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>> lppg stkiph: Yeah. did those he today we're going to talk about English for tourism. for the the English word for specific purposes here Who are a who remember what he asked me? Oh, yes. But it's CSP. Here as we learned last week the SDS. a havanoia

Yeah. Getting it was Galia. Okay. Yes. We itala English for specific purposes. a young black No use.

they oh, yeah. because you we are going to learn about English for tourism. This is part of English for specific purposes. and tomorrow yeah. I haven't.

here then Yeah pleasure. What do you know about tourism? append even appalian internal yes. Yeah. What? Oh, yeah. So the reason is the act of propylene for business of our Leisure purposes to a location away from your hometown or usual area. So the reason is

act of carefully. stressulinia critical relationship. I am Yeah, Daddy somebody. So English for use for tourism. We're good. Yeah. now

know the Indian restaurant here And the airport travel Hotel problem booking booking service Hotel like and then for people work with tourists and their hotel staff restaurant workers. tour guide company They sell or anything. He said he see English So again, how do you think tourism English is different from regular English? Why make tourism injury English is different from regular English. to see what's that? Yeah, but it's everything. Nobody know. Tourism English is two things. The reason English

is simpler. the vocabulary and grammatically structure are not as complete ready guitar. technia He stop Hotel receptionist d. Not telling you. know many yeah, it's good. vocabulary Young California and the second is more polite it is what mostly used in the hospitality industry hotels. I

thought restaurant. karna, but it know how to be polite in English more indirect is more polite for indirect labor Natural Woman you I don't use negative equation. how to bring polite in English the first is use negative question. Like, don't you? The second is change in the simple person to present our past past continues. I was

wondering it's the we can see we can say I was wondering it's instead of I think. number three using model for both put May my the example we either I would like to bring a bottle a bottle of water. May I would like to drink a bottle of water why I have one. Instead we say I want some water. to be a staff meeting Now there is some common tourism English location. Politician is

a group of words. this very fact and in there is a two words in one group. right second means I think you guys already know. Yes or no? Check it. and check out my second is if we have has arrived in the hotel and then we receptionist I would I want to check in my room, but I've Check out the wall. very and then book a

hotel book. that means yeah, my son. Other shop. I think you guys already know hired guy. He is. You right right. You know. travel again There is how many yeah and forget. Yeah,

50 times and their Hotel restaurant. airport hotel Adela hotel in here and then boost tourism to boost to improve to increase the tourism. Yes. anybody. Who go site. it means that I

what do young historical? right Monument is and then business trip. and then yeah, it's just and then equal to reason because the reason we do the story young but he The Becoming alarm, right for me today Thank you. Hello. Yeah, thank you for rifa. Rifca

is the first sorry the second semester. It's She already to explain. is the tourism object? Professories. Yeah, okay. I want to review dealing with the vocabulary here. What? like ecotourism. Yeah it is

We have for her Echo Green campus. Sorry. Yeah. Everything dealing with there. Sorry, everything dealing with the nature. Yeah nature or some parts the tourism object. Yeah, it is equal to some would you please mention an example of equal that Are in Surabaya. What are they? Someone who is that equal to reason? we offer is it? Kendra okay, Kendra and whatever why you say that can geran is equal to reason. Why? Yes,

okay, very nice. Yeah, because it is Seashore. Yeah. It is dealing with the nature. It is already there without any people. Creation. Yeah, it is

Allah creation so we can call it as a echo tourism and then also. Sorry Mountain. Yes Mountain. Whatever. yeah, I didn't yeah, so oh when we visit the place we enjoying the natural condition. Yeah, and it's alive. okay, dealing with the camera really the Kramer how to being alive how to being for Life. Yeah, you know what it's in direct. indirect

when I want to say hunter, please open the door. It's tired or inside. Direct, yeah. how to make it as a indirect because the The main theme is were in a tourism purposes. Yeah more indirect more polite when we say It's sentence. Yeah, it

will be more alive. So how I change the sentence Wonder please open the door. so I should change to be. Ready?

Okay, you may use model. Yeah, you may use model model the function of model is to be polite. Would you please help me to open the door? Would you please help me to pour the water? Would you please of to buy me a ticket? So it is the example of playing polite using model, but you see negative. Remember, yeah more indirect. It should be more polite.

the Yeah, use negative question it don't you feel hot. Yeah when we asked someone to open the door it to open the window. Yeah when you feel hurt indirect bang again in direct, so it is not. directly to open the

window. Yeah. Please one by one starting from you. Yeah to give an example of indirect sentence. indirect you think don't you? For example, please explain about your purpose. I want to

ask to turn up. Put on the smoke mommatican. Taco don't you You may you make a sentence. Yeah. yeah any man first. Yeah, let this person any man first I that's right. Say to us. Yeah any more about you? Negative question. Yeah.

It is here. Don't you feel hurt. Could you please help me to open the door? Najiri plan very? nice of fun summer tourism that you I want to I want to ask. about

something that I But you want to take me up. Yeah. and then father you will answer. No, I don't. Yeah, don't you want to pick me up? Yeah, so the answer to be.

Yeah, and yeah, you may explain to your friends. Actually you want to but it actually I want to ask ourself. I want to ask puzzle about whether about it Actually, I want to ask the father about. what weather yeah weather weather she won he wants to pick me up. Or not. Yeah, and then what it

used negative question. Okay. So give a plus the way yeah. Okay. next. What kind of what is your purpose? You want to have the sentence for it? yeah. And my purpose is I feel thirsty. I want to some bottle

of water so you will say the new field thirsty May I have some bottle of water? Okay, very nice. Yeah, but yeah good. Yeah, okay, or maybe you can say don't you have and don't you have any water that I Don't you have any water? Do you have any water? Yeah. Bull here. You have any water?

Okay, I will I would want. I was wondering I was wondering there there is a cafe here. you know, I was wondering very a cafe here Thanks. any question healing

this? Yeah, because you haven't mentioned you. I think it's still trying. Yeah, really? my purpose is I feel I feel it's very cold in this class. I'll be the new. One to help me to turn off the essay. Okay, good. Yeah. Thank you.

Yeah. yeah you think make a day? Okay, right. my purpose is I'm tired from you they'll turn you on a when you wanna message me. Oh, yeah.

obviously okay. my purposes is in it. and it does that I please Sorry. For you the unit are there some food? Okay. Yeah, correct, but I want to give Would you? What will you do? What if I don't it. Yeah

when you become a tourist, yeah when you become. He will. What will you do then? be happy. Yeah, it makes rifle here. You can go to the direct temperature. Yeah. Oh, sorry. I I asked you to accompany it because I don't know. okay.

indirect and that feel that it maybe we can apply to be polite. But if it is. Doing well. Yeah and working. Yeah, so you can you can and you can use. The direct one. Yeah, pull it. Okay, maybe. Oh. Yeah, next will be hanu. Without enough. Yeah. Yeah. I

know one sentence. Wow, it's homework. Oh, no. haven't finished my homework 21 to help you. Okay. thank you. Yeah,

people close to us all of us. Thank you for the presentation. Your four point is very nice. Yeah, it will be. It will be burden for the next presenter.

Yes, Matthew. here. Okay. Thank you for today you next meeting and another topics. Yeah. Hopefully you can attend the class. Thanks for it. until

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