Ducati Multistrada V4 Rally Review. Is It Road Worthy?

Ducati Multistrada V4 Rally Review.  Is It Road Worthy?

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hey Rembo here and it's finally happened thank you two wheels World otherwise known as Ducati Forza um yeah listen look the rally I've been waiting to get my hands on this Multistrada V4 rally I don't know how long I've been waiting to get my hands on one of these it's been months I was supposed to coordinate something with Ducati North America that fell through but as usual the local dealer comes through in a pinch makes it happen and you know what I've had my share I have well over 40 000 miles on the new V4 Ducati multi-stratas currently running the Pikes Peak I'm gonna take this puppy out and we're gonna take it for a spin and see what I think about it and um let's go over just a couple of specs I think most of you are pretty familiar with the specs but let's do that right now [Music] okay let's do our usual thing this is the Ducati Multistrada V4 rally this is made for touring and off-road with a beefier suspension 19-inch front tire but we'll get into that now this particular one all right this is the brushed aluminum with matte black and this particular model starts at 30 595 in the US that is the starting point and I think things are changing you might have a dealer that you could do some negotiating with anyway that very very common anymore in the multi-strata the V4 Gran Turismo that is 1158 cc's of power it's a 14 to 1 compression same one it's in all of the Ducati V4 Multistrada so really nothing different here 170 horsepower at 10 750 RPM you can always put a fully Grace exhaust on if you want and it's about 121 newton meters of torque at 8 700 and 50 rpm now I know what the dry weight is but who cares I'll give it to you anyway 227 kilograms or 500 pounds but the wet weight the important weight we're looking at 260 kilograms or 573 pounds this massive fuel tank on here holds 7.9 US gallons or about 30 liters so it's really the same as the GS adventure and it doesn't seem as big and as bulky as the GS Adventure is I've taken a GS Adventure out and you almost feel like you're driving a car it's just really big in front of you this one a very Sleek design and in order to accomplish that they got rid of the phone holder and put it over here on the left and it still has power to it now your oil and filter changes are going to be at 15 000 kilometers or nine thousand miles very typical for everybody it's a six-speed transmission all right six-speed gearbox why do I say transmission with Ducati quick shift so this has quick shift up and down like all of the V4 multi-stratus just look how gorgeous this thing is so unlike the Pikes Peak but just like the other V4 v4s as it is a two-sided swing arm and you are looking at on this particular one a Z16 tooth sprocket on the front and a z42 tooth sprocket on the rear and of course it has this gorgeous in this case red aluminum monocoque frame all right supporting that front end and giving a ton of travel here you are looking at 50 millimeter fully adjustable front forks electronic wise it'll adjust compression and rebound on these fronts Forks the front wheel is spoked and it is a 19 it's a three inch by 19. it does come with the Pirelli scorpion Trail too and it is a 120 70 r19 there are a lot of options for other tires if you so choose in the rear it also has the Pirelli scorpion Trail too it's a 170 60 R17 very typical for the V4 now suspension travel on this front and rear ready for this 200 millimeters each or about 7.9 inches of suspension travel front has dual Brembo 330 millimeter discs and on the back we have a 200 165 millimeter Brembo now you can get a multitude of different seats for this and I'm just going to give you the total range okay this range will go from a low of 31.7 inches to a high of 35.6 that's about 825 millimeters up to about 905 millimeters it has the typical uh six and a half inch Ducati TFT for the multi-strada which is awesome the adjustable windscreen all of that good stuff um the valves on this same as the other V4 multi-stratas 60 000 kilometers or thirty six thousand miles let's go over some of the small details so not only are the foot pegs thicker and wider for really more off-rail off-road and you have a nice thick pan here on the bottom but this shifter is adjustable there are two positions here that you can make an adjustment to raise or lower whatever position you want with this shifter so that's pretty cool for one thing if you're somewhere where it's cold and you want to take some of the air off of your legs you can put this on or off and this jets that come here to keep you nice and cool during the summer time could be easily closed off for the winter the rear brake here is also adjustable it does come with the center standard on this bike and I believe heated grips heated seat the whole nine yards on this bike and of course the bigger paneers you know I have some really bad weather I got good weather over there I got bad weather moving in over here so let's just get going and get on the bike and see what it feels like okay here it is so I'm gonna take this thing uh out on sport mode I already made my adjustment so one of the things that I did notice with this bike is that there is an engine braking control adjustment on this that is not on the V4 s or the V4 Pikes Peak so that is something that's different also what's a little bit different is that when you're on the road since this is a V4 this has a dynamic control of the cylinders to save fuel so if you have a low torque condition you're on the highway and you're just cruising along it'll cut out two of the cylinders to increase your fuel range and give you better gas mileage that does that on the v4s and the Pikes Peak but it doesn't do it dynamically while you're riding it only does it at stop lights when you come to a stop so that is definitely really one of the differences all right let's fire it up now I will tell you that this seat I didn't adjust it this is how I picked it up the seat is really high and I am not flat footed so I think the seat is in the upper position maybe I should lower it so I feel a little bit more comfortable before I continue so why don't we do that real quick and I'll get back on the bike okay so this seat is set up a little bit different um I've taken my v4s and my Pikes Peak seat on and off I don't know umpteen times never had a problem with this one I kind of struggled getting it in a lower position but now that it's in a lower position I will tell you this is definitely a little taller than the Pikes Peak and than my v4s and I do have it set pretty low so it doesn't get any lower than this all right let's take her for a spin and see how she does all right so what I got to tell you is I've been on the Pikes Peak really for the last 11 000 miles and haven't spent a lot of time on a v4s in I don't know almost a year about a year now and I have to get used to this this is a very Nimble bike it feels good this one definitely feels like it's a little taller than the v4s because of the seating I am definitely not flat-footed on this bike um but it is extremely Nimble especially for a bike with a 19-inch front wheel it's really stiffer suspension is what I'm going to call it of course that's all adjustable same before I have the engine braking set in the middle when I first got on it it had the engine braking to the hardest spot I'm not doing that in this particular case I have the engine braking set to number two which was at basically medium foreign sounds really good has a lot of pickup it's the engine that I'm used to of course I do have the full race exhaust on my Pike's Peak so some of my comparisons are going to be to the Pikes Peak more recently if you don't know anything about the Multistrada V4 family with Ducati great wind protection lifting it up you get a ton of wind protection here it's easy you can put it in different positions wherever you want there's a whole bunch of notches in there it's one hand operation bike feels really good I have to admit that it it feels good and it feels a little more comfortable than the Pikes Peak I think that this is set up to do some serious off-roading with the suspension and with the right height that it has but what I'm going to tell you is if I were going to be doing a lot of touring and let's say I was going to go out to Circuit of the Americas again and go from basically Miami to Austin again I would prefer to take this over the Pikes Peak although I've done it with the Pikes Peak I've done it with the v4s and they're both fully capable they're both comfortable but I think this one's going to be set up a little more ergonomic because the handlebars are a little bit wider you have the wider pegs it's just an overall more comfortable bike because it's set up really for touring now as usual these rides that I do are relatively short if you're expecting me to take the rally off-road that's not going to happen anytime soon I don't really have anywhere to take it off-road I've taken my v4s off-road and it was very capable I have a bunch of videos about that it's nice to fishtail and enjoy yourself when you put it in Enduro mode this is more of a really how does it feel to me compared to my Pikes Peak and it feels pretty darn good it's got a lot of get up and go to it it it's a very comfortable bike it has a nice wide wind protection like we talked about let's see if I can I'm not going to make the light that was a quick turn boy it sounds good for not having a full exhaust I tell you all right let's take her on the highway I know what to expect but I'm getting used to this 19-inch front wheel again which doesn't really feel like a 19-inch front wheel once you're used to being on adventure bikes especially this thing now I'm going to piss a lot of people off at this point but I don't really care on the road and on the highway that GS Adventure which this is what could be compared to and the uh let's let's look at the the ktm's version nothing can hold a candle to this bike on the road handling suspension engine power this blows away BMW it blows away KTM I've had my v4s which is similar to this without the big you know tank and when I rode with guys on the GS they couldn't hold the candle to me on the road that's the bottom line all right these bikes all have more power than we really need and this one just happens to have a little truck now about the travel highway travel because you have such good wind protection and it's a decently heavy bike coming in at over you know 570 pounds it's very stable very good on the road but with these new veneers that get put on here and I had a little video short about this about these once you put these paneers on here this is what you want to travel with even though you know they're bigger and they're bulkier and they're square with you know all square corners and they don't look as cool as the the regular ones that come on the the V4 the other v4s that you can put on the Multistrada v4s that come with the v4s or come with the Pikes Peak but um these are our true paneers top loading I don't have any of them here but I've already gone over this and uh anyway so this is a travel bike it is definitely a travel bike and when you want to go off-road you have that beefier suspension you have that 50 millimeter Forks on both sides and it comes in super handy and look at people love the bike like this guy right here just beeped the horn to me because he loves the bike because it's a damn good looking bike so smooth so smooth and all the power you need and more absolutely amazing bike absolutely amazing bike like I said it's definitely taller you feel a little more top heavy with it especially if you have a full tank I do not have a full tank here there's about maybe a fourth of a tank in here um this is the bike I am comfortable with I'll tell you that this is definitely a bike I am comfortable with because I have so many miles on these Multistrada v4s I definitely like it better than the Multistrada V2 the V2 was nice but there's something about these v4s the way they're set up with the weight and and the power distribution and the suspension and you know so I'm going to talk a little bit more about it once we go and do the test for the railroad track coming up soon which I'm not expecting any issues at all with this bike let's feel the bike front end [Music] not too shabby good acceleration on this bike okay I typically take this railroad tracks here at about 50 miles an hour let's lock it in a 52 which is pretty reasonable here and I know this is going to be good it is very good it is excellent as a matter of fact it feels good really good turning radius on this bike foreign oh yeah it feels good it's got that throaty response that you would expect from this V4 railroad tracks again it's fantastic I I definitely think that this suspension is a little a little tighter uh or uh Titus not the good word for it tighter tighter is a good word but it seems like I'm gonna have to play with the settings to get this down to be more touring comfortable but I am in sport mode so I do have to take that into consideration now who are this who is this bike for is this for the beginner Rider um Absol positively not 100 this is not for the new Rider this is too much power too much weight too much unsprung weight um it's got a lot of bells and whistles of course everyone knows it's got the blind spot detection the the uh forward cruise control the dynamic cruise control that and it has just a lot of things that comes with this bike but what I'm going to tell you is the experienced rider needs to be a person to buy this once you've already been on bikes for a while you're used to handling a little bit of weight being up a little bit taller or slightly higher center of gravity with your body being up so high it changes things you know it's not like you're on a sport bike with a tall seat but you're leaning down like this lowering your center of gravity I would love to take this off-road but again this is the on-road version of it it is a great bike that I am truly enjoying and I would love to have this as an option to travel across country like I said before but New Riders so this is a very capable bike it has more bells and whistles than I even mentioned um but that's okay and flip it right way more flickable than I I needed it to be for that beautiful bike feels fantastic so if someone said Jeff do you want to take this or the Pikes Peak cross country again I'm going to take this on the cross country for sure just riding position seating position the fact that I have these nice big cases that go on the back here to hold more it just makes more sense so if you're into long trips and you don't want to stop for gas as often this is definitely the bike I think the rally is the one for you if you're going to be doing some more off-road the rally is certainly what you want well anyway this is Rembo I'd like to thank Ian from two wheels world and Omar the owner of two wheels world thank them both for allowing me to take these bikes out especially this one that I've been waiting on for a while and uh I think we're going to close it out so if you have any questions uh put comments below I would appreciate it otherwise this is rainbow please like Please Subscribe thank you very much and have a good day bye bye

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