Enchanting Krabi - 4K Walking Tour. Thailand 2024.

Enchanting Krabi - 4K Walking Tour. Thailand 2024.

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Hello guys. Today we are going to Krabi Province, departure point Rassada Pier in Phuket. Our transportation is the ferry and the ticket cost 700 baht one way. This ferry is quite comfortable, with several electrical outlets provided on the lower deck. Due to the soft covering on the upper deck, it is possible to comfortably sit on the upper deck. Given that the travel time is about two hours you can even sleep.

And now you can clearly see Railay, which is the most popular beach in the province. The ferry visits this location to transfer travelers bound for Koh Lanta. So your travel time will be 3 hours. After that, we finally head to Ao Nang. Krabi's main pier differs from most major piers in that there is virtually no waterfront.

Ao Nang is the main tourist center of Krabi. This is the most popular part of Ao Nang for swimming, as the main road in this place does not go along the sea. Ao Nang as well as Railay have strong tides.

And very beautiful scenery of the mountains. There are no loungers on the beach. You can stay comfortably in beach cafes or hotels, of course, if you live there) The lack of a busy road is an invaluable plus for this location. At the foot of this mountain the Monkey Trail begins. At the end of the beach there is a secluded beach bar called “The Last Fisherman". This is a great place for a sunset dinner and the prices are very reasonable for a place on the first line.

Monkeys meet you at the very entrance to the path. You can't feed the monkeys, but they themselves will rob you if you spot something tasty) This trail leads to Pai Plong Beach. There are not many vacationers on this beach as there is only one hotel here and the way to the beach is not the easiest.

The beach is perfect for those who want a more private setting in the heart of the tourist area. All infrastructures on the beach belong to Centara Hotel. There are also kayak rentals here, costing 300 baht per hour.

At low tide, you can walk across the water to the neighboring beach instead of climbing the trail. It turned out to be not difficult at all about 30 meters knee-deep in water. Emerald Pool Emerald Pool is one of the main attractions in the province.

To get to this place you need to travel 70 km from Ao Nang. Entrance fee is 400 baht for an adult and 200 for a child. We will go along a longer path, we need to walk about a kilometer.

This place has two features at once, the first is cozy paths in the jungle. The second feature is the incredibly beautiful reservoirs, the special color of which is given by minerals from limestone rocks. Of the three main forest reservoirs, fish and other life live only in this one.

This is the only place where you can swim, you can also take a refreshing swim in the adjacent streams. The streams nearby are great for children. At the very end of the park there is a pool with the most beautiful water. Unfortunately you can't swim here( After such a walk, you can visit one of the local cafes. At the exit from the Emerald Pool territory there are several good Thai cafes with reasonable prices. You can sit on the terrace overlooking the jungle.

Time to visit the most famous place in the province, the Railay Peninsula. Departure from Ao Nang Beach. Two-way ticket per person 200 baht. You can watch the full video about the Railay Peninsula on this channel. Travel time is about 10 minutes. Railay's main beach. There are not many people here in the morning compared to after 12:00 noon.

At the end of the beach, there is a path to the neighboring Tonsai Beach, also known as Cliff Climbers Beach. Tonsai Beach This beach is also known as a rock climbing beach. But there is also a place for lazy relaxation here. Even if rain catches up with you don't be disheartened outside of the rainy season it passes quickly. Back to the main beach. Now we head to Phra Nang Beach.

East Railay From the pier to the end of the promenade there are hotels and just one cafe and just one store. You can climb up to East Railay Viewpoint along the way, it is also a passageway to the lagoon surrounded by cliffs. The path to Viewpoint is 200m and to Laguna 400m, but the first 100m is very challenging. Phra Nang Beach During the daytime, this is Railay most crowded beach. Watch the full video about Railay with a visit to Princess Cave and other locations on my channel.

There are no sunbeds on the shoreline, except for the rest area belonging to the hotel. We return to the main beach to see how strong the tides are in the afternoon. In the southern part of the beach the water goes especially far. But the northern part of Railay West is still comfortable for swimming.

About 30 minutes drive from Ao Nang is another main attraction of Krabi, Wat Tham Suea Krabi (Tiger Cave). To move around the province comfortably, be sure to rent a car or bike. For more comfort, especially if you are traveling as a couple, get a bike with an engine displacement around 150cc.

Wat Tham Suea Krabi (Tiger Cave). The date of foundation of the temple is considered to be 1975, and the name comes from the legend according to which a tiger lived in this place. The observation deck at the top of the temple offers a 360-degree panoramic view, but climbing it is a real challenge with 1,260 steps. And of course there are monkeys living here) The climb is quite steep and after 200 steps you are already at the level of the temple spire at the foot.

The higher to the top the stronger the wind blows, which is great for cooling down. There is a restroom at the 1,060 step mark. After about 20 minutes you will reach the top, if you forget the water at the temple at the top there is a source of drinking water. Now let's take off our shoes and enjoy the views.

Surprisingly enough, the descent is much easier.) Ao Nang the main tourist center of attraction. Territorially the beach is divided by a small cape into two parts. At this point we're in the more developed part, let's call it the main part.

For the whole of Ao Nang Beach there is a convenient promenade. You can swim here, but most vacationers prefer to stay closer to the Monkey Trail. Excursion boats depart directly from the shore.

Across the road from the beach are numerous cafes, stores, and other infrastructure. It's quite early in the morning by tourist standards, so the city is just starting to wake up in full force. It sells everything from beach handbags to custom business suits. One of the features of local restaurants is the rooftop seating, which guarantees a sea view. A list of all the province's activities can also be found here.

Ao Nang(second part of the beach), this is where we went to Railay Beach from. You don't need to go to any special place to meet a beautiful sunset. There are usually no cafes or restaurants on the promenade, but you can still find a nice spot in the evening. The place is great for populating your social media with beautiful videos.

The second part of Ao Nang Beach is less lively, but you can find inexpensive and tasty cafes here. This place is kind of like an outdoor food court. Well served, delicious food and reasonably priced. 80 baht for fried rice is a good price for a cafe in a touristy area. Nearby is Ao Nang's main night market, Landmark Night Market. There's a great selection of food and there's also a fireworks show in the evenings.

You can also enjoy live music. First, you buy food from market stalls and then choose a place to sit down for dinner. The cordial merchants may even let you behind the counter) There's also entertainment for the kids here. The two parts of Ao Nang Beach are connected by a nice footbridge. Ao Nang's main beach is the most popular spot and it is even more noticeable at night.

Here is the main place of concentration of nightlife, bars cafes restaurants etc. On the main beach as well as at the night market there are also fire shows. The abundance of establishments continues even after the main road goes further away from the sea. The further away you get from the beach line, the more budget cafes you will encounter. And of course there are always a lot of guests in such places. If you want a little quiet relaxation but not to travel too far, just leave Ao Nang a little.

On Google maps this location is simply called "Viewpoint" a little east of Ao Nam Mao Beach. Here you can stroll in a serene environment and take some Instagram-worthy photos. The site also offers new views of the Railay Peninsula. A couple of minutes from this place is Fossil Shell Beach. This small park teaches visitors about fossils. This place is more suitable for visiting with children as the park has statues of various shells, which is more interesting for children than for adults.

Entrance fee is 200 baht for an adult and 100 baht for a child. Next to each fossil there is a description of what it is. Many different shell souvenirs are sold here, the average price is 20 baht. Ao Nang, as the main tourist center of the province, is good not only for its beaches and mountains, but also for its calmer atmosphere compared to Phuket or Pataya. We've almost reached the main pier. There is a small park here where tourist groups often gather.

This is one of the places where you can rent a private boat for your group. These prices do not include national park entry fees. You can find out whether your destination is a national park or not at the ticket office. While tourists go on an excursion, we will see what Noppharat Thara Beach is like. Behind these trees is the main pier, so boats passing here and there are a common sight.

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