Exploring Harare with Pakistani Ambassador S7 EP.52 | Pakistan to South Africa

Exploring Harare  with Pakistani Ambassador S7 EP.52 | Pakistan to South Africa

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One... Two... Three... Four... One above the other... That's completely natural. Assalam Alekum Everyone and Welcome Back to the Channel from Harare.

I've been here for the last couple of days. Today I'll try to show you Harare. I've been trying to avoid the cities here for some time. Because most of the cities are very similar.

But personally I really liked Harare. I took a couple of rounds of the city. And so I realized that it's important to share this city and its history with you. Because many people have misconceptions about Africa.

And I have tried my best to clarify those misconceptions to some extent. Hopefully I've been successful in this attempt to a certain degree. Today we'll try to show you the main tourist spots of this city. And everything interesting about the local life here.

Rangeeli, the motorcycle, is all set for the ride. And right next to it... is our Ambassador...Mr. Murad Baseer I've been in contact with Murad for some time.

I think it started after you were already appointed here. Murad also has a 310. But the model is 2021. It has a slightly different color but overall it's very similar to ours.

Murad is gonna show me around in his city. Lets begin... Shall we... Just see how beautiful this house is.

So full of trees. Bismillah... In the name of Allah... Prayer for the journey We pray to Allah for a memorable and fun filled day ahead.

Hope to have a great ride today. I have started my navigation but we are still gonna follow Murad. Lets see what Harare has in store for us. This area is about 20 minutes outside the main city center or CBD. A rather peaceful area...

Murad told me that the government of Pakistan purchased this property in 1980. Back then, this area was mostly inhabited by foreigners. Now this serves as the official accommodation of Pakistan's ambassador to Zimbabwe. I can see many beautiful houses here. Chinese also have some real estate here. the area that we just rode past is owned by the Chinese.

The best thing about these cities is... That despite being in the city, you are so close to nature... That you don't realize that you are living in the biggest city of the country. Just see how beautiful these trees are.

And you can hear the chirping of birds in the morning and at night. I felt this in almost every African city. Murad came here last year. He told me that before him nobody was willing to come here for the previous 4 years.

That means there wasn't any Pakistani Ambassador in Zimbabwe for almost 4 years. It always amazes me that people don't want to come to Africa. It has unmatched nature. And you cannot have the same luxurious life anywhere else but here. I can say this after spending 3 months here. I have seen the lifestyle of Pakistanis and Indians here.

Quite luxurious The weather here is quite pleasant at this hour of the day. The temperature stays around a pleasant point due to the rainy season. However, the temperature here is more or less the same throughout the year. Currently we have summer season here. So it stays around 25-26 degrees during the day. And it falls down to 19 - 20 degrees due to cool evening breeze.

You can say that it's an ideal sort of climate. There must be hardly any cities around the world where you can enjoy such weather round the year. Overall the city has a very nice feel. There are wide roads. Neither much traffic... Nor much noise... No annoying traffic at all.

Nobody disturbs you by honking their horns. You can enjoy your ride. Apparently we have now reached the CBD area. City Business District That's where most of the big buildings are located.

Just see how clean this city is. And one actually feels like one's in a city. Didn't get this feeling a while ago. It was all natural. This place is called National Heroes Acre.

It's a museum. Lets go and see Zimbabwean history. Let's find out more about the national heroes of Zimbabwe. This significance of this place is that all the national heroes are buried here.

So this is a cemetery. A very beautiful area indeed. Let me share some history of Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe used to be a British colony along with South Africa, Zambia and Malawi. Tanzania was a German colony. Whereas, Burundi, Congo and Rwanda were Belgian colonies.

Malawi and Zambia got their independence in 1964. However, they had Rhodesian Apartheid Regime here. They established their own rule here after getting separated from the British. After that there was Bush War here that lasted for almost 15 years. Eventually Zimbabwe got its freedom in 1980. All the freedom fighters from that war...

And other national heroes... All are buried here. And at the top of this building is a monument and that resting place of Robert Mugabe. He was a national hero who played a significant role in their struggle for freedom. Outside the grave, you can see some crocodiles. Because he was also known as the crocodile.

That was because of his fierce attacks on the Rhodesian regime. I'm told that this is not his actual grave but a monumental grave. His actual grave is in his own village. Right next to the entrance, you see a very prominent monument. I found it quite interesting so I thought to share it with you all. It represents the struggle for freedom.

On the right side, you can see a man standing with a rocket launcher. Next to him is a woman standing with an AK47. And behind both of them is another man standing with the Zimbabwean flag.

This denotes that the women also participated in this struggle for freedom alongside men. At the back, you can see the national flag of Zimbabwe. Beside the flag, you see the national symbol of Zimbabwe. I thought it pertinent to explain this interesting symbol. At the top, there is a beginning that depicts communism. Because the locals are quite inspired by that.

In front of it, is the national bird of Zimbabwe. On its sides you can see an axe. And an AK47 to denote their struggle for freedom. You also see some white stripes with blue. This represents the Zambezi river; the biggest river here. It flows across the border between Zimbabwe and Zambia.

On the sides, you can see two impalas showing the abundant wildlife here. The green color represents agriculture as this land is very fertile. That's why you'll see a lot of fruits and vegetables.

And if I'm not mistaken, the gray color in the middle shows diamonds. And there's a corn and cotton at the bottom. The third thing could be peanut because I have seen a lot of peanuts here. And they use peanuts in their foods quite often. Right at the bottom, you can see ... Unity ... Freedom ... Work ...

Oops ... I think I have spilled some of my coffee. They have presented it in a real gentle and loving manner. I picked the cup to show you all but had it spilled in doing so. Anyways, we have cappuccino here. You know how much I love it. Thank you sir.

Other than that... Bread... Peanut butter... And... It's banana with chia seeds. I haven't tried this before.

They have plenty of peanuts. So I thought to give it a try. I think they have poured honey over it as well. We also have Murad with us. I don't want to be the only one to speak in this video.

Murad, you came here just last year. Right? 2022 Tell us about your experience in Africa. Alhamdulillah... It's a beautiful country. I'm really having a good time here. I'd like to ask your audience and fans to visit this country for sure. For tourism... For jobs... For business...

It's a really great place. I said the same thing in my previous video. That if any of your near or far relatives is doing business in Africa... Talk to them and start business here. Because there are a lot of opportunities here. Indeed. A lot of potential here.

For instance a country like Zimbabwe still has a lot of development to be done. Infrastructure development. Manufacturing... They need everything. Most of the things are imported into this country. Now the whole world has set its eyes on Africa.

Indeed. The whole world is focusing on how to do business with Africa. Rather how to invest in Africa. There was a time when goods were exported to Africa. Now it is preferable to invest here.

Because it's rich in mineral resources and raw materials. I mean this is a blessed continent. A continent blessed with opportunities. And you have seen it with your own eyes during journey through Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda. You must have seen the contribution of desi community in businesses. Running big businesses.

In fact, here most of the shops are owned by either Indians or Pakistanis. Those who came here a long time ago. Would you like to try? You go ahead I'll join you. It's delicious. It is. I haven't tried peanut butter with banana before. It has coconut flakes as well.

Look at that weird looking natural rock arrangement. That are naturally stacked together. We are here to see that. Let's go to the view point. This area is slightly towards the outskirts. It took us about 15-20 minutes to get here.

This looks like a proper park. Would be an interesting offroad as well. Well there are two areas; in this direction is the flying boat. Let's go to the boat.

I think this name refers to the shape of these rocks. Wow. That's actually very beautiful. One... Two... Three... Four... One rock on top of another. This is actually natural.

The rocks here are quite uniquely shaped. First we went to the boat rock because that looked like a boat. Then there's an egg rock. Each rock is named after the way it looks. On the 100 dollars note of Zimbabwe, you'll find three rocks. They are called money rocks because they are balanced on each other.

It's a very beautiful and unique valley. Because it's a rare thing to see such naturally balanced rocks. Right now we are standing at a vintage view point.

I tried to get some nice drone shots to show this valley to all of you. Because of its location outside the city and height, you also get a great view of the city from here. You can see that it's raining in the city.

Looks like we are gonna get really soaked on our way back. In Africa, one can always see it from a distance if it's raining somewhere. So you'll know before hand if you are getting wet on your way through that area.

I don't think I have observed this phenomenon at many places in the world before. But it's Africa; unique and amazing. Right now we are headed to a restaurant named Bukhara.

We have a small meetup there. I put a story on Instagram for the meetup, just a little while earlier. Let's see how many people come. Would be nice if a couple of them show up. And if nobody comes, we can still enjoy a cup of tea.

We'll have that and get going. Since there's not a big desi community here, I'm not expecting a big crowd here. Look at these beautiful trees. I'm not sure about their names.

But they sure look beautiful. And here's the restaurant. Let's park somewhere nearby. We met a few families there. Felt really nice.

Because a lot of people message me. And people don't really expect that I'll actually be in that city. That's the beauty of travel... Today I'm here. In a couple of days, we might be in Lusaka.

Followed by Johannesburg, Cape Town and God knows where. Right now we are in Africa... Next time it could be Central Asia. Or North America or South America.

When people find out that I'm in their city, their excitement is worth watching. Feels really great to receive so much love, respect and prayers. We just had a really beautiful sunset. We had plans to go somewhere but the meetup took a little more time than expected. And sunset had passed by then.

Nevertheless, we hope to witness some beautiful sunsets in coming days. We are finally back at the house of Mr. Ambassador. Let me park the motorcycle. Better to park here. That concludes our ride today. Hopefully you must have enjoyed the Harare vlog.

We had a rather peaceful experience here. It's a relatively safer city with less traffic. The weather was also great. Hopefully you must have enjoyed it. We need to thank Murad as well.

Thank you so much Sir for your time. It's a pleasure to ride with you. I had a great time. Thank you Sir.

Pleasure to have you here, Abrar. Thank you so much. Still a lot of things to be seen in Zimbabwe. More to come in the coming vlogs. That's all for the day. Allah Hafiz

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