Ep 8 Chumi Gyatse, Near Tawang- Holy waterfall to Dirang Jang Falls | waterfall near China border

Ep 8 Chumi Gyatse, Near Tawang- Holy waterfall to Dirang  Jang Falls | waterfall near China border

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(Dogs barking in the distance) (Dog barking) I have not seen a waterfall till date flowing from inside the mountain. I am seeing such a waterfall for the first time in my life. That too not from a single place, but a total of 108 places.

Namaskar friends! Welcome to Visa2explore! This is your host, Harish Bali. This morning, we left Tawang at 5.45 am for Chumi Gyatse. There are two routes. One is a slightly longer route but in good condition. That route takes about 5 hours to reach.

The route that we are taking is not so good. But it will save us time. The total journey on this route would be about 3 hours long. I've told you already that we left Tawang at 5.45 am. Right now, the time is 6.25 am. I am telling you the time to help you imagine, we've covered 13 KM so far. We had to drive slowly.

And look at so much snow. That is the Pt Tso lake. Doesn't it look good? You can get closer to the lake in a car, from that road. You can drive down from there to go near the lake. You don't need to permit to go there.

They ask for a pass when you reach Bumla check post. But we weren't asked for a pass at the checkpost because.... ...we told them that we were visiting Chumi Gyatse. Morning time! So much fresh snow around us! We've have a good start to the day. Let us take a stroll for about 5 minutes. After that, we will move on.

By God! We are driving over ice. No vehicle can drive here without putting chain on its tyres. We've reached here because we are in a Thar. We've stopped again to watch the lake view from this height. There are two lakes in front of us.

One on this side and the other on that side. Since the weather is clear, we can make out the heart-shape of that lake. The mountains, you can see, are snow-covered. This is an amazing viewpoint. While coming back from Bumla yesterday, we couldn't see anything due to fog.

During clear weather, and a sunny day like this, it feels so good to be here. And I had shown you the surroundings earlier as well. Look at the fresh snow. It doesn't seem like it is from yesterday. It looks like snowfall had happened just a while ago.

Nice! For the last 2 KM, we've driven over black ice on the road. So, I asked Tenzing Bhai how he was able to drive over such difficult terrain. So, he told me those travelling on this route after an hour or so....

...will come with chain on the tyres. They won't be able to drive otherwise. Great! Shall we continue? Bumla is hardly 6 KM from here. We are going to take a diversion after another 2 KM. Chumi Gyatse, the location of waterfall, where we are headed..... ....very few people know about it and least of all the tourists. And even among the locals, very few have visited there. So far, we've travelled just 43 KM in 3 hours.

We came up that zig-zag road, taking twists and turns to reach here. That is our car. On the way here, we touched an altitude of almost 15,600 feet. Bumla Pass is at 15,200 feet height. A large portion of the route, we covered, at a height of 15500 to 15600 feet.

And after that, we've climbed down the slope to this spot. Now, gradually, we will stop seeing snow. And we will go down to, approximately, 12500-13000 feet. Look, how beautiful is the view! I am so happy! I mean what we'll get to see that will be a surprise. I've seen some photographs and a video regarding that.

But the journey so far done, can only be called a 'lifetime' experience. Lovely! Tenzing Bhai, how many times have you gone to Chumi Gyatse? Sir, it would be my first time. I couldn't visit there last time. This is your first time? The confidence with which you were talking yesterday,....

...I thought you must have visited there at least 25 times. No, I've visited Hot Spring several times. This place is just 7 KM from there. Okay, you've visited Hot Spring a lot. Finally, we've reached Tshechu after travelling for 3.5 hours.

There is another location nearby called Damteng. It is just 300 metres away. So, this whole location is known more by the name of Damteng. Tshechu isn't a very large village.

It has hardly 20-25 houses in it. "Tshechu" means hot water. "Tshe" means hot and "Chu" means water. Did you notice the strong river current? They've built this small bridge to cross the river. Now let me show you the hot water spring. We aren't going to visit hot water spring right now.

First, we will go to the waterfall that I told you we were going to visit. For that, we need to travel by car for 8 KM. From there, we have to walk for a KM to reach our destination. There you can see, there are 3 hot water springs. We will go there once we return from the waterfall. We wanted to make this 15-minute stop at Tshechu village.

And we've done that. Just as we were leaving the village, we met Mr. Dawa Sange. He is sitting with us.

So, we asked him to accompany us on a village tour. Now, we are sitting at his home. Here, we met his mother who offered us tea. And we started talking while having tea.

So, you've made for us, what, Ghee chai? Namak (salt) chai, you call it! They've made Namak Chai for us. Ghee chai is the popular beverage in this area, not the usual milk tea. This is what everybody likes.

Is this sweet? What is it called? It is sweet and tasty. It is called Khapse Sir. Khapse? Khapse. We offer it to God at the time of New Year as per our religious calendar. This is made as a prasad (religious offering). Very nice! How many houses would be there in the village? Minimum 40 at least! 40! What is your age? 9! 9 years! Very good! And you? 4 years! 2! Okay, 2 years.

Okay! Alright! So, how do the kids study here? Because this place is quite far from Tawang. Their education is arranged by the government Sir. Is there a school? Yes, there is a primary school Sir. Primary School? Yes sir! It is a small village. It took us 3.5 hours from Tawang till here. We came quite far. It is far Sir.

Thank you for this wonderful tea and this is tasty as well. We travelled 8 KM to reach this T-point, beyond which cars are not allowed. Car will be parked here and we will walk on foot. There is an Army checkpoint here. We will have to walk upto that and enter our details.

Then it is a 1 KM walk after that. I am standing here so that I can show you the river current. Let's go now. Look at the path we are walking on. We've reached the waterfall. It took us 30 minutes to cover the distance of 1.25 KM.

Now look at the view. You can see water falling down. We are standing at the starting point of the fall. But if we start counting further, water is falling down from 108 different places.

Talking of a waterfall, the snow melts in the upper reaches and falls like this. But that isn't the case here. Here, water is coming from inside the mountain. There's a story behind it. A pandemic struck this place a few centuries ago. So, Guru Padmasambhava took out his necklace. He chanted a mantra on the necklace and threw it at the mountain.

The necklace had 108 beads. Wherever those beads struck the mountain, . water started flowing out from there So, in a way, this is a holy waterfall.

The Buddhist devotees come here to pray. There are at least two lamas present here at any given point of time. Its a matter of chance that they aren't here right now, but they usually are. This view of waterfall visible to us is also visible on the Tibet side.

Tibet would hardly be 700 to 800 meters away from here. One more belief is prevalanet here. Those women who have difficulty conceiving, Come here with their husbands...

...drink the water of this fall and are able to conceive. This is what the locals believe in. Let us get closer to the waterfall. It is a 200-250 meter area where tourists come, click pictures and.... ...visit the holy waters. Seriously! Very nice! This place has a temple as well. Let us visit that too.

It is written here that the Chief Minister inaugurated it on July 20, 2020. Let us pay obeisance inside. We see here the statue of Guru Padmasambhava.

And also that of H.H. Shri Dalai Lama. We have spent more than an hour here. We saw the waterfall from different locations. Buddhist devotees from all over the world visit this fall.. and drink its water Buddhists living in India can visit easily.

But those living in Tibet visit here from afar and click pictures because.... ...the border is just next to it. So, they stand half a KM away, see the fall from there, and click photographs. And someone told me here that if one wants to count all 108 waterfalls,...

..it won''t be possible from here. How could it be? But some people, during earlier time, managed to visit the other side.... ...of mountain and tried to count the falls. They tried to find out the source of this waterfall. They tried attributing a scientific element to the fall. But they couldn't find out the source of water. The local faith is the source of water, it was found. This water comes at 108 places from inside the mountain.

Now let us have a drink of this water. We will spend 5 more minutes here and then return. While we were walking back from Chumi Gyatse.... ...I ended up tearing my ligament. This happened to me 4 months ago as well. Though I recovered at that time but it happened again today. We walked down till our car and then went to M.I. room in Damteng.

The consultant gave me a painkiller injection. He gave me some medicine and advised to get an MRI done. An MRI will tell me about the exact problem. Anyways, this whole process lasted about 2.5 hours till 5 pm. Since it was raining by 5 pm, it was not advisable to stay outside.

We also came to know about heavy snowfall occuring on the way. So, we cancelled our plan further. We requested the Commanding Officer of this Army base, ...for an accommodation to spend the night. It was really nice of him to fix us this accommodation. Otherwise, we would have been in trouble.

Tomorrow, we will leave at 6 am. For Tawang. It will take us 3 to 3.5 hours to reach. I had checked the meter reading while on our way here. The place where we park the car to go to waterfall, from there,.... ...it is another 69 KM. This is because we came via Bumla.

But you could also take the longer route, which is well-constructed. That route is 30-35 KM long. That was about the distance. Now tomorrow, when we reach Tawang, after spending some time there.... ...we shall leave for Dirang. Tomorrow's night stay would be in Dirang.

That is it for today. Tomorrow, I will join you again once we leave here. We shall try to club tomorrow's journey with today's to make one episode.

Alright! It is bye-bye for now and good night. Good morning! It is 6.30 am and I am feeling better today. After checking out, I've come to watch the river view here.

This village is called Tshechu. Look at the water current down there. The locals call it Tshechu Rong. Rong means a river.

Going forward, this river will meet the Tawang Chu river. I am standing atop this bridge. You can cross the river and go to that hot water spring.

There is a single source of water but it flows in three different springs. The water is really hot. You cannot put your hand or foot directly in the water. So, you need to mix in some cold water. You can see the snow on the trees. It is from last night's snowfall. How lovely it looks! Do you know the charges for chopper service between Guwahati & Tawang? It used to be Rs 3800 earlier but now it has increased, I think.

Alright. Now it must be about Rs 4000. Is it a 7-day service? Monday to Friday. Alright! Where does this chopper come from? Itanagar? Yes, it takes off at 7 am from there.

Then it takes passengers from Guwahati and then to Tawang. Alright! In case of bad weather, they must be cancelling the service? Suppose someone wants to come to Tawang or go back to.... ...Guwahati from here, there is no bus service anywhere. There is no bus service but taxi service is there. So, the taxi (Xylo) service is on sharing basis? On sharing basis. The ticket price per person is Rs 2800.

You can catch the taxi service from So, is it a one-day journey? Yes Sir. How much time does it take? It leaves at 6 am and brings you to Tawang by 6.30 or 7 pm. Almost 12 hours. Yeah! Okay, great! Today's scenery is beautiful, isn't it? We've travelled 10 KM on this road.

Look at all this snow! There is snow everywhere. All this is last night's snow. Yesterday, while coming here, we could see just 5-10% of the snow that is there now. And the view is so good! Everything is white, except for the shrubs and the gorund. So nice! We stopped our car here to enjoy this view.

We are driving over snow right now? Hmm! How far will it be like this? About a 100 meters more. It took us about 3hours and 15 min from Tshechu to Tawang. There was a lot of snow on the road. Anyways, we are here now and we are leaving for Dirang. We had missed going to the Jung Falls last time.

So, it will take about an hour to reach Jung Falls from here? The distance is around 30 KM. Okay! It will take about 40 minutes. 40 minutes. right! Okay then, bye bye to you. We had a good time with you in these two days.

And one more thing, we paid Tenzing Bhai Rs 12,000 for this journey. To and fro, right? Thank you! Now I'll join you when we reach Jung Falls. Finally, we've reached Nuranang Waterfalls. See, how fierce this waterfall looks from here.

We are looking at it from the side. And its height, must be at least a 100 metres. Let us go upto that point and see the fall from a closer angle. We took a 1 KM long diversion from the main road to reach here. We've travelled 1 KM in this direction from the road going to Sela Pass.

It is a brilliant experience to watch the waterfall from its front side. It is an amazing view. One thing to notice here is that the waterfall is falling straight...

...into Tawang river. And the current of Tawang river is fast in itself. The waterfall is going into it too. Then there is a powerhouse here as well. Hydel power project. It is also sending out water at high speed.

This place has waters from Tawang river, waterfall and power station mixing up. What a beautiful view! See, I am not going close to the water... ...But if one would go upto those rocks... ...so much water will fall on your face... ...even though you would be far from the fall. It would be impossible to stand under the fall.... ...because of high speed of water. The weather is clear today.

Absolutely clear visibility! The surroundings too make up for a great fun experience. Great experience to be at this place. We will do some photography here for about 15 minutes. Then we will leave for Sela Pass and from there, to Dirang. After starting from the waterfall, we drove while stopping at several places.... ...we reached near the Jaswantgarh Memorial. We had begun to see snow on our way there.

But from there, till here, it has been snow all the way. At some place, the car had to be driven over ice-covered road. Right now, we've reached Sela Pass. When we had visited Sela Pass four days ago....

....this wasn't the lake view that I had seen at that time. This is amazing!!! It was a different-colored lake due to sunlight at that time. And second thing, that time, there wasn't this much snow at that time. Isn't it good? It feels freezing cold here.

Right now, I am wearing a sweater and this jacket. Despite that, I am feeling cold. Surprisingly, there is no other vehicle around, we are the only ones here. Most of the tourists plan their itinerary in a way that they reach Sela Pass....

...by 12 pm and leave after an hour or so. What a beauty! Mountains on all sides and everything covered in snow. We will stop here for 5-7 minutes. Then we will drive down. The temperature right now is -1 degree.

We have left from Sela Pass. We will have to drive slowly for the next 13 KM. Because we might encounter snowfall ahead. Beyond that, there is no further risk. We can drive comfortably fast.

We've reached Dirang. We've booked ourselves accommodation in Hotel Snow Lion. Room tariff, on double occupancy, is Rs 1600.

When we were travelling from Dirang to Tawang... ..the scenic views were different from what we saw today while coming back. The reason was a lot of snowfall on the way. Because of that, all the areas, including mountains, were snow-covered. Before coming here, we ate dinner at Samjhana Hotel.

It is located 17 KM before Dirang. We ate our breakfast there while going to Tawang & today we had dinner there. I liked the food there earlier and even today, food was very tasty. Today's journey ends here.

How was today's episode? I am feeling tired today because I woke up at 5 am and had a long journey. We spent a good part of the day travelling today. Tomorrow, we would be in Dirang till mid-day.

Then we shall leave for Bomdila. There is a Heritage Village on the way. Someone told me, it is a very old village. We will visit there. We are planning to spend tomorrow night in Bomdila.

This is it for today. Thanks for your time. You must be eating Chhurpi at least once in a day? Because whoever I ask.... We eat it thrice a day.

Oh God! I can't believe this! I asked you about once a day and you said you eat it thrice a day! Yes Sir! Finish it like this twice! Yes Sir! Twice would be enough to get intoxicated. Yes Sir, absolutely! A little bit! That would be enough! Isn't it so!

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