EP - 7 Exploring Kuta, Seminyak Bali, Indonesia | Tanah Lot Temple, Water Sports in Bali

EP - 7 Exploring Kuta, Seminyak Bali, Indonesia | Tanah Lot Temple, Water Sports in Bali

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Namaskar friends! Welcome to Visa2explore! This is your host, Harish Bali. Right now, we are in Kuta, Bali. My day begins as I show you the surroundings of my hotel this morning. First, let me tell you about this hotel. We are going to stay here for two nights.

We stayed here last night and will also stay here tonight. I liked this accommodation. The overall upkeep of the hotel is also very good! We paid a reasonable tariff of Rs 2200 per day in Indian currency Now, here is our plan for today. We'll first go for breakfast. After that, we are going to the Seminyak Beach. We will also visit Nusa Dua if we have time left.

After a day full of sightseeing, we will be back here by tonight. Come, let's go for breakfast. Every day, I am on the lookout for something different for breakfast. Today, we are at this cart. Here, we will get to eat two dishes. Bubur Kacang Ijo and Ketan Hitam! This is green Moong Dal, boiled and seasoned.

You may call it "Green Bean Porridge." Really genuine taste! It is slightly sweet, which means sugar has been added to it. The right way to eat Bubur Kacang Ijo is by...

...adding coconut milk to it. So, that's what I am going to do. Once I added coconut milk and mixed it properly... ...the taste changed completely. One Ketan Hitam! Half! Although I've had black sticky rice a few times already, let's taste it one more time. The black sticky rice I ate earlier was delicious! It isn't that good! But still, it is nice! Here, I liked this though! This combination of Moong Dal and coconut milk. Okay then! I have almost finished my breakfast.

Now, we are going to Nusa Dua. We will join you after half an hour when we will reach there. After reaching here, our driver has brought us to a sea beach for some water activity. There is a company called NBC. Once here, I am looking at all the activities offered here. They have sea walk, diving, snorkeling.

Out of all these, I think I will choose jet ski. In Indian currency, they are charging... ...Rs 2400 for this activity. This is the discounted price, the actual price is a little higher. I will change my clothes.

And I will join you right in the front. Their office is right on the beach. Jet ski is the water sports activity that I have done the most till date.

This is where all the water sports activities are being done. Oh God! Today... ...I had so much fun! Terrific! When I started my jet ski... ...he took me around here first. Then I said, I want to drive it. He said okay! After that, we went far into the sea.

I mean I have done jet skiing so many times in India... ...but never have I ever gone so far into the sea. I mean in India, you can go jet skiing for a maximum of 2.5 minutes. It is for the first time today that I did jet skiing for 15 minutes.

For most of those 15 minutes, I was driving the jet ski and... ...that too at full speed. I wish I could have shown you a camera shot of it either aerially or on another jet ski. You would have enjoyed watching it. I enjoyed it very much! Watching this guy flyboarding reminded me of my Goa trip.

About 5 years ago,... ...I did flyboarding while visiting Goa. The best part of this activity is when you try to balance yourself on the board. And while doing that if you fall into the water, getting back up is also fun! Just like when you are on a banana boat and get back up after falling in water. It is the same in flyboarding. Whenever you are planning the itinerary for your Bali tour,... ...water sports should be a part of your itinerary. Like us, when you are done with the water sports,...

...you can take a bath and change in the changing room. And now I am getting myself a coffee! In case you want to eat too, you can because snacks are available. In the past 7-8 days,... ...whenever we've had coffee... ...among those, this is either the best or second-best coffee because... ...it is made with milk, which suits our Indian palate better. Personally speaking, I am not used to having black coffee. It is a good coffee. We've been travelling in our car for the past 10 minutes. And watching the luxury resorts from outside.

It is looking great! There are large resorts located along this road. And I feel that living in any of these resorts would be a unique experience. These lush green surroundings resemble the pleasant 'Chankyapuri' locality of Delhi.

Something similar but this is way ahead! Do you know what I'm thinking of looking at the left and right sides of this road? I feel that we have come to a country other than Bali. On my left hand side, there is a resort named 'Ayodhya.' Marvellous! Right next to it is the Novotel Bali Nusa Dua resort.

Let's see when I will be able to afford a stay in one of these beautiful properties! Whenever that will be, I will definitely visit here. I've decided to get down from the car to feel the surroundings properly. So, I am walking around now. It is a beautiful place. Pleasing to the eye! Right now I am... ...standing outside the 'Bali Collection' market area. Come, let's go inside.

There is a coffee shop in this market. There is a supermarket on this side. And... ...if you are interested in readymade garments like shirts or... ...t-shirts, which represent the feel of Bali... ..I can see one such shirt is this and its price is Rs 1000 in Indian currency. Nice, good designs! Wow! While roaming, we have now reached a place... ...which is a very apt place for me. A nice photography spot! And see this too! Bali in Bali! This is something I haven't seen anywhere else. Art & craft! Amazing! Isn't it? Wow! I hadn't expected to read something like this anywhere.

Bali in Bali! I have just come back after visiting the store "Bali in Bali." The shop has lots of products related to art and craft. So, if you are interested in shopping and have reached here... ...you can spend an hour and a half looking around to find your favorite artefacts. Let's do one thing. From here, let's go to...

...visit the Tanah Lot Temple. Let's go to parking. We had just left for Tanah Lot... ...when we decided to stop here for lunch before visiting the temple. This place is named "Warung Kampungku" One thing that I've observed here is that... ...these warungs or restaurants have on display pictures of dishes like these. And maximum places have a menu like this on display outside. This way, you can check what is available inside, without stepping into the place.

Come, let's go directly inside. After going through the menu, I've ordered for myself this dish - Cap Cay! But I have ordered it without chicken. Oh! Thanks! This is vegetable Cap Cay! Cap Cay! (Pronunciation not clear!) Sure! Sure! Thanks! You're welcome! Thank you! Thanks! Cabbage, cauliflower, carrots, mushroom! And some beans! All this is made into a soup. Filled with lots of vegetables. Very nice! This soup contains nothing but salt. The vegetables are steamed and mixed into a broth.

All the vegetables are extremely juicy! I am liking its taste! If the soup had been more in quantity, I would also have ordered rice with it. With rice, this soup would have been a proper lunch for me. We will finish this food and leave for Tanah Lot. It will take us one and a half hours to reach there. The time is 4.20 PM already, which means,... ...we will reach there by 6 PM. And here, it starts getting dark around 6 PM.

Finally, we reached the Tanah Lot Temple on time. Sunset won't take place for another 20-25 minutes. We came from this direction in our car.

When the car enters through this gate,... ...one has to pay entry charge of Rs 400 per person. I am talking of Indian currency. From here, we'll go to visit Tanah Lot Temple. There is a market on either side of the path to the temple.

In this market, you'll find dresses printed with local designs. A lot of shops are also selling hats like these. Pura Luhur Tanah Lot! I've seen that in the temples of Bali, or at least those that I have visited,... ...there are numerous photography points. Lots of these temples are built near sea shore. Due to that, when you are visiting the temple,...

...tourists aren't allowed inside the temples, they visit only the outside,... ...along with that, you can watch the sea from a height. Tourists also click lots of photographs with sea as the backdrop. This temple is also located by the sea. But here the sea is not visible from a height. The temple that you see in front of you... ...is dedicated to Varun Bhagwan. This temple is believed to have been constructed about 400 years ago. The place where I am standing,...

...gets submerged in water during high tide. Since it is low tide right now, you can go up to that point. Tourists are, therefore, walking up to that point. You've got two options to watch the sunset here. One option is this, where I am standing.

We are standing next to the seashore and watching the sun set. In the second option, you need to go in a different direction from the main gate... ...and you will reach a cliff! You can also watch the sunset from atop the cliff.

Both these experiences are good on their own. Now, what I see is the best sunset of our whole journey! I really wish... ...I could show you a time-lapse of this scene on my GoPro. But I cannot because of water having gone into our GoPro. So beautiful! Do you see the light golden colour peeping out from under the clouds? Instead of the sea, it seems as if... ...the clouds and the sea are one! Now, we are leaving here for...

...Kuta. On the way, we will also stop at the Krisna Oleh Market. There are many markets by the name 'Krisna Oleh." So, I'll ask my driver to stop at one such market on the way to Kuta. And we'll visit that market. We are four kilometers from the Kuta beach. We are here to visit the Krisna Oleh Oleh Market.

Where I am standing right now, this is basically called the Sunset Road. This huge parking on this side. And this is the market.

There are many markets in Bali by the name "Krisna Oleh Oleh." If we talk of Kuta-Seminyak, there are three just in this area. Come, let's go inside. This is the first thing that I see when I enter this Krisna market.

I remember when I visited Ubud... ...I had watched Barong dance there. This performance has two persons, one behind the other. With their bodies joined together through a costume, they dance in tandem. Can you see it? Come, let's visit the market. All these necklaces are in the same price range. Between Rs 70 and 80.

Nice! Just like it is in any supermarket. They have put up different designs on display here. Right now, I am in the readymade garments section. Now, these are shawls and sarongs. I was checking out their prices. Their price range is between Rs 800 and Rs 1500.

Most of these are priced within Rs 800 and Rs 1200, though. Nice! I am seeing some bracelets here. These are made of 92% silver. Now, these bracelets are in the range of Rs 1400-Rs 1500. These bracelets are heavier in weight. Their price range is Rs 10,000-Rs 13,000.

Here are some bangles. Their price range is approximately between Rs 1500 and Rs 1900. Overall, I can see that you can buy any essential item here. If you want to purchase a souvenir for yourself... ...you will definitely get something or the other here. They have numerous stores in Bali though I don't know the exact number.

All I understand is that there are numerous stores. Nice! We'll leave here now. We will now go for dinner. But where to have dinner? That is something we'll have to think about.

Since the time is 10.15 PM right now, and most joints... ...are closed between 9.30 and 10.00 PM. So, I will have to figure out which food joint would be open now. For dinner in Kuta, we've come to the Kailash Parbat restaurant. There was live singing and Bollywood songs were playing in the background. We ordered 3 dishes for dinner.

Dal, Punjabi Kofta, and Aloo ka Bharta! All three dishes were one better than the other in taste! So, I especially liked the food here. I also tried the pickle they had served. I was not expecting the pickle to be this delicious! Really, its taste was commendable! Both of the pickle as well as the food! Our overall food experience here was very good! Now, we will end the day once we reach our hotel. We will now meet tomorrow morning. Before leaving for the airport tomorrow morning, we will have breakfast at the hotel. So, we will have our last breakfast of this place and then reach the airport.

For now, it is good night! Good morning! We are beginning our day at Legian Beach. If I go straight from here... ...walking for hardly 1.5 to 2 KM,... ...along the coast, I will reach the Kuta Beach. And if I go 1 KM in the other direction, not even one,... ...just half a kilometer distance, I would reach the Seminyak Beach. Now, why is Legian Beach so famous? This beach offers the best opportunities for those who love surfing. This is because this beach doesn't have a rocky side. As soon as I reached here...

...I have this person standing with me here,... ...whom I asked what were their charges? He said for surfing board, you had to pay 50,000 Indonesian Rupiah and for coaching... ...the charges are 250,000 IDR. Excuse me! Yeah! I have a question. Ah! I have never done surfing in my life. Now, if I want to learn surfing...

...you said charges were 250,000 Rupiah for one hour, including coaching. Yes! Board plus coaching. Yeah! In how many hours would I feel confident enough to do surfing on my own? It depends. May be 2 or 3 hours! Like, the basic for surfing for someone is to stand straight only, can't turn.

To learn to turn the board, it will take 2-3 years. To like stand straight and then turn the board, and everything! You mean to say that in 2-4 hours, at least, I will be able to do something. Yeah! But to gain confidence, it will take few years! Yes! (Inaudible) So nice to meet you! Okay! Since everyone here talks in English, you won't face any difficulty in conversation. Right now, you are looking at the sand on this beach.

I wasn't expecting to see so many tourists here this morning but see! Very nice! Now, let's do one thing. Our flight departs at 12 PM. We need to reach the airport by 9 AM. It is already 8.10 AM and the airport is 20 minutes from here.

We will also have our breakfast on the way to the airport. We have reached an eatery for breakfast. Nasi Pecel Bu Tinuk! 'Nasi' means rice, as in we ate Nasi Campur. And Pecel... ...means mixed with lots of vegetables and Bu... ...like a mother! And Tinuk is the owner's name. So, the system here is that...

...lots of these Warungs... ...local eateries... ...have the owner's name written alongside, like here. Come, let's go inside. Let me reintroduce you to Deva! What I am trying to say is, you picked us from airport... ...and today on our last day here, you are taking us back to the airport. To the airport! Actually, his father had to undergo a surgery. That was the reason he could not be available during our 10-day Bali tour.

And the person we were travelling with, Mr. Kedek, is his brother-in-law. Right? Yes! I want to have rice. Half or full! Half! Half! Half rice! With a little bit Toge! Yeah, little bit peanut sauce! I want to try this vegetable mix. What do you call this in Balinese? Cap Cay! Cap Cay! Yeah, I had this yesterday. Oh, yesterday! That was a fun soup.

Eggplant, mushroom! One piece of potato. This comes with egg? Yeah! One piece! This is our breakfast. Where do I get the spoon from? There! We've got a breakfast of our choice. Rice! Peanut sauce! This is called Cap Cay! Basically, it is vegetables in soup. These are mushroom. This is potato with egg.

This is eggplant. Locals love to eat eggplant among vegetarian food options. What do you call this in Balinese? We call it Terong.

Terong. You know what happened now? If you don't know its local name... ...but you want to eat baingan (eggplant)... ....you can tell them you want to eat eggplant, they'll understand that. But if you know how to speak Balinese, it would be easier. I have to admit... ...this is very tasty. Very good? Very good! I am so happy that you brought us here.

This Toge that I've ordered with the breakfast... ...is made of sprouted green Moong. It is also a popular dish in Bali. I have to say... ...you can eat this kind of peanut sauce just like that with rice. It would taste delicious! Deva, I really want to thank you! Because with your support... ...with the kind of planning you did for us... ...this tour has been complete! Mowali.

Mowali...thank you! Yeah, Mowali means 'welcome.' Thank you so much! You know when I met him in the morning... ...he told me "my body was not with you, but my mind was with you." Because what was happening is that everyday, at 6 PM, I sent him a message.

"Deva, where are we going to have breakfast tomorrow?" "Where are we going to have lunch tomorrow?" "Where are we going to have dinner tomorrow?" Not thinking really because every day we were looking for new food. He said, "My mind was with you." You have enjoyed here so much, I am happy! Yeah! Yeah, definitely we had a good time! And we also, since,.... ...we've spent very limited time with you. But we spent lots of time with Mr. Kedek. So, though I expressed my thanks to him also but... ...again, you can say thanks from our side also. Right! So, this is where our tour ends.

Now is the time to say bye bye to you! We will meet again with a new destination, a new journey! Thanks for your time!

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