Eating With The Local Office workers in SILOM BANGKOK Thai Street Food Heaven (EP.2)

Eating With The Local Office workers in SILOM BANGKOK  Thai Street Food Heaven (EP.2)

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all right welcome back guys to part two of my  little street food series of si lom one of the   most popular tourist destinations in the whole  of bangkok today we're at the business end of   silom up by saladang bts station we're going to  be eating where the local office workers eat on   a little street absolutely jam-packed full of  street food and then we're going to head down   to a little-known market make our way through  the little alleyways into a little food court   i've got a little special surprise down there  you're not going to want to miss this let's go   all right so i'm going to take a little  walk up and down show you as much as i can   now i usually being a creature of habit that  i am get one of two things one is a kalmak day   which it looks like they still got some  left and two are some bat meat egg noodles   from the store right at the start  which are really really good but   i wanted to try something a little bit different  today so i'm going to have a look around   and um the biryani is calling me but i'm going  to try and resist now a big shout out to ariel   that just came and said hello to me she watches  the channel she works in a school just here   so i said to her what did you have maybe i'll have  the same as you and she said well she always gets   the egg noodles as well they're about me so um  yeah she couldn't help me out with that one but   we might end up going back there there's an  awesome sometimes shop here called convent   both sides of the street is just completely full  of these like yellow umbrellas and underneath his   different street food ironically they're covered  with uh mcdonald's signs as well i've probably   come at the wrong time i wanted to show you guys  that it's busy but also i've come at lunch time   and it's an office worker thing ah so this is  this is tamsang it looks like she's got panca pal not sure anyway i won't be queuing in this  what else we got we've got some boat noodles it definitely came at the wrong time i wanted to  show you it was busy as i said but didn't want to   show you it was that busy uh busy to the point  where i can't actually get anything to eat so   maybe we'll have to walk to the other one and  come back but that'll probably be just as busy   what are they eating with the out gear yeah these  look legit i'm gonna get these okay so this shop   is called quintialcare which alludes to the fact  that they're chinese uh hakka noodles i think   you could correct me on that if anyone knows  um but they usually come with fish balls prom   balls all sorts of different stuff then mordang  which is the red pork in like a tom yum soup but   i'm going to get mine dry they also do camo den  which is the barbecue red pork recommended by   channel 5 workpoint ast yeah and then with crispy  pork mark recommends i wonder what mark that is she's going to mix that up  so chili's peanuts lime juice red pork eggs guys oh it is all right so let's have a look what we've got  here guys so i've got a i've got the noodles   in one bowl so i said yeah yeah yeah so just  split the soup um look at the color on this   soup that's pure bony goodness some like len  leng is the chinese word for like backbone soup spring onions very simple looks like there's a  load of pepper in here as well but look at that   flaky flaky pork meat oh we've got some looked  in more which is pork balls fried pork ball i've got a boil half a boiled egg i've got  some of that smoky morning some tofu pieces a little bit of cabbage and then underneath we've  got the flat butt meat almost like fettuccine   and that's been covered in a chili  oil which i'll show you in a sec   homemade chili oil loads and loads of lime  juice i've said mai wan so i don't want it sweet   this looks unbelievable to be fair loads and  loads of peanuts so it's spicy sour yeah i like   this all right so spicy sour loads and loads  of noodles 60 baht i think this was a bargain   i might have got the larger 70 bar i'm not sure sour from the lime juice is savory it's  smoky and spicy and rich from that chili oil you've got the peanuts adding a  nice little crunch they've been   toasted up as well so they're quite  smoky i like the little cabbage touch and she'd finished it all off  with a little bit of garlic oil   now i said i don't want fish balls because  i just don't really like them but i have got   senpai so fish noodles so noodles made of fish they're very good bouncy firm not too fishy but they've also been coated with  all that chili oil the garlic   all right i'll try the old  try to pork boil i think she told me that was pork but it might be  but it tastes like fish like a fishy sponge could take or leave that i'll be honest the pieces of tofu i like again   everything's just coated in that oil  and the lime juice the spring onions the mordang is uh as you'd expect  slightly on the sweeter side it's good though smoky a little bit sweet this is  a top quality bowl of soup and for me this is what   it's all about just a tiny little street cart a  few silver tables few aluminium tables out here   packed every day auntie at the back overseeing  everything knows exactly what she's doing   every single bowl it's like a it's like military  precision muscle memory she knows exactly what's   going in each bowl and she's getting different  orders i've been fussy i'm not saying i'm saying   i don't want it sweet i do want it really spicy i  don't want this i do want that and she's able to   remember all the orders and just keep it going one  after the other it's just a great little street to   come down and this is a great little store on  this street like i've been doing a couple of   shopping mall videos as you know because a lot  of you i've realized you know it might be your   first time to thailand and i understand why you  want to go to shopping mall because it's safe   it's clean you kind of can get everything  without needing to know how to speak tyre   this is like your step up from that soy convent  is your next step up from the shopping malls all   right this is your first like street experience  come down here at lunch time loads of people   speak english even if the sellers don't speak  english there's so many office workers here   as i said because this is where the office  workers eat um that someone will definitely   be able to help you out you know what then i'm  just gonna pour a little bit of this soup on and if you're wondering why i don't just get soup  in the noodles why do i add my soup afterwards   um it's just because sometimes i just  don't like the soup or sometimes there's   too much soup in there maybe i'm just  a control freak i like to add my own is live the soup broth is super rich this is  all just pure like pork bone goodness fresh clean decent really really good so there's a couple  of things in the bowl that i would just leave   out like i wouldn't eat these the pork balls  i'll tell you what i would usually get i would   have just got crispy pork but i've promised  to get off the crispy pork for one month now   the mordang and i thought it was coming with i  thought it was coming with uh dumpings as well   but it doesn't but it's not often that i don't  have to season a soup i just told her what it   came and it's perfect i could have  it spicier but doesn't really need it job done yeah guys that one was uh that one was  up there that was that was decent that was really   really good like i said a couple of things that  i wouldn't have in there which they're not my   personal preference but the noodles themselves  and the actual flavorings on the noodles i   could eat that i could eat that every day um i  just want to show you a couple of more things   but like look it gets pretty same same after a  while there's a lot of fried stuff there's a lot   of fruit there's a lot of fruit shakes there's  some tamsang restaurants there's noodle soup   restaurants there's basically everything you need  on one street and it is only about 150 meters long   probably so it's a great spot so here we've got a  quick gal gay oh which is very very good aloy ma getting louder so yeah if i would if i hadn't  had those noodles guys i would come here   timmy alloy mark so look to be honest i could have just  done the whole video on this street   because there is so much i'm pretty good i've  got three or four different dishes down here   as i said definitely get those or get  the kritial gay or get the kau mokkai   and the e stands pretty good as well but it can  tend to be on the sweet side so just say my one if   you don't want it too sweet but it's just amazing  how many people are actually out hey hi guys   it's amazing how many people are actually out  every lunch time here um as i said it's all   workers so it's cheap and it's pretty good all  right guys next up soy at 10 we're gonna hit soy   ten soy okay but it's far too hot to walk so  i'm going to grab a bike he's not interested soy sipper he's obviously on his lunch break that one so we've got all of these buildings loads of hotels loads of offices so this  and saturn make up the business district right so you get off at soy 10 i got off the  other side of the road and crossed so couldn't   be bothered to wait in the traffic the entrance  just looks like a tiny little market store   there's some sunglasses some clothing couple  of food shops you walk down this alleyway looks   like a dead end and it opens up into like an  undercover bigger market and this has clothing   trainers just a typical thai market but you get  to the back there's as you'd expect in any time   market there's a big food court there's some all  right bits here actually you can get sunglasses   loads of different types of clothing it's very  it's very tight it's very local thai you wouldn't   expect to find this just in siloam in fact i  don't think a lot of people even know this is here   all right this is my domain i could probably  do a week's worth of videos just in this food   court alone i mean there are dozens and dozens  of stalls worth of food that all look really   good all right so after walking around this  market for about 25 minutes um it turns out   the cow soy shop isn't here anymore all right  so i can't get cow soy um so i don't know what   to do everyone's pretty much packing up i've  been told the rose duck's the best thing here being told the rose duck's the best thing here  but i just had roasted uh yesterday so i'm at a   loss guys i'm at a loss if you do want that karl  soy just go to the original brunch on chat on   what a great tour guide that i am for you  guys just to take you to loads of places that   aren't actually open so look guys this happens  sometimes you're looking for a place in bangkok   it's either closed down it's moved somewhere else  especially in the last two years this happens um   everywhere in this market is shutting up now it's  nearly three o'clock it's more of a morning market   so i could just get something now but it's the  end of the day like everyone's putting stuff away   what i think's better for me to do because this  does look really interesting i'm gonna come back   and i'm gonna add it to this video i'm gonna go  on friday again to this market i'm gonna get two   or three different dishes and just add it to this  video so today is wednesday and now three two one and just like that it's friday so i'm back on  soya 10 ceylon with an empty belly and a clear   head because i was a little bit scrambled on  wednesday so i thought you know what let's go back   reset and go again this is definitely a morning  market people i've just found another little   goodie down an alleyway that i need to check out  but first i'm going to need my morning coffee   let's go take a look okay but before i start  the next section of the video i want to say   a big thank you to samuel harris kaz and  sut i hope i pronounced your name correctly   this video today is for you guys thank you so  much for supporting the channel financially   buying me coffees absolutely love you guys could  not do this without you but just remember if you   can't afford to or you don't want to financially  support the channel absolutely fine but please   continue to like and share the videos doesn't  matter whether you think no one's going to see   them it really does help with your algorithm etc  etc so thank you guys this one today is for you   look at this guys it's just so  nice to see this alive and kicking all right so we're going to go for the deut  dry apple and grapefruit i did want to get   the myanmar shan a fruity one but they've  run out i should have got this the other day   they got brazil ethiopia they've got  loads of different ones all right so   we're going to get that uh la la la cup okay there's two roads here this ceylon road which  we came off in the last video and then today i   actually got off at chong non si and walked down  and then took a right and then you're at the back   of the market so that's actually quicker if you  just want to come to soy 10 rather than go to   soy convent at the start of this video but there's  so much stuff around here i've just spotted a lady   with a northern thai restaurant went over there  she's got lapkoa or la muang lana lap unbelievable   one of my favorite things in the world she's got  kawasa with chicken pork and beef and she's got   nam niao so i'm gonna have to stop there so it  looks like i'm gonna have to eat a lot today guys   a lot today right my coffee's ready bubba go all  right so come see the guys down to outstand coffee   okay i'm not just saying it because i'm not  just saying it because they're very nice people   get yourselves down to outstanding coffee  roaster i've just got the deut bagad   which is me hon song this tastes  like the yunnanese one that i got in sunshine coffee um i think  it's like an anaerobic process   it's like sour almost alcoholic  it tastes a little bit like wine oh that is insane incredible cup happy to  pay the 90 baht for that he's even given   me a large cup for that that's the  best cup of coffee i've been months   anyway you didn't come here to see me talk about  coffee you came in to see me talk about food so   let's go all right guys i've had to sit down and  have a little break because my head is absolutely   scrambled there's so much food here um it's got  me confused again and i'm a quote-unquote veteran   of bangkok street food and i i don't know  what to order so anyone coming down here   for the first time might be a little bit stumped   it could have something to do with the fact that  i've seen the northern thai food outside now and   i really want that so i'm going to go and get it  but i also want to get something in here i just   saw someone eating kalkan more so i went over and  had a look and it looks incredible it's got the   kailan khana which i love with my cow cut more  but then i just saw someone seasoning a bowl of   namco again now i'm thinking i want guy  job namco but i'm off to crispy pork the also looking incredible i've just seen some lady  in kuwagai which is one of my favorite noodles   as you know they've got uh the khao ging kaurag  over there looks unbelievable as well they've   got two they've got one over there and one at  the entrance as you can see guys you come down   here you're spoiled for choice there is so much  going on down here and this is my kind of market   i know i've been doing a lot of like icon cm and  mbk and all those sort of things for you guys   but if you say to me you've got to go to a food  court i want to come here corrugated iron roof   open dark gritty this is a bit of me okay so  here's something i haven't shown you before guys being the vietnamese sausage for north  eastern thailand well obviously originally   from vietnam but heavily used in north  eastern uban udon that sort of cuisine   seeing i'm going to vietnam on sunday  i want this fresh in my memory so i'm   going to grab a little salad here i haven't  shown you this before this moyer looks legit cup all right guys so here's the sausage  it's traditionally wrapped in a   banana leaf all right so into this salad  we're going to have some chinese celery   some onion tomatoes loads  of loads of chili lime juice one in one one foreign is actually from urban and it's one  of the best places you can get it from all right so i've gone with yum sen yum  is salad wun sen are the clear glass   noodles celery noodles and mung bean noodles  we've got more yar which is this delicious   vietnamese sausage we've got some galang  which is cabbage some honey onions chinese   celery and this if you haven't had it before  just tastes like milder english celery   uh what else we've got in there tomatoes  so we've got some diced up tomatoes ah i've got a spoon and then the dressing  which is absolutely smashed in chilies and   we've got some minced pork as well and then  we've got that dressing of chili fish sauce   loads and loads of lime juice a little bit  of sugar and a little bit of pancho rod   right so first of all i just want to try  a little bit of the sausage by itself yeah that's legit really really peppery and really really salty  and i thought when i first got to thailand they   used to avoid it because i thought it was  a processed sausage right obviously some of   them are the ones maybe you getting 7 11 in the  plastic packaging but the traditional ones are   lard and minced pork like smashed up with pepper  and salt and then it's wrapped up in a banana leaf   and either green grilled or steamed and it creates  this delicious fatty savory peppery sausage you might have had this in vietnamese  noodle soup where job you want but this is top quality stuff you can really tell  the difference between this and something you got   out of like 7 11 or big c or something it's the  big it's the heat of pepper like the fresh black   peppercorns so you're getting a bit of heat with  it as well yum wouldn't send i don't think i've   ever done it on a video before it's one of my  favorite salads i eat it probably at least once   a week twice a week usually with seafood and  mince pork and it's my go-to if i'm in a hotel   hotel food using rubbish but they never  seem to mess up yamun sen i told her   i like it salty sour and spicy because  she's gone really heavy on the chillies that's exactly how i like it loads of fish sauce  loads of lime juice i've got to stick in a bit   of msg because i don't care about eating msg if  you get offended by a mystery you can just say uh   my pong chu rod on my side poncho rod the chinese  celery i absolutely love if you want to cook with   chinese celery at home and you can't find it if  you wanted to make this dish at home buy a celery   from a green grocer where all the stalks and the  stems are still shooting out the top peel them off   and use those because that's pretty much what this  tastes like that's really really good excellent right i've got to say i'll just watch back a  little bit of the footage to make sure i'm in   shot and um i've had an absolute nightmare with  his t-shirt jesus no mean comments about my sweaty   t-shirt you guys so when you're here if you want  to get this it's up the middle aisle so there's   stalls on either side and there's a bit  running up the middle with like makeshift   stalls and she's in there about three quarters of  the way up if you're coming off the nadi wet side   what i need you guys to do is comment in the  comment section and let me know do you want   me to do like three or four maybe even five more  videos around this area maybe wearing a different   t-shirt because there's just so much food here  like there's just fruit cellars there's electrical   cellars there's vegetable cellars there's stalls  popping up everywhere with food like it's just a   really buzzy area i absolutely love it so if you  want to see a bit more street food from this area   comment in the comment section below and i'll get  that done right for now let's get some of this aha cup oh lovely so this is la but this is not like  you know it guys this isn't la   from isan this is la from chiang mai well guys they've got everything she's  got the khao soi she's got nam niyar   she's got everything this just proves guys that  you should just be coming out don't even need   to listen to me don't listen to any youtubers just  get out on the street armed with a few dishes that   you want to try so you could come down here after  watching a few of my videos and all you've got to   do is just know the dishes that you want and you  want to try and just go anywhere and try them   you don't need to go to specific places that  i'm telling you to go unless i say specifically   go there just get out and about i love it so for  some of you newer viewers especially the ones that   have just seen the maybe like the shopping mall  ones that have been going up um i am an absolute   sucker for northern cyprus i can't walk past  the northern side restaurant without trying it   saw this this morning and i was like oh no that  scrambled my head so i'm going to have to get   something as i said let me know you want me to  come back i'm going to just eat everything i'll   eat all the cow sauers i need all three and eat  the namniow and obviously i'm going to eat the   lap now so i don't need to eat that again but yeah  i can feel a few videos coming on here but anyway   let's take a look at this lana lap okay so if  you've seen that lap before and i'll try and   put one over the top it's usually minced meat  with toasted rice and lime juice whereas this   is larp from the north so this is la cua  or la men so we've got pieces of pork okay okay she's giving me the girls  right she's giving me the kawasaki guy   oh my god this looks so good  okay so we've got minced pork   we've got ton hon which is spring  onions a little bit of patchy coriander   we've got intestines in here we've got dab which  is liver so this is like a real legit one covered   in a little spice mix and the main spices are  dp which is a long pepper long black pepper   and macwen which is like the thai cousin of sheche  one peppercorns and then she's brought me to cow   soy over even though i told her i was gonna come  back next week and eat it she didn't believe me   so curry noodles curry chicken noodles and i  like the way she looks a little bit of fresh   coconut milk on top you can tell it's fresh  because it's kind of like gone clumpy and like mottled the chicken is actually not being  stewed in with the curry it's actually been   cooked separately in like chinese  spices like a like a with the algae we've got those crispy fried egg noodles on  top again ton hom and patchy on top with some   red onions and yep those flat egg noodles like  fettuccine style noodles wow the broth looks   really good it doesn't look too creamy i'm not  mad on those creamy creamy kawasai's like helen   my wife likes oh this looks good paklong long  pickled mustard greens so these have got to go in she hasn't given me a lime  though that's going to go in   all right so we've got a lime  we're going to squeeze that in   because we know it needs a lime i don't think she  wasn't ready to give me everything because i'm not   actually meant to be eating the castle am i and  then i'm gonna i'm gonna chuck in a bit of the   the picalian the mountain chillies  then we'll see what that does i was not ready for this at  all guys oh that looks ream okay so i was confused i was going  to read the laptop first well i only   ordered the lockhart so that's what i  was going to eat but i'm going to eat   the cow's oil because i don't  want it going all funky on me all right so i'm gonna put it a little bit more more more lime juice in here very well spiced it's a it's a touch on the  sweet side for me as you would kind of get   a lot in bangkok yeah it's quite sweet heavy  heavy heavy on the fish sauce roasted shallots there could be some shrimp paste  in there as well but the spices coriander seed heavy heavy on the on the cardamom  yeah heavy on the cardamom and quite spicy right   onto the laptop this is one of my favorite dishes  in thailand i absolutely love it i love my queen it's so so so rich spicy as hell you get a load of different textures  again from the minced meat got the little bits of   offal going through it so if you're not an awful  fan don't come and get this got that creamy liver   i'm not a massive fan of the uh of the  intestines as you know i don't mind stomach   again you've got onions going through it spring  onions but all the flavors coming from that deep   spice mix with that dp pepper it's hard to  describe these little macwen peppercorns   i just got one in my mouth again they're  like a kind of weaker chechen peppercorn   your whole mouth doesn't go like with a  peppercorn it doesn't go numb and stuff but   you're gonna have to get that in trout for  yourself so there you go come down to soy 10 also it's the same thing i'd say come down to naradi  soy ning actually because there's loads more   stuff on this street you can even get a taste  of the north from pinay i would say i wish on   my personal taste i've got to be honest with you  guys um that was a little bit too sweet for me but   as i said my wife would have absolutely loved  that i just have like an intolerance to sweet   things that are usually savory but the la cora  was excellent the yum i just had in the market   unbelievable i've kind of even forgotten that i  went to soy convent at the start of this video   which was also great so salon great spot remember  this is part two so there will be a part three   down in bangrak at the bottom end of the  ceiling road hopefully that video won't   be as long as this one which is probably  about 40 minutes long bye now but i hope   you enjoyed it guys please remember to like  share and subscribe comment down below tell me   where you want me to do my next video do  you want me to stay around here do you want   me to head somewhere else let me know i'll get  that done for now i'll see you in the next one you

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