England to Barcelona by Motorbike. How Cheap (and Enjoyable) Can it Be?

England to Barcelona by Motorbike.  How Cheap (and Enjoyable) Can it Be?

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Good morning and welcome back to the channel  you join me from well as much say from dover but you can only just see dover in the background i  really wanted to start the video actually in dover   at the front of the queue to get onto the ferry  but i was so far behind schedule i actually got   into the port 20 minutes before the ships meant  to take off so i was so late that i got to the   queue there were no other vehicles there at all  and they actually beckoned me across immediately   i didn't even put my feet on the floor i think i  was on one of the last vehicles to actually get on   so it's 11 20 now on a monday morning my mission  i have to get to barcelona by 2 p.m on wednesday   so i've got just over two days to get there  i want to do this trip as cheaply as possible   because i've spent so much recently on travel i  want to see how cheaply can you actually do it   so i've turned off tolls so i won't pay one penny  in any french payages or any tolls i have brought   my wingman of the road tent so i'll be sleeping in  the tent and i won't have any accommodation costs   the ferry itself to get from dover to kelly just  40 pounds and and you may think i'm stupid here   i did a quote to have a look at uh breakdown  cover european breakdown cover that was 130 pounds   for i did it for 10 or 11 days because i  have no idea how long i'm going to be away   it's a one-way ticket i've got it was 130 pounds  i thought no the whole point of this is to see how   cheaply i can do it so i will go without breakdown  cover so there's no breakdown cover at all i am so   excited it's one of my favorite things to do drive  down the m20 motorway get to the south of england   and jump on that very adventure awaits monica's  last words to me as i left this morning were   i'm so excited for you to be leaving i then  said goodbye to monica's mom rasa and herla   last words to me where make sure you build the  ikea cupboard when you get back so it's lovely   lovely to feel wanted i'll do a full touring setup  as soon as i get onto dry land or as soon as i get   onto solid ground in france because i've got the  tent and some other things as well i was actually   delighted with how well it works i'll do a full  run down as soon as i get into france apart from   that i will see if there's a cafe or somewhere for  me to get food because for some reason p o have   closed all of their cafes and there's literally  nowhere to get any food or drink so i have to   see if i can find somewhere but that doesn't even  matter i'm just so so excited for this road trip this i've been riding for two hours now  and the thing that surprises me is the roads are tiny i'm a little bit worried i'm  not getting anywhere at all because i've been   going along borderline single tracks like this  where if there's a car coming the other way you   actually have to pull over they're so small surely  the roads can't be like this the whole way to   barcelona probably averaging about 50 maybe maybe  60 kilometers an hour but i'm borderline worried   that i've just spent the past two hours and it's  not nearly five o'clock and i've got completely   nowhere but we'll keep going it's lovely scenery  the difference with this and the motorway is   you see a huge amount of france i'm just going  through little village after little village i   just can't believe how small the roads are right  i'll do a gear for the day this jacket is the   ride and sons arrow jacket i love it it's sand  colored and i don't have many sand colored jackets   fully loaded back armor elbow armor shoulder  armor and may have to move the mic for this   it's also got a a removable inner thermal lining  i'll remove the mic because i want to show this this is a bit of a game changer for me because this gelat vest from a company called  carhart it means that it keeps your body   completely warm when you're wearing a jacket but  just freeze up your arms nicely when you're not   wearing your biking jacket plus two pockets there  one pocket inside as well it means that you've   actually got a huge amount of extra storage if  you put your jacket in the panties for example   and you head off for a nice day exploring the  area you've got a huge amount of extra storage   a chocolate bar in there a wallet in there a  phone somewhere else it's really really good   i'm actually a huge fan of this now so that is a  brilliant new bit of kit that i've recently got   hood jeans sk11 these are the slim fits  and they're the highest safety rating you   can possibly get for a pair of motorcycle jeans  i've worn these for this trip because they are   the most rugged toughest jeans that  i've ever tried before as well as three bikers whistling whizzing along there as  well as fitting for france furygun melbourne boots   french company these are just a really really  nice looking pair of stealth black boots plus agv x-3000 helmet very very comfortable  helmet at motorway speeds and well in   reality all speeds very very thin padding  as well easy to take on and off so that   is it's one of my go-to helmets when i  need something really really comfortable i showed this in a recent video that  is the excel moto bag 25 pounds that   was when it was on sale i don't know if it's  still that but that's a great jacket great   jacket that's a great great bag just really  really rugged and it looks so good and finally indian motorcycle gloves i'll be honest these  are probably the least protective motorcycle   gloves that i've got but they look really good  and they're comfy right i will flip the camera   and show you the entire touring setup for the  bonneville this is i'm sure the best touring   setup i've ever had on any bike full stop so where  should we start we'll go from the front of course   i've said many times now with the mirrors back on  stand it makes a huge difference i will okay let's   go with the hepco becca panniers first so these  are the hepcon becca sibo rugged panniers they are   lockable so you can put your valuable valuables  in there and lock them and they each schlock   just there as well to the bike so they are secured  to the bike i've then got this is just a standard   travel bag that i've got and you can see i've  got two straps here which are rock straps   and this whole setup i've got here are attached  just by these two simple rock straps unclip there   unclip there and everything comes off i've kept  it as simple as possible this is my wingman of the   road goose tent a tent specifically designed for  motorcycles it sleeps one person it's snug it is   not big and it's not cheap but it's very easy to  set up and it looks great and also just bought a   yoga exercise mat in case i fancy  doing any press ups in the morning with essential bit of kit quad lock set up there  so i can know exactly where to go with the   vibration dampener that of course like i  said earlier in a video a few a week ago   only actually that is where i can turn on  and off the current to protect the battery   and that is the full setup of course i've  got the king and queen's seat on as well and   well i could ride for mile after mile like  this the fact that it's got the brown bag   there as well that's a a proper backrest for  me so it's a nice back support and my backpack   there my axomotor backpack actually leans on  top of that so i don't have any weight at all headquest well i found a spot for the  night it is 8 15 i've done 360   miles and the cost after day one has been 43  pounds on fuel and 40 pounds for the ferry so   83 pounds i could have gone longer it's just  knowing i need to actually set up the tent   i thought i may as well do it plus the fact that  it actually gets pretty cold even i'm only about i   think 30 miles north of paris but it does drop off  the temperature in the evening so i'll set up here   bonneville parked up there everything's  been completely faultless i found a spot   right here next to a couple of benches so  i'll set the tent up have a quick bite to   eat i stopped at a supermarket just for a few  little bits and pieces but everything's perfect   actually you do make okay time it's a well it's  not frustrating but it's a bit worrying when   you're stopping and going through tiny villages  at about 30 miles an hour but actually in reality   if you just accept you go a bit slower it's okay  it's not ridiculously slower than the the peyages   for example and you see so so much more of the  country so it's been it's been a lovely ride so so so well i timed that just out of curiosity because  i haven't used the wing manifold tent in about   a year now and it took me six minutes to put  it up even though i was completely rusty and   have actually forgotten largely how to do it so it  may not be the biggest tent on the market but if   you're looking for something extremely practical  very very easy to set up and put away again   especially in my situation if you just  need a very simple night's sleep before   you hit the road again then this is a  very very good option right i'm gonna   have a bite to eat then watch a bit of  netflix in the tent because i've got a 10   hour ride tomorrow so i'm gonna get as much sleep  as i possibly can i will see you in the morning well that was a brilliant  night's sleep i probably had   in reality five and a half hours  uninterrupted sleep but it's such   such a nice feeling waking up with your tent  right next to you in a forest it's amazing so   today i've got a well i need to do 1076 kilometers  in order to get to barcelona my hope today   is to get that down to 400 kilometers so for  the final day i'll just have 400 kilometers   to ride it's 10 to 7 now just can't wait it's  just a brilliant way to wake up here in the forest   knowing that you've got such a long ride  through france and and it's off the motorway   so you just get to see so much the thing i  realized yesterday you you don't have that   fatigue when it's constant beautiful village  after beautiful village and winding road after   winding road it's all brilliant you don't have  that motorway monotony so you don't really get   as as intense a level of tiredness so  i didn't find i needed to stop so i'm   just looking forward to everything there's no  hard slog with this every mile is brilliant so   put the gloves on put the helmet on and head  off i want to do three hours of a big ride   now in order to to really get myself into a good  position for the rest of the day so i'm going to   really smash out the mileage from probably seven  o'clock till 10 then maybe stop for breakfast so i've had something happen to me that's never  happened before the footbag has completely   come loose so i've been riding around with  my leg or with my foot balanced on that and if i can't figure out a way to tighten it  with the two screwdrivers i've got that i'm   going to have to ride around for about 2000  miles with my foot on the side of the engine okay temporary fix done i think it should  just about last as long as i keep checking   every 50 miles or so on a positive note the  weather's just getting better and better and   the further south that i get i can feel it  getting warmer and warmer and warmer it's   i think now 950 kilometers to go it's about  9 30 in the morning i'll do about another 30   minutes riding before i stop and look somewhere  for breakfast but it's just getting better and   better it's glorious and all of these little  french villages they're all so damn beautiful well it's 6 40 and i've got 675 kilometers left  to go and i said by the end of today i wanted   to get that down to about 400 kilometers  i'm massively massively behind schedule   i'm having right now what is my first proper meal  since i left of course i still haven't showered   yet and that's been about two days now scenery  is lovely everything's going extremely well but   my lord you cover ground much much slower it may  have said it's only four hours slower turning off   tolls but in reality my guess would be it's  closer to seven hours or something because   it's lovely scenery but with that you know you're  stuck behind a tractor sometimes you're stuck at   traffic lights um it it adds a significant chunk  to the journey but i'm in a lovely town now   uh having having some dinner then i'll head off to  little get some water but it's the first time now   where i think it's going to be genuinely tough to  make it in time for two or three o'clock tomorrow   in barcelona because in reality i am fairly  close fairly close to mid france still and that   i just had a look for the first time that  is a slightly worrying thought because that don't know if you can see it that's how far  i've still got to go and that's where i am it's going to be interesting i think i've  probably got another two hours good riding   left maybe even only one and a half but i'll push  it as much as possible so tomorrow isn't some   4am start or something like that  loving every second scenery incredible   it's it's much much more enjoyable than  the motorway so much more enjoyable but   it's just the fact that when you're on a tight  time constraint like i am yeah you can feel   you know you can feel you're not getting anywhere  as quickly but i've loved every second of it right   i'm going to tuck into these and then i've  got to hit the road again for one final push do do do   okay pretty much everything packed up here i'll  be honest i was actually quite cold yesterday the   wingman of the road is good but it's not perfect  the sleeping bag isn't the warmest so i was having   to wear my jackets and jeans and still i was  cold and if you're any taller than me six foot   one or above then you will be too tall for it  because my head touches the top my feet touch   the bottom so just a little bit of advice six one  or above you're probably on the borderline with it   size wise right okay i've got seven hours and  i think just under 600 kilometers i think maybe   550 kilometers to go it's 6 a.m and i need to  be in barcelona by 2 o'clock to meet the airbnb   person so that means that i'll be riding non-stop  without even one minute break knowing how long   behind schedule i am i'm freaking out now so  i will literally be doing the next seven hours   non-stop i won't be able to stop for food i won't  even be able to probably only be able to film   which is such a shame because i'll be going into  spain but i'll do the best i can oh it's gonna   be really really tight so i'm going to actually  head off in about five minutes but it's a glorious   glorious day the setting is lovely i'm just in  the edge of a trucker service station here but   i've got this spot all to myself with beautiful  rolling hills outside it is a glorious area i've arrived well in spain i crossed the border  about 15 minutes ago and that last hour to get to   the spanish border or deep southern france the  temperature changes it is now a searing heat even   when you're doing 80 miles an hour on the motorway  you can feel it's hot air now as opposed to   nice cooling air i am stinking hot so i'm going  to have to get rid of a few layers because   i'm absolutely sweltering it's  stunning stunning weather i am   90 minutes away now from barcelona or 120  kilometers so i'm just stopping here for a   quick loo break get some water as well because  i think i'm losing about half a half a kilo of   sweat an hour now the first thing that happened  to me as i got to this petrol station an irishman   walks over to me from the other side of the  car park lovely brand new s-class mercedes four   adults in the car and he says to me listen i'm  so so embarrassed actually i won't do an irish   accent that's pathetic listen i'm so embarrassed  i've just lost my credit card and i'm thinking oh   okay let's hear it because deep down i know this  happened when i was 12 i got conned like this and   he said i'm so embarrassed i just lost my credit  card you couldn't help me out could you and i   said absolutely not sorry and he said look if you  could just help me out a bit i've got my credit   card details i can easily pay you back tomorrow  yeah sure sure just i'll tell you i'll give me   i'll give you my card i'll give you my card and  then you you send it in the post that's perfect   oh so anyway after about 20 seconds of him  giving different scenarios how he'd pay me back   he eventually left in his brand new s class  mercedes with four fully grown adults in the car   lovely welcome to spain so anyway i'm gonna run  in for some water and then i'm back on the road i made it familiar barcelona city  center just to prove i actually did it   and the bonneville right there it's been an  unforgettable trip you know i could have flown   but this is an experience that i'll never ever  forget and turning off tolls i mean if you've got   more time even turn off motorways go one more you  just get to experience so much more of the country   and see so many things along your way that you  would never see if you're just on the motorway   you know a group of men playing bowls on a a  dusty surface say a man sitting outside having his   cappuccino in the morning in a little village a  couple cigarettes in hand kissing on a corner just   everything in between little renault fours driving  around and of course the beautiful scenery that   you don't see on the motorway all of that it's a  visual overload non-stop for the entire two and a   half days it is 3 30 now so i'm an hour and a half  late so it's 3 30 on wednesday i left at 7 00 am   on monday i will be completely honest i have not  shared since sunday now so things are getting a   bit ridiculous i'll get to my apartment soon and  have a shower but but having a tent strapped to   the back of your motorbike it's that feeling  of freedom times ten it really is incredible   because it means that there are no plans at all  for the day you have no idea where you're going   to be sleeping you just sleep when you decide that  you're tired enough or when the sun sets you don't   want to ride anymore it's a very very special  feeling of freedom really has been amazing cost   wise the total cost for everything in fact let me  make the most of that let's segue out of familia   the total cost for everything 181 pounds um that  when i say everything that's fuel and the ferry   ticket the ferry ticket was 40 so the fuel to get  here 140 pounds in fuel so that was the total cost   very reasonable very reasonable for  such an unforgettable experience thank   you so much i've got a lot of these side  planes want to make sure that run over   thank you so much everyone for coming along i  hope you enjoyed it i've you know i'm just so   so pumped after the trip i'm not remotely  tired i want to get out have a beer and just   soak it all in have a brilliant recall  and i will see you all in the next one

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