Extreme Luxury Hotel in Sri Lanka (Shangri-La Hambantota)

Extreme Luxury Hotel in Sri Lanka  (Shangri-La Hambantota)

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so there's always a lifeguard on duty here on  duty awesome only at this pool or at the other   pool every pool sir every pool has a life and also  Beach wow even on the beach there's a lifeguard   yes sir you work in Paradise yeah uh when I step  through this land I feel wow because this if this   is not my U actually I I I feel like this is  my second home sir how much is that one how   expensive are those 1,000 1,000 1,000 this one oh  man should I buy it matter no I will buy it for   you this is why Sri Lankan food is amazing look  at all of these spices look at all of this what's   up everybody welcome back to another beautiful  day here on the island of Sri Lanka today I'm   talking to you guys from the southern region a  city known as Hamot TOA and today I'm going to   be showing you guys what an extreme luxury family  resort looks like here in Sri Lanka now right now   I'm staying at the Shangri La hota and this  property is actually over 400 acres and they   have so many activities it's a place that you can  come and literally um hide away in your own little   Oasis and relax especially after a long Excursion  from one of the many different national parks here   in the area yala National Park is only about an  hour drive and Udu W is only about 2 hours from   this area which makes it a great stopping point  when coming to experience some of the best nature   that Sri Lanka has to offer now these Shangri  La habant tonta is a beachfront property they   actually have three swimming pools they got a  sunset pool that is actually adults only then   they have a Lagoon pool which welcomes everybody  and of course a children's area which is super   convenient especially if you're planning on coming  here as a family now this here is the main lobby   area this is where you're greeted now when you  first arrive you actually light a traditional Sri   Lankan torch um that blesses your visit and you  also spend a bit of time uh drinking your welcome   drinks which are amazing with this incredible  View and the staff here are lovely so today I'm   going to show you guys around this property show  you guys exactly why I recommend um experiencing   some extreme luxury here in Sri Lanka because  there's not many places in the world where you   can find the hospitality that you can find in  Sri Lanka so this here is the main lobby area   super beautiful a lot of places to sit down Lounge  around that's the front desk and all of the staff   here are just incredible super lovely people and  then over in this direction I'll show you guys the   amazing view of the beach in the courtyard area  before we make it on in to the room and I give   you guys a little room tour but seriously from the  moment I've arrived I have just been blown away   this place is gorgeous so this here is what the  Courtyard area looks like that's the Lagoon pool   I was telling you guys about and there's actually  four different restaurants and cafes here on this   property as well so plenty of places to um hang  out and definitely a place you can easily spend   a week now one thing I've come to learn come  to realize after traveling around the world   and staying in uh different Shangri laws is that  Shangri La unlike many other hotel chains around   the world the Shangri La itself Prides itself on  being an experience on its own and no this isn't   sponsored I was just um gifted two nights to come  on out here and enjoy this place and I figured   why not let me share this experience with you guys  because it is truly a masterpiece of a hotel so um   yeah let's start adventuring let's see what today  has in store for us and first let me show you guys   the room so we're going to kick off this video  by of course giving you a room tour this here is   the suite it's actually a family suite at Shang  hant and I have a feeling you guys are going to   be super impressed because I I think this is by  far one of the most beautiful hotel rooms I've   ever had the opportunity to stay in so as soon  as you walk in you have this big open space that   actually serves as like a common room SL dining  room SL living room you have a big beautiful   table with some fresh bananas I love the details  every shangry law that you ever visit around the   world they always have the detail spots on you  got beautiful Decor that makes you feel right at   home and then over here we have like the living  room space you got a couch beautiful little um   elephant Decor above on the headboard over here  we have a bunch of snacks they actually left   us some traditional Sri Lankan treats as well as  some cookies and a mix of chocolates walnuts and   strawberries now what I really love about this  living room is the swinging chair oh imagine   waking up on here just looking at the sunset or  Sunrise that's amazing that's definitely what I'm   doing while I'm here now over in this direction we  have a patio area that is actually pretty decent   size I mean it goes from the living room area  over to the bedroom so you can literally leave   um from whichever door and enjoy the nice fresh  air out right out front we have the kids pool   /water park they actually have water slides um  some other like water activities this way over   here they have a trapes and what you see out into  the distance is actually the beach now there's a   much larger pool over um behind the palm trees as  well but I'll show you guys that here in a little   bit now this is super cool I can just close this  door and walk straight into the bedroom follow me   let me show you guys what the room is looking  like so this here is the bedroom in the Suites   and let me just tell you guys it is nothing short  of perfect we got a nice little work desk that I'm   definitely going to use later because I actually  booked the Shangri La because they have some of   the best internet in Sri Lanka so if you're one  of those people that works from home or uh runs   an online business you need to stay in a place  like this where you're super comfortable where   you got highspeed internet and of course um where  you feel right at home we also have a little couch   area over here we got a California KingSize bed  which is just amazing and look at the details guys   this is what I'm talking about shangry La details  and elephant's house I've never seen that anywhere   else in the world and seriously Shang La team if  you guys are watching this please send someone   to my room to teach me how to do this because I  need to do that at home that looks amazing best   towel presentation I've ever seen now over in this  direction we have a television a bunch of storage   space in here we got coffees teas sugars let's  actually see what's up here uh some cups over   here here we got a mini fridge that actually  comes stocked up with Lion beer some Sprite   soft drinks Waters and then over here we have a  kettle and yeah just a kettle so everything you   need everything you need to F right at home for  a few days and I love how they just left water   absolutely everywhere water bottles by the um or  on the bedst stands is always a must you know you   wake up in the middle of the night and you need  that water that's where you can find it now in   here we have the walk-in closet now look at this  place guys it just it's cozy it's nice I need a   closet like this at home you got um all kinds of  storage space a safe they even give you flip flops   to use for the pool or the showers and then if we  actually walk in here we have the bathroom super   modern toilet incredible shower a hisen her sink  which comes with all the goods you need you got   toothpaste toothbrush brush razors a comb cotton  um Buds and of course some special sealon soap   and over in this direction we have a bathtub which  looks amazing and look they actually included bath   salts for a nice hot bath that we'll take later on  today actually those smell incredible and what is   this oh Al loofah first time I've ever received  the loofah in a hotel room but yeah guys this is   what the suite looks like in the Shangri La um if  you guys want to experience something like this I   definitely recommend to look into a shangry lot  in your area wherever you are they have over 150   locations around the world I believe it's 150  don't quote me on that but I was doing a little   bit of research before coming on out here because  I've made it a goal for myself to visit Shangri   La all around the world it's always such a unique  experience and you see why I enjoy staying in a   shanga for a few nights so uh this location here  at the Hanta is a must visit when in Sri Lanka   especially if you're coming here for a special  occasion like a honeymoon or um you know you're   about to actually elope to your partner what  better place than uh this beautiful facility I   mean doesn't get much better than this all right  I'm going to get freshened up and then I'll see   you guys downstairs for lunch so right now we're  about to have some lunch and I'm actually eating   right in front of this beautiful Golf Course here  um today now this golf course is actually in 18   hole golf course but they actually have um nine  hole rounds and 18 hole rounds I'm not much of a   golfer so I can't tell you um anything special  about golf but I can tell you that this course   is amazing it's so beautiful there's actually  peacocks running around the entire uh premisis   and look at the palm trees Sri Lankan Palms just  absolutely beautiful this hotel is seriously an   oasis it's a paradise and a great um place  to come and relax now the restaurant we're   actually eating at is right here this is the Ula  Clubhouse and bar and you obviously get amazing   views of the clubhouse while you're out here or  I mean the golf course while you're out here and   it simply can't get better than this guys now um  we're actually going to go golfing for the very   first time in my life here in the next few days  so I'll be sharing that experience with you guys   as well but this here is the restaurant and what I  love about this place is that man the staff is so   welcoming so warm and the furniture is incredibly  comfortable now we're actually sitting right here   um glattus is enjoying her nice little mocktail  what did you end up drinking or ordering Asian   lemonade Asian lemonade and what are you drinking  over there drinking a nice little lion you know   lion logger this here is the Sri Lankan beer and  it's one of my favorites now they just brought out   this appetizer for us um I forgot the name of it  but the presentation looks incredible we got two   different kinds of M mustards olive oil and yeah  some other toppings but man looks amazing I just   told them that I'm filming so they're over here  like on timeout trying not to eat it but inside   of the restaurants they got a pool table all kinds  of places to lounge around I can imagine this is a   great uh place to come into and you know enjoy  the game watch some crickets and then over and   this direction there's all kinds of uh tables we  got the bar area amazing staff thank you guys so   much another television and the bar of course  is fully loaded super beautiful I mean look at   this place guys piano over here I can imagine they  probably have some live music no seriously such an   incredible incredible hotel and only uh one out of  four restaurants so far so I'm excited to dabble   in between all of them over the course course of  the next few days but for now you know what bone   Appetit let's dive on in and guys this is only  the appetizer we still got our main courses on   the way now they have all kinds of steak and  seafood and um fancy dishes but guess what I   ordered the same thing I always order a burger  a burger a bacon cheeseburger so that's what I   ordered lattice has um a steak sandwich on the way  you know we like we like what we like so um I'll   show you guys that once it comes on out but this  view this view is priceless so the main course has   just made it out and this is what we're playing  with guys we got the bacon cheeseburger with the   fried egg looks amazing we got some truffle fries  and I actually just ran outside because there was   a peacock running around and man the peacocks are  so beautiful the colors that they have are just   extremely vibrant and there's not any other place  in the world that I've ever been to personally   where I have seen wild peacocks every time I I've  ever seen them growing up they've always been at   a zoo or In Like A or a statue but never a real  one just running around in its natural habitat   but here in Sri Lanka they're everywhere and at  the Shangri La habant uh facility they are found   everywhere because of the huge golf course there's  just so much green space and um one of the um   staff members that I actually talked to you a few  minutes ago said that they actually sleep on top   of the coconut palms so I got to come out here in  the middle of the night and just try and find some   of those because I would die if I see a peacock  just hanging up at the the very top of some of   these Palms but yeah uh I'm going to enjoy my meal  and then we're actually going to head off on some   little excursions around the property I believe  we're going to go on a bike ride we're going to   do some archery and we're also going to um oh I  forgot what's next oh we're also going to go into   like uh one of their I don't even know what you  call them like an obstacle course that they have   here on this facility so I'm excited definitely a  experience that you have to have when in Sri Lanka   food was beyond amazing all I am is just more  excited now for the rest of the meals that we're   going to be having here at this incredible Hotel  so this is the first floor here and I want to   actually show you guys this area because it's very  beautiful now there's all kinds of plants around   the facilities that are native to Shri Lanka that  is like the kids Water Park area that I actually   showed you guys from the hotel then over in this  direction there is actually the gym that's a fully   equipped gym they have everything inside that's  actually where gladers and Andrew are walking into   and not to work out we're actually here because  we're going to head out with our guide to go   and do some bike riding some archery and what else  are we doing today we have a ro course activity oh   okay then uh in the morning 11:30 every day the we  call Aqua Fitness Arabic exercises sir oh cool and   uh we have uh 24 hours access for the pool table  and table tennis and that's over in the other side   so that's like the fun stuff can I go check that  out yes it yeah let me go check that out so this   here is like the recreational Lounge so the Gym's  over in this Direction that's the health club and   the recreational Lounge is here and they got  man table tennis pool cornhole this is glattus   actually loves this game cornhole that's amazing  and right outside this area they even got games   for kids look at this that's what I love about  this hotel they actually have stuff for people of   all ages PS you guys have PS4 in here no way let's  go check this out so you guys got PlayStation in   here man this hotel has it all in here yes wow so  this is like the game room yeah so you can watch   movies play Playstation ice hockey yeah hockey air  hockey and uh cool and this is Cameroon right this   game yeah cam sir C Cameron kamam cam kamam yes  oh okay I've never played that before but it's   popular in Sri Lanka yes very people love people  love this game in Sri Lanka wow thank you so much   sir thank you for the tour I'm excited to go out  with you you're going to be taking us to go do the   archery right yes of course sir awesome cool thank  you sir sir later on today we'll come and play air   hockey okay sir I don't yeah no need to turn it  on now cuz yeah I need to some keeps playing and   they they unplug it yeah oh they broke the plug  look I need to piix okay no worries no worries   you can imagine there's always um you know kids  running around and kids like to touch everything   I was that kid that broke everything so uh my  brothers were always like Mom take Chris out of   the room because I always broke everything all  right time to do some activities so what makes   this place super unique too is that here they have  a clinic and the clinic actually has a 24-hour   nurse on the property at all times and then over  in this direction they have a kids club that's   open from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 a.m. or 6:00 p.m.  Sunday through Thursday and 10:00 a.m. to 7:00   a.m. so you can leave the kids here hello how are  you guys you can leave the kids in here while you   explore um the shanga oh they're they're playing  activities huh wow this is amazing though how   are you guys can I have little look yes wow oh no  shoes no shoes I'm so sorry let me put the shoes away oh this is Halloween dancing yes prac wow  this is awesome that's that's super cool so yeah   all kinds of ball places oh are you guys zombies  Halloween zombies Halloween zombies oh I'm scared   okay I'm getting on out of here enjoy your day wow  little drawing station for art very nice I love   how um it's such a familyfriendly resort actually  that's one of the things that the shangu LA Prides   itself on um I've come to realize is that it's a  very familyfriendly Resort but also a great place   for Honeymooners for people of all ages to come  out here and have a good time you can even come   out here with your brother and just drink beers  by the pool why not or just leave your brother   here playing okay yeah yeah you stay you stay you  stay inside there that's what we used to do when   we were when we go to Vegas but now now he's he's  up there he's up there he's 21 now so it's time   for him to hang out with the big boys and big  girls all right let's go do some activities I'm   excited I'm excited too so the first place we're  going to walk on over to is the archery course   but I want to show you guys a little bit around  uh the facilities of course we're going to jump   on into the swimming pool here in a little bit  but for now um let's go on a little tour wow you   guys have beach chairs Beach beds I guess you can  call them pool beds and this pool is amazing this   is the Lagoon pool sir this is L po sir wow and  this one's open until what time in the morning 8   to uh evening 800 a.m. sir 8 to 88 a.m. 8 to 8  cool so you can hang out here pretty much any   time of the any time of the day this pool looks  amazing and there's a lifeguard on duty at all   times another little restaurant here actually sir  what is the name of this restaurant V called This   is bjun Hala oh bonj Hala I think that's where  we signed up for dinner for tonight yes okay cool   how's it going sir so there's always a lifeguard  on duty here on duty awesome only at this pool or   at the other pool every pool sir every pool has  a life also Beach wow even on the beach there's   a lifeguard yes sir wow that's amazing I love that  you guys um care about safety because sometimes I   overlook safety but you got to have people like  them around because CU then they keep they keep   their eyes on you wow this place is awesome  oh and there's another restaurant here as well   called This is s s restaurant s restaurant yes  sir and and it has a rooftop bar yeah that's a   we call demon Deon bar and also the beverage  snacks and the liquor wow there's another uh   restaurant and also we we can get the dinner  from this restaurant from the Sea restaurant   Southeast Asian food wow okay that's amazing so  you can't get bored here you can literally spend   a week here and have dinner at every different  restaurant every night uh no actually sir the   we call Gul shop G yeah sir and UHA and S and AD  old day diary we call oh okay okay so you can mix   it up throughout your week yes this is the we call  the Rope course area oh this is the Rope course oh   yeah you guys got like some Sky Bridges dangling  Bridges oh that's awesome are you guys up for that   yeah I think I'm up for that yeah let's do that  are we doing this today uh of course okay I'm   totally up for this so yeah these here are rope  courses I actually did this type of stuff when I   was in the Army and let me just tell you guys I  was spooked out because it was definitely a lot   higher and it made me push my limits but this  here this doesn't look too bad at all not bad   at all how high is this sir so actually this is uh  nearly 10 m it's it's nearly 10 m 10 m yes sir oh   not too bad though huh okay and uh it's include uh  14 activities 14 activities yes sir okay well um   should we do this or should we do archery first  sir uh now he's trying to close because of the   Thunder and it will be he no worries we'll do it  next time so tomorrow morning in the 900 a.m. 9   so tomorrow you be well tomorrow morning we  got some activities we're going to the fish   market to pick out our own food we we'll save it  for next time or maybe tomorrow evening tomorrow   evening sir it's better okay if it not rain maybe  yeah because you can never predict the weather   so yeah he said uh yeah it's tomorrow works no  today today also because uh it's not rain until   I don't know about tomorrow what I'll let him go  ahead and close I don't want to take up his time   let's go do archery sure sir yeah thank you I  don't want to take up your time take care sir   we'll see you tomorrow okay okay all right take  care enjoy your night you know what I think he's   right here in Sri Lanka the weather can be kind  of crazy sometimes it can be super warm and hot   and then out of nowhere the thunderstorm comes  so it's better to be safe and we'll participate   with this a little later on but man look at this  it is awesome do a lot of the clients that come   here love doing this yes sir yeah it's super fun  I can imagine with kids as well yes from uh 80   above kids this is includ oh so eight years and  eight years and older can do this wow they even   have the bike on the zipline that is cool yeah  we should definitely do this guys look there is   a bike yeah you know fun fact about glattus she  actually didn't learn how to ride a bike until   she was a lot older huh yeah like 23 23 but  now she loves bikes she absolutely loves them   but yeah look that's a bicycle how awesome is  that I hope um through the camera you guys can   truly grasp how beautiful this place is because  to the eye it is Paradise it is a paradise here   how does it feel working in Paradise yes you you  work in Paradise yeah uh when I step through this   land I feel wow because this if this is not my  uh uh actually I I I feel like this is my second   home sir yeah it's it's it's feel to me because  this is very Fortune land so very Fortune land   yeah and all of the staff I've realized so far is  like super everybody feels like they're at home   here yes and that's beautiful we also respect  this property sir yeah you got to respect this   beautiful property so this here is a sunset pool  hey how's it going sir hello wow this the sunset   pool looks amazing what time does the sunset  pool close uh the weekends we close until 8 we   open until 8 8 wow that is beautiful I think I'm  coming here is this the one that's adults only   yeah this is adults only oh nice so for all of  you guys watching this is where you can come and   get your quiet time away from the kids nice place  right oh man what a gorgeous place so is this the   access to the beach as well yes sir is the water  safe to swim in here um unfortunately it's very   rough huh yeah it looks rough that's why we we try  always keep the light guard be there okay and also   red flag and a red flag which red flag means no  swimming yeah that's why we have to be buol set   yeah so you don't have to go in there yeah okay I  agree with that you got to be smart guys you don't   go into crazy Waters especially if there's a red  flag up don't do it cool where man beautiful place   beautiful place okay following you yes now we'll  head on this wayer archery course all right well   you know what guys I won't bore you too much um  look at this it's amazing I'm not going to bore   you with a nice long walk I kind of want to just  enjoy myself and soak this all in but I'll see you   guys over at the archery course but um how do you  feel so far walking around this property gladus   cuz you've stayed at a lot of hotels relax this  reminds me the hotel at brunai the brunai hotel   huh it actually looks a lot like the Empire yeah  the Empire Hotel it's very relaxing place like   there's no noises but nature noises yeah you  hear the waves you hear the thunder when we   were sitting at the restaurant you could hear the  peacocks I didn't even know peacocks made noises   I know that's pretty dumb to think but I didn't  know they made noises and peacocks they make like   a I don't know almost like like the only noise  I know about a bird is Kaaka but it definitely   didn't sound like that what did it sound like what  did the peacock sound like they sound like a they   sound like cat like meow oh oh yeah that's what it  sounds like yeah amazing you know you know yeah he   hears them every day oh and this is what is an  artisan Village what is here this is um actually   we call AR and this is traditional Village okay  there uh some artist uh they they drawing the   painting and do some uh the wooden things uh we  call lck a and the poetries potes wow okay so   like they do a bunch of potteries and you can come  in here and purchase these items yes sir of course   wow this is awesome actually glattus was looking  at these masks earlier where's glattus love them   so we can actually make these with them no or you  watch them make them you can try sometimes you   can try uh definitely but you can buy sir you  can buy you can buy yeah cool we'll come back   here um probably on our last dat to make sure to  grab some souvenirs why not wow I love that you   guys have places to hang out everywhere all kinds  of swings I think I'm going to come sit over here   and I don't want any of you guys to bother me  all right I'm just going to come sit right here   leave my phone upstairs and just listen to the  waves I'm going to be on my own mini Bungalow   reading yeah glad is Happy places with the book  and listening to the sounds um no we could go to   the archery first yeah because I'm scared it's  going to rain I'd rather do the archery yeah   yeah we'll come back and explore all of this stuff  later on guys but right now it's rainy season in   Sri Lanka you got to make the most of the dryness  when it's dry you got to do everything yeah and   then when it's rain you can go shopping oh you  guys have volleyball as well yeah volleyball and   cricket and also cricket and soccer yeah football  football what am I saying soccer all right time   to do a little bit of little bit of archery here  hello sir this is my arer animator oh you're the   archery Master awesome how are you I'm good sir  how about you sir doing great doing great excited   to do this I haven't done archery since I was a  kid they've never done it first time you like to   do that yeah please of course and you know what  I'll tell you guys something I grew up going to   the YMCA summer camp when I was a kid and I did  archery but it was never in a place like this this   is Paradise we're about to take some notes from  the experts right now oh man great great shots bro I saw that I saw that I I don't think I'm   going to be any better okay um  no we'll let the lady go first okay with the left uh this is actually right  right hand B mam very what right hand B ah   right yeah okay okay okay right time perfect  should I do it here no like this yeah you need   to pull more back and with the strength SP hard  to pull okay can you show to me once and then I   do it they love me okay put to this whole M  ah okay you strs then use your to and full B you got this you got got this you got to pull  hard hard hard watch out with the instructor okay   okay okay I would step away if I were you sir oh  there you go that was a good shot am man you're   a natural oh my God I warn to do this okay next  one for you that one's probably easier huh okay   oh they're walking glattus up a little bit closer  why you're getting special treatments far you got   to start baby steps glattus baby steps so you can  the here how many years have you been shooting   the B for sir actually I am the not the actually  he's on off today oh he's off just you're just   doing it you're just doing it all right I like  that I appreciate that you can use your three   fingertips one is up and two is down then it this  much don't it your hand okay and uh take the from   this V shape release okay okay let's try let's  try I think you got this I think you got this oh   that one does look easier to pull back huh little  bit more pull back a little bit more there you go   oh nice and she went to go further look at her  10 points for me 10 points for me all right now   it's my turn I'm going to show you how it's done  hold on left mine there all right let's see where   mine ends up what do you mean leave yours there  it didn't hit the target I mean leave yeah all right all right so you want to  keep it there in the middle aim   watch this first first time  how do you do it uh just ch body straight okay turn your oh okay okay okay all right watch this  first time Bullseye first time Bullseye all right straight I knew it I think there's something  wrong with the bow that's why that's why I   told them leave mine there because look I went  farther I went how do I say that let me redeem   myself real quick if you redeem I need to  redeem too okay all right I'm going to let   you redeem after this you guys leave me in the  comments section let me know who's better who   got better it's all about the form it's not  about where the arrow goes all right look at this uhhuh oh ah you're natural too it's a lot harder than  it looks all right it's a lot harder than Alex   you know let me redeem last one last one and then  Andrew I did no good Andrew did good glattus did   good thank you so much awesome instructor but you  can't teach someone who has no skill sets so I'm   leaving see you tomorrow bro for a bike ride okay  all right tomorrow we're doing a bike ride around   the the premises um as I mentioned this hotel  actually not sure if I mentioned it yet but   this hotel is sitting on 400 Acres so there's  all kinds of activities that you can do around   the premises of this place and bike riding is one  of them so tomorrow we'll go on a bike ride maybe   visit the um Artisan area and of course do the  high ropes course but for now swimming pool I'm   the archery Champion between it's a tough one  they both did good you guys both hit board all   right I am better all right see me in ping pong  all right see me in ping pong see you there right   now I think we have to throw that in the Vlog too  the ping pong see you there are you guys debating   on who's Ping Pong Champion that's cuz I was  beating her before we had to leave it was 6'2 62   oh man that's a terrible loss and I'll see you at  ice hockey because I'm I'm way better than you in   ice hockey say that's what you say or air hockey  I guess you can call it all right we're going to   go upstairs thr on the swimming shorts and it's  time to chill by the pool so we decided to jump   into the kitty pool first and here's where the  water slides are can you believe there's water   slides surrounded with elephants I mean this place  is beautiful guys lifeguard on duty there's also a   little play area down there this reminds me of uh  Soak City our Raging Waters uh those are the water   parks that we have where I'm from and Andrew's  heading up to the water side let's go woo and   look at these elephants how awesome is this woo  and the water's so nice oh yeah that feels so good   Andrew's coming down he's coming down he's coming  in hot I don't think Andrew slides much on that I   think we're too heavy you got to be little kids  huh yeah we're too heavy we can't be going down   the water slides look at Andrew it's still fun  though huh yeah too big we're definitely too big   for this this is the kids pool it's not too deep  at all but it's nice that there's options like   yeah look I'm sitting down and I'm sticking above  the water so they have the uh Sunset pool and then   the Lagoon which are a lot bigger we'll probably  head over there right now but man this water feels   amazing so nice and I love that they got a little  bed right here so you can lay there and you know   watch your kids while they're swimming or do  what glattus is doing and watch the big kids go   swimming what a place though had an amazing time  at the pool watching the sunset and now it's time   to partake in the buffet the shanga is famously  known for its Hospitality but they have some of   the best buffets in all of their locations and  here in Sri Lanka um at the Columbo location has   been one of the best buffets of my lifetime in  a hotel they had food from absolutely uh every   part of the world and the selection was just  unbelievable so I have a feeling that here in   hont it is not going to disappoint also and man  this facility is just so beautiful at night the   pools are very well lit um there's all kinds  of lights that light up the trails and man I   just laid in the bed for a little bit after the  bath and let me just tell you guys it is so cozy   such a nice room such a nice hotel and seriously  an experience that all of you guys need to have   when in Sri Lanka you know Sri Lanka has a lot of  uh Luxury Resorts and Villas I filmed the luxury   Villa that I actually stayed in inell Gama um on  my last trip that's also here on the channel but   nothing compares to staying at a five-star  Resort and having five-star quality [Music] service so this here is the noodle bar and you can  actually choose your noodles all the different   toppings they got beef chicken seafood all the  different sauces and then this gentleman back   here actually dips them in the broth of your  choice they got chicken broth tum yum broth and   vegetable broth and you can actually pick out any  of the vegetable top toppings that go on in inside   as well and there goes the soy sauce that's where  the magic happens no I love soy sauce thank you so   much sir I appreciate that big time time thank  you and then you got this beautiful lady here   making egg Hoppers actually plain Hoppers as well  Hoppers are incredible and yeah look there's more   little toppings that you can actually throw on um  to your to your dishes like the noodles these are   Sri Lankan com condiments the only one I know by  hand is the mango chutney always a great selection   they even got pork over here but of course it's  separated because not everybody eats pork and   then if we actually walk over in this direction  here's the dessert area got all the spooky treats   they got something for everybody look they  got brownies well that's a chocolate moist   cake some caramel cakes Blackberry panacota wow  that sounds awesome might have to try that later   on a nice little Halloween spooky cake and then  over in this direction they got the ice cream bar   but over in those shelves or in the pots over in  that direction they have um a wide selection of   typical Sri Lankan dishes as well as as Western  dishes then over here you actually have a nice   little salad selection which I'll be dabbling  in here in a minute but yeah everything about   this Buffet is pretty spots on good morning guys  and it is the next day now here at the Shangri La   and right now we're actually heading off with  the chef to the local market at the Shangri   lot they actually have all kinds of different  excursions and one of the excursions that you   can do is head off to a local um fish market  with the lead Chef to go out and use your um   ingredients for your lunch that you're going  to eat later on today so I have no idea what   we're going to find at the fish market obviously  some nice Seafood a great selection and I have a   feeling that the meal that we're going to prepare  later on together that's the best part about this   excursion is that you get to come back and  then learn how to prepare your own typical   Sri Lankan dish with the chef now they actually  gave us two options to choose whether we wanted   a western meal or a Sri Lankan meal and of course  glattus and I we're going in Sri Lankan baby when   you're in Sri Lanka you got to go to Sri Lankan  so I just love how um the Shangri law has all   of these excursions to offer you that way if  you're planning on coming out here you know   we're obviously traveling around traveling around  the island in a Tuk Tuk um doing a lot of uh local   sight scene but there's obviously a large mix of  people that come to Sri Lanka and there's also a   large majority of people that are coming and they  simply just want to relax they don't want to do   a whole lot they don't want to drive around the  whole country and took took and be moving hotels   every single day so if you're um coming to escape  your busy life at home you can relax on shanga but   still gets a nice um local experience whenever you  feel like leaving the leaving the resort so that's   what we're doing right now it's super beautiful  out today doesn't look like there's any sign of   rain but that could change very fast here in  Sri Lanka some days it's extremely sunny and   then within 30 minutes it starts pouring but um I  love both sides to be honest and the rain is very   relaxing so um we only have about how long's  the drive Chef um we have like 15 15 minutes   oh very close Okay so we got a 15-minute  drive I'll see you guys um at at the first location so we're arriving to the beach now and  these are where all the local fisherman boats pull   off into the water with their daily fresh catch  good morning all right so we're out on the beach   now good morning oh baby Lobster wow wow that's a  baby that's very nice beautiful how much is that   one how expensive are those 1,000 1,000 this  one oh man should I buy it doesn't matter no I   will buy it for you let me buy it let me buy it  I will why not let's take a little baby Lobster home I never seen a lobster that size that a baby  Lobster only three bucks not bad yeah it has   to be like a little chicken nuggets okay  this place is awesome I mean look at this   good morning how are you guys are you guys going  out right now or you came back yeah yeah you're   about to go line fishing yes good luck today  wow this is awesome to see what an experience hello good morning hello good morning how are  you I'm fine are you doing great are you from   I'm from the United States American American  yeah how are you guys are you guys going out   right now or you just came back I how we  going to again okay are you coming maybe   maybe in a few days I come back and I go with  you guys you go every day at this time yeah   yeah yeah this month going to every day how  many hours you stay out uh maybe 1 hour oh   very fast very fast yeah okay I'll keep that in  mind maybe um maybe tomorrow tomorrow tomorrow I   you need to come in 5:30 in the morning 5:30  in the morning right here on this beach yeah   okay what's your name I'm lakar lakar and  this is your boat no it's a oh your boat   very nice nice to meet you maybe I'll come  back then tomorrow okay tomorrow yeah all   right thank you bro okay all right thank you  man awesome what a great little experience huh oh shf is that is that what we're taking  back oh I'm stepping on all kinds of crabs   yeah um I think he going to give us all okay  yeah they going to be fine for another dish   awesome yeah I love that thank you sir it's  so fresh it's fresh out the water yeah so Chef   just brought back these big lobsters and look at  this one it's full of eggs so that that should   be having a lot more baby lobsters but now it's  going to be lunch huh yeah now it's lunch are we   taking these big ones too yes definitely we so  we got a couple small ones that we're going to   make grilled I have a feeling we're going to  prepare them in different ways right yes yes definitely awesome maybe one is Sri Lan then one  is blue cool very nice I love that um even the big   hotels the big chains like Shan gas still come out  and support the local economy they buy their fish   and lobsters from the local fisherman that is a  beautiful thing to see and man this coastline is   just impressive it is beautiful I can't say I  would swim in this water it looks pretty rough   but that's the shanga wow we're not far beautiful  place all right we got our lobsters so this is   the local market of hant oh alant so we just  made it to the local markets and um Chef was   just telling us that this is where we're going to  find all of the produce right the vegetables the   vegetables the spices and the fruits the spices  and the fruits I don't even want to know what   how many spices you guys have in the back of  the of your kitchen at the shanga because you   guys prepare food for hundreds of people every day  definitely it's going to be a lots of spices and   lots of different flavors in there okay so awesome  thank you well this is beautiful hello how are you wow nice Market hello sir  we're going to go this way okay oh I love the way local market smells  always so fresh so good I'll follow you   I'll follow you sir fresh green chili  this is this is the Old Spice so that's   what we'll be using yeah we going juice  in everything in Sri Lanka you got to   have the spice yeah we got two like uh we  got one one with dce and one with powder okay and fish s the fish it's like all all coming from the where we went  before okay so they are coming from there and   get the curry leaves those are Curry leaves  I was wondering what they were selling that   on the side of the road in in Ella wow this  is the best item that to get flavor in the   curries so it give so many Aromas from  the from the leaves you will just match it wow right away yeah now along with the curry  leaves they also have all kinds of onions potatoes   squash over here we got some jack fruits some  green beans um yams Yuka coconuts I love these   local experiences and it's awesome that this  hotel um provides that experience because   well you know there's a lot of lot of people that  let's be honest there's a lot of people out there   that don't feel super comfortable heading out  into local areas that they don't know on their   own and this allows you to you know break that  ice break that barrier and get on out there and   explore a bit more than you would probably usually  explore this is amazing snake guard what is that   it's snake guard snake guard yeah wow is this like  Our Roots uh it's grown underground no no no it's   it's growing in the it's hanging hanging hanging  hanging on Vines wow and what are we going to do   with this we're going to make a salad with us wow  Sal it looks like a cucumber kind of yeah is that   how it looks inside inside does nothing we break  it oh oh wow okay very nice I'm excited about this   I've never seen that before what is this sir uh  dumble up it's a kind of vegetable in yes beans   family we have uh inside we we see the beans there  oh yeah like green beans yes oh okay very nice   very nice wow interesting a lot of fruits and  veggies um that you can only find in Sri Lanka   it's very nice to see I don't know maybe you can  find this elsewhere I've never seen it anywhere   else in the world though look how how she does the  um the Wayne of the vegetables that is super nice   nowadays where we live everything's electric you  know it's nice to see these uh skills coriander   yeah oh we love coriander we're Latino we use that  for everything we call it cilantro cilantro uhhuh   grandma go crazy with this one see we got all  of our ingredients and even bought ourselves a   clay pot that we're going to be cooking inside of  this has been an unreal experience thank you chef   and man it's so nice going into a local market and  seen the proper way to pick out ingredients every   time I walk into a market I just grab anything  and throw it in the basket but Chef was like   really looking at the at the fruits smelling  them he knew exactly what to look for that that   shows how much expertise you have get now we get  some experience with that now next time when you   go there so you can choose your own things yeah  or I can just pretend like I know what I'm doing   I'm like all right time to get into the kitchen  we'll make our way back now we have everything   that what we bought today so Chef going to cook  Sri Lankan ambul and salad with a snake God and   a crab Curry and uh curry with the lobster wow the  other lster I'm going to bring tonight the squirt   one with the S thank you so much oh so that's  what we're going to use later on tonight for   our special dinner otherwise it's going to be too  much and you will enjoy it okay awesome wow this   is amazing seeing you know everything that we we  went out on a hunt for watching the chef at work   and now we see it all right here right in front  of us so these are those big long bean things   that we were looking at wow and look at this Sri  Lankan food this is why Sri Lankan food is amazing   look at all of these spices look at all of this  amazing see I'm the type of person that when I   cook some chicken I put it in a pot and then I  just put salt on it and then and that's how I   eat it it tastes like nothing you know but this is  amazing and here's the pot that we just purchased   this should be for the F this traditional he  going to okay use the S Lan the traditional way the food is finished and look at this  masterpiece now I wish I could say I did a   lot but you know I just kind of move vegetables  around these people are experts and they do   everything extremely fast if I tried to do one  of these dishes on my own I would spend four or   five hours copying a Google recipe trying to  figure that out but here is our I can't say   the name right fish ulot I keep saying ambulat  I don't know their proper name but this here   is the lobster dish we made the potato potato  Tempo potato Tempo the spicy crap Curry we got   some rice and then this here is the special tea  salad s snake snake goat snake goat snake goats   and then the coconut chutney oh man this is a  feast thank you guys so much um I appreciate them   so much they were super see you later on they  were super kind to us super nice and man this   food looks incredible so we're going to enjoy this  now probably order a round of beers and yeah bonut   petites what a great experience all right well  today has been unbelievable tonight is going to   be even better I'll see you guys there because  we got a very special dinner plan for you guys   we're going to enjoy some pool time now don't  think we're just eating all day long but we're   going to enjoy some pool time now we got about  6 hours until dinner I don't even know how I'm   going to make it to dinner with all this food  to be honest but um great experience figure out   a way to make it to dinner I'll figure it out  too you're going to figure it out of course of   course all right see you guys in a little bit now  unfortunately visiting Sri Lanka during the rainy   season can be tough because well it rains and it  ended up raining the entire rest of the day and   even the following day so the rest of our time at  the shangry LA we spent pretty much inside of the   room hanging out we did visit the spa and had  a couple spa treatments but more than anything   guys we just got some much needed relaxation time  and let me just tell you this is probably one of   the best hotels on this planet it is incredible  and it is a place that everyone must visit all   right see you guys on the next one you were  always smarter I was the one to take a look

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