll finally have our motorcycle and we'll be exploring India. Isn't that amazing... Apparently... Dreams do come true.

So the motorcycle is coming. They haven't brought it out yet. It will come right through this gate. Finally... it's here... Hello...

Thank you so much... I appreciate all the help. Thank you so much. They have also got our documents, such as carnet, signed. They are stamped as well. And we are gonna need these documents. Thank you so much.

So we only have the carnet papers. All details are mentioned here. Okay. Thank you very much. Are you happy? Very happy. Thank you so much.

They did it exactly in two weeks as they promised in Dubai. They told me in Dubai that the processing time will be two weeks. Bismillah... In the name of Allah... *Prayer for the journey* May Allah make this first little ride in India to be safe and smooth.

We just left the shipping company. All these guys were really nice... Especially Mr. Jacob. He told us to sit and relax in AC and did everything by himself. And finally took care of everything. So I highly recommend the services of CSS shipping in Dubai.

You'll find their link in the description. It's not a sponsored post as I paid them 1200 USD for their services. I didn't pay anyone here.

But I did pay some people of my own accord who really helped me out. One more thing to mention here. I told you about the procedure in Dubai and it was rather straightforward. They kept my carnet there and sent it through courier themselves.

They had already done a few things before I came here. Secondly, they asked me for my passport, my Indian visa... Visa stamp for Dubai... and my driving license...

I think that was it. So I gave them those things and they got them verified. Then the guys here gave a go ahead to ship the motorcycle. And before coming here, I needed clearance from Indian Automobile Association and Indian FIA.

These guys helped me with that as well. They also needed similar documents. They also needed my German insurance. I have also taken Indian insurance for riding. That was also a requirement.

Other than that, I forwarded them the same documents as I submitted with the carnet. The Indian FIA gave me NOC after a couple of days. I can keep my motorcycle here for 6 months. My visa is unfortunately for one month only.

We'll have to leave India before that. Otherwise, I am legally allowed to ride motorcycle here for 6 months. So NOC is the most important thing.

Without an NOC, you cannot import motorcycle. I mean, the motorcycle can get here because you apply for NOC after the vehicle has been shipped. We could start the application for NOC once it sailed off from Dubai port. Because they need a document that is provided by the shipping company.

And it can be obtained only after shipping has started. Overall, the procedure went rather smoothly. The company also helped me to acquire motorcycle insurance. Got it for 2000 INR. Not too expensive... That's almost around 25 USD.

Once again, the overall procedure was really smooth. We now have to take the motorcycle to BMW. Because the oil from the front fork has leakage. The front shocks are also in bad shape. Lets show you around Kochi while we go to the BMW before their closing hours.

We have now left the island area that had the port and related customs offices. Do we need to take a left here? I've also turned on my navigation. In case we lose each other, the navigation can be helpful. You can see the colorful trucks of Kerala. These are iconic trucks.

We are now crossing the bridge that connects the island to the main area. Overall, I have this feeling... As we are moving from one area to the other...

Each one of them has a sufficient water resource. I have just seen Kochi in the map but that's what I felt. Nevertheless, the back waters of Kerala are very famous.

I'll show all of you when I see myself. Check out how green this area is. Ma Sha Allah it's very green.

Especially, since I'm coming from Middle East... And you really have to look for greenery back there. But here, there's an abundance of greenery. Probably, having spent a year in the Middle East is making me feel attracted to this greenery. There are just a few rides in the Middle East that were through green areas. However, I didn't see such traffic anywhere else after Pakistan.

I'm experiencing it again over here. Looks like there's a traffic signal here. Can't even see that. That's over there. I think we'll need to keep our focus on the road here.

I'm a little lost here. Don't have a clue as to how to ride here. I'm just going with the flow and praying that the other people know how to use their brakes.

Don't need any distractions here. I don't want anything unpleasant to happen here. The only thing I want to make here are really pleasant memories. And I want to explore the country in the best possible way. The roads here are really good but... Kerala is a very congested place because of high population.

And the rush hours are making it more intense. Today's ride is in fact preparing us for our Indian adventure. Our motorcycle is feeling the heat... The temperature is around 32 degrees though. Riding in such traffic conditions make the engine heat up.

And that's giving me the feeling as if my legs are on fire. Many of you have told me about this already. Riding through the traffic in India is gonna be a unique experience. I guess they were right. It's just our first ride... We have to cover a lot of places in too little time, so we'll be on the road mostly.

Therefore, we'll have to adjust ourselves with this traffic. Anyways, we have already traveled 55 thousand kilometers. I think that qualifies us to be worthy of handling such traffic. We'll make it work. We need to stay on the lower road.

Think so... Looks like we are in some old town here. Shops in this part of the city are much smaller.

That's what I feel. BMW must be here. There it is...

Servicing It's supposed to be on the right side.. There it is. All I can see here are BMWs. We are in the garage of BMW Kochi. As you can see, the repair work has already started.

With me is... Mr Abdullah. Thank you so much sir. And thanks to all your team for their help. Do you understand Urdu? Yes I know Urdu. Because sometimes when I speak in Urdu... I have lived in Dubai.

That's the benefit of living in Dubai that you learn the language. Thank you very much. This is the leaky fork.

There's a lot of leakage here. You can see it for yourself. They are gonna replace this seal.

The other one is okay. But they will check it too. I have asked them to replace that as well because you never know... It can develop the same problem in future.

So it's better to treat both the forks simultaneously. We had to leave the motorcycle at BMW. So we are back on Karthikeyan's motorcycle. It's compulsory for both people on a motorcycle to wear helmets here. There are two people on that motorcycle and both are wearing helmets.

Feels like the traffic has relaxed now. It's almost 7:30 pm so that could be the reason. It's been almost 10 hours since we had our last meal. The whole day was spent trying to get the motorcycle cleared and then repaired. It's almost 10:30 pm now.

We have now come to a vegetarian restaurant to eat. I have eaten a lot of meat in Middle East so all I wanna eat now is veg. And here, even the vegetarian food tastes great. Here we have navarati sabzi that is made from 9 different vegetables. I can see peas and cauliflower.

And what do you call this... Don't know... lets eat it first. I'm not sure about the names of all the ingredients. There are 9 vegetables.

Probably there are some carrots as well. I'm gradually discovering the ingredients. Along with that, we have roti and garlic naan. And here are some rice.

Both of us are gonna have this wonderful veg food. Lets hope it tastes good. Let's start with garlic naan and then we'll gradually move towards rice.

The real advantage of a vegetarian restaurant is the amazing taste of these vegetables you get. We were lucky to find this restaurant. We are gonna finish all this food here. Time to finish this vlog. Most of our tasks are done.

Hopefully the remaining ones will be taken care of early in the day tomorrow. And then we'll start living our dream of exploring India. Hope to showcase this journey for all of you. I'm quite exhausted right now and I just wanna sleep. I can hardly speak now.

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