En MEDELLIN Ellas solo COBRAN US 5 Dolares por un Rato, BARATO O CARO ? Translated to English

En MEDELLIN  Ellas solo COBRAN US 5 Dolares por un Rato, BARATO O CARO ? Translated to English

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A few know the other Medellin Botero Square, Medellin How much do you charge? 30.000 COP Cheap sexual tourism Caution zone Beautiful people from my channel of Royking 50, always different For the first time in the city of Medellín, room 406 Calle Real Hotel, nice rooms But I can tell you that I am in the heart of Medellín, in the center On the right hand I have Parque del Rio and on the left... The Veracruz church and here we just cross and I find the Botero Park The one with the chubbies and I'm in this area why because I had many years without staying in this hotel many years ago, 15 years approximately, I used to come here to Medellín a lot I found this very nice and very comfortable hotel that is still like that it was very well located because it is in the center of the city, I didn't know that... Is that this area has grown so much related to the tolerance zone With the famous sex tourism, so I'm going to stay here, my first program in Medellin And will show people how is the sexual tourism, caution zone But RoyKing50 is going to move between the day and the night. Stay here because this program is going to be spectacular and today you will know everything, If you need to buy musical instruments you know Musical Barranquilla in Barranquilla with Carlos barrio, Here is the contact to buy accordion, trumpet, piano, all music related in Barranquilla, the contact is here Royking50 tells you, something that surprised me arriving at the hotel lobby Was this flyer that says short stay 6.60 USD The dawn 10.50 USD and the whole day 13.20 USD so gentlemen

This was alarming me and I told these people from the hotel... were adjusting or are adapting to sex tourism short stay..., Very nice as I am telling you about the hotel, here is the lobby well presented, and it has several floors, It has about four floors, and here is the Calle Real hotel.

the telephone is here if you need to write it and to your right We already have a station immediately for the Medellín metro and on the left The Veracruz church square Quite a commercial area in the capital of Antioquia there and I tell you that... You feel the number of sales, stores And commerce, which is very large, super turbulent, very busy, We just arrived right here next to the Veracruz church and we found a fairly crowded area and characters with weird faces hey told me at the hotel, that I should be very careful with the camera Although they also told me that there is a lot of authority So I am going to take many shots and I am going to try to talk less I begin to introduce you, beware of the dangerous zone Of this city, for now, I'm going to tell you that it smells like marijuana All the food you want, spectacular sausage The choricito from Antioquia, Medellín and that people are eating it With Paisa arepa and with lemon juice, be careful because I'm not calm In the church gentlemen as we are seeing there is a lot of movement A lot of smoke, I have to warn you that when you get here To Medellín, it is so normal to consume marijuana and smoke, if you don't like it, be careful because the smoke is powerful Here on the church People are getting ready they are going to get activated. I'm going to take advantage Of the tiny camera, the hidden camera to give you better shots and be discreet Excuse me but security is paramount in this moment I'm not calm, I'm not scared But I am a little restless How long have you been here? Two months and what made you come here? my economic situation, Really hard? and why did you choose Medellín because I like Medellín and what other cities in Colombia do you know? Pereira, you entered through Cúcuta or Paraguachon, Guajira Through the Guajira but you could have stayed in Cartagena I stayed in Cartagena for a week And you had worked in some prostitution there? No... Never

And why did you decide to get into prostitution? Because I would like to try it and how you have been? Good... you haven't felt bad? Staying with different men Is not strange to you? If you take care of yourself, everything is okay, but the treatment between one man and another there is a bigger, smaller rougher, not rough what about that? Everything is good, I like them as they are but you are wild You are a rough woman and what do you have that the others don't? I don't know... I would say... How can I explain to you We all have the same thing, but I don't know, many people tell me that... Venezuelan has something better than Paisa but I don't know Any competition with them? No, normal, you haven't had problems with them? No, always in my staff... what hours do you work here? From two to five, seven Every day you get to work? Sometimes, sometimes not, with what you earn... You can support yourself? Kinda And you send money home, You have children? how many? three sons And the eldest how old it is? 7 and the youngest 5 and the husband? There isn't From how long there is not? From 8 months ago, you came alone? Yes, alone...

You like risk because when you come alone and say and I'm going to do this in Cartagena, you didn't work? No, I didn't like Cartagena and I keep it going Everyone chooses their life and you think the authorities But I see a lot, you maybe can think that this can work here That is an easy job... Sometimes I get bored... so you stay here Like doing it for another year or two more years in this? It could be suddenly yes and the issue of diseases of the diseases ages of And regarding diseases? Like what? ETS do you take care? Yes, you use protection And what about drugs? Nothing You have a lot of drugs here, Medellin is a rough city regarding that, over there... Or you did them? Nothing, you have never consumed? No, never Nothing... Thank you my love for collaborating

How are you, how much do you charge? 30,000 COP and the room 6000 COP, it is 36 and for a while how much is it? 40 minutes And where is the place? Around there on the other side, right over there? Or over there but it is more expensive How much is it? 17.000 COP 40 minutes, everything included Everything, wait here... Ill be right back expensive, cheap, I have to say that the average rate that the girls have here according to the girl I was interviewing told me And other people, whom I have also come without a camera talking to them She is telling me that the rate is 8 USD but if you talk a little with her The rate is 5 USD, the bargaining plan this is very cheap... There is authority, I am finding the authority Stopping people, the authority doing their job But remember that here in Colombia it is not prohibited, it is not legalized Prostitution but is allowed, it is not prohibited but it is allowed, a strange thing and in many Latin American countries It also works the same, it is a shame That an area with such a high impact on tourism That it is used for sex tourism in Colombia Take that into consideration, I keep showing you I also have to tell you my position on this issue People were asking me a lot on the channel and getting to Medellín which is... An extremely beautiful city but for being so beautiful, is highly visited So sex tourism is proliferating and growing So there are seeing a great opportunity in this big and beautiful city, so visited With so many events that people say so wait I'm going to work in Medellin so that's why this is growing year after year I'm telling you that about ten years ago this was not the case, from 5 to 6 years From now this is growing and not only in this area Also in surrounding blocks but in some parks that are close to the downtown Four pairs of socks for 5.000COP

We are giving it cheap, 4 pairs for 5.000 COP This is showing that the authority of Colombia is not getting into this problem in my opinion, they should really take very strong measures in the case because the truth is that this is growing a lot I don't know how far this is going, the word is spreading that whoever comes here Goes fine here, the one that comes here this is not easy I'm not applauding it, I'm criticizing it because I don't support it There are specialized people in going out to do sex tourism But everyone makes their body, their life what they want and in the case of people who follow this type of topic and who are permanently being watched, today the taboos are falling behind I don't know the truth is that I have no words I don't even know what to say about the girls who work or the people who come here to hire them, I have a commitment to you Of recording this area, be careful, because it is not only the Botero Park nor the square, nor the surrounding streets, So I'm going to do that With the small camera, with the a camera that is hidden, I don't know if cities like Bogotá, Cali, Barranquilla, Cartagena have such a great area with tolerance Of sexual tourism, I don't know The truth is that I don't know, I'm going to wait for night to fall a bit longer because... I want to document how this story is going, how things are going here because it's worrying me, I know that when I see authority I feel more confident And it gives you tranquility but I have not been able to concentrate I swear I have not been able to concentrate that I am only here recording So follow me that today I don't have my drone But I'm going to show you this area, with this small camera, be quiet Scare... everything you want thanks, thanks I'm going to tell you something because you are daring We have visited a lot, the people who were asking me on the channel Why you don't introduce us the other Medellín Today I introduced you to the other Medellín, I came here to present it to you Nothing easy with a few words, as I have always told you I do not share much of what is happening in my beautiful Colombia, In my beautiful Medellín, but I also have to accept it in one way or another because... is not easy to handle, so I am going to also, show you other areas From Lleras Park, the sexual tourism of high end so in this new program The next program I am going to present to you because I am already going there And after having seen all this, leave me your comments Yes sir and apart from that you also subscribe here on YouTube click the bell, follow me on Facebook and on Instagram Royking50 continues to grow And the programs from Medellín are starting Because it is an important series, as I told you this is my first time here in Medellín and I wanted to start with this type of program because normally people come and always present you the most beautiful RoyKing50 did not want to introduce you to the most beautiful, but the roughest the most worrying, which is this topic, so see you in the new program, To introduce you to the sex tourism of Lleras Park, follow me And see you later People that are asking me how I make my brand famous so that it appears On your program, I'm going to leave it here on WhatsApp 313 255 0965 we have some fabulous and formidable plans, 313 255 09 65 and we are going To make your brand important, your business, hardware store, warehouse, You have a hotel, restaurant, and you want to be known in all the world Publish with Roy King 50 Always different here you have it 313 255 0965 Today I'm not talking about Botero's chubby But I came here to talk about the issue In the largest museum in the world, I came here to talk about that It is complicated and the afternoon is falling on me it's 5:40 PM Let's wait more, marijuana smell I tell you that I get happy or something is happening to me, a lot of weed People are with their joints, they would say that...

In the States it is normal, you will say that in Europe It is normal but in Colombia I think that Medellín is the only area that is on the spot

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