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Hey my name is Rob. My name is  Cheyne and we're going to show you what   true village life is like here in Bali Indonesia.   in March 2022 we received an exciting message  from one of our followers on Instagram, Gede Ary. Gede is Balinese and he told us that he had plans  to start a new cultural experience for tourists   in Bali. but before opening it up to Travelers, he  asked us to take part in his program and document  

our trip. of course, we agreed. the program  takes place in manggis village which is a small village located in the karangasem Regency of East  Bali. this is not only Gede's home but also a   region of Bali rich in culture and tradition. the  program includes a two-day one-night stay in the   village and is filled with many activities that  encompass the daily lives of the local people.   from making brown sugar, to bathing in the  river, this program is meant for travelers   who are in search of an authentic and  immersive experience. it's real and raw,  

and connects you with the traditional ways  of life in Bali that most visitors never see.   having traveled to many places in Indonesia over  the last two and a half years, we're happy to say   that this is one of our most riveting trips  to date. we truly felt like we were part of   Gede's family during our visit. we deeply  respect his mission of trying to show tourists a   more authentic side of Bali. so whether you're a  foreign tourist, or even an Indonesian traveler  

visiting the island, we hope this video encourages  you to take part in this experience. and if not we   hope you at least enjoy getting a glimpse  of what life is like in a Balinese Village.   hello and good morning from here  in Desa manggis. you guys can see we are here in   the jungle with all the bugs and insects. we're gonna walk you through the  

house right here and just give you a quick  layout of the area. I'm gonna let Cheyne do it. here we are at the entrance of the  house. it's walled in with a beautiful gate. let's come on in. so as soon as you enter, there is the temple, which is   one of the most important aspects of  the homes here in Bali.

it's beautiful and ornate. now we're  going to take you to the rooms. so these are actually the rooms that we've been  staying in. here's the common area.   some family pictures from Gede's Grandpa there. his parents right here. we have a very simple setup  here. two mattresses on the ground.  

one other room here to the side.  more traditional bed. nice and comfy. this is where you will be  staying. here near the back of the house we actually have the washroom where they do some  laundry, take your showers, and use the toilet. this is a traditional kampung  bathroom. you have a squat toilet right here   to get down on your business. and then here you have a water basin where  

you take your showers. now we're  going to take you guys into the kitchen. we're in the family kitchen  right now. they have a small little   stove right here. all their firewood and  preparation areas over there. tons of supplies. chickens right here. besides the traditional kitchen back  here, they also have a little bit more modern   kitchen. they have some normal burners, a  stove top as you can see. so they usually do some  

cooking back here as well. now everyone's  just hanging out having   a coffee. we're here with our friends: Antonio's back, Pandas here, and Gede. we're sitting   having a coffee. but in a little bit, we're gonna go to the waterfall so let's go. we just parked the bikes. we're getting  ready to go to the waterfall. but guys check this out. a huge statue of Brahma. you can see Antonio  there to give you some perspective. I don't think any tourists know about this  in Bali.

we are the first here foreigners here maybe. now that we're up at the top  next to Statue here it's really amazing. and you have candidasa and the beaches of  East Bali. this whole area is really amazing. now that we've finished here, we're going to make our way to   the waterfall. so most of the villages here in  Bali, especially the ones as you get higher  north, they all have their secret waterfalls.  this is the one here in desa manggis.  so not many people are visiting  here. but we are deep in the jungle  

and we are getting close, let's check it  out. here on the adjacent side of   the waterfall you have some holy  springs. just behind me on the other side, you have the super tall jagasatru waterfall. now it's time to go under. these holy waters behind me are  actually used to cleanse and purify   your soul of evil spirits. what  you do is start all the way here   to the right and go from stream  to stream all the way to the end.

now we're actually at one of Gede's family members houses. I'm gonna  walk you in here. the boys are already in. we're gonna get sugar and arak separate from the main kitchen. it's kind of hot. this is the raw one   which is not finished yet. they're  still making it to be a bit thicker so the brown sugar and arak are   actually made from the same precursor. they take buckets and put them at the   top of a coconut tree. they  let the buckets collect the liquid that's coming   out of the tree over the course of a few days.  then they take that liquid and start the process  

to either make the brown sugar or the arak. just  behind me is actually a Gede's Uncle. he climbs   these trees two times a day. his first session he  climbed 16 trees and then later in the afternoon   he climbs another eight. he's 60 years old and he's so  strong. you can see his arms there's these insane   muscles that I've never seen before. okay now pak is climbing up this huge tree that was insane that was one of the craziest  things. unbelievable. we think this tree is about 30 meters/  100 feet give or take. the risk is crazy.  Antonio are you going up next? no I don't want to.

I was thinking I'm gonna try but this is impossible. once you get   to the top of the tree, these are the buckets that  are hanging there. these are the ones that are   collecting all the liquid from the tree. they  swap them out bring them down and continue on   with the process. the Balinese make this little  concoction right here which comes from   Jackfruit tree. that gets  mixed in with the liquid that comes directly from  

the tree. this concoction is added  because it's going to prevent fermentation. you cook these to give you brown sugar. but if you drink this directly   from the tree it is so delicious. let's let everyone try it. oh my goodness it's like sugarcane. I grow up with this bro. that's straight from the tree.  it's like sugarcane wow. I think this tastes better.  stop stop it.

I like how it's crisp and cold. I would sip on this at the beach. so in order to make the  brown sugar they cook over an open fire for   about 30 minutes until it really thickens  up. we'll show you what that looks like. it's already done right? I love brown sugar. it's like Asian caramel. the best candy ever it's like a praline. yeah like a praline! it's as big as my tiny head. Panda you want  to take a bite of this one bro?

we are finished with that brown sugar. we are on fire you know because the sugar. we've returned to Gede's house  and we've got quite a meal. we provide some traditional  food from karangasem. it's called plecing telengis and  also shrimp paste chicken. this is already a little bit spicy. I'm gonna try the chicken. little chicken drumstick who cooked this? who's the chef? this is delicious chicken. tender and falls off the bone. let's get up close and personal guys the chicken is perfect. this is heaven.  well that was delicious. we are finished eating.  

now it's time to take a shower because it's about  four or five o'clock. here in the village they   don't often shower in their own  home. they go and shower in the river so we're   gonna walk you there and tell you a little bit  about it. we've got about a five minute walk  

through the jungle all the way down to where the  shower station is. they actually   told us that last year is when they finally  installed pipes with running water into the   village. before that they never had  running water going directly into their home. everyone usually showers in the river  and goes around this time so four or five o'clock. even though they've recently got water  pipes installed here last year, sometimes the   water doesn't make it all the way down to the  bottom of the village and people are so accustomed to just going  and showering in the river together. it's   like a communal experience that a lot of  people continue to do. you're gonna need that right hand.

a balancing act  going on. I don't want to go down there. we are coming up to where the shower  station is. they built a brick   wall that drops off so the water  flow can drop evenly down.  we're gonna go in there and take a bath.

trust me, I've been around  this guy all day and he stinks. this is the first shower I've had in a  week. let's lather up. that was a fresh shower in the river. we are now trekking back through the jungle back to Gede's.  it's time to start cooking for dinner. now we're going to be doing some traditional  Balinese cooking. we're making the Satay lilit

right here we have the sticks and here is our concoction. it's chicken, flour, and an assortment of other  spices. onions, garlic, ginger.   we're gonna form it on the stick. get to work  boys. let's go we're trying to eat. all the seeds, can't forget the seeds. you're turning around this stick so it looks  similar like what you eat in the restaurant.   i'm nowhere near as good. i need more

this is okay or it's too much? that's okay for a beginner. i think panda's is good it's probably a 9 out of 10 so panda and cheyne are still making sate. Antonio's cooking over  here with Pak. I'm trying to cook. Kemang has already eaten one. this is pretty cool  though right in the courtyard here just cooking.

i like seeing cheyne suffering. and that is how you make  the world's best peanut sauce. mix it all up use your hand. that's all the flavor this traditional way of eating is known as megibung. megibung is believed to have been created   by the king of karangasem in the late 17th century  to bring a deeper sense of community among his   soldiers. since then, megibung has spread into the  homes of many Balinese and regularly takes place   during traditional and religious ceremonies. all  of the food is served on one platter and circled  

by up to eight individuals. everyone eats with  their hands and is only allowed to take from   what is directly in front of them. when you're  finished eating, you must remain seated until   everyone else has finished as well. we really  enjoyed being part of this traditional way of   eating and truly feel it brought everyone  closer while enjoying a meal together. we're going to be drinking some arak which is  a traditional alcohol from here in   Bali. tomorrow we're going to show you how it's  made but tonight we're gonna drink it. cheers life is now! good night everybody we'll see you tomorrow hey my name is Antonio. i'm here with these guys but last night we drank a lot and now i don't know.

good morning day two in the kampung. good recovery from the arak. we're feeling alright. now we are out here in the jungle because we are cutting some grass to feed to the cows. so we're going  to work. look at Antonio go. how are you doing?  I'm fine bro I'm just working in the countryside with this. now with this we feed the cow. then after we eat the cow. this is life.

this cow is about 7 years old. they plan on raising it and letting it have babies. sell the babies and then they plan on actually selling this cow when  it reaches around 20 years old now that we're done feeding the cow, getting our   future rendang ready, it's time to go get some arak. we saved the best for last. you saw us drinking  it last night but it's time to show you guys   how arak is made. now arak is very famous here  in the karangasem Regency of East Bali.

many families make it in the back of their homes. so we're actually at a local home in the area. the Jungle there behind me and now  we're coming into the backyard where they make   arak back there. so in these jugs they collect  the sap from the palm tree. the same as they  make the brown sugar. they put it in these barrels  to ferment for a certain period of time. after   it's done fermenting, they bring it here to boil. everything's going to evaporate and run down this   tube all the way down and drip into your final  product. we drank a lot last night but... wow that's good.

well that's gonna close out this video and  our time here in Desa manggis. we really hope you   guys enjoyed the video. we hope that this  gave an accurate representation of how some   of the locals live here in Bali. again we  encourage you all if you're planning to visit   Bali and you want to take part in this immersive  experience, please reach out to Gede. he plans  

to have this Tour all set up next year in  early 2023. we'll put all of Gede's information down in the description below for  you to check out. we hope you enjoyed the   video. if you did please give us a like and  subscribe and we'll see you in the next one.

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