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[Music] next up on voltaire [Music] travels In this episode come with us as we explore legendary  EL Nido. we will explore downtown then show you   a quick behind the scenes photo shoot for  Nirvana magazine and most importantly take   you on a private tour so from Sophia's beach  house we're currently walking into town it's   a nice uh 10-minute walk we're going to go  back to the cell phone repair store because   Olga's phone as you know, got wet and we are going  to have them re-repair it or she's just going to   get her money back I'm not quite sure what's  going to happen to her yet. I want money back.   it doesn't work. the drama ensues. [Music] fingertips  turn blue tell me you can hear me when my lips talk to [Music] you... refreshing [Music] refreshing [Music] EL Nido phone clinic. (It's closed.) so Olga's phone is still in limbo. welcome to El Nido. here we are in downtown EL Nido and we're walking  

around doing a little shopping so let's show  you what they have to offer. [Music] becoming my safe haven guiding me as an angel in the sky... [Music] o homemade gelato   let's see what they have of course  we love our gelato it looks like Gusto. (We love Filipino Gelato)

for me, El Nido reminds me about  Hanoi I don't know why maybe because the   streets are tiny and it's crowded and  there are like so many coffee shops   and stuff so it's similar to Hanoi I don't  remember if Hanoi there was mountain like here but it's really looks amazing [Music] the view is iconic here we are are the water looks on  this side very green on our side I don't   know why but ah I know why the captain  yesterday said that the water looks uh   brown because it's shallow here is also  shallow. I think it's a little deeper here [Music] though it's much deeper  on the other side of the mountain you can   walk out very far. so the beach here is much  better. You have to come swim here. but if you go   for the tours you swim in the tours. yeah. it  really depends on what you're looking for if you   want a little bit more seclusion and privacy  the other side I think personally is much nicer. (Corong Corong Beach) [Music] "The Austrailus" let's have a look inside you have seen better days my  [Music] friend this ship ironically is in front of (or maybe not ironically) is in front of a bar called Yacht Wreck Bar. oh no that's definitely intentional it's the same ship.

[Music] hello I like this side. but I like it today I like  it today because here is no people. on... what's today?   Tuesday. probably as Robert mentioned here,   everyone is on a trips or because we were    here on Friday it was just unbelievable was so  many people and it was so loud I think it was   like five 5 or 600 p.m. so most probably everyone  come for happy hour and the dinner that's why it   was crowded but yeah it depends what you  are searching for and I was super tired so   I was not in the mood but now I like it. it's  cool. so beautiful. [Music] I think all of you  

know the famous quote, "that the grass is greener on the other side" and it's like actually not   is the same. so in El Nido it's the opposite the  water is actually greener on this side. right?   much greener on this side of the mountain.  yep. [Music] when my lips talk to you my lips to you when my lips talk to ooh the Green's very pretty [Music] [Music] Tell me you can hear me me to you were here when I needed you me [Music] its 980 pesos [Music] [Music] Mmm very good. well thank

you. so it started raining when we  were at um lunch so we decided to get   in the tricycle run away to hide from the rain  and go home and now the sky is blue. after 5   minutes after 5 minutes it's already  dry and my hair is still wet can you imagine? Sofia Sofia's Beach House imagine welcome to El Nido. welcome to El Nido.

Corong Corong Beach [Music] this... this is something!  it's hard to believe that it's   tacos, but they call it tacos. it is so good! [Music] never waste my time your all I want. neither of us want to be alone in your love on your oh it's what I'm living for say  I'll never waste my time I'm all you want yeah we live it up I know for sure that I'll  always be yours we could be spending time chasing   who's the one until we see the sunrise?  in our lives, we align every night with you it is the time of my [Music] life. they take me away bye-bye  was nice to meet you I met new Filipino sorry Robert, they are taking me away. bye bye. it was nice to meet you! i met a new Filipino guy.

(i'm) swimming to my new future! just kidding! so I'm on the boat already and I have  little story to tell you guys yesterday uh   my phone was broken actually it happened before  yesterday on the tour I guess it's got a little   bit wet or something even I had a waterproof  case for my phone but you know like the salt   water got inside side anyway cuz I swim with it  I was afraid that somebody going to steal it on   the boat so I took it with me because I want to  take beautiful pictures don't do like me again   because it's going to damage your phone. today  we are the private tour. Robert got us a private boat and we are going for their... to some  special places that we chose from four   tours here they have like tour a b c d which  is contains... each each tour contains like four   I think, to six destinations we choose the  best ones that we want to take. why did we take a  

private boat cuz we wanted to arrive there  the earliest. and the earliest boat can leave   us at 8. I think now it's 8:30 I guess maybe  even 8:40. I don't have my phone so I don't   know. I'm still waiting for Robert to come  from the beach by Kayak like the guy should   take him I don't see him honestly until now  uh but yeah. here's the view. the view is awesome!   I'm excited for today. but yeah it's it's a  little bit confusing that we supposed to leave  

at 8 and it's 9 so we basically we leave like  the other boats as well but we wish us luck let's   see where we are going today. okay here he is! with  his gang. hi welcome on board. hopefully we get   there first before all the crowds (people)  like last time, if you remember wish us luck! [Music] Hidden Beach [Music] well we arrived. and guess what? of  course here are already people. it's low tide   today and it's raining. it's raining.  like crazy. it's still very beautiful. though. Did you see the jellyfish? yes so many jelly fish. [Music] okay so we are leaving Hidden Beach through the hidden exit wow that's is the shot. [Music] so you see? lwe cannot see the  boat. they cannot see us. we we  

go back... no boat. no money. no problem.  wow! this is just incredible here.    look at the shape of these rocks and  notice on top of that rock there's a cross. [Music] We love El Nido! wooo even if it's rain. even in the rain. it's actually crazy. woo how beautiful this is! Cadlao Lagoon. Beautiful. Amazing. Not very  many people here not as crowded as Secret Beach   or Hidden Beach and there she is... what a beautiful place, huh? Yes. I think I like it  

better than secret Beach and Hidden Beach. Yes it's  it's... it's amazing. Actually on the other side it is more green. yeah, oh she found a little hole in the rock oh look it's super beautiful in  here and look at this... the water's color over here... just peaceful and you can float. yeah I think this this is   the most beautiful place in here in  El Nido. I mean everywhere is beautiful but   but this Lagoon is is impressive for me  personally. I think Robert mentioned the

same. [Music] [Music] [Music] Pasandingan Cove wow so what is impressive (is that) the guys  cook the lunch in this boat  [Music] beautiful the other boat came for  lunch Robert is trying to get his   shot I'm just waiting for food and  showing you around this is how we do it. so our food is ready. look. I love El Nido. [Music] fruit, seafood rice, vegetable, sauce. that's awesome. thank  you. going to enjoy our lunch. this is beautiful here. lunch is good. lunch was  amazing. all this food for the  

two of [Music] us. we will go snorkeling over there where is the water is green. so what do you think of El Nido? I  love it. you love it. one of the best   stops so far? yeah every stop is  the best stop. definitely   recommended it. who would not love it?  I love it. you're going to love it. iso that wraps our private tour we highly  highly recommend it. we did tour D the other day  

oh I'm drowning here. we did um no we did tour C  the other day today we did a combination tour   I think it was mostly tour C again with a  little bit of tour D and I think the tour   was much much better on the private tour. I  agree. Maybe five times better. So if you can   make the private tour I would say do [Music]  it. Like, subscribe and don't forget to comment.

[Music] Bye! If you like this video don't forget   to like comment and subscribe and  continue watching the next video.

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