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Good morning, good morning guys and welcome back to another video here in India specifically up in Munnar. We're gonna be taking you guys with us to explore this area right now we've got our man who's gonna be driving us around. Which one are we going to? He’s our man. Hey, good morning my friend. Your good name? Nice to meet you Mac, it's a pleasure.

He’s going to the Kundale Lake. Let me show you. Perfect, we're going to the markets first downtown okay hang out there for a bit, perfect. Okay you know

this is a local guy. Perfect. Yeah, understand the English. Wonderful. If you want anything they help you. Alright, thank you so much. Paulani you're the man,

thank you. Alright. That's the coach. Alright, thank you, thank you. You're the coach. Yeah, there we go. We got the goats right here. I wonder if I can pet one. Hello little

one. Oh he's probably gonna charge me probably not a good idea to pet him. Alright so, we're gonna hop right in. I’ll go up in front for now yeah. Can I pet him, are they safe to pet? Thank you.

Alright, the fun is beginning guys, we are hopping in the car. We're going on a private tour paying 2500 for basically I’ll probably spread this out between two videos because I’ll be going to so many places guys. So basically for like five or six spots, we're gonna go to that's what will cost about 32 US dollars roughly and so let's get on with it. We've got a roughly five minute drive. Five minutes of the town? Yes. Perfect.

Alright, so we'll be cruising about five minutes that will get us to- 10 minutes, yeah perfect. 10 minutes to get us to the downtown area. Yeah Munnar town will be going to guys. It's the official name. So you're from Munnar? Guys it's such a beautiful time cruising down into the mountains right now. We've got basically tea plantations all lined along the mountains here so it's very, very nice midday too. Luckily,

it's not too, too hot here. I would say like feeling the temperature maybe 25 Celsius. I’m still getting my Celsius down but I would say for like Fahrenheit that's roughly like 75 degrees so a really nice temperature and yeah I got pants and a t-shirt on it.

Let me tell you that it's probably like perfect. I could probably wear shorts too but that gets the job done, sunglasses on. You need sunglasses? You need sunglasses my friend? Oh you do. Oh perfect, got a pair for you. Yeah we both have them in yeah. Thank you sir. Yeah no problem. Let’s see if you like them.

Oh there it is, yeah. We got matching sunglasses on now looking good very nice. Have you ever driven around with a YouTuber? YouTube. YouTube yeah. YouTube, YouTuber. Yeah which name sir?

World Nomac, link in my cell send me sir, my number. Right here. Oh thank you so much. You’ll be in the videos.

So do you have lots of more Indian tourists here or international tourists? Mostly from India, yeah. Some other people some. Oh some others yeah, very nice. So guys we're actually taking a bridge across what looks to be a dam here and actually it is an electrical dam, pretty small size electrical dam but it covers all the power in Munnar or some of the power. Yeah Munnar.

So guys my friend here Lenin, he's telling me that we're actually cruising through old Munnar right now and then actually it's gonna bring us right to new Munnar. So my guess is as we're cruising through, we're probably gonna see more of like the old style architecture and then probably the new style markets. You’re gonna see more like modern style, more markets things like that so we're heading over to a new Munnar right now but as you can see, we got cows hanging out right there. And officially guys, welcome to Munnar. So guys we're just cruising a little bit further, we drove through town but we're not gonna stop there until later on today because it is the hotter time of the day so we're cruising towards the boating is it? Where we destination? Mattupetty direction. Oh okay, perfect. Is that the boats? Is that the boats? No, no best point, this photo point. Okay. Alright,

alright this place is photo point. Photo point. Is that a garden, a garden or what is it? This rose garden, rose garden. So we're going to a rose garden guys. So

we're gonna be cruising up here and we'll show you once we get up there. Guys as you can see, we've got some Indian traffic here. We've got some cows right there. Alright, guys we just hopped out of the car here. This is Munnar's most

picturesque spots for photos I’m being told here. As you can see, we've got the windy roads going through, super luscious green tea plantations there. It's pretty amazing to see that because it looks just like Sri Lanka but like a larger more vast version. We've got horses kinda running around here plenty of sunglasses for sale. You can buy some things might even need to get ourselves another little hat there maybe we can find ourselves a little drink over here. What do we got going on? Oh we got

corn on the cob. We’ve got fresh breakfast going here. Alright, very nice. Hello,

hello. Alright, so we're gonna cruise up and down this way for a little bit guys, see if there's any spots a little ice cold beverage had breakfast a little bit ago so just checking out what they had over there. Looked like some good chow but not hungry at the moment. Oh full speed ahead. Hello, got the horses just chill in there.

Pineapple juice? Oh just to eat. Oh sliced up pineapple. Alright, freshly sliced.

20. Alright, Oh I think I still need to find a place to get change. I have no change.

I have no change. Yeah, I have no change. You have change? We’re going full speed ahead on the horse over there. Oh you've got change? Yeah. No, you don't know I need the change though. No, no I need the change.

I need to get changed though anyways, because otherwise next place I go I don't have change either. No elephant rides for me, thank you so much. Guys we got some fresh pineapple here and I’ve noticed this is how they did it in Sri Lanka as well where they put the the spices on the pineapple so it gives it a unique flavor that's quite nice. Oh that one had a lot of spice on it very, very spicy. Oh wow.

Yeah, it was kinda like this piece guys right there was really strong then it's got me so 20 rupees for one of these comes out to about 33 dollars. Well, it's gonna make my eyes water. That’s probably the most spicy thing that I’ve had since I’ve been here. Guys so we just did kinda a quick little cruise through there basically that area is kinda just a picturesque spot. I went through a little bit quicker just because I did spend a lot of time in the tea farms when I was in Sri Lanka and so I guess in between there, there is like an elephant riding spot but for me personally I don't. I’m not a fan of

really elephant tourism as much unless it's like sanctuaries type thing where you know for sure they're treated well but now we're gonna cruise over to the boating area where it's I think maybe just a few kilometers away and that's where we're gonna be heading. Guys we just hopped out of the dam here. The tour is a little bit confusing right now because I’ve got a really nice tour guide but his English dialogue's a little- a little tough for me to understand sometimes. So I haven't really been able to figure out exactly where we're going. So we're kind of just ending up at random spots but to be honest sometimes, that's pretty fun here guys so we're actually like on this bridge that is basically covering this entire dam. Wow. you can see the architecture down

there and then on this side here that's where we have people out on boats which is what we're gonna be doing pretty soon they're on paddle boats. I think there's even jet skis so quite a few fun things you can do over here. We got a jeep there. Now hopefully we can make it on a jeep in the next couple videos while we're here guys, we shall see though. It's really huge though guys, you can see how far it stretches. I’ve

been walking for a couple minutes across the dam and I think I’m only getting to the halfway point. This looks like some sort of like control tower or something. Oh look at this truck right here. It's got a massive stack of logs up on there, gotta watch out for that one. Hopefully those logs are tied on there tight, would be like the movie final destination. Oh actually now that we're here the fence is off so you guys can see it much more clearly. We got speed

boats even over there so it's quite a little vacation town up here. It's really nice, luscious green forests and mountains surrounding absolute vibe over here. Oh we're walking up here, we've got some fresh things being cooked. Oh we might have to get the a game of this going. Let’s see if we can get one of these guys. Give it a shot over here. Let's hop up on

this one, we'll see if one of the salesmen comes up. Oh yeah how much? 10 shots. Alright, you have changed for a 500? Alright, so is it ready to shoot? Oh yeah and it's sighted well. Yes.

Perfect, perfect would you mind holding this? Hold here. Oh, oh you got this all planned out. Okay. No, you can't see me. Can you hold that? You can't hold it right here? You can here because I need me in it. There no me. Okay, okay.

Yeah thank you my friend. Shoot. See me. Alright, there we go guys we're gonna see if this thing's sighted right. Usually guys I’m a better shot so I’m surprised right now.

There we go. This one's- this one's sighted properly this one's the right one. Oh you've got change now. Oh thank you. There we go. Now- now we're really at the

test guys but I know sometimes these things can be moved so if this one doesn't hit perfectly then that means the gun was readjusted. Yeah. Alright, so this gun is definitely much better. This is a special shout out to Harry bro.

Now that we got the right gun we'll go head to head next time. There we go, see now you guys believe me that it was the gun's fault. The first time around, set that there try to change the angle up a little bit. Oh nothing came out. Is there one in there, can we pop it open and see? Alright, we got her in there.

There’s nothing came out the last time. Something’s coming out? Hi, you got 10 shots. That was ten? Perfect. Thank you my friend, appreciate it. Got the change, this will- this will make life much easier now thank you. Alright, guys we got like five out of the ten but a couple of those shots it felt like nothing was coming out because like you can hear and feel the difference when a bullet is actually comes out of the chamber and those like last three I feel like there was some sort of ball because it wasn't having that same ricochet so it's a trick with those things sometimes I know that for sure. Are you a good shot?

Yeah alright. Hello, oh you have tea? Oh yeah, we'll take one coffee please, two coffees and tea for you. Alright, one coffee one tea please. Okay thank you. Sit down

please sir. No problem, I gotta film this. Yeah, yeah sugar please. And there we go. We got a nice little

packet of coffee right there. We've got the full brewing station and we're gonna go ahead and fill that cup up and let's see we got boiling water. Oh we got boiling milk right there. Alright, perfect, there we go and we got a little filter in there so it's taken off the what kind of milk? Filled milk, goat milk? Oh fat milk.

Oh okay, I’m not familiar with that one and that is one cup of Joe right there, the Kerala style yeah very good milk. As you can see it's oxidizing the coffee. I don't know if that's the right term but it feels right- right now. Thank you very much. And then one tea for him, very nice tea. Very nice. This is tea or

coffee? Yeah perfect, very nice gonna let that cool down for one minute. Oh we got the milk going overboard and how much for the two? 25. 25. Alright, for both yeah? So here's the trick guys we're gonna pour it in there that's how we cool it down. Oh that's still boiling hot no matter how many teas and coffees I have, I’ll never have the tolerance.

As you can see, slow cool down that's still boiling hot I’m not gonna lie but that means it's fresh and clean. Alright, let's see if that did it. Oh yeah that did the trick. There we go very theek hai [Good] Yeah, yeah so you like tea better than coffee.

Yeah, most people in India prefer tea or coffee? Coffee. Oh they prefer coffee. Tea and coffee nani [Thanks] my friend, delicious coffee thank you. Thank you. So we're getting a photo you got me and the brother who made the delicious coffee? Okay yeah good one. Yeah theek hai [Good] perfect. Nice to meet you. Thank you. Alright, guys nothing like taking a quick break there to have a nice cup of coffee, tea and shoot a couple guns there. Check out the

target practice but I’m gonna re-watch those clips though guys. Re-watched the clips when I shot the gun and I hit the balloon because every time I did the exact same tactic and three- three of the times the balloon hit and then the three times that it didn't after the sound of something actually coming out of the gun wasn't there. So I have had these tricks played on me many times but it's not like you won a prize or anything. I just wanted to test my aim.

Now where to? Next to it. Alright, here we go. Sun moon valley boating center. Alright, yeah. Boating. Let's do it. Perfect good boating ticket, yeah. Alright, we're gonna do a little boating here guys. I’m not sure if they maybe we'll get on a speedboat jet ski something like that. Here's the

entrance ticket right when you walk in. Hello my friend, how are things? What are the boat options? Here just for entry per person forty rupees. To get a boat? The entry. Oh just entry here. Okay. How much is the entry?

Oh, you'll be roadside. Oh okay, I’ll see you then thank you. You said 100? 40 rupees. 40 rupees. Thank you. Thank you.

Thank you. Alright, guys I guess just to enter the boating area you've gotta pay 40 rupees which is maybe 75 cents that's interesting. It must be like either like really well maintained or a lot of people will just come down here to take photos with the boats and so they probably wanna charge something or we shall see. I’m just kinda making random

assumptions guys but okay that makes more sense. So it's not just like a boating area, it's also seems like it's a bit of a theme park. As you guys can see over here, it looks like we have zip lines, rock climbing wall. Oh a secret pathway right here. Alright, so I guess once you get into here then you have another entrance fee to go in there. We're gonna go to the boat club down here see if we can find a decent price for a boat. Hopefully, we can

guys. Alright, here's our options we've got a speedboat for 910 pontoon for 1720 or 150 there's 20 people. Alright, let's check it out 15 minute speedboat.

Alright, hello my friend. Sir. Could I please have one speedboat? Yes. Name, I need this how many persons? Just me. Okay.

Unless you wanna come. You wanna come? No. Alright, well it'd be fun. Alright, so I put my name right there. I can just put Fragrant Nature. Fragrant Nature, Munnar. There we go.

Perfect, thank you. So yeah guys, I have this speedboat now for the next 30 minutes for me, myself and I and yeah we are going to cruise down there. It's about 11 dollars and 90 cents with today's exchange rate so pretty good price. I guess we'll see if we can get

our drivers or our boat captain let me drive that would be fun but I’ll see you right down there in just a moment guys. Alright, looks like that's where we're gonna be picking up our boats right down there. Oh yeah, that's gonna be fun guys so we got our brother. There he is, we got both of them. Boat number two over there.

Alright, we're going this way, got the wrong guy guys. Looks like I’m not the only one there's a beating path right there to go. This must be the life jacket stand right here as they say better safe than dead. Hello my friend, how are things? I’m fine. Very good, very good. Hello, hello just me today unless you guys wanna come. Yeah maybe. You wanna come on the

boat? Come on. Alright, chalo [Let’s go] right. Perfect. So do I need a life jacket or no? Yeah this one, yeah. I’m coming from Chicago, United States Yeah. Yeah came to visit the beautiful city of Munnar yeah. Yes thank you. Very nice.

Two minutes, two minutes. Three minutes and which type of boat is it? The small type. The small. 505 00:19:38,000 --> 00:19:42,000 Oh not- not the big one. No big one. We’re gonna get the life jacket on now. Yeah. There we go, suited up for

safety yeah. Yes, yes. Can I swim in the lake? Oh in the back, yeah. Thank you. I can swim in the lake? No. Perfect. No

only boat only. Yeah, yeah. Alright, is it too dirty to swim or cleaned? Yeah clean water but that is not allowed. There's a lot of fish in there? This is fish yeah.

Alright, which way do I go? Bag. That's not my bag, my bag's here. Okay. Thank you, see you guys. Alright, we're heading down there's our friends, they look like they'd be fun captains.

Hello. Captain? Yeah. Yeah perfect, it looks like we're getting the- the smaller boats down here and here we go. Hello my friends, how are things? How are things? Very good, very good. So two minutes only. No problem no problem. Can I come in the captain's

headquarters? Alright, perfect. Oh here we go. Looks like we're gonna hang out. Oh yeah, this thing's like it's equivalent to when you have an airplane pillow and you're sitting in the airplane seat and you're like I can't move the head anywhere that's how I’m feeling, very nice. Good and you? Yeah so we got the big boat now. Alright, perfect.

We’ll take the big boat. But a big safety also. Oh perfect, so I can take this off? Yes. I’m a good swimmer. I can take it off once I’m out there. Perfect, I thought that was our guy not our guy, one of these guys are gonna be our boats out here.

Should I drive this one? I wanna drive. No? Do I pay extra to drive? No? You gotta ask. If you don't ask, it's a guaranteed no. If you at least ask it's a possibility. Oh there we go, thank you. We’re hopping in. Perfect. Can sit

wherever yeah? Yeah, yeah your good name? My name is Hamish. Hamish with an h, nice to meet you. Hamish, Mac, Mac. Yeah thank you. Thank you, Yes. Alright,

so this is the fastest boat you guys have, yeah? yes, yes. Alright, perfect Hamish is gonna take us on a full speed-ahead cruise. Let’s do it my friend. Oh there we go. I’m gonna put this bag down here so we don't lose it and there we go. Welcome to Munnar my friend.

How many skills are gonna drive this the right way? Oh yeah, there we go. We're going full speed ahead. We’re already passing up the other boat right up here. This is gonna be a good time, a real good time. Oh we better- we

better switch the head on back. Oh we're about to crash into this boat. Hello, there we go.

There we go Hamish is the king driver. Yeah chalo [Let’s go]. Guys it's beautiful out here though. We’re surrounded by beautiful forests, mountains this is that energy that adrenaline I needed to keep us going guys. That coffee was the first step.

Oh my God, just look at this place unbelievable. This right here is what we call Indian paradise my friends. We have located some birds these are cranes, some of the local birds here right out there guys.

We’ll find a couple of birds hanging out on a log looking for this morning for this afternoon's lunch. They’re looking for the chow and they're wondering what's going on and there we go, full speed that good luck with your lunch and that one just took a poop while he looked at me. Last time I had my hat on the right way and so not making that mistake again.

Now we're gonna be looking for something along the land here. Hamish is very carefully scanning to see if we're gonna see anything maybe a wild- We’re getting nice and close to them. Hello.

Hey, we got the squad. Hello, hello. Namaste [Greetings] my friends. Good people out here, very nice people.

Guys I must say it's like the perfect temperature right now too now with the wind mixed with the sun wearing a t-shirt pair of pants. Oh spot on relaxation. Now I understand why Munnar is such a hot spot for vacation and tourism. It's beautiful. There's a lot of stuff to do here, people are very friendly. It's an all-around good time over here.

Hamish, what do we got over here my friend? Plantation, tea plantation to the left here guys so if you look up there. Oh wow, there's actually workers up there if you look you probably can't see in the GoPro because it's such a wide angle but way up there kinda halfway up the mountain, there's a group of about 20 of them working in the tea plantation. How deep is the dam? How many meters? 110 feet. Oh 110 feet. Alright, so that's

probably roughly 30 meters at its deepest part. Thank you Hamish. How many years have you been working? 26 years here. Wow, so nobody knows this lake or dam better than you.

Yeah that's great. So in 26 years, how many boat rides do you think that is? Thousands? Ten thousands yeah, yeah very how many per day like five? Yeah how many? Per day? Day trip? Yeah trips per day? 20. 20 a day. Wow, for 26 years. Yes. Amazing. Catching a fresh catch.

Namaste [Greetings] my friends. Namaste [Greetings] and what type of fish are they looking for? Yeah yes. Short edge. Short edge fish. Hello, hello. Namaste [Greetings].

Good catch today. Oh very nice. Oh we're it looks like we're docking up. Oh there we go, we have arrived. He's now he's coming. Oh yeah

to catch the fish. Oh he's gonna catch him. Oh perfect, Hamish is the man. He's even talking to the fisherman gonna get us a fresh fish here.

Many people over there. Nani [Thank you]. That’s how you say thank you right nani. I love nature guys, I freaking love nature. Oh it's just- it's just revitalizing breathing in such fresh air in nature here and we've got another squad here fishing. Namaste [Greetings]. Some good fresh catches today? Oh very good, very good. Theek hai [Good]

Oh there- Oh those are the fresh catches right there. Yes Oh there we go. We got the- the pups wondering. Are these guys docking up? Look

at the pups like oh, oh that's a fresh catch today. Oh, oh nice so catch today eat- eat for dinner? 697 00:26:59,919 --> 00:27:03,600 Oh very nice, very good. That's great. How many fish do you catch per day? 20. 20 a day. Oh very good. 20 piece that's a good day then. Oh very nice.

Nani [Thank you]. Thank you Hamish. Oh we've got the fishing pole right there. Namaste [Greetings]. Alright, a lot of fishers, fisher people out today catching multiple rounds fishermen, fisher women. Alright, we got full speed ahead Hamish is hitting the waves right now. We're

gonna get some air here. Oh yeah, let's go. There it is. There it is. We’re cutting it right we're cutting it left and we're riding these waves like there's no tomorrow here. Alright, we're going past the squad.

Hey. Hello, how are we doing? Hello, very nice people, love the energy on a sunny day like this guys how can you not be happy smiling and thankful for every day of breathing? Oh wow, look at some of these land formations right here. It almost looks like it's caved in a bit, some of the trees are falling but it's time to make a pretty unique design. It’s very interesting. The dam looks pretty large but actually how big it is when you go into all of these little inlets, all these little cul-de-sacs I guess you could call them.

Oh there we go right inside here. Crocodile? Oh ducks. Oh yeah, ducks. No crocodiles in here? We’ve got a got a couple ducks over here hanging out, looking for lunch and they're wondering what are these guys doing. Quack quack my

friends. Oh they didn't like that they didn't like that. I wasn't speaking their language properly. Guys if you saw my video about two weeks back when I took the boat in Kochi, this experience is ten times better and it's so much more scenic. The one in Kochi was a bit underwhelming but so as you guys probably saw in that video, I- I think my tuk-tuk driver leveraged me to that one. This one's an amazing one, really good price for it about 12 US dollars to go cruising along the dam right here, good people fun guys we've even got cows right here grazing, grabbing a little midday snack. Oh quite

a few of them, got a couple of them up here too. Everyone’s just doing a little grazing like I was looking like what are you looking at my guy? Hey, hey you talking to me? There we go, we're finishing off with a bang. Oh yeah, now that was legendary. Hamish, great time my friend. Okay sir. Oh let me get that bag on there, that's for you. Thank you so much, really appreciate it.

He took us on a proper thrill ride. You guys ready for a good ride? Oh yeah, thank you. I do, yeah.

How was your ride sir? It’s right. I got on me the big life jacket. There it is my friend. Enjoy, enjoy your ride. Yeah, nice to meet you. How was your ride, sir? Alright, oh so good yeah very nice ride. He's a great captain. He drives really fast so if you guys like fast then we're gonna enjoy that. Yeah,

yeah. Where you from? From the US. Yeah nice to meet you guys, enjoy see you. Alright, guys proper thrill ride. Oh I think we can take off the life jacket now. Thank you very much my friends very

nice time. Take care, we'll see you next time bye bye. Alright, guys oh yeah that was the adrenaline we needed very, very nice. Oh I smell some goodies here guys might be time for a little snacky snack. That

popcorn smells quite nice and it looks like maybe some lemon juice left to do the trick too. Cotton candy machine, ice cream a little bit of everything. Oh yeah. Hello, do you have a lemonade, lemon juice? Lemon juice? Yeah. Could I have one

and then one popcorn please? Popcorn. One lemon juice, one popcorn. Yes please.

Hello my friend, doing one lemon juice and one popcorn. Oh we're gonna come this way, yeah. Oh yeah, that's fresh popcorn. Oh there we go, that's gonna be delish. Thank you my friend. Okay fun, thank you.

More lime juice yeah. Can I see how it's made? Water soda yeah, soda water. Soda. Alright, so we're starting out with a fresh cut on that lime. Lime. Oh yeah

freshly- freshly sliced. Oh there we go, presses the lime juice right in there, fresh and tasty. Salt or sugar? Sugar yeah. Sugar yeah a little salt mixing yeah. Okay. Whatever you think tastes best, the Kerala way. Well, there we go mixing it all up.

Oh there we go, fresh club soda. Oh yeah, that means it's gonna be nice and fizzy. Where are you coming from? From the US. Thank you. Well mixing it all up in there, this is the Kerala special? Yeah. The best way to do it, proper mixing in there.

Oh yeah, fantastic. It's ready to drink then. How much? Alright, thank you my friend. No change. Okay sir. Thank you very much. Okay. Alright, we've got a nice little cup right there we're gonna sip. Hey, you made it. You want a lemonade and a popcorn? No, no. You're sure?

Oh. Oh, oh there we go. Wow. No problem. Alright, guys so we just got the lemonade here so 30 rupees that's roughly I wanna say 45 cents if I’m doing my conversion so let's test it out here. It’s delicious, very tasty just finished it. Then we also very nice and we also got this popcorn right here guys as you can see, it's freshly made. It's got a spice

on it like a light flavoring quite tasty especially after- after that thrill ride on the boat, quite a good time and a good little snack to finish it off. Alright, we got the brother here. Your good name? Subraj. Subraj, the legend from Munnar?

Madurai. Madurai. He's from Madurai. Near the river. Near the river. Auto, auto. Oh. Auto rickshaw. Oh auto rickshaw. That’s great fantastic. Nice to meet you my friend.

Oh yeah. Hello my friend, good name? Hussein. Nice to meet you Hussein. My name's Mac. Hello. My friends, nice to meet all of you. Thank you. Namaste [Greetings] my friends.

Thank you my friends. Bye. Goodbye, goodbye. Yeah. Oh yeah, you'll be on there

yeah, yeah. Oh yeah, you'll find yourself on there. Thank you. Thank you, see you. Alright, we're heading up, meeting a lot of good people here guys, good spot. And the name of the next place one more time? Echo Point. Echo Point. Oh so

that's gonna be a pretty good time going up to Echo Point. Enjoy your time my friends, see you, see you. Bye-bye. Bye. Bit of a workout guys, we just made it back to the top of the hill here and a bit out of breath that means we got a proper workout, burned off that popcorn so that's good stuff. Alright, guys I’m

gonna go ahead and end this video here today. If you've enjoyed this one, make sure to smash that like button. If you wanna see more videos here in India and all around the world, hit that subscribe button below, and I’ll see you guys in tomorrow's video with a lot more adventures.

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