Everything in Algeria is Free (Tlemcen)

Everything in Algeria is Free  (Tlemcen)

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this is a famous sandwich here in  the the western part of Algeria   right and it's made with chickpeas  garbanzo beans go go how much do you in my you [Music] you know what's funny is that everybody in Algeria   loves Tupac he loves Tupac Tupac  biggy smok biggy smok you can see me good morning guys and welcome back to  another beautiful day here in Algeria now   today I'm talking to you guys from Clemson I  actually arrived here uh via hour and a half   in a private taxi from Oran so it took a while to  get here but I think it is totally worth it I mean   this city already looks completely different  than anywhere else I've been in the country   because Clemson is known as the last City it's  very um similar the architecture is very similar   to Moroccan architecture because it's located  right on the border of Algeria and Morocco now   today I'm with Melika and safia she's over there  taking pictures of glattus I'm also with glattus   it's going to be a nice group of us we're going  to be exploring slson right now we tried to take   the cable car but the cable car is closed and  um melica asked and they said they're going to   open maybe in 2 hours yes okay so later on we'll  come back and we'll attempt to ride the Delo the   cable car up to up top the mountain but yeah  sorry I'm I'm a bit off right now and that is   because I was asleep the entire time I should have  been enjoying the views but yeah I went to sleep   super late last night and the entire ride put me  to sleep I fell asleep and woke up in Clemson so   here we are we're going to start exploring  tempson I'm really excited it's very calm   it's very calm it's a Friday so it's basically  everybody's day off everybody's probably sleeping   enjoying their day so yeah streets are very  calm this morning but right now we're about to   make our way to the Grand Mosque of Clemson right  yeah awesome it's about 6 minutes away from where   we are we're walking the streets now we're going  to make the most out of this quiet day here in   temp Sim but we're walking by this bank right now  super beautiful the architecture here and as we're   walking mikica just pointed out something funny  melica said you smell the couscous and that is   because on Fridays families make couscous at the  house what is the most famous couscous in Algeria yeah Al Al cous aler couscous and the most  famous couscous is just vegetables or chicken   too no we have uh many different types of  cisus okay yes but but every every time you   make different couscous yeah okay awesome we  we uh cook it with uh soup and vegetables with   soup and vegetables yes we uh there's uh and you  can eat with honey and uh you can eat couscous   with honey Peanut and nuts uh it's called the  sifa sifa and that's the best even if you like   sweets okay I didn't know you can have a sweet  couscous there are some cafe shops open here   here in Algeria everybody likes coffee and I  noticed that people like coffee more than tea   except them two they don't like coffee they're  the only they're probably the only two people in   Algeria that don't drink coffee but yeah this  here is beautiful what I wonder what this is   looks like a school maybe middle school middle  school oh it is a school Salam alikum it is a   school that's cool but yeah everything is closed  it's a day of relaxation everything's closed   except this Cafe look at this Cafe there's  a bunch of men smoking cigarettes drinking coffee I feel like for for the  old men a cigarette and coffee is breakfast not one cigarette like six what this  one how many dinar is one pack of cigarettes   in Algeria it's expensive but they buy it but  they still buy it or 30 uh no 400 yeah 4 300   oh so like 400 or 3050 350 okay so that's like 300  that's like $4 $34 that's expensive for cigarettes   right yeah exactly but the people still smoke  so maybe I think what you were trying to tell   me is like maybe they won't have money for food  but they'll have money for cigarettes huh it's   call of depression and stress depression and  stress huh now I have a question is smoking   cigarettes yes because it hurts your health it  hurts your body right that's what I was wondering   I was wondering why is smoking okay and drinking  no but they both do the same thing yes right they   do they both yeah they they poison your body  crazy but yeah people smoke cigarettes all day long I can imagine during the day this street  is very very busy no I don't smoke cigarettes   I used I did I did before I don't smoke  though I it makes me feel terrible it SMS   good yeah it's not good and you know many  bad things happen like you get cancer you   die at a young age like I don't want that for my  family but yeah I respect everybody's decision   know if you guys like to smoke cigarettes  don't kill me in the comment section keep   smoking your cigarettes it's fine we're  going straight oh wow look at this this is a mosque this is the great mosque yeah wow I've  seen this on Google it's beautiful yeah it   looks it looks like the um the minate is the  same style as the one in maresh wow it's very [Music] beautiful two the street name Venezuela Venezuela Venezuela thank you tattoos huh sorry he said you have to use eraser eraser [Music] Amic California California California uh I  speak very well English I speak very good English he was Professor yes Professor  come home every 3 years wow very cool   but the United States is a great nation Algeria [Music] too no venezuel Venezuela Venezuela for yeah I need to travel when  I become older years okay   long long may you have not occasion to practice English he needs to practice more huh yeah when when there is in the college  the professor asked you asked what where   teacher why English he said she  said you have you have to choose   I hope you a good travel good travel  thank you sir good travel thank you so can I take a photo lady with you fter fter than wites Rich  Charing along like a troop in a battle   all through the middle of the horses and cattle I oh the go Mar the saint go Mar you show for me up you want to remember you are I don't know that one you are  always in my heart even you you   far away oh when I found the sh  of I sing with you Ben Mar is on [Music] the are sing yeah you are always in  my heart even you far [Music] away the of you I with you goodbye goodbye bye bye sir bye bye bye bye wow that was amazing guys so you know what  tsin very quiet place by lovely people on a Friday   you know you can walk around there's not much  to do but there's a lot of people to talk to and   like I've said millions of times and I think these  ladies are the perfect example um the best thing   about Algeria is its people and the people are so  kind and even if all the shops are closed even if   there's nothing to do even if we're just walking  around it makes it a special time thank you see   see what I'm talking about it's crazy I've never  been to a country where the people have been so   friendly so welcoming absolutely everywhere  should we keep on walking down a bit yeah so   yeah we're walking down some side streets now  we're going to go to the mosque in a little bit   except everything's closed guys I'm trying to just  yeah make the most out of the day and keep showing   you guys what I'm seeing alikum but yeah in in the  side streets you find a lot of stores shop selling clothing here you go glattus can you help  me with this camera for a second of course   wow I seen kids eating karanka huh where's the  karanka find we have to find some let's safia   doesn't want karanka she told us yesterday that  karanka she's done with karanka you want one   today n she don't want one today they're funny  no she was telling me yesterday thatum how are youum what's your name no good no good you no tattoos  bro okay okay I was like no no good   no good no good I know Haram very bad English English I am I [Music] am you're you're  13 you're 13 years old yes my name is Chris and you jelis ismaelis nice to meet you   your home uh Clemson Algeria  Algeria is your home huh not Clemson Algeria where's where's the Karan you want karanka let's eat karanka  let's go let's go let's go come on let's   go eat karanka let's go come on yala  yala let's go let's go Kara cut me c me you like Messi Messi Ronaldo Ronaldo  Ronaldo Ronaldo okay Ronaldo you like Ronaldo where's the where's the karanka  oh this the karanka hello very good   this is the famous karanka huh okay yeah please  wow this is nice so um can you help me Malika what   is the difference here there's two different kinds  huh or is it the same karanka oh it's the same okay can you um can you ask can you ask him  for uh one for each of the kids and one for me this is a famous sandwich here in  the the western part of Algeria right   and it's made with chickpeas garbanzo  beans go go you guys want photos huh is that one ours yeah oh cool very nice [Music] man this shop is busy too huh this looks  like the right place to eat everybody's here this is the the best how much do you this is crazy Algerian Algerian hospitality thank you thank you thank you very thank  you man I'm telling you they make you feel   at home huh yeah Algeria very beautiful  country thank you brother you guys are   amazing nice to meet you brother beautiful  place you live in thank you thank you there you go oh I was going to keep for  me for me thank you thank you yes very good wow wow it's very nice so it's  basically like a a chickpea   mix right what else is inside here egg  egg water chickpea egg and water be careful look wow this shop  is super oh another fresh got one I share with one each thank you thank you right here okay wow I see why people like kante guys  amazing want to give it a good it's healthy it's good the bread is so nice huh very good yes yes yes I show you are you   are you going to have some after  after okay is it is it nice yeah it's different than Oran M it's  different better or you like Oran better safia is so funny man all  right well um we're going to enjoy   the sandwiches here yeah and I put it Instagram me put this here on the back I sent to you okay be careful Instagram okay  Luke you wow so they brought it to me without the   bread huh yeah oh look at that the crispy  part is probably the best huh Egypt [Music] o man what a Vibe that's what  I'm talking to you guys about   you know there is quite a bit of things  to do in flims and you just got to find them wow I think it's better yeah mhm it's very nice you will get  too in monagan is different wow   okay we're going to have a karanka feast this week you know what's crazy guys is I can't believe  that in Algeria everything is free for a tourist   everything's free like you guys make me feel at  home yesterday I went to the the pressing place   and we went to go pick up our clothes and we asked  the guy how much for the clothes and he started   writing down a bunch of zeros on the paper huh  Gladis yeah he just wrote down a bunch of zeros   and he's like he said and I was coma how much and  he said zero dinner yeah he said zero he's like   enjoy Algeria and he gave us all of our clothes  for for free for free man amazing people and the   other day at the restaurant it happened the same  remember you went to order a burger and it was   this man eating a pizza and he offered us and we  were like oh no thank you Lee you enjoy your pizza   yeah exactly and he was like no please please try  the pizza with me and so we took a a little piece   of his pizza and then our order came and after  that he stand up and went to pay or B beautiful so   it was free lunch yeah it was a free lunch he he  told us we couldn't pay I even offered to get him   his bill and he was like no impossible unreal man  the hospitality wow oh we're going up the mountain huh C Boogie oh CD Boogie okay I love all these old little cars too man these streets are beautiful though  I love the how narrow they are and how   how old they are I love that the that they have  preserved the architecture and haven't changed it wow beautiful beautiful come okay okay so we just made it out  of the taxi and now we are heading to a   mosque we're heading up here to a beautiful  mosque that they told us we had to visit   and let me just tell you guys this  is beautiful huh have you been here   before this hello salum what does he  want money let me see to explore thank you these are very famous in Algeria  huh yeah yeah I've had a few already   and I really enjoy them all right well  I was just giving a dates let's try it they're great huh those are nice so good natural candy man  wow this is an incredible view huh yeah can't   go so these here are are ruins huh ancient ruins  I wonder if this is Roman is it no it's the med Med okay so what does that mean  OT old countries before 300 oh   okay it was before this this was  all here before Algeria amazing wow yeah everybody wants a wants a photo yeah glattus is getting good at  the photos too take one with him can you hold this please you want one too okay okay so now we're about to enter the MOs they  told us that we could enter right now just this way we can start here we can go that  way yeah let's see wow this is nice huh wow that's beautiful very beautiful wow that's beautiful wow that is amazing huh you know I think this is the most  beautiful mosque I've entered this trip wow you can't oh they're praying huh  okay wow super beautiful though huh   it's amazing the detail on the door we  can we can oh we can we ask we ask people such a beautiful mosque just left the mosque  and now we're inside of like a castle Museum   and let me just tell you guys it is amazing that  everywhere you go you're welcomed so right now   as we were leaving the mosque what is mikica  can you help me yeah what is the guy's name   like what the guy that that invited us to cuscus  what what is his job IM IM yes Im so it's like   it's like the he takes care of the mosque yes  okay so the Imam invited us to cuscus so like   just like I'm telling you guys man everything  in Algeria is free when you come here and you   spread love just like we are right like it's  nice like good energy Good Vibes people like   that so um we're going to come back and eat some  couscous right now in about an hour but this here   is incredible such a beautiful view so this  here is the this is the ancient castle huh   wow it's beautiful built in the sth  century they told us there's a hole there oh there is whoa you  do not want to fall there   man yeah that is a long way down gladus  be careful okay wow this is cool though man it's awesome so yeah a lot of history here  in the country well guys um you know tson what   can I say tson nice place very relaxing on a  Friday uh but great people outs and about so   I'm going to I'm going to put the camera down  now for a while and you know I think I'm going   to enjoy my time here and I'll see you guys at the  couscous which I'm so excited about because cous   it's Friday it's couscous Friday it's time to eat  some couscous so um and my first time eating cusu   inside of a mosque yeah ex have you have you ate  cuscus before inside of a mosque in the mus it's   my first time first time as well all right  that's what I'm talking about it's a special   special couscous yeah and look at this view guys  this here is special all right see you guys in a   bit so I was hanging out waiting for the Moss to  bring us to the cuscus and these guys just invited   me into their home to eat couscous with them  unfortunately um glattus and the girls can't join   us because they are wom and I guess everybody eats  separate here but let's go join them thank you [Music] wow very nice he left them with no couscous only dude I'm telling you things like  this wouldn't happen in many parts of the world man he was halfway through a spoonful and they  just pick up the couscous and walk away with it salum Max Maxi here baby try of course it is   delicious very [Music] good you  already tried wow thank you it's nice it's good huh oh [Music] no wow that is delicious [Music] you make huh did you you make  the [Music] couscous no no   women in the house oh okay so every house  every house makes a cous delicious [Music] delicious very good thank you man can  you tell them um can you tell them that   was amazing the best couscous  I've had yeah very good thank you let try let's get one more piece no man I'm making a mess wow California Algerian food delicious  yes California he said I have a nice heart   you have a nice heart thank you thank you tell him um tell him that I have a  lot of love and respect for Islam because   you guys treat everybody like family  when we come to your home can you tell [Music] him normal normal everybody Welcome huh  noral normal this is all normal here in in Algeria what an incredible experience huh the  cuscus was incredible too that was better than the   one we had um in Al this is the best C like it it  can be more local than this and more traditional   that it's a Friday like it's the special days  for cus with this sound with the yeah and with   them sharing their precious day of the week yeah  it's amazing that they share this with how old 34 34 me 29 294 [Applause] and how old are [Music] they 31 31 no 21 21 20 20 uh got two babies [Music] he has a boy and daughter  wow beautiful beautiful the boy no baby no baby what did he say oh he's crazy H this one is married oh you married 21 I'm 22 I'm 22 you married a baby soon soon no no no butab no no [Music] Noe speee [Laughter] I learn only this this expression  to to use it with with okay thank   you um can you ask him does he  see does he see a lot of tourist here americ American really American a  Jewish yesterday a Jewish guy was here wow man this is what I live for I love experiences  like this right this is what makes the world such   a special place man you can go anywhere in the  world and just F and just feel at home it's crazy   guys like it's crazy what the media will make  some people think and huh and the media will   make you hate some places we were talking about  that earlier it's crazy the media will make you   hate some places and you don't even know the  place and like Algeria is such a lovely country all right well I'm going to enjoy the rest of this   uh experience and I catch  up with you guys inside the MOs join us join us with thank you thank you Angeles hello thank you for Me in  Your Country thank you we have to say   Welcome to our country thank you I feel at  home I feel at home at home thank you thank you yes California Venezuela Yesa origin yes Latinos like Algerian people mik gracias you know what's funny  is that everybody in Algeria loves   Tupac he loves Tupac Tupac biggy  small Bigg smokes you can't see me see me you guys like DJ Snake  DJ Snake wait yeah he's good   yeah he's every we like I know he's he's a super  important huh he he's one of the main reasons why   so many people now know about Algeria too which  is cool because people need the world needs people   like him like Algeria needs people like him that's  how you know a lot of us found out about this   great country because of DJ Snake I like DJ Snake  yo DJ Snake just liked her story that's crazy bro what is this homemade candy wow what's the name again there we go oh with the cow [Music] okay wow broow this is a delicious [Applause] I [Music] like you're Mar wow bro bro tell  him tell him he looks like a model superm model you you belong in  [Laughter] magazine Facebook bro sorry like the CL chis after prayers we will go to  another place to madasa okay madasa what AM iing is this what do I [Music] do you can't go hungry here all right so my  friends are are taking off now and unfortunately   I don't have a souvenir to get them I need to  start traveling with things from America to   give to people but thank you for making me feel  at home okay thank you thank you thank you thank   you thank you brother and thank you thank you  I appreciate you guys amazing people these are   this is the reason why Algeria is such a special  place is because of people like them and people   like you guys thank you all right um now to see  what else we get into here in Clemson you always I was the one to take a love I  remember how we started [Music]

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