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[Music] This weekend we're going to explore  some picture postcard villages in the East   Midlands which is so lovely because we are in  the middle of spring. Yes and the sun is out,   it's warm and it's really nice. It is.  Yes and we're starting in Braunston in   Northamptonshire. Yes - a wonderful  little village with a historic canal   and a gorgeous countryside so  let's explore the area [Music]   So you can see plenty of narrow boats. We are  still interested in doing a narrow boat cruise  

but we just said we should invite Luca and  his girlfriend so we can do it together. Yes   because we need more hands on deck then. That's  so true. All hands on deck - because I want to   be the captain and all the others need to do the  work. No we should really do that so Luca you're   officially invited. Maybe we might not be able to  do this year but maybe next spring. Yes so Luca   put some - put it on your list - two weeks away  or week away so for a narrow trip in the UK. Yes. [Music] We're now in Foxton Locks which has the longest  staircase flight of locks in Britain. Yes and  

think locks. Yeah not locks at your door. Locks  in a canal. We just said this is for I don't know   master narrow boaters - yes - so not not something  we would do. Yeah but it's also good for training   because you've got a series of locks - yes - so  you can if you don't master the first one getting   the second one. The thing is I don't know if you  can see but there are a lot of people so they help   you. Maybe yeah. Yeah. I think Jörg had a  favourite narrow boat. Yes a narrow boat where   you can buy beer so a so a kind of pub narrow  boat. Yeah. At first I thought you could draw   your own beer. No no, they sell it. They sell it.  A very clever business idea today. Yeah, I agree.

[Music] Okay, we're just having a little break. Two  tees. I don't know, is that is that Yorkshire   tea? Don't know. I don't know. I just said  tea. Tea. And we're going to share a jacked   potato which is always so good. This is  tuna and mayo. Yeah. Looks good [Music]

Look at the gorgeous wisteria. This is honestly  like a picture perfect house, isn't it? One of   my favourite seasons. I really love wisteria.  This house is for sale here in Foxton. It's a   beautiful village. I love the front door. Hm, a  fox. Yes. I love the, I love the door knocker. We just arrived at the George Dragon pub where  we booked a little room for tonight. It's a bank   holiday weekend in the UK so it's Sunday today and  tomorrow we have a day off week which is really   great. This pub is in a gorgeous very picturesque  village called Seatan that we're going to explore  

after dinner so because it's Sunday we might  have a Sunday roast today. We'll see but I   want to show you the room. We got an amazing  deal because we booked this room only two days   ago so we were quite lucky. Jörg is chilling.  Are you looking forward to having dinner? Maybe  

a Sunday roast? We'll see. Now this is our  room. Bed obviously. Then a little desk area. A lovely chair, plenty of towels and  self-explanatory, this is the bathroom. Shower. Toilet. Oh look. That's actually lovely because  there are lots of peasants here. Grouse,   partridge, quail. You know when you see something  like that you know that you're in the English   countryside. And the view from here. It's great  for tonight, isn't it? There is something. You   know what? We we've said that a number of times.  No matter where you go be it in a little B&B,  

in a pub - you always have a kettle and you  don't always have that in Germany. No. But,   um, well, we did have it in, um, in  Rothenburg where we filmed Christmas   content. There was one in the bathroom which  was quite astonishing but here is a huge one.   We both ordered Sunday roast. Now this is beef  - yeah - obviously a huge Yorkshire pudding which Jörg is going to have. And potatoes.  And we do have, um, cabbage. Yeah. And broccoli cheese. Gluten free. It looks  amazing, doesn't it? Oh yeah. It does.

It doesn't get more British  than this. Sunday roast. Look how full Jörg's plate is. You look so  greedy now with the two Yorkshire puddings.   I can see that you had a Guinness. Your cheeks  are red. That was lovely. A lovely dinner,  

wasn't it? Yes, a late Sunday roast. Yes. And now  we're going for a walk. We'll show you the pub   from the outside and the lovely village Seaton  here. Now this is the pub from the outside.   The George & Dragon here in Seatan. And I'm not  entirely sure but Jörg and I just said we think  

we drove past this little village only a couple  of months ago but we didn't have time to explore   so let's do it now. This is a very picturesque  church here in Seatan. Um, let me check out the name. It's All Hollow's Church. It's beautiful. [Music] Good morning! Good morning! I feel so rested.  What about you? Yes. I really slept well. Me   too. And it's only 5 minutes past 8 o'clock. We  always enjoy the quiet mornings, don't we? Yes,   it's lovely outside. Yes. I don't think it will  be as sunny as yesterday but the perfect weather  

hopefully to explore. Yes it will be okay.  Yes so now we we're heading to breakfast. So we enjoyed our breakfast and we now came  to a little village called Lyddington. It's   only about a 10-minute drive from the George &  Dragon Arms and it's absolutely beautiful. Lots   of red limestone buildings. Very picturesque.  So we have a wonder around. This is the Church  

of St Andrew here in Lyddington and next to it  is a building called so I I don't really know   the pronunciation. Is it Bede House? It belongs  to English Heritage. It's absolutely beautiful,   isn't it? So this is part of a former palace and  in the 1600s it was converted into almshouses. [Music] What do you think? It's really nice. Yes yes.  It's so quiet and peaceful. We the moment we drove  

into this village we said it's gorgeous. Yeah.  No, it's peaceful. It is. It's a bank holiday   Monday morning. Yes, I'm - quiet - I'm surprised.  Uh, so this here obviously is a small green and then, did you see, um, this can't be  a rose? Yeah. Is that a rose? Yes. [Music]   So we left Lyddington village which is so  beautiful. If you're in the area you should   definitely check it out. We loved it. And  we're now at Barnsalde Gardens - yes - which  

consists of 38 different types of gardens.  Yes. Look, this is lovely, isn't it? Yeah,   we should have one for our courtyard. Well, then  we would only have that and nothing else. Yeah   but you will always have something green. Yeah.  It has a wonderful size so if you have a small

garden. This is lovely as well. [Music]   This is Garden Number Five. Artisan's Cottage  Garden. And we thought it would be so nice in   today's video to show you lovely blooms  in springtime time. I love this garden.   Also has it has a wonderful size. Not too  big and very very very romantic actually.

[Music] The next garden might be for you. No,   it is. It is. It it is. Gentleman's Cottage  Garden. Let's have a look. Garden Number Four. Okay, if that is a Gentleman's Garden  where is the tea? A gentleman doesn't need   tea. He needs a good whiskey and a cigar. No,  it's gorgeous. It is gorgeous. I love the bench   there. Over there. You can see the rooms, the  garden rooms aren't huge but I think it's it   gives you ideas for your own home. Now look  the back the the story behind the garden is  

that - yeah - the guy who - yes - founded it -  yeah - I think he was at some point the narrator   of gardening's world in BBC. Yeah. BBC. Yeah.  He he did - or Gardener's World - everything   yeah - Gardener's World. Mhm. So people  watching from the UK you might know him. Yeah. [Music] A cheeky slice of cake. Yeah time  for some chocolate cake. Well, um,  

black forest gateau was or is gone. Yeah. Looks  very much like a black forest gateau. Oh almost.   Just without the schnaps. This is a gluten  free chocolate and vanilla cake. Very cheeky.   Cappuccino and tea for Jörg. But it's so  nice to sit outside especially because the  

weather forecast wasn't the best - no - so  it said rain. I mean we can't complain. No. [Music] Now we drove past Stamford and are now  in a village called Ufford. Yes so yeah,   we really enjoyed a little tea/coffee break and  Jörg found this village, right? It says - very   lovely. Yeah we just walk around. You know  what? I honestly can't believe it because   the weather forecast for this weekend wasn't  the best. No it said rain and so far no rain.

We visited Stamford about 3 years ago. It's  absolutely gorgeous in case you haven't been.   And also Burleigh House where we went twice.  It's really really beautiful. They use it a   lot for filming so yeah, you always find it in  some kind of period film. So today we didn't  

want to stop in Stamford itself because we only  wanted to cover the smaller villages. [Music] We we will end this video here in Grafton  Underwood where we came about 4 years   ago - yeah - I think. A long long time ago.  Weah when we still had our German YouTube   channel. Back then do you remember one of the  houses here was for sale? Yes. And now - this   one is for sale. This one is for sale. And I  remember that back then we really liked this  

house too. Yeah. It's nice. It's very nice.  Seems to be empty already. Yeah. [Music] [Music]   You know we saw a lot of wonderful places  in the last two days. We have. And you know   what? My favourite bit especially at this  time of year is always the the old houses   with the wisteria because don't you think it  always looks like a painting? Yes yes. But my   favourite was Foxton Locks. Do we even have that  in Germany? I'm not sure. I don't know. Yeah. No,  

it was very unusual. Yes and I find it great  that these things yeah being kept. Preserved.   Yes. So as always we hope you like the video.  I can't believe it. I think there will be rain   tonight so we could have timed it more  perfectly. Yeah. Thank you so much for   watching. As always we'll see you again very  soon so until next time. Bye. Bye. Bye bye.

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