Exploring Maldives And Room Tour | Pearle Maaney | Srinish Aravind | Baby Nila

Exploring Maldives And Room Tour | Pearle Maaney | Srinish Aravind | Baby Nila

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My Hair Is Not Listening To Me, It Is Chilling On Its Own. Srini Go To That Side So That My Face Would Be Visible. (sings Malayalam Song) It Feels So Good. Look Around Me, We Are Standing In The Middle Of The Sea. The Color Of The Water Is So Good Right Srini? So We Are All In The Maldives Now. It Was Sunny Till Now When We Decided To Make A Vlog, It Became Cloudy.

We Also Put Nila To Sleep And Put Her In The Room. Now I Feels Like It Is Going To Rain. It Was Raining In The Morning. These Are Our Cottages, We Will Shift There Tomorrow. Today We Are Staying In Another Room.

Let Us Go To Our Room. I Dont Know If You Are Getting The Feel. The Windy And Cold.

These Are Restaurants. We Can Shift Accordingly. We Had Breakfast Here. Come Let Us Go, I Think It Is Going To Rain Now I Will Show You Our Room, Its A Simple One. I Feel Like I Am In A Movie. I Will Show You Srini, He Looks Like Hrithik Roshan. It Feels Wonderful, Just As Pearle Said. Beautiful Place.

Move A Car Is Coming. We Have Put Nila To Sleep In The Room, Its Nearby Only. Don't Know If She's Gotten Up Or Not.

Chances Are Low, She Just Slept. We Raced Till That Place After That. Before Showing You Our Room, I Will Show You A Place For Nila. I Was Asking Srini, If We Wanted To Go Alone Somewhere What Will We Do With Nila.

That Is When We Came To Know That There Is A Place For Kids Here. This Is The Kids' Zone. Their Play Area. There Are 2 Babysitters Here, 2 Or More I Guess. (sings Malayalam Song) There Are Many Cottages Here. This One's Name Is Aqua Beach Villa.

This Is Where We Are Staying, Open The Door Srini. It Got Locked? I Have The Keys. Ready Right? Open Slowly Okay? We Cant Make Noise As Nila Is Sleeping. Silence Everybody. This Is Our Room Okay? I Will Show You Around, We Can Make Little Noise She Is Our Kid, She Wouldn't Have An Issue This Is The Main Bedroom We Can Make Coffee And Tea Here I Have Kept Nila's Food Here.

Don't Mind The Bed, I Have Tried Keeping It Neat Will Show You Nila She Is Sleeping In A Comfortable Position. I Don't Know What This Place Is For If In Case You Are Coming With Your Partner If You Guys Had A Small Fight, This Is To Sleep Separately. We Thought To Ourselves A Lot Yesterday And Came Into This Conclusion. We Can Also Click Good Pictures Here, Click Our Thumbnail. This Is Also A Great Area. Now I Will Show You Our Bathroom This Is An Outdoor Bathroom.

We Can Shower Inside The Glass Or Outside. If There Is Rain, No Need Of Shower. Me And Nila Took Bath In The Tub Today, Warm Mater. Come On, Close The Door.

Next Is A Dressing Room I Have A Small Ocd Issue, So Wherever I Go I Convert It Into My Room. I Empty My Luggage Last Day I Pack Back Everything. Next Is The Main Part, That Is Why I Closed The Curtains. I Am Glad That You Guys Are Also With Us, We Are Not Alone. This Space Is Only For The Ones Staying In This Villa. There Will Be Lights In The Pool At Night.

We Reached Around 6 Yesterday Around 7.30 We 3 Got Into The Pool, It Was Medium Cold. Nila Was So Excited, She Was Like Small Fishes. She Wanted To Jump. She Doesnt Want Us To Hold Her, She Wants To Swim. I Think She Knows How Tio Swim I Have Heard That Newborn Babies Know How To Swim.

We Didn't Try That Though. Nilu Enjoyed A Lot In The Pool Yesterday. There Are Steps There, There Are Trees. We Also Clicked Some Pictures

Here In The Morning. We Can Sit Here If We Are Wet, There Is A Swing Here. This Is Also A Very Relaxing Place. Those Are Different Villas, There Are Other People Staying There. Look Here, Outside Our Room Is Another Beach. Dont Fall.

I Love Wind And Rain, I Am Sure Everybody Is Like That. We Could Have Gone To Many Places, But This Is An Amazing Experience And We Are Lucky We Can Click Pictures There, Now I Am Not Going There. Dont Mind My Dress, Hey Dont Fall I Might Fall Because Of The Wind. Really Guys, This Is A Super Feeling.

Why Is That Boat Standing Alone? Where Is The Driver? This Is The Place Where We Are Staying. I Feel Like Jumping Around, Feeling So Happy. What Does This Remind You Of? (sings Tamil Song) There Will Be Lights Here At Night, Beautiful Place.

If You Want We Can Walk There, And Click Pictures, A Bit Risky. There Is Another Place Hey Dont Run! Careful Ok? Dance Performance By Pearle Which Song? Click A Thumbnail. Stand Carefully. This Is Such A Peaceful Place.

Let Us Go Back Now, Nila Is Alone. This Is My Front And This Is My Back, Don't Worry, But Its Fine If You Feel Like Getting Into The Water, I Am You Now This Is Your Leg Now, I Will Take You To The Water Now. Water Is Actually Very Cold.

Now Your Legs Are Wet, Sorry. My Sandals, My Hair, Loving Husbands Takes Our Bags And Sandals. I Cant See You, I Don't Know Where To Go Also. Come. Nila Usually Sleeps For 2 Hours This Time, I Told Her We Are Going To Take Vlog.

Make A Hrithik Roshan Move. I Already Did That While Coming. (sings Hindi Song) You Have To Carry Me Now. We Are Going Back To The Room Now. Let Me Wind Up Before Running.

I Hope Its The Same For Him. Yes Definitely. You All Support Us A Lot. Thank You All For Being There With Us, We Should Grow More.

Our Travel Partner Is Fortune Tours If You Want To Travel Somewhere, Call Them And Book Your Slots. They Will Plan According To Your Budget. Call Them For Consultations. Which Way Did We Come? This Only, Oh Yeah Our Villa. Run Run. It Will Rain Now.

We Are Going To The Room. We Will Se If She Is Sleeping Or Not. She Must Be Sleeping. Where Else Will We Get Such A Good Kid. Her Position Has Changed.

I Am Very Tired Now. So This Is What This Bed Is For. Today Is Our Last Day In The Maldives. I Told You We Will Shift To Another Room. That Is This Room, These Rooms Stand Above The Water. We Are In The Middle Of The Sea Now.

If You Are Thinking Where Nila Is We Just Checked-in We Just Came Out To Take The Video. Did You Like The Room? Yes Or No? We Just Got In, Gave Her Food And We Are Just Setting Up The Room Now. Srini Asked Me To Not Take All The Stuffs Outside, Because We Are Vacating Tomorrow. We Will Sleep Here, Just Like In The Train. 4,5 People Can Manage. Just Joking. This Is The Bedroom. Super Right?

They Have Kept Artistic Stuffs Here. She Is Eating My Rubber-band. It Will Hurt. Come Lets Show Room-tour What Should We Show Next? There? Ok I Will Open The Curtains Now. Open We Can Go Out Like This. Before That I Will Show You This Side. It Is A Very Bright Room. We Just Kept It Closed To Show You How It Would Feel.

Now It's A Different Feel Right? Just Like An Outdoor Feel. What We See From Here Is Sea. We Are Actually In The Middle Of The Sea, But No Waves. There Is A Small Pool Here We Will Get Down After The Sun Goes Down.

Shouldn't We Get Down? Nila Has 2 Small Swim Suits. Give Me A Kiss. You Are My Sweetheart Right? Sit Here, I Will Come Now, See Guys. This Is How Difficult It Is, She Is Also Becoming A Vlogger Now. Where Is The Peaceful Sea Nila? Can I Dip Your Legs? Nila Loves Water. Nila Is In A Pool Mood Now.

She Will Cry If I Take Her Out Now. She Is A Water Baby. If We Take The Steps, We Can Go The The Sea Directly. This Way. I Will Go Down And Come. This Way. We Can Take Bath Here. Its Cold, We Will Wear Swim-suit And Come. I Think She Will Drain The Pool, She Is Wearing Pamper Oh My God She Is Standing On The Steps This Was A Short Room-tour, As Nila Is Cranky, Will Show The Whole Video Later.

We Came Here To Make Her And Ourselves Happy. So We Are Having A Blast Here. Nila Say Bye We Will Go Wear Swim-suit And Come. Where Is The Fish Nila? The Sun Has Started To Set, There Is A Light Breeze. I Love Her Swim-suit, We Checked A Lot For Her Size. We Searched A Lot And Got This We Are Going To Have A Blast Now. Bye For Now.

2022-05-22 13:22

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