Didn't EXPECT to See this in Kerala INDIA EP.05 | God's Own Country | Pakistani on Indian Tour

Didn't EXPECT to See this in Kerala INDIA  EP.05 | God's Own Country | Pakistani on Indian Tour

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We took this same route last night as well. But eventually it was too dark to see anything. You'll see boats everywhere you see. These are mainly for tourists. We did try to ask around here but...

I think it's the egg that's wrapped around. And it has chicken inside. Lets try it and see what it tastes like.

What an awesome road is this... Superb... Assalam Alekum... Namaskaram... Namasthe... Sat Sri Akal... Hopefully I have welcomed all of my viewers. Our first morning here has been a wonderful one. The sunrise was amazing. It's a very peaceful and calm place.

We slept rather peacefully. It was a little humid last night. But the good thing was that both of our rooms had AC. So we didn't have any complaints. Woke up early in the morning.

We have a really beautiful sunrise here. Our boat has started sailing. The boat ride is gonna take another 2 to 2.5 hours before we get back.

Hopefully we'll be done with our breakfast by then. We might as well get some more footage. Further details about our next plans when we our boats reach the land. We took the same route last night as well.

But eventually it was too dark to see anything. Now that we can see everything in broad daylight... we find it to be an exceedingly peaceful place.

You keep on seeing small villages along the way. Some of them are relatively bigger in size than the others. Some of them have their connectivity through this small road that you can see. There is also a road along this water body. I'm not sure if it's wide enough to allow cars to get here.

Because I haven't seen any cars here; have seen some motorcycles though. I also saw people doing their laundry with this water. There were some kids waiting for the ferry or speed boat to carry them. That may be meant to transport them to Alleppey or some other place.

We have been sailing for 15 to 20 km. There's another 10 to 12 km to go. We have with us... Mr. Sajju. Would you like to tell our viewers anything about this place? It's really beautiful though.

Are you feeling camera shy? Say something. Sajju is a true gentleman. If you are visiting Kerala...

You might find him in the parking for tourists. Do tour with him. He's a really nice guy. We are back in Alleppey after a ride of about 1.5 to 1.75 hours.

And it just felt like a 5 minute ride. The place is so beautiful that it made time fly by quickly. I do feel like going back with the boat for another ride. But the journey must go on. We'll stay here for some more time for breakfast on the boat. Waiting for the boat to get docked.

I think we are already there. Let's go and have the breakfast as it's already been prepared by Nawaz. The breakfast is here. I have Karthikeyan with me.

He is a little camera shy. Hopefully you'll see more of him in our next videos. So, Karthikeyan, please explain to us the breakfast of South India. For breakfast, we have idli or dosa. Idli and dosa..

So this is... So now we are gonna have idli. We have masala dosa in our breakfast yesterday. Today we are having idli. Idli is... Let me just take one.

This is how it looks like. Let me try and give you a closer shot. The camera is changing focus. This is also made with rice. Yeah. This is idli and what about this one? It's chatni and it's made from coconut.

This is sambar. It's made from lentils. Lentil and ? I also see some vegetables. So it's like vegetable lentil stew. Yeah. And of course we have tea. Do people here have tea in the morning or coffee? It depends.

This is a typically Kerala breakfast or in the whole South India? Most of the places.... Tamil Nadu... Kerala.. Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Karnataka? Yeah. Other than the facilities on this boat, the food they have served us is amazing. I think I might have forgotten to tell you in the previous video...

We paid 7000 INR for this boat tour. Everything included. For instance last night's dinner and this breakfast.

And the two rooms that we had to ourselves. I mean we got this whole boat for 7000 INR. I think that rounds off to 80 or 90 USD. Just like that? Hmmm.

Chatni is really good. I think there's chili in it. I can also see some mint leaves... probably.

Not mint? Hard to say. Anyways... there's something in it for sure. We are done with the breakfast.

Very delicious and healthy. They don't use any oil to make idli. They just made it from rice boiled in water. So it's easy to digest.

I hope our ride today is gonna be awesome as well. Today we plan to ride towards Munnar. We'll make a couple of stops along the way. I have shortlisted some points. I know of a place called Thekkady.

I saw some of her videos and found her to be really beautiful. I could also see a mountain gap on the road, in the maps. So we plan to take this road to go to Munnar. That is a place well known for its tea plantation.

We hope to cover this area for you today. For those of you, who wanna know if I liked idli more or dosa... I had dosa yesterday. I think I personally liked dosa more. Let's get our luggage, set up the motorcycle and get going.

Thanks very much Sajju. Bismillah... In the name of Allah... *Prayer for the journey* We pray to Allah for a safe and memorable day ahead.

May both of us have a lot of fun. May our ride go as we have planned it to be. Interesting.

And that we may be able to make good content for all of you. So our first destination is going to be Thekkady. That's almost a 4 hour ride.

I have been told that the route is pretty scenic. We'll be spending almost 8 to 10 hours on the road today. And our evening will be in Munnar.

It gets quite hot here during the day. The temperature must be around 32 or 33 degrees. But it's the humidity that makes us sweat. There are numerous tourists here so early in the day.

But I think it's best that you take the evening tour. Spend the night there and come back early in the day. Because sunset and sunrise are probably the best times to visit. It's quite sunny during the day.

So there's a haze in the air and also the visibility is not that good. For me, the sunrise was the best part. All you can see here are boats.

Most of them are for tourists. The roads in Kerala are narrow... But there are just too many trees along the roadside. That makes the whole ride much more scenic.

Kerala has a population of almost 35 - 36 million. People here speak Malayalam. That's the language that you see written everywhere around you. It's somewhat different from Hindi.

Well, from what I saw, it's not just a little different. There are many people here, who are either related to tourism or have spent time in the Middle East... They know some Hindi/Urdu as well. Enough to make it work. I haven't faced any difficulties while traveling here so far.

We tried to ask these people but... But nobody speaks English so have no idea about this event. They said some name but it was incomprehensible for me. So I don't know exactly what this march is for. It's very colorful though. I'm seeing such things for the first time.

Looks interesting though. I did some recording to which nobody objected. Hopefully someone from you can tell us about this festival. Lets resume our ride. Looks like this march is gonna continue for some time. It was quite interesting.

That's why I said that while simply traveling on the Indian roads, you see life. It's a very happening place. It's happening here as well.

Most of the participants are women. Except for the drum players and dancers who are men. We are passing through a small time. So far, it's been continuously inhabited. We have already covered 50 km or so.

The problem with the small towns is... Even one person who stops along the way, can make the whole traffic stop. Hold it... Hold it... Much needed for summer. During this 1.5 hour long ride so far... We could hardly cover 50 or 60 km.

It was quite tiring. I haven't ridden my motorcycle in such a traffic anywhere else in the world. This is the first ever experience of this sort. There's a town every few kilometers. So we have been seeing such traffic without a break. Let's have some coconut water.

Hopefully it's gonna give us some fresh energy. I think the road seems to have gotten better now. The ride has been going wonderfully well. We have gained some altitude. And that has caused the temperature to drop down 4 to 5 degrees.

The air has a slight chill now. And you can see the nature all around us. That's really in abundance. Such an amazing place. Back down there, the heat was a source of disturbance for us. I can say no more complaints now.

Just like getting fresh energy. One seems to start enjoying the ride once again. Just need to be a little more careful here. We have come to a nice restaurant for lunch. The lunch has already been served. It's Chatti Porotta wrapped in banana leaves.

Hopefully I'm pronouncing it correctly. Let's see what's inside. Hopefully it will be a paratha that we ordered with chicken. Check it out. Looks wonderful. I think it's wrapped with egg.

And the chicken filling will be inside it. Let me try and tell you what it tastes like. They call it a porotta...what we call a paratha.

Not too spicy... And tastes really good. I'm not sure if the banana leaves make it taste better. But it's delicious.

I asked if one can find halal food everywhere in Kerala. I was told that it's not everywhere but most of the places do have halal food. I do ask if there is halal meat. Otherwise, I just order vegetarian food. I think it's only found in South India.

I haven't seen anything like this in the north. Our foods are much more similar to the ones in North India. But haven't seen anything like this before.

Bismillah... In the name of Allah... Let's get back to our ride. Hopefully the next part of our ride will be much more scenic. Because traveling through mountains surely makes the ride more interesting. I think this whole area now...

These rolling hills... This is the tea plantation area. I haven't seen this type of area before.

That's why I'm not sure but it feels like that. What a beautiful place this is. So unreal. I think the rest of our ride is gonna stay like this.

The road is just awesome. Too good. We didn't pick this route ourselves. But the scenery here....

It's worth getting lost. If you find yourself on such a road, after losing your track, while riding a motorcycle... What else does one need... Ma Sha Allah... It's just amazing. I've fallen in love with Kerala. That too... just on the second day of our tour.

I'm just wondering what it must be like to be here during Monsoon. This is probably the best road for this type of area. I mean the one where I rode through a forest. I'm totally enjoying it. I remember a similar ride through forest in Croatia. We just want to ride for as long as there is visibility.

We'll get a hotel as soon as it gets dark. Just want to keep enjoying this road even on the next day. I think the hotel we have found is located right in the middle of tea plantation. I can see that in front.

And the plants that you can see around are tea plants. Let's hope there's room in the hotel. Because we just located it on Google. We tried to call them but got no answer. Normally, you do get a room once you are physically there. There it is.

Winter Castle Heritage Resort. Alhamdulillah... Praise be to Allah... Finally we have got a room here.

Time for a room tour. The first day of our ride in India has been quite tiring. But we are gonna give you a room tour for sure.

I just want to lay down on this bed though. That's who comfortable this room is. You can see the bed. The washroom is over there. They have given some space next to it, for the mirror. You can see me and Karthikeyan.

Here we have two seats to sit. Here's the balcony. I'll give you the view from the balcony tomorrow. Right now it's too dark to see anything.

We paid 3000 INR for this room. That must be around 35 USD. You can do the maths yourself. Not a bad deal. There's no one else staying here at the moment, so we'll be pretty comfortable.

We might go to have dinner. And then we'll rest. I hope all of you have enjoyed this vlog. Please don't forget to Like, Subscribe and Share.

Remember us in your prayers. See you in the next one. Allah Hafiz.

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