EP 2- Chittorgarh to Udaipur | Rabri Malpua, Sanwaliya Seth temple, Daal Baati at Sharma Bhojnalaya

EP 2- Chittorgarh  to Udaipur | Rabri Malpua, Sanwaliya Seth temple, Daal Baati at Sharma Bhojnalaya

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Namaskar friends! Welcome to Visa2explore! This is your host, Harish Bali. I am in Chittorgarh right now. My day is beginning at R.T.D.C. Hotel in Panna. We will spend some time in Chittorgarh today.

Then, we will leave for Udaipur at 2 or 2.30 pm, with several stops on our way, as you know. Since we stop a lot on the way, I am sure we are going to reach there only by 8 pm. This is a list of all the properties owned by R.T.D.C. in Rajasthan. I don't know whether these phone number are updated or not. But you can identify the propertis and places by name.

The tariff for a double occupancy room is Rs 1400. I had booked the room online. It is easy. Let's go. I am first going to eat the famous mithai (sweet) of this place. I will show you the mithai once I reach there.

Ever since I came to know of that, I've been excited to eat that mithai. Thereafter, I will keep sharing my journey with you. We had to park our car a little distance away.

Now, we'll have to walk for about a KM to reach the mithai shop. Car won't go beyond this point. We are waling through the mithai bazaar. Gandhi Chowk locality is also nearby.

Rabri ka Malpua! You won't get this sweet outside Chittorgarh. It tastes delicious! I am eating a mithai that I haven't had before in my life. This malpua is available during the months of July, August, September. And not during rest of the year. Just imagine the sweetness of rabri and sugar syrup together!!! What a taste! Very nice! See, I want to eat the gulab jamun but I am not eating it.

Because it would be too sweet for me and these days I am avoiding sugar. I am cutting down sugar in my diet. Right now, we are 5 KM out of the city limits. Kamlesh Bhai, tell me one thing. On this highway, where we are standing, is Udaipur in this direction? Yes Sir! And Kota? Kota is in this direction.

On this side! Kota is about 180 KM from here. I am showing you this location because it is the way to Ghata. We are standing opposite this landmark here, Hotel Harsh Palace. Now, we are going to drive up this mountain.

We will know how high up we need to go once we reach there. But this is the way we have to go. And I've been told that the natural beauty of that place can only be defined once we are there. Therefore, I am going there with high expectations. So, let's go! So, we've reached Abhaypur Ghata. What a beauty! Only things visible from here are the greenery and tall mountains! From a distance! Awesome! It is good that we came to Chittorgarh, where we could visit this beautiful viewpoint.

You can easily spend some time here enjoying this natural beauty. Where are you from? I am from around here. Local? Yes! So, you're relaxing now. Yes! Very nice! I come here to watch this view and feel relaxed.

You come here to relax! That is amazing! So nice! Now we are going to visit a sangam, which is a confluence of two rivers. This journey is 10-12 KM long. One of those rivers is the Gambhiri and the other one? One is Gambhiri and the other one is....I don't remember its name.

The name begins with letter 'B', right? Yes! No issues! I will find out. Bedhach! We are going to see the sangam of Gambhiri and Bedhach rivers. We've reached the sangam point. Kamlesh Bhai has brought us here on foot. But someone who is new to this region won't be able to find his way here.

It would be difficult, no? You can take help from Google, otherwise, it would be really impossible to reach here. Oh wow! You got us to a good place! I love to visit Sangam sites wherever I travel. So, this is Gambhiri river, its water is brownish and its flowing fast.

And this is the water of Bedhach river. And this is the Sangam we've come to visit. This sangam is visible for the next half a KM because of the width of the rivers. The two rivers meet to become Bedhach river going further. I've noticed that the river bank has steps on this side. So, if someone wants to sit here, he can do that.

And enjoy these peaceful place! Nice place! We were going for lunch but then we thought it better to visit the Jhantla Mata Temple. We are outside the temple. We've parked our car back there. By the way, I can see a large parking area near the temple as well. We had darshan of Shri Jhantla Mata inside the temple. Please tell us something about the significance of this place.

The idol of Mata ji was placed here by the Pandavas themselves. Its really ancient! Yes, it is believed to be 7000 years old. We've heard that people believe this temple cures paralysis patients? Yes! So, do such patients come and live here or just visit and leave? Paralysis patients come to live here. Some get cured sooner while others take time to get well but... ....the patient gets cured for sure. Really!! I saw people sitting around in the temple complex and thought they must be living here. Yes! This temple has lodging facility and a spacious premises as well.

There is proper arrangement for accommodation, water, food, etc. Alright! Earlier, I saw someone picking up a cock in his hands and doing like this. Yes Sir! That is part of the curing process of paralysis. They use a cock to do that? Yes! After that the cock is left to roam around. He isn't sacrificed or anything like that.

That is why we see so many roosters roaming around here. Yes! So, from what you've told me, a rooster is bought from the market. Yes! After that, they use the cock to do the activity... Yes, after that is done, the rooster is let go. So, in a way, the cock gets a free life. Yes, free life! I noticed one thing a while ago.

Normally, parikrama (going around) of Garbha-griha (inner sanctum) happens clock-wise. Here, I noticed parikrama is happening anti-clockwise. The ladies, I saw, were going in the opposite direction. Yes Sir, this practice has been going on like this since ancient times.

Parikrama in other temples happens clockwise but here it is the opposite. So, this idol of Jhantla Mata is actual representation of her form? Or is it different deities? It is a representation of the Nav-Durga form of Mata. They are wearing different costumes & they represent Ma Kalia, Ma Chandika, Ma Nav Durga. Jai Ho! Thank You! For lunch, we've come to RR Dhaba. We reached here quite late. It is 4.30 pm right now. I've requested a staff member to sit with us so that I can ask any of my queries.

So, he is now sitting with us. This is Dal, a mix of Urad dal and Chana dal. This dal makes a good combination with Bafla & Baati (local breads of Rajasthan). This baati, I am told, is made with Makki (maize flour) and it tastes better. Especially if eaten with this palak (spinach) saag. Kheer, Chhaas,, and I didn't understand what is this 'Raab'. It looks like dahi (yogurt).

Sir, this Raab is made by mixing Makki Daliya (broken maize) with dahi & spices. It has Sendha namak (rock salt) in it. Is the broken maize boiled first? Yes. After being boiled it is processed with dahi & spices before being served.

Really! That is Raab!! I haven't seen it before. Yes, it is more like Chhas. Yes, you are right! This Makki baati is piping hot. Great! So, should I now dip it in this like this? Although, it would have tasted better if crushed properly and eaten but this is good too. The taste of Makke ki Baati is interesting.

Do you serve Makke ki Baati daily or occasionally? We serve it daily. Alright! Some people cook Baati over dung fire. Do you do the same? No, we cook it over a clay griddle. Oh! Yes, we cook it on a clay griddle. How does Makke ki Baati taste with Kadhi? It tastes good! Oh! It goes! It tasted good with palak, but this is too sour for me. And this baati is a bit thick too.

This combination tastes a little different. I have never experienced this taste before in life. Just imagine Makke ki baati with Kadhi! Yeah! What were you saying? This is Desi (authentic) taste! Yes, desi swaad (taste) it is. You are right.

So, when do you close at night? Till 10.30 pm. Till 10.30 at night and in the morning? We open at 8 am. We take about an hour or so, to clean up and start the kitchen. The food is ready by 9.30 or 10.00 am. From morning 10 till 10.30 in the night.

Yes! The highway outside, where does it come from and where is it headed towards? It connects Chittor with Udaipur. And on the way, it passes through several places too. Nice brother! Your food is delicious! The food I am eating here is desi, traditional Rajasthani food.

But you must eat with the mindset that you are trying something new. This would be a chance to experience the regional, local food of the state. The broken maize is granular, the main flavour is that of dahi. And it also has jeera (cumin) and other spices. What else is there? It has jeera, rock salt, natural salt and black salt.

Great! If I speak truth, I wasn't sure I would get to eat such desi food here. I also liked the seating system of this place. They've places cots here for guests to sit on. And on the outer side, they've placed cane chairs and tables under canopies.

So, we're going to finish our lunch and then go to Shri Sanwariya Ji Temple. It will take us, what, an hour to reach there? The temple is 55 KM from here Sir. For how long is the temple open? Sir, it will open at 5 pm for the evening.

Then it will stay open till 8.30 pm or 9 pm. Till 9 pm. We are standing outside Shri Sawaliya Seth Temple. I reached here at 6.30 pm and it is 7.30 pm now. We've been here for an hour. Do you see the entrance behind me? This is from where we entered the temple.

And this is the direction from where we came in. You can see pilgrims entering from that side. Pilgrims visit between 5.30 am and 11 pm daily. And there is a break between 12 pm and 2.30 pm in the noon. The temple remains closed at that time. Now let me tell you when I visited inside, there is a Shri Krishna idol in the inner sanctum.

We visited that. And even though the temple's architecture is new, it is recently built, but it is beautiful! There is also a garden built inside the complex and it felt good to be there. Inside the inner sanctum, you would get just 10-12 seconds to see the idol & that's enough. The security keeps pushing you forward because of the unending queue of devotees. Do you hear the sound behind me saying "Bol Shri Sanwaliya Seth ki Jai"? Devotees keep moving forward in the queue while repeating this chant.

Now let me tell you a few things about this temple. This temple is one of the richest temples in India. I don't know its exact ranking but it is one of India's richest temples. The belief associated with this temple is that if somebody business-related work is stuck....

...if they visit here and wish for that work to be done.... ...even if that is impossible to happen. When that work is done, the devotee revisits the temple and presents offering to the deity. The offering is mostly in cash, very rarely in kind. I saw a number of security cameras inside the temple and huge donation boxes too. The opening through which money was put into the boxes were really small. Even then, the total cash donations to the temple run into crores of rupees. I mean we aren't talking about lakhs but crores of rupees in donation.

That much cash is received by the temple every month. And this temple is so popular that devotees come from far and wide to visit here. The crowd at the temple would give you an idea of how many people visit here daily. Though we've been out of the temple for 10 minutes now but..... ...inside the queue of devotees is never-ending. This temple of Shri Krishna is very famous.

That should give you a basic idea about this temple. You must stop here while travelling between Udaipur and Chittorgarh. I've already told you the darshan timings. It is slightly dark now. Earlier, when it wasn't so dark, I could see the top of the inner sanctum bathing in lights.

It felt good to stand there. Now we must leave. We need to reach Udaipur but before that we need to have dinner on the way.

I saw this shop while we were going towards the parking. So, I thought I will show you in the frame, the idol that is placed inside the temple. Take a look at the frames. For example, look at that frame on the top.

Krishna Dham Shri Sanwaliya Seth. This is the idol inside though the costume keeps changing every day. Though the idol looks bigger here, it is smaller in reality. Especially since you will see the idol from a distance of at least 15 feets.

What is the cost of this frame? Rs 4500/- Rs 4500 for the frame on the top right? Alright! Let us go to the parking. We are about 65 KM from Udaipur. We've stopped at Mangalwad for dinner.

This dhaba is called "Sharma Bhojanalay." And there are other dhabas too here. You can see around us. But this one here is ultra-famous! It has so many vehicles parked outside and a crowd of guests seated inside. Let's go inside. Somebody told me that this place is famous for its Dal-baati! Let us order Dal-baati and we'll see what more we can order here.

Please come! See, we've ordered ourselves Dal-baati. Which dal is this? Sir, this is the simple dal usually served with baati. You serve this dal with baati. And what is this? That is a different dal than this one.

Which dal should we eat? Eat that one! That one? Usually you serve that dal! So why should we eat this one with baati? Sir, this isn't chargeable but that is chargeable. There are many customers who prefer to eat the non-chargeable dal. You are saying this dal is chargeable but it is more delicious.

This one is simple dal and that one has more ingredients in it. Got it! That dal is simply boiled with minimum spices and this one is properly garnished. Brother! Do you serve ghee with it? So what should I do now? First crush it. Like this? Yes! It is piping hot.

So you cook it over wood fire? Yes! I saw this baati being cooked over wood fire. Actually the baati is placed over the ash left after the fire stops. Great! Crush it first Sir! No, no, I've crushed it already! Sir ghee! Ghee! Please serve it over this. A little bit! Not all of this. I will serve as much as you want Sir.

Ahh! Not this much! Please reduce the amount! Not this much ghee. Oh! You got the choorma with it, Very good! Very good! Sharma dhaba is famous for its Dal-baati. A lot of people asked me not to miss eating here while travelling on this route. So, we had to come here. This dal is magnificent! It is tempered well with spices. When I added crushed baati to the dal and ate it, it tasted better.

Let us taste some lehsun (garlic) chutney as well. Eating a bit of lehsun chutney mixed with dal is also a delicious experience. Overall, this place is good and the food is delicious! Whenever you travel in Mewar region, you must eat Kadhi daily. You will get to experience one good taste after another. In the past 3-4 days, I've tasted kadhi at many places.

But this one is different. Usually, Rajasthani kadhi is thicker in consistency than the one in Gujarat. But the kadhi here is not that thick. Kadhi with curry leaves and mustard seeds gives a wonderful taste. I think I am enjoying the taste of kadhi at the same level as Dal-baati. Very good preparation! I can see they've placed a huge pot of dal at every table like this.

I can see at least one pot at each table. So, this is the system here. Would you like some more dal? The texture of this dal is amazing! Its taste is good. In fact, the main game is that of the rich tempering of this dal. This choorma is really soft. Oh oh! Wow! Amazing!!! Really delicious! Choorma is basically made with crushed baati.

Ghee is added to it. Some people also add elaichi (green cardamom) to it. Elaichi powder, some shredded coconut and sugar. It is really soft and ultra-fresh! I am really happy to eat this choorma. It is good that we came here and had dinner. We have a long, one-hour journey still left to complete.

The time is 9.15 pm right now. Now that we'll leave here, it will take another hour or so to reach our destination. So, by the time we'll reach Udaipur, it would be 11 pm.

I'll do one thing. I will say bye-bye to you now. We will spend the night in Udaipur. And then, for the next three days, we will be in Udaipur. The coming 3 episodes would be of Udaipur back-to-back. Right! Now, I will say bye-bye to you here. Thanks for your time!

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