EP 4 Ubud Sightseeing, Bali,| Kanto Lempo Waterfall, Balinese Cusine, Tirta Empul Temple, Indonesia

EP 4  Ubud Sightseeing, Bali,| Kanto Lempo Waterfall, Balinese Cusine, Tirta Empul Temple, Indonesia

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Namaskar friends! Welcome to Visa2explore! This is your host, Harish Bali. You know we are travelling through Bali. This morning, we left our hotel and travelled for about 12 KM. Now, we've come to a restaurant called 'Bubur Bali.'

You can see, the name is also written there! That's the restaurant's name. And the dish that we're eating here is also called 'Bubur Bali.' Interesting no! Now let me tell you a little about this area we are in.

This area is 5 minutes from the Kanto Lampo Waterfall. Next we are going to visit that waterfall. This is a residential area. In a way, we are standing amidst a village. We're going into an eatery not visited by many tourists because they aren't aware of it. This eatery caters mainly to the locals.

We are here at exactly 9 AM, which is also the opening time of this eatery. The surroundings seem to be inviting me to go on a 10-minute walk here! I am introducing you to Mr. Dera. Yes! You are the owner of this restaurant? Yes! Thank you! We have come here to have this Bubur Bali. Yes! Bubur Bali is very, very local food! Fantastic! It is popular for breakfast! Yes, popular for breakfast but some people also eat it for lunch and dinner.

Lovely! How much time will it take for Bubur Bali to get ready? Maybe like 5 minutes! Very...very quick! Yes, thank you! Thanks! Yes! Okay! We will have one! This is their menu! Now, I've ordered this Bubur Bali. They have all these items available here. I will see the serving quantity of Bubur Bali.

Then I will decide whether I need to order more food. Oh!.....You got this very fast! Bubur Bali! Oh thanks! Very local food! This awesome dish is made of sprouted Moong Dal and green chilies.

And, he tells me, this green sauce has coconut in it. Grated coconut! Yes! So, let me separately taste some sauce, so I can... ...feel how it tastes! Great! Yes! Oh man! What taste! Thank you so much! And you have made this dish in really village-style cooking. Yes! Fantastic! See, the grated coconut served with rice here has also been roasted first.

Apart from that, I don't think this coconut has anything else. This colour could be because of roasting. Excellent! Earlier, I had assumed that this dish had only Moong Dal sprouts.

But later, when I dug deeper, I found it had rice too I am really impressed... ...with the taste! Yes! I would also like to know... ...is Bubur Bali different from Bubur Ayam? It is different. Bubur Ayam, I think, it is Japan-style! Bubur Bali is Balinese-style! Bubur Ayam is without coconut sauce. Bubur Bali is with coconut sauce! The difference is coconut sauce.

Yes, difference! Fantastic! This is a healthy, light, and quick breakfast. Also,... ...it gets ready in a short time. It has a soft, subtle taste. It will become spicy now that I have added green chilies to it, which is quite obvious.

Tipat Cantok! Tipat Cantok! Available? Yes! Rice covered by young coconut leaf! Yes! I would like to have one! Okay, thank you! Thanks! Fantastic! Thanks! Why don't you sit? If you are free! Yes! Please sit! Thank you. See, this is how Tipat Cantok looks! You told me this is Tipat. Yes! Tipat! Tipat! This is made using rice. Yes! Do you have some sample to show me? Yeah! You put rice inside? Yes! And then you steam it? Yes! That's how rice gets cooked. Yes! So, what leaf is this? This is coconut leaf.

So, what sauce is this you have put here? One, we call it peanut sauce. Oh! Fantastic! Hmmm! Completely different taste! Yes! I have never had this taste because.. ...peanut sauce with rice is a new combination for me. Yes! And I really liked it.

Thank you because this is very, very local food. Elsewhere, same like Bubur Bali. Ohh! Lovely! Moong Dal Sprouts! Along with that, there is water spinach. What are the 3 months when one can enjoy the Bali weather the best? July-August and December-January! So, July-August, then December-January! Yes! These are the best four months of the year? Yes! We really enjoyed the taste of breakfast here.

Thank you so much! So nice of you! We will leave! Suksma! Movali! To visit the waterfall, one has to purchase a ticket worth 125 Indian rupees. Outside the waterfall, I can see changing rooms along with a shower facility. Come, let's walk down to the waterfall. You will get an idea by just looking at the stairs. You will have to climb down about 100 stairs to reach the waterfall.

These stairs aren't very high. But still, each stair is half a feet apart in height. Rest, I've noticed in the last few days, the cleanliness is full-on.

I can see the same thing here as well, at a waterfall inside a jungle. It feels good to be here. The air around this waterfall definitely feels cooler. See, tourists are standing here in a queue. They are going up to the fall one by one.

There, they click photographs from every angle. Then, the person comes down and the next one in the queue takes his place. We reached here at 10.30 AM. And this place is already crowded.

If you reach here by 11 AM or 12 PM... ...the crowd will be larger and, obviously, you will have to wait longer. As it is, the fall isn't very high and the water current is also medium. But, the feeling of cool air and standing here, in the water... ...is worth every wait. There are bins placed here for plastic waste. Tourists deposit their plastic waste here. In this whole area, I didn't see a single discarded plastic bottle or waste.

This is another commendable aspect of tourism in Bali. It is a sign of high civic sense among tourists that... ...they refrain from littering about. I feel that India's natural beauty is unparalleled.

Now that I am in Bali, I am feeling good, no doubt. But, on comparison, I see my country has many such spots. However, due to lack of awareness and absence of cleanliness,... ...things are not up to the mark back home, as they are here. It is my personal opinion that we should follow suit, at least in case of tourist places. It would be better if we take individual responsibility in this case.

90% of tourists visiting the fall have fun here, click photographs, and return. Only a handful of them go 50 meters further into the water & experience the peace here. Just sit on any of these rocks and put your feet into the water.

This water is cold! You can enjoy the surroundings like this till you are satisfied. It feels really good! Overall a good trip to take! We will spend another 10 minutes here. Then, we will climb back upstairs. From the parking, we will move on towards our next destination.

We have a whole day of sightseeing in front of us. After travelling for half an hour from the waterfall, we've reached the Celuk village. This village has a number of households... ...where silver and gold work is carried out. I mean they give shape to handcrafted silver and gold ornaments and items. At least one family member in every second household in this village does this work.

We are here to visit one such household. We've parked our car outside. We've entered the premises. Now, there is one peculiarity to observe in Celuk village. The houses are large in size, like this one! A huge house, isn't it! Now, let us go inside.

They will bring you to their workshop to enhance the silver-buying experience! This is silver! Alright! This is copper. The percentage of copper and silver mixed together is 7.5% and 92.5%, respectively. The metals are being melted now. The melted silver and copper are placed in an earthen lamp. The metals are completely melted by now.

Then, this is a mould they have got. The molten metal is placed in the mould of their choice. Eventually, the metal will take a shape like this. Now, they have the silver alloy. Silver is softened a bit and then put through this machine.

The machine gives us a flat silver piece like this. After that, silver is again passed through this machine. This is how it becomes a silver wire. After the metal is turned into a wire shape...

...they turned it into this. You see these small silver balls. These balls are used to create silver ornaments. If someone wants to get made a silver ring... ...they would follow a different process, like this one. That process will result in a larger silver piece. That piece would be used to create this ring. Now, let us go to their silver shop and see what all is available.

After we entered the shop... ...the first thing I checked out was the earrings. So far, I've shortlisted 3 pairs of earrings for myself...I mean, my wife! I found these three to be the most suitable. In Indian currency, the cost of these earrings is approximately Rs 9,000.

This pair is approximately for Rs 8,000. This earring would cost about Rs 5,500. All the prices are in round figures. By the way, I like this one the best! Let's do one thing. Let's keep this, take a round, and then come back.

The various designs in bracelets are also good to look at. I have shortlisted three so far. These are female bracelets. He tells me its approximate price in Indian currency is Rs. 23,000. And...

...this one is for approximately Rs 32,000. And the approximate price of this bracelet is Rs 39,000. These are rings. I was looking at these sample designs. I came across this stone, but I don't know the name of this stone. Its approximate rate is Rs 22,000.

Its approximate rate is Rs 12,000. I am talking of rates in Indian currency, and this one is for approximately Rs 10,000. When a stone is involved in the design of a ring,... ...then the authenticity of the stone and the purpose of purchase,... ...both become important! Let's go to the next! How much for this ship, if you can tell me in the Indian currency? Indian currency? Yeah! This ship in silver costs about Rs 9 lakh in Indian currency. And this one is for Rs 3 lakh ten thousand.

The best part is they have a huge collection of silver ornaments. So, if you have a particular design in your mind, chances are you'll find it here. Price is something you will have to see and decide. If they agree to the price you quote, they'll say yes, otherwise, it is no! I am going to finalize this earring.

So, this is for 500,000 Indonesian Rupiah! IDR! We are going for lunch. We are going for lunch to a place that is 45 minutes away from here. So, for the next 45 minutes, we are going to be travelling.

If you notice, you'll see these idols outside the houses. I don't have information about what these signify, but... ...you will get an idea of what a typical Balinese home looks like from outside. We have reached our destination for lunch. We are going into a restaurant named 'Nukad Tampaksiring.' "Nukad" is the name of the restaurant.

And "Tampaksiring" is the name of the village where this restaurant is located. The restaurant entry is quite amazing! As we walk down towards the restaurant, there is greenery on both sides. It is wonderful! We've already parked our car in the parking up there. This restaurant is special because it is located on a riverside.

I checked some of its photographs online and... ...I read positive reviews about this place's food and ambience! Ohh! There are stairs to climb down! I had assumed I would only need to walk down the slant! The family-run eateries are called "Warung" in the local language. There are a total of 60-70 stairs. I have walked down half of the stairs.

The rest of the stairs are across the bridge. I have already placed my food order. For myself, I've ordered Nasi Goreng. It would get ready in 15-20 minutes till when... ...we will enjoy the river view. This river is called the Campuhan River. This river comes flowing down from Tirta Empul Temple, which we will visit next. As for the setting of this Warung, one can easily call it commendable!! This place is so enticing, especially for nature-lovers! One would be compelled to spend more than just a couple of hours here.

Imagine, when you will come here, you will find a seating space up there. You can look at the river too. And, you can also hear the sound of water. It is immensly enjoyable experience! It is feeling good, right! I have selected a special place here, to have lunch.

Look here! So close to the river! They have placed some stools here. I asked them if I could sit here and eat, and they said 'sure.' So, they got me 'Mee Goreng'. Fried noodles! This is made of tapioca.

This is salad! Another salad! And this is called Oelek Sambal. It is made as a mixture of two or three ingredients like tomatoes and garlic. Good! The sauce in the noodles is amazing in taste! The sauce is a little sour and a little sweet! Ah! Nasi Goreng? Yeah! Nasi Goreng! So, Nasi Goreng is fried....ah...fried rice! Okay! I need one spoon.

Yes! Well, I have to admit. In this fried rice... ...the subtle flavour of spices is really amazing! If I compare, I like the taste of fried rice more than the fried noodles.

This dish is called Nasi Goreng. The food choice I made here has been good so far! Delicious! I will finish my food and join you again. Now, we are leaving here to go to Tirta Empul Temple. They stop selling tickets at 5 PM. It is already 4.35 PM, so are already running close.

But, before we leave, let me tell you that... ...at someplace else, there is a chance you might get food better than here. Ubud has many good Warungs! But you won't be able to get a location like this so easily! This place is one of its kind! Now, let us leave here. We need to climb at least 70-80 stairs to reach up. That is where we've parked our car. We've reached the Tirta Empul Temple. I got it clarified here that they sell tickets up to 6 PM, and not 5 PM.

I can read it written there, "Welcome to Holy Spring." Tirta Empul Tampaksiring! Tampaksiring is the name of this village. And Tirta Empul is the place we are going to visit now. The entry ticket is for Rs 250 per person, in Indian currency. It would be equal to 50,000 IDR. After we entered the temple compound,...

The first thing I see is this grand statue of Bhagwan Indra. We have worn this sarong in order to visit the temple. We are inside the holy temple.

Here, I am noticing that spring water is flowing out of these spouts.... ...kept a meter apart from each other. So, what are the tourists doing now? They change from the sarong into this green coloured cloth and... ...take a bath under one of these spouts. This spring water, it is believed, is sent here with the blessings of Indra Bhagwan.

This temple that we are visiting here today... ...belongs to the second century. So, you can imagine the ancient era I am talking about. In a way, we say that by taking bath in this holy water, you will attain salvation.

This is the popular belief here. Nice! Very good! Let us move on! I have come to one side of this temple compound. Here, I can see some statues. I was trying to understand the significance of these statues from a local person.

That person told me all these statues are related to the Ramayan. He knew the identity of only two of these statues. One statue that you see on this side,...

...is of Sugreeva! This particular statue! Then, he invited me to look here. This here is the statue of Ravana. Though it isn't exactly clear that this is Ravana's statue but... ...we've been told it is Ravana's statue. Personally, I am not sure, looking at its appearance but still...

...that is the information I received. There is another statue that I can guess to whom it belongs. Based on its physical appearance. This could be a statue of Chitragupta. My guess is based on the book he has in hand, which supposedly contains...

...details about whether you will be going to heaven or hell based on your Karma. This temple is dedicated to Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh! We can't go there because of an ongoing prayer ceremony. It is the locals who can go there and pray, I saw it standing outside the gate. They had a ceremony going on inside. From where I am standing, I can show you the statues of two sages in Hinduism. Look at these! Now, it is difficult for me to identify to whom these statues belong.

This side has statues of the Gods and Goddesses in Hinduism. To understand and relate to these statues individually,... ...you need the help of a professional guide. We reached here at 5.15 PM when all the guides were already busy.

We talked to a couple of guides, but they were already occupied. So, you can either get a guide from Ubud or... ...you can try reaching here by 4 or 4.15 PM, when the guides are still available. That would be good! We are ending today's episode here. Now, obviously, we are going back to Ubud before we call it a day. In the evening, if I get time, I would visit a street food market and... ...I will record a video for Harish Bali Travels. But I am double-minded about whether I will go or not.

Let me say bye to you now! Thanks for your time! Wow! How do I have to breathe? Breathing in? Without? Breathe in and breathe out! From this release? Yeah!

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