Exploring the Flavors of Rajasthan | Choki Dhani | Jaipur

Exploring the Flavors of Rajasthan | Choki Dhani | Jaipur

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Don't worry. Be happy. How to say "The first time"? Mother has a Mehendi art on her hand. Today mother has a chance to not hold the baby.

So, the father has to do everything. Oh! Nice broh! It's a great opportunity to get the chance to experience these things. There are no drugs. But I felt that it was spicy. Hi Travellers!!! Today we are in Rajasthan, Jaipur. Now we are at Choki Dhani.

This is the place where we can get the information about the culture and the foods of Rajasthan. This is like a model village. Today we are with him. Welcome to Jaipur. My name is Imran Khan.

Imran Khan. But I'm not a terrorist. So, please come. You can visit our city, Jaipur. Everything is better and more nice. Please come. We came here with Imran.

We'll tell you more information. He is waiting for us. Tomorrow we will go somewhere. Tomorrow we'll go to some nice places. It is the nature of Jaipur. It is the reality of Jaipur.

The mentality of Jaipur. Everything is lovely in Jaipur. I'll show them. I'll make them happy. Yeah. So, please come here.

Whenever you want to visit, take my number from this. This guy will give you my number on WhatsApp. You can keep in touch. No problem. I'll show you nice things. Don't worry. Be happy. Don't worry. Be happy. No East. No West. India is the best.

Wow! Nice! He is a person who can talk in English that we met during this trip. He has good reviews on trip advice. We'll put his contact details below. You can contact him if you come to Jaipur. There are many places to visit with him.

After that, let us tell you more about him. So, Let's go. Where is this? Choki Dhani. This is the place where you have to buy tickets.

Per one person, you have to pay 900 Indian rupees, and for a tall baby, more than 2.5 feet, it is 550. When we came inside, there was a place like this. There is a board showing that they don't charge.

Here, they do Mehendi arts. So, for the first time, If you like, you can give any amount of money. If you wish, you can give them money. This service is free of charge. When we came inside, they didn't permit us to bring the camera.

They said that it was prohibited to use gimbals and microphones. We put the gimble outside. The camera is with me.

He said not to bring the camera. But we explained. If we can take photos from the phone, they have to give the permission for cameras as well. So, let's see how they do the Mehendi art on Chamari's hand. How to say "The first time"? So, Chamari has done a Mehendi art for the first time. This is the first time. And it is in India.

This place is open at 4. And at 5.30, they start to put food and other things. After 5.30, they start food and other activities. Activities mean, there are traditional things.

After I came here, I did a Mehendi art for my hand. There is something. We have only seen such things in movies. We can see such things here. Pick up Elina.

It takes a lot of work to pick up Elina. Mother has a Mehendi art on her hand. Today mother has a chance to not hold the baby.

So, the father has to do everything. One of the reasons to came Jaipur is to visit this place. And Jothi told us to visit this place. Thank you, Jothi! If you come here, you can get every experience in Rajasthan in one place. Imran Khan, who was the driver of our taxi also told us that the food was delicious.

He asked us to try those foods. It is because we can get Rajasthan traditional foods in their culture. During this time, we are showing you everything quickly because at night, this area becomes dark. We can only see the lights.

Although we can see the beauty with our eyes, sometimes we'll not be able to show you. That is why we are showing you these things very quickly. At night, we'll show you how the food and other things are. We'll bring you nice things through the vlog. At this place, they are telling prophecies. This parrot takes one of the cards and with that, the person tells prophecies.

We left it because we can't understand that. There are washroom facilities for both ladies and gents. The other specialty is that they are showing the prices of each activity here on a board like this. So, we can't say that they have increased the price.

We can pay the price which is on the board. The other thing is that boards are showing not to give tips. If somebody asks that, there is a number to inform. This is a good place for a tourist. It is because he can manage his money and get the experience here.

There are relatively inexpensive. Everything is in between 20 - 30 Indian rupees. This place is very nice. Isn't it Kasun? Yeah. Anyone can spend the money with him and get the experience. We told Elina that we are not going on the back of them. So, she is talking with them and saying "Hello."

She is so happy. So, she is not asking us to go. Good girl, Elena! Ask how he is. How are you? Good morning! What is that? Here you can wear in Rajasthan style and take a photograph.

There are costumes. It only takes 200 Indian rupees. There is an area with several activities. You can play here. I had never done shooting after school. During school time, I played netball.

Now, I want to shoot. Then, do that. Shall I do? I am the one who has to pay for that.

Oh! Oh! My money! Now, it is enough. Now, people are coming here. Here, we can see live wrestling that we see in Hindi films. It is not the usual thing. This is a place where we can see Indian wrestling. I am trying to remember the names of them.

If there is a session in the evening, we can watch it. Look what Elina is doing. There is a beautiful shopping area. Not for shopping, we can watch the sunset there. Shall we go there? Okay, let's go.

Elina, come. On this side, there are only clothing stores. You can buy dresses in Rajasthan style. And also you can make dresses for yourself. They return your order in very little time, if you ask for small pieces. The driver of the taxi also said that.

There are more places in Rajasthan like that where people make dresses by hand. They can make the full kit within seven hours. Foreigners come here and buy those things for huge prices. It is because they make them with precious thread. Now, we can see some lights.

The place is becoming busy with people. It is superb. Try to come here one day. Wow! This is a lantern. This is very easy to use as it can be rolled like this.

If we buy this, it is easy to carry. Did you see it? I saw this before in a YouTube video. After I came here, I remembered that. That's amazing.

Kasun came to do a tattoo. I did a Mehendi art. Temporary tattoo. Broh! Wow. Nice broh! Is that beautiful? Take and say thank you. Thank you! Now, we are going to experience a traditional meal in Jaipur.

Before we enter there, we have to remove our shoes. So, I removed them. Here we have to put our shoes and get a token. Like this. Before the meal, we have to wash our hands.

Go there to wash your hands. We have to take our meal after removing the shoes and washing the hands. We came for dinner. After we sat here, first we got a plate like this. It has been made with leaves. But I need to find out what the leave is.

There is a cup which is made of clay. Then they give us six curries. For that, they gave six bowls like this. And a wooden spoon. Elina.

I am still determining what this is. It was made with a clay pot. Let's try this. It's curd. They told that these food are famous in Rajasthan. Although they told the names, I couldn't understand them.

If there is anyone who knows these, let us know. This is peas. This is a salad. After that, they gave a pakora.

They gave us something like this and ask us to put it in this. It is superb when mixed with sugar. There are so many items We have got this before. This is so tasty. It is similar to the taste of "pani walalu." We can't eat everything.

Some of them are tasty. But it is hard to eat as they are not matched with our spicy taste. But the chance to try these things is a good experience. It is so funny. They take a photograph of us and give it. Like feeding others. We also took such a photograph.

They are humiliated. So, we ate enough. Now, we are going to end the vlog in Choki Dhani village during so many noises. We'll meet you again with some nice vlogs in Jaipur. We are planning to go on a small tour tomorrow with Imran. Is there any more to say? If I talk about the food, they are not in the taste that we find.

But the experience is precious. Both of us were very excited to get that experience here. To have the meal there. It was a different experience. If you come here, try that as well. For that, they don't charge separately.

But they ask for some contribution. I remembered you before that boards were showing not to give tips. But if you are happy, you can give them some money. They do something there.

All of them are like that. If you wish to come here, keep money like 5-10-20 for those things. It is because when we give some money, they say that they don't have money to give our return. It is not about giving tips. To do the activities here, they usually charge 10-20 Indian rupees.

When we give 100-200 for that, they say that they have no change money. Keep that in your mind and bring changes. There is no place to change your money. It is because each activity charge 10-20 Indian rupees. Everyone says that they haven't.

So, bring them. Near each activity there is a board showing the charge for it. I told them that. So, come here and enjoy and take experiences also. In Sri Lanka, ancient people went in bullock carts. Here are things like that.

You can go on horse carts and get that experience. Going on the back of the elephant. And also, there is a boat ride of a small distance. The cart only goes a little far if we take a horse ride.

It goes on a tiny round. For the value of the money. They take only 20 Indian rupees.

They only take you for the value of the money. If you wish to come here, keep that in your mind. So, let's wind up the vlog from here. Goodbye, all! Until the next vlog, subscribe to our channel.

And also, click the bell button for get the notification as soon as we upload the next video in Jaipur. Follow us on Instagram. Follow us on TikTok. Like us on Facebook. See you again with the next vlog! Goodbye! There are no drugs.

But I felt that it was spicy.

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