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German Pakistani Pakistani ? Pakistani Basra.. Kuwait.. Assalam Alekum and Good Morning Everyone from Hillah the city of Babylon. Today we are leaving from Hela and we go straight to the border of Kuwait. Over there..

It's a little noisy.. Over there is a plan that either I will stay in Basra or I will stay in any city that is coming along the border if I find a hotel there. And in the morning we will cross the border. Because Total ride is around 450km from here.

But we are taking a little De tour Over here. In Hela almost 15km away there is the birth place of Prophet Abraham (AS). Where they were born.. My intention is to make you Pilgrimage this place first. And after that we will go out to the border. Here you can see in front of me right now What is in front of me is all that is with me Salam.. Salam..(Peace) Salam from Pakistan..

Thank you They were standing here and now we are leaving from here and I think it will take me twenty-five minutes to reach Prophet Abraham (AS) birthplace Thank youu Thank you Salam.(Peace) Yes lets go Bismillah ... In the name of Allah. * Prayer for the journey * I pray that all of us have a good day ahead. we have a long ride today and all those who see Will remember in prayers By the way you may be watching youtube videos late but still your prayers are what they are or what they want. So now we have to come back. This road will go straight to the place of birth of Hazrat Ibrahim (as).

So let's go turn back from here The weather is a little better here today so I just wore my riding jacket Someone (temperature) is around 16 degrees here. And we have crossed our hotel from here, not our own where we stayed one night. It was a very....

Bad hotel In this kind of travel, it is certain that you will find all kinds of hotels, all kinds of restaurants. Sometimes you are in a very luxurious place and sometimes you are in a very bad place. But even here the rent was not low! It becomes 30 dollars which I paid here. I think.

30 dollars is the same as five and a half thousand rupees. You were getting a decent in Iran, but here it is reasonable! And this morning when he checked the air pressure in the rear tire of the bike, it had decreased the day before yesterday but today it was the same as I had put yesterday. Yes I had put yesterday. So 33psi is the same 2.4 Bar!

So it looks like there was no puncture. Someone just blew out the air pressure there. Because of this it was reduced, Because the bike was parked outside the hotel, maybe someone showed up The protector was also off the top of the nozzle and someone took it off with him Thankfully! no holes were made in the tires, only air was blown out! This is what you see on my right side this is the University of Babylon. And that's exactly From here, on the right hand side, our path will start according to navigation. We are on the right path.

So.. Here it is.. We are going through the palm groves This is a beautiful path. Check out village views of Iraq. This one is a decent village. Big or small, Not even a small village The road here is fine, not bad There is a lot of agriculture in this area.

Due to which the villages of this area will look pleasant to you,That's why the conditions of the people here look better Ok. where are you going? we are going wrong! Well now (navigation) has made its way forward. 2.8 km and now there are so many streets here I don't understand navigation

Oh well, navigation wants to get out of here.. Well, there is a rough road. It will get me in trouble, Navigation will definitely get me in trouble. Where is it taking me? And I bet! There must be some good way! But it does not occur to him that we should follow the Good path. The whole city, the whole village It takes a detour. Today ,I check it whether its path/setting has changed or not.

look it is a paved road. We have to stick to it. I saw that little dome.. Exactly I think it would be the same. According to the picture I saw in Google, almost we have reached our destination. Look at the palm groves on one side you see the culture and on the other side you can see the desert. And I'm pretty sure there's an old city under it.

The way they look Maybe any civilization lived here in the old days. Now the Iraqis have ignored it. If they had dug, something might have come out. Come on. this is our way And Yes! Ibrahim al-Khalil Birth place of Nabi Allah Because we are coming up from the smooth surface, it would mean that there was a city here before Well, let's park the motorcycle here now? Well, we can take it in from here, there is no one yet, so I will take it in from here I don't want any risk here Assalam Walekum! Garage here? Assalam Walekum! Pakistan? Yes Pakistan! Come! How happy he is to hear the name of Pakistan! Thanks This is the entrance to the mosque. And Here I have already taken off my shoes And now I will take you inside. There is a small mosque. I have already seen it from inside once. So that I can explain you a little bit about it.

This upper part is for the mosque and if we go down from here, this is the place where he was born He has also built a small shrine here you can see here This is exactly the place where this shrine is built. As we walk out of the mosque, you can see that there is a painting in which Hazrat Ibrahim (as) is sacrificing his son Hazrat Ishmael (as) and the angels are bringing dumba(fat-tailed sheep) and which they (angels) are changing with Ishmael (as) Which is why we all Muslims make sacrifices. Right now we take the exit to the outside and ride our bikes towards the next destination.

Assalam Walekum, Thanks Thank you! Thank you! They also built a small bazaar here I think a lot of people come here to visit, especially for pilgrimage, Who go to Najaf and Karbala for pilgrimagre Because it is not far from Karbala, people take a stop here Otherwise you rarely see these shops because they are so far away from the city Right now I will go back to Hillah and take the main highway that leads from there Today I will change the navigation a little bit, Because navigation can make its own way. So I checked which way would be better from here. Below here is a beautiful view of the palm groves The rush to Baghdad is definitely here, the rest of the highways are empty Ok! How many liters have been spilled? 5..8.. 9.. 9 liters will be poured because it will already have 2 liters. We have filled petrol of Rs. 4,000 Assalam Walekum Germen! Germen? Germen.. Pakistani..

Pakistan.. Yes From Pakistan here? Germen.. Pakistani.. Pakistan.. Iraq..

On motor yes! motor For pilgrimage? Yes pilgrimage! Karbala and Najaf Good Thank you No! Thank you! Thank you Basra No! Thank you! Basra? Yes! Pitcher? Pitcher! Yes! Yes! lets go! Thank you! Thank you! Assalam Walekum Thank you! I have become a very celebrity here Thank you! Thank you! As soon as he called me I thought he would say! Why are you entering the petrol station with your bike? But ! now we are on the highway to Basra And 410 kilometers is our journey right now from here Inshallah we will try to arrive before nightfall But no one knows, there is adventure here every day And also have a police adventure with you! The Rest is as Allah approves. So, after riding for 120km,actually 125km,we have reached here And, I must have to stop here ,because I am so much tired. It is very difficult to travel (Ride) in a desert. There is a little bit Rush here, There is so much air pressure on you that you can't Straighten your head. where to park my motorcycle! The problem is that there is so many Rush in this place.

There is no safe place where I can park my bike Anyway So, I am going to park here. This way, no one will come to him easily This is the Restaurant here. I just sit here. After riding for only 125km, my condition is very tight No doubt it's very difficult to travel in a dessert Let's leave this topic Now we have lunch as well as breakfast It's true ,this is not zaffran rice There might be some colour is added on it, not zaffran ver clear about it Along with there is a leg piece This is delicious "Lentil soup" In addition to this ,there is also one more thing. I am not sure about this I found it after eating But I am too much hungry, I will eat everything. There is no tissue here I have kept my camera on tissue But I think there is no tissue inside this Therefore I asked him to bring tissue Let's enjoy our meals Hope it's delicious After completing our meals and having tea, let's move forward I am worried about one thing that my visa to Quwait hasn't arrived yet Normally it is issued in one to three Business days Maybe it will come today, because today is my third business day I think he is offering water but I don't need it We thank to him.

We have slowed down here.On highway He has also stopped. We have to drink water now Can I stop here I can't come because my bike fell down Now if I leave the bike, my bike will fall Assalam Walekum German..Pakistani... Pakistani. Basra.. Kuwait.

Basra! Kuwait!? Kuwait Saudi Are you coming from Pakistan Yes Iraq Germany.. Turkey.. Iran.. Pakistan.. Pakistan.. Iran.. Iraq.. Single? yes single! Thank you! Thank you! Camera O Camera!! Pitcher! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! YouTube. Thank you!! Thank you!! Bye-bye Don't fall, where will we keep Apple? I put it inside the bag. Inside the bag. Come on, This is Our First check post We have covered about 450km And thank God not a single check post come in this 450km This is the first time,and if it did, wouldn't be able to get before 10 o'clock at night In any case.

Lets see how much time it takes to get here. They sideline anyway.. Assalam Walekum! Stopped? No..

Stopped? or Not ? No sound from behind.. That's why we go forward Let's go Rangeeli come on come on, before they stope us.. Thanks! He is afraid that if he does not stop from behind, he will not rain bullets Allah forbid You can see this area which is on our right side. I don't understand what they are making but Extracting something from here.. O man (Truckers) And you see, it looks like oil is being extracted from here Most of those who are extracting oil in Iraq are extracting it from this region. By the way, there is also a lot in Kurdistan. This whole area is full of oil. Allah has given them a great blessing welcome to Basra.

This is the check post at the entrance of Basra Yes! They got us out of here very Quickly. did not create Problems and now we are going to the center of Basra. This is the crossing that is coming in front. We have to get out from here on the right side

The time has come. 6:19 pm We have been traveling(Ride) for 8:30 pm Fortunately, there is not much rush in Basra today. I remember when I first came there was a lot of rush Probably less of a rush on normal days and more in weekend Even the weather has improved. It was cold in Baghdad... But it must be around 20 degrees here.

Because it's slightly windy but it's not chilly. Just a couple of kilometers from the hotel. Hardly gonna take another 5 minutes. The hotel where I wanted to stay for the night, didn't have any room. So I went to another hotel, right across the street. It not something special but I just had to spend a night. So it was okay.

Nevertheless, it's okay because the bed is tidy and the washroom is clean. Right now I'm here to have my dinner. In front of the hotel... around the corner... You will find small street food stalls quite commonly in Basra. They start preparing food in the afternoon around 5 pm. The place gets quite lively during the night.

Here's my kebab. Let me remove this bread to show you. There's salad... and tomatoes... and the kebab. I think they are called Shish kebab. And you already know about this pita bread. Lets try this.

I've already tried it once before and it was good. I'm in love with Iraqi tea.... the best in the world. No doubt saffron tea in Iran was pretty good as well. Hope to find more varieties in days to come. Lets savor it for now.

Hopefully you would have enjoyed this one. God willing, we will cross the border tomorrow. I pray it to be a hassle free activity. You will find all about that in the next vlog. Before anyone asks... let me tell you that the rent of my room was around 20 dollars.

Time to end this vlog. Remember me in your prayers. Don't forget to LIKE, SUBSCRIBE and SHARE. Insha Allah see you all in the next vlog in Kuwait. Allah Hafiz.

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