Ep 2 Visakhapatnam (Vizag) to Araku Valley | Borra ( Limestone) caves, Katiki falls, Andhra Pradesh

Ep 2 Visakhapatnam (Vizag) to Araku Valley | Borra ( Limestone) caves, Katiki falls, Andhra Pradesh

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Hello friends ! Welcome to Visa2Explore channel I'm your host Harish Bali As of now, I am standing on.. most happening sea beach location in Vizag It is known as RK Beach Here, adjacent to it... ..big hotels are located This place is so happening that... If you come to Vizag, you'll come here on day 1 Morning time if you come here, like right now.. We're standing here early morning It feels so good..

Cool gentle breeze is blowing Really, What an enjoyable moment ! Courtesy of my journey, I want to give one tip When you come to Vizag.. then, during morning time, Do watch sun-rise here You'll enjoy it immensely I missed it But, you watch it definitely Now, let's do one thing Firstly, let's have breakfast Then, we'll head to Araku Valley Now, because.. We've already got late It'll be better to have breakfast in Vizag Because, on the way, where we are.. going to have breakfast , I don't have any idea It's better to have it in Vizag By the way, to go Araku..

the best option is that... ..you in Vistadome coach, From Vizag to Araku, You book your tickets Peak season is from Nov-Feb We, 15 days before.. ..tried to get our tickets booked, but at that time, waiting list displayed. In Vistadome, I've travelled only once before Having done our Nagaland tour, Means, after exploring Kohima in Nagaland, We came to Guwahati From there, we.. ..went to Haflong on Vistadome Our that journey was quite enjoyable In fact, we.. ..enjoyed our Vistadome journey, Plus, we enjoyed Haflong very much Anyways..

We're going to Araku by road From RK beach, having travelled for around 5 KMs.. ..we, to have our breakfast.. ..have come to Isukathota Here, I read outside that.. ..unlimited Tiffin 19 options 149 Rupees It was written outside In breakfast, this 149...

Do we get unlimited in it? Yes, sir, it's unlimited Ragi Idli South Indian Is it Podi? Yes, Karam Podi Karam Podi interesting Upma Ok Sambar, very good Sambar... Daya Bonda Two pieces Let's check its taste after eating Wada No, Wada... While travelling through Vizag, I struck on an idea Here, peanut chutney is more popular ..in comparison to coconut chutney I ate ginger chutney nowhere And, here, the ginger chutney ..is widespread Just now, I was talking about.. ..less popularity of coconut chutney But, it is available here Will take it a little This chutney is.. You all also see this In Vizag, you'll get to eat it place to place Here, it is called as..

Bombay (Mumbai) Chutney Firstly, let's taste Punugulu For a moment, I felt like.. ..Just as there's Mysore Bonda This item might be smaller version of that I felt this by its shape But, as I'm eating it, I am figuring out that it's been prepared from Idli's batter Green Chili Onion is inside it And, after frying it, it's been prepared Nice Upma has been made Nice Idli is freshly made ..and it is ultra-soft It is altogether a different taste Earlier, here I... ..ate Karam Podi Dosa Ghee Karam Podi Masala Dosa That had a different taste This Karam Podi has a different taste Podi means masala So, things added in it are...

Garlic, Urad Dal And main in it is... Dry Red Chili Powder Give it sir Thank You See, how much froth came up over coffee Great ! I'd ordered a strong filter coffee, so.. ..it's been made too strong Better would have been that I... ..had ordered mild coffee Never mind... Outside lies the main road Traffic is moving, so..

Sound of the traffic is audible But, here, ambiance is quite nice Sit here peacefully And.. ..have your breakfast. So, we're leaving from here after our coffee On the way to Borra Caves, wherever there's nice sightseeing locations We'll show you and then.. ..will head towards Caves 40 KMs before Borra Caves To visit Punyagiri Waterfall, ..we took a diversion From main road, 2 KMs, now, we have.. ..come inside a little Here, we took a ticket.. at a cost of Rs. 20/- per person

Now, we need to go a little straight Then, we'll reach to waterfall The scene is, from the highway.. waterfall is located in the vicinity So, thought to see waterfall ..then proceed our journey further We've reached This is the waterfall that we've come to see See, here lies a giant rock ..from its side ..this water is emerging And flowing down in this way If somebody goes up from here, so, there's a way made... There you can reach by stairs But, if we go by that way.. we'll get drenched at this moment Let's stop here for 5 to 7 minutes, Then, we'll leave from here 25 KMs before the Borra Caves To get inside off the main road, we've taken a diversion We wanted to visit Kasipatnam Temple I tell you the specialty of the..

..temple for which I've come here Earlier, there's a Lord Shiva temple ..that still exists here From side, this banyan tree.. started to stand on its own Gradually, in this way.. In around 200 to 300 years This tree grew so big It fully encapsulated the entire temple So, By hearing it, I felt nice, that.. ..I should visit the temple and.. Presently, locals and outsiders call it as.. Tree Temple If you come here with aid of Google Maps Enter Kasipatnam Tree Temple or, Kasipatnam Shiva Temple Then, way to this temple will be shown Lord Ganpati And.. Goddess Parvati Their ancient idols are here Inside, lies a Shiv Linga See, inside this ancient temple Towards the ceiling, if we see, Tree's roots have made inroads into it Are they visible? Let's move out After setting off from Kasipatnam, Ghat section has started The way is getting interesting as well as..

And, we're feeling temperature difference too As we're progressing gradually, So now, See, the zigzag route in Ghat section And lightly in the air, ..coolness quotient has added as well We've reached near to Borra Caves Firstly, let's have Lunch Here.. 3 to 4 eateries are present One is this Naidu Hotel There're two eateries in front So, here.. We'll have a meal It's 2 PM We won't take much time We'll try within 20 to 25 minutes We'll move after eating meal because after visiting Borra Caves, we.. ..need to go to Katiki waterfall In Lunch, We, for ourselves... ..ordered Chicken Curry ..along with Aaloo and.. which vegetable is it? Gobi It seems to be Cholle (chickpeas) See, there's a simplicity in taste of vegetables Taste is like home-made food Firstly, I taste the rasam If I like it, I'll take it more Flavor of both Tomato & Tamarind is present It's too sour Such a sour Rasam, in the last 4 days ..I haven't tasted not even once I said 4 days because..

..we've reached Vishakhapatam 3 to 4 days before ..and were exploring the city We're understanding food & culture here In these 4 days, the video that we shot you can see on our 2nd channel Harish Bali Travels If, by now, you haven't seen our 2nd channel Its link, I'll mention in this video's description You can check it out From today, around 5 to 6 months back We'd started this channel And the first video we made on this channel.. In it, we told.. ..what kind of content you'll see on the channel Taste of the Lentil.. ..is actually North Indian Here, the Andhra style in which.. ..the Lentil is prepared It doesn't have that taste In Chicken Curry, ..the taste it constitutes, ..that is totally local Like here, tangy spices are preferred The kind of spices used here Chicken Curry has that same taste Except this, rest of the items, like Lentil, Potato, that I ate they totally have North Indian taste Light on spices And, overall, it's nice After finishing the food, Let's go to the Borra Caves Borra Caves entry is in the front And from there, I'll get my ticket Information about Borra Caves is written here These caves were found in 1807 They are saying, these caves are.. ..believed to be 150 million year old That's a very long time ago Stalactites & Stalagmites We'll get to see inside the caves Above it is written that, length of the cave is 200 meter But, trek you do inside..

..that is of 350 meter This thing couldn't be understood How would you do more trek? Anyways, let's go inside And.. We'll try if we get a guide inside Then, we could visit the caves in a better way and understand them better as well. Brother Raju, Do you do guiding here? Yes, sir, Borra Caves guide Fantastic Do you speak Hindi well? Yes, Hindi, a little bit , not fully fluent in Hindi At this moment, Will we go from here or there? We'll go down by this way.

Come this side Keep us telling about caves in detail Yes, I'll keep on explaining Sir, Borra Caves ..are the biggest natural caves in India These are 150 million years old See, Brother Raju explained me that... This whole cave.. ..it's made of Calcium Carbonate In front, where the light is falling..

Yes, sir They are stalactites Yes, sir, stalactites. Right So.. From top, as water falls down drop-by-drop Calcium keeps on depositing By depositing continuously, It reached till the bottom And became pointed Now, if we see downwards, then, Calcium that deposited at the bottom, Basically, with water came the calcium, Water drew out Calcium remained This way, it went up Now, point where the both meet Above lies stalactite and Stalagmite lies below There it'll form a pillar When would this pillar be formed? Thousand more years will be taken And.. Since, it's a natural cave So, these pillars, Coming generations will see.. ..pillar formed here Did I say it right? Yes, sir, you said right Fantastic Brother Raju has just told us that..

..see this natural Shiv Linga Here, Adivasi people who live.. ..they believe that.. ..it is a Shiv Linga During Shivratri, here... Around 30 to 40 thousand Adivasis come They worship to Lord here See at the top, drop by drop water falling..

It is said that... ..it is like cow's udder Because, drop by drop.. Water falls down through the year So, since, it's Calcium Bicarbonate By keep on depositing there, It has taken the shape of a Linga Come.. A moment ago, we were.. ..seeing stalactite & stalagmite And, we're imagining that..

After many thousand years, .. they both will join to form a pillar And, see here, this pillar has already formed Just now, he's told us that.. Somewhere above has it been written that.. 10 lakh years ago, this pillar was formed From top, water started falling by drops At bottom, stalagmite started forming And, both joined, shaping into a pillar Is it called a pillar? Or.."Jal-Shila" We can call it Ok, see here.. Inside the cave.. We're standing, From above, water is falling drop-by-drop Means, not one or two drops, ..continuously water is falling down And, the best thing is..

..as we see the top then, .. water drop is clearly visible Do you know where this water is going? Some water is falling here And.. ..some water is falling here And... The structure resembles a human brain Yes, yes..

The shape is like a human brain Shape is like a human brain In caves, we're getting to see different shapes But, this shape is very different You see, how it is pointed Marvelous Sir, bat is visible Yes, bat is also visible what is this above? This entire place is bat's inhabitation We are seeing its stomach Really? You're seeing that brown brown Bat is eating the rock Hmm.. Sir, see this whole structure.. Shiv Linga we see in Amarnath Temple Yes, yes That shape of Shiv Linga It is called as Kailash Mountain What else shall we see here? Going ahead a little, We see joint of two mountains It is called as Luv-Kush Mountain Adivasis believe it to be Luv-Kush mountain See that mountain fault line sir Stone that is visible in between It is black granite In between is a black granite And, to its both sides lies white granite This place is very special, because.. here.. two mountains are meeting If we..

..hadn't been doing guided tour ..and visiting these caves unaccompanied Then we.. ..couldn't have understood this thing So, this is the benefit of a guided tour If you've interest in land forms, You'd not miss Borra Caves in any way It is a very interesting place Lot many things we're learning here By the way, school students.. ..should be brought here Children will get to learn many things In India, there're not many places where you get to see real life caves otherwise, students just read them in books only And.. Understand by photos itself How does a cave look like? To see caves in person is a big thing And, now, down.. One more thing..

See, this water.. Moments ago, we've seen the same Here also, water is falling continuously See, this way is closed.. But, if.. ..somebody has interest ..to see caves in detail To go inside by trekking, then.. 100 feet? 100 feet be covered by crawling Yes, after 100 feet of crawling, one can stand thereafter Tribals believe it to be the.. ..bedroom of Sita Mata It is her bedroom stone See, its design sir It's a design of betel leaf Yes It is design of betel leaf Below lies Sita's bedroom Further below it lies bathing water Water said to be used by Sita for bathing This water during Shiv Ratri..

everyone carries on their heads, considering it holy Ganga water Ok Many people have faith in it We give to brother Raju his fees He doesn't have a fixed fees He is saying, We can give him Rs. 300 to Rs. 500/-, depending upon our satisfaction Give me fees by that parameter We almost spent 45 to 50 minutes with him You explained to us really very well And, the good thing is that.. You also speak Hindi So, it's no difficulty understanding you Fantastic Is your home near to it? Yes, sir, it's near Ok So, brother Raju, let's do one thing let's take a short walk to outside And, then.. ..we'll bid bye to you Ok, sir Right? And, we've come to the end Now, slowly, let's move out And, we'll show you once..

..the glimpse of the cave properly It may be possible we left one side, so... We can advance while watching the caves From Borra Caves, we'll go 2 to 2.5 KMs downside where we'll get Bolero Jeep From there, we.. ..are going to waterfall in the jeep We can't go in our own car We need to hire Bolero From here, we're going to get.. ..commander jeep In which, we can go till waterfall Total distance to waterfall is 7 KMs 6 to 6.5 KMs we will go in jeep

And 0.5 Km or so, walking is required So, I got to know from here If you're individual In sharing, charge is Rs. 200 per person If you want to hire entire jeep Then, Rs. 1600, because.. It's eight seater So, Rs. 1600/- This is the parking Like, our car is also parked here Park your car here And, hire a jeep from here At the moment, they don't have a driver They're saying to us to wait for 10 minutes Driver is coming Now, the scene is ..it's 4:25 PM To reach there will take 20 minutes So, I'm thinking Darkness falls here by 5:40 PM If driver took more time to come, then we wouldn't enjoy waterfall much Let's hope that.. ..driver comes early Our jeep has been parked here, behind Before our jeep, a few jeeps were already parked here You told your name 'Polard' Come along with us, No problem Would you go with us? Ok Very good So, this is entire forest Hmm The way was great, otherwise..

Good road has been made Only last 1 KM was tough Means, even for walking, it is difficult Means, it is little tiring Had we come by train, then we, would have been coming by this track This railway tracks connect.. Araku to Kirandul To both Araku & Borra Caves, Train is also available There is a railway station at Borra Caves Where shall we go from? On such ways.. Plastic should be banned.

Ban means.. Checking against plastic be conducted The point from where we hired gypsy From thereon, it shouldn't be allowed See, here, plastic piled up It seems as if somebody, after collecting all the plastic, dumped that at this place It would be removed by some way, but.. ..there's a lot of plastic at this place I noticed it behind, and.. now noticing here, see this side, as well Such things wreak havoc on the nature Ah, chilling water It's very cool By God ! Like in January, the cold water we get in North India.. It seems to be the same Wow So, beautiful It looks so good At the minimum, water is falling from 90 to 100 mtrs height It is looking so good Generally, what we see in waterfalls, water tends to pour down together Right.. Water falls down together.

But here, There're so many rocks Water, after colliding with them, is falling down in stages and spraying sprinkles Sprinkle is a small word As of now, I'm standing at a distance Despite this, Water sprays are reaching here Too good So beautiful let's stand a little near to it In front To immerse your feet in chilling water.. Worth enjoying And, at the moment, There is already coolness in the wind And due to spraying of water sprinkles, we're feeling more cold If I put on a half-sleeve sweater, I would be more comfortable We enjoyed it Seeing this waterfall, ..I felt like bathing in it But.. Neither I brought clothes nor I came with a mindset to bathe So, now, my feet are wet I won't be able to wear shoes Means, my socks will get wet So, from here, I need to travel some distance barefeet while walking on the earth my feet will get dry And secondly Rock is under my feet, but no problem Let's go Now, we go downwards And from there, we.. ..are going to Araku Valley Our night stay is there It's 7:45 PM We've reached Araku and.. ..we've reached our hotel as well The property where we're staying, It is property of Andhra Pradesh Tourism Its full name is Haritha Hill Resort Is this the name? I get confused a little, because.. ..here are two properties One is Haritha Hill Resort In bracket, they write Mayuri And second is..

Haritha Valley Resort Valley Resort is 1 KM away from here We're staying at Hill Resort I got advance booking, and, I paid charge of Rs. 2688/- ..for a double occupancy room They've their own restaurant in front So, we do one thing, firstly.. we see the room Then, we'll have dinner in restaurant One more thing I tell you You can see balcony where I'm standing Our car is parked down there They've an ample parking space When I was on my way.. ..to come here Then, I saw roads are well and broad I'm talking about starting.. but once when you enter Araku Two lane road is there ..with good lighting and.. Market was on both sides So, an entire township in itself ..is developed here And, tourists do come here There's a difference in the temperature As he's telling, at this moment, Temperature is around 12 to 13 But, if we talk about Vishakhapatnam How much would it be? 24-25? Night temperature There's a difference of 12 to 13 degrees Hmm..nice

As of now, if we don't wear jacket we'll feel the cold You need woolen So, brother, what we do now is.. We'll meet you after sometime at reception And then.. ..tomorrow, we'll explore Araku So, we'll plan a little what all places we can go tomorrow we'll discuss with you Ok We'll meet you at reception in 5 minutes Thank You So, now.. Our this episode is ending here Right Now, we'll meet you tomorrow morning And I feel, tomorrow morning, it'll be foggy Somebody told me today itself, there's heavy fog today morning Ok, we'll enjoy I say bye-bye to you here Our tomorrow's journey will be.. ..from Araku to Lambasingi We've heard, that way is also enjoyable Right We'll meet you soon Till then, bye bye Thanks for your time

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