Double sketchbook tour!! (2021-2022??)

Double sketchbook tour!! (2021-2022??)

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hi! so I have shown this Sketchbook on my channel  before, and that video is almost at 100K views,   which thank you so much for that. I take forever  to edit so it might be there by the time I post   this, but yeah thank you for that. this is my  current Sketchbook and it's almost done, but it's   taking me a while, so in the meantime I thought  I could show you my previous sketchbooks that I   completed before this one. this is the timeline  basically kind of. so these bad boys are from   I think 2021 2022?? they are very thin, like..  yeah and these two actually took me longer than   my previous Sketchbook which is kind of weird  but here they are. the brands I have no idea   I got them at a dollar store because they were  really cheap. the paper is just normal print paper  

and the stickers are from different places um  AliExpress, my sister, different stores whatever.   so this is the first one. let's just get into  it. actually just like in my first video I   forgot to mention that there is some nudity  and some gore here and there so be careful.   okay first page is just a pattern of uh  felt worms. I remember that there are like  

three different drawings under there because I  kept covering them up. oh this is gonna be.. this   is gonna be tricky. uh this is just a random  clown character.. yeah. this is my OC Nicole,   yeah. I remember that her legs were supposed to  move but it looked kind of stupid so I just glued   them in place. I actually really like this. maybe  I could redo it in my current SketchBook. this   is C!Ranboo from dream SMP. there will be some  dream SMP fan art, I was into it at the time, so   yeah just so you know. yeah this page is  pretty simple, I used glitter for this and it  

falling off. oh this is my other OC Tyler I I wish the background was more solid, there's  just a lot, kind of hard to look at. uh C!Tubbo.   um I tried to use paint and I don't really like  it. and I tried to do line art but I remember it  

was smudging everywhere, so yeah this is kind of  bad. uh c!Tommy. I actually quite like this page,   I like the colors and like patterns and stuff.  yeah, this is fine. uh my character Tyler again   and I also like this page a lot, and I remember  being really really proud of this. oh god oh uh there's boobies on this page, but this is um  the same clown character from the other page,   just in a different outfit. oh  this page is kind of a mess.  

um this is a drawing I did of my friend  covering up something else that's really ugly uh yeah this is just like random stuff, kind of ugly.  um c!Ranboo again, and again I wish the background   was more solid. if it was just solid black I think  it would be better. there's just like.. it's all   fighting for attention, you know. so smart. oh  this is my character Tyler again but this is   also my first puppet. their arms move like that  and I redrew this in one of my videos recently   so that's cool. but I still like this page I  think it's solid it's nice it's not like too..   too much. uh this is the same clown  character and I do like this a lot,  

I redrew this a few times I remember  ,so yeah. this is my other OC Oliver.   there was a lot of experimenting like the papers  and tapes and stuff and glitter. the anatomy is   not the best but I do like.. like that I like  this a lot. um my other OCs Tyler and Tasha yeah. oh god this is my first I think this is my  first South Park Fan Art. like this is when I just   started watching the show. this is not very and my  anyway designs for them have changed quite a bit,   especially Cartman but yeah. c!Tubbo again but  trying to do like color schemes and stuff and  

I do like this I do like this a lot. I might  use this technique in my current SketchBook.   Tyler again uh this isn't like the best I remember  I drew this at college on a break so it's not like that good. Tasha. I remember I made this just  for a tutorial on the arm. yeah I mean it's   not terrible but the anatomy is really like.. why  are the hands so big. oh the clown character again   they don't have a name. yeah the anatomy is  not it's not the best and the color I mean  

I don't know it's okay. okay this is Oliver  again and this page is one of the pages that   I like to redraw multiple times in like all of  my sketchbooks. I actually haven't done that   in my current one I should I should get onto  that. but yeah I actually like this page a lot   even though again the anatomy is not perfect but  it's nice. the clown the nameless clown character yeah. this is actually a plushie.. no that's not  the plushie that I have never mind. uh my first  

the Walten files fan art I think. they're  very white I didn't color in their skin but [Music] this is better than my other South  Park fan art but still um they're cute   and my Kenny design has  also changed quite a lot so.   c!Tubbo again. yeah I remember I did not like  this page at the time but now I'm like it's   literally okay. fnaf security breach. I think  this is also like my very first fan art of this   and I do like this but the background is  just bothering me. okay overall I like these   I just like took a thicker marker Drew these  shapes and then I just outlined them with a   thinner liner and it looks really nice. oh this  page is kind of unfinished but this is just me  

with my friends and us as South Park characters. I  do like these a lot. uh here I drew myself because   I made myself a cat beanie and I miss my first cat  beanie. I tried to draw my friend for Halloween.   he was supposed to be a Skeleton  Man and that's about it. some hand  

practice. all of these- most of these  are freehanded and I like this a lot   but again the background it's just like so patchy  I hate it. that's why I do paper or paint now for   backgrounds. c!Tommy again. my design for him  has changed by this point but yeah I like this   actually. this the background it's patchy but  it's kind of like it's the vibe. more South Park.  

um they don't look like children but  I swear it's on purpose so it's fine.   um yeah this is Craig Kyle without his proper  nose I'm sorry uh and Craig and Tweek. [Music]   they're wearing their outfits like in the show  when they're kids but I'm like no they're aged up   it's supposed to be like that. uh Kenny. yeah  that's all. uh this is uh George sapnap Karl   and Tina from dream SMP. I remember being really  really proud of this and I mean.. I mean it's fine   I probably could do better now but I'm not really  into dream smp anymore so I don't care. this  

oh God damn it. uh I tried to  draw Wendy from South Park.   again it's the they're aged up even though  they're dressed like in the show but   it's aged up it's fine. um a Little Flower  and Stan. I do like this. oh um George and   dream XD and like hands and eyes. this page  is fine. I remember I redrew it later but I   I don't really care about this anymore so it's  like I don't know what to say. more fnaf security  

breach Freddy Monty Roxy and Chica. I did not  figure out the human design for her yet so   there. oh I love these pages. um these got a lot  of likes on Tiktok. um yeah these are my- sorry.   yeah this is Sundrop and Moondrop over there  and they're also puppets so their faces move and elbows and wrists. and there are all these  decorations and googly eyes and- i love this.   I should redo it but I don't know. and same thing  here with moon drop and I did film The Making of  

him for a tutorial but it's really old and it's  not the best so. and his face actually moves 360..   almost. but yeah and also his hand it at some  point it ripped off so I had to glue it down.   nice work. more South Park.  once again they're aged up   but they dress but they're dressed  the same but they're aged up.   here's this little. there's gore. little window  with Kenny. I also redrew this multiple times.  

uh tweek. I like how I did his hands. and a little  Kenny side profile but his design has changed so. wrong way. more fnaf security breach. I miss  these markers so much. um again Sundrop Moondrop   drop Doodles um a body sketch I did and uh  chica but face not good no hand ugly hand.  

nice. uh these are just random girls and I  do like this a lot. it looks very very nice and the a frog girl um I also think  this was my like first time doing   more protective hairstyles and I think I did  fine. a lot of frogs and green and stuff and   I like this a lot. uh fnaf security breach  again. Freddy. I do like this a lot still.   and.. burp. Bonnie and Sundrop Moondrop. my first  time trying to do this. Sally face. the mask it's  

it's magnetic and there's a magnet under this  drawing as well. the bangs stand out so I can just   Slide the mask underneath. I love  this and I also redid this later so   yeah. but the page overall is kind of ugly so. and  here in the end I'm just it's just some swatches   and stuff. so and that's all for this SketchBook  and here's the next one so let's just go in so I decided to do a proper like  starter or welcome page or like a   personal page. just some information,  me, my friend uh headphones .yeah yeah I kind of [ __ ] up because I did this  on like this side so it always falls over   and I have to fix it. this is Sundrop  from fnaf security breach and I did  

the whatever this is called like on a thread   and yeah. this page is kind of a lot so let's  just move on. uh pretty ugly Craig and Tweek um again they're aged up but they're dressed like  in the show but they're aged up guys it's fine.   I mean it is fine but you know. my OC Tyler again  and some safety pins. yeah this is kind of this is   kind of a good page actually maybe I could redo it  again. still figuring out a human glamrock Chica   design. this did not stick around so yeah. uh a  redraw of one of fnaf security breach posters.   um if I could I would like make the face bigger  because on the original poster it's like there   but yeah. I think I drew this in digital as well.  yeah. Sundrop and Vanny from fnaf security breach.  

um fun fact these stars are confetti that I found  under my Town's Christmas tree. they were just in   the snow and I'm like "ooh for sketchbook!" don't  don't ask more Sundrop and moon drop and Vanny and   whatever this is. oh he's so ugly. um very ugly  Butters and little sketches of Tolkien and Craig   and Tweekk and little Butters cuter 'gibberish'  cuter Butters and another cuter Butters my OC Tyler it's Oliver and Oliver and Nicole. um  more OCs Doodles and sketches and stuff.   yeah I don't draw them very often and I kind  of feel bad. more OCs. little very short comic.   more OCs. Spider-Man. the page is really good  um Sundrop from fnaf security breach for like   200th time. um I remember that I literally  just bought like a set of these tapes and I  

realized that they're like the perfect colors  for Sundrop so I just did this and I do like   this a lot and it would be nice to do it again  but I don't have those tapes on anymore so this is a drawing my friend  made of me when we met up.   uh this is Oliver and this is Oliver's sister  that does not have a name. this is the page   the redraw of a page from the other  SketchBook and just for quick comparison there we go. uh are there dates  dates no there's no date here but.   yeah the difference is probably like a few  months or something. um I think this was a like a   side not a side profile.  just like angles Challenge on Tiktok.  

I drew Oliver in different- from different angles  and filled the rest with these little stars. and   tha's all. speaking of stars I basically got like  a little star-shaped paper cutter and I was having   a lot of fun with it so I was like let's just fill  a page with these Stars. this took like two days   but it's cool I guess .it's fun.  there's some shiny ones. uh this   page is also kind of random just  uh sun drop I'm so tired of him a little pocket with some money. a little Doodle  of myself and some stickers and Band-Aids and   that's all. an unfinished page but I drew  myself and then didn't do anything else.  

uh Pinkie Pie. this was kind of random and I  filled the rest with um glitter pens and some   sweet desserts. oh I love this a lot so this is  um vinyl scratch or DJ Pon-3 from My Little Pony.   um I see them as non-binary so  I'll probably use they them. but   yeah uh yeah I was just going for like a  scene kind of vibe and I do like this a lot.   might do it again. more Oliver. in Spiderman  suit. just in sweater and this art style. I  

like this. I don't know how I did this and I have  not done it since. now pages are getting a little   better um Rainbow Dash. kind of a rant these  drawings got traced so much and I don't know why   like I have seen this get traced at least like  four times each and it was so annoying okay.   more South Park. um still aged up because  I still didn't know how to draw children   but now at least they look different from the  show. and here's the little Kenny window again

maybe I could do a little comparison again  where is it. where are you. where is it okay so here's a little comparison.  I think this will be better. so god dammit. so yeah this is also like a few  months difference maybe I think. oh this is   dream SMP again but I really like these pages  and I like this drawing of c!Tubbo it's like   very juicy. and yeah I just like how like  the background is filled with just black  

pen doodles and these flowers Maybe. I like this  I like this. um this is dream SMP also. this is   Hannah and Boomer. yeah .and I also went for like  a fairy core kind of vibe but I do like this a   lot as well with like a lot of different Doodles  and flowers and them having a little tea party.  

I like this. oh God all the pencil just  faded out. um Fluttershy from My Little Pony yeah that's all. um oh oh God. he looks white um  yeah I could have sworn I made his skin darker.   okay um this is Discord from My Little  Pony um I do really love this drawing.  

would maybe fix the face a little bit.  give him a more like proper nose but   I love my design for him not to like brag. not as  ugly Butters. um I do like these little guys a lot   but yeah I don't know why I put these stickers  here maybe because they're blue or what okay.   Jesus Christ why are you so light.   um this is tree hugger from My Little Pony.  my first design for her. she looks so light   I have changed my design since then kind of  drastically but yeah ignoring The Faded skin I do   like this page a lot like the eyes and the trippy  patterns and all. I like this actually. actually

actually I could spoil you a little bit..   where is it. there. this is my more  recent design for tree hugger. crazy I cannot this is so funny okay. I hate I hate  the colors but I do like the page. this is very  

unfinished but this is a fluffle puff from  My Little Pony. my human design for her.   yeah. and this is one of the spa ponies for My  Little Pony. 'rambles' whatever it doesn't matter.   okay and this is another redraw from a previous  sketchbook and I have to find the page again first try. here's the comparison

yeah I don't know. I like this a lot. it's more  like fluid. more like fluid shapes and stuff.   I do like the hearts and explosions here more than  here but the character itself with the anatomy and   all and everything I like this. but this yellow is  better. um another redraw but I do not feel like   getting my Sketchbook again. this is the redraw  of that George and dream XD page. but I like it   less than the old one so it doesn't matter. uh  Kenny again. still not the design that I have now   but I do like these skulls and rats a lot. but  he's still like too pretty for my liking. again  

these worms but now they're rainbow. this also I  think got a lot of likes on tiktok. uh my first aged up Stan design. uh it has changed again but  I do like this page. it's kind of very simple but   fine. little Doodles and stuff. yeah.  here's my Kyle design. old Kyle design.  

trying to do the nose properly but still not  not quite there. um yeah I do like these little   thingies here. and this is really sweet. and  now we're almost at the end. here's Wendy changed her outfit a little bit but yeah I do like  this. and swatches again a lot and I tried to like   actually label which brands it is. so is there  anything here. oh yeah just some tapes and papers   and stuff. I have never used these I  don't think. and that's all. it was   interesting to look back at this. this is where  I like first started experimenting and like  

filling my Sketchbook the way I do  now. and I hope you enjoyed this too.   hopefully I finish my current Sketchbook  soon and make another Sketchbook tour.   but for now that's all. so if you  like this please subscribe to me here,  

like the video, comment, uh ring the bell.  you can also find me on Tiktok, Instagram,   I have made two Picrews, please stop  asking me if it's me yes it's me,   and I also post some exclusive content on ko-fi  or you can also donate to me on coffee if you   want cough cough, and I also do commissions,  mostly on Instagram. so yeah that's it, bye

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