Dealing With Frustrations On An Adventure

Dealing With Frustrations On An Adventure

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Good morning and here we are, it's the final morning in Flores. We fly out dinner time today back to Bali and this is where we start the final section of this Indonesian trip. Flores, what can I say about it? It's stunning. The scenery is absolutely amazing. You just

can't imagine it until you get here. I mean you've obviously seen a lot of the footage now and you've joined with us as we've gone around a little bit of Flores. We do intend coming back here and I think we're going to come back and do maybe a 10 night stay and do a proper overland tour. It's expensive. Everything's

slightly more money. The food, beer, drivers, accommodation, everything is a little bit more and that's a shame. So you saw the bit where the driver offered us a private tour of 3 million rupiah which we were really happy with and it was on a public boat, it was on a private boat, a local boat and it was not a speed boat so it was just going to chug away out there which we were perfectly happy with. The

pictures he showed us had plenty of coverage so we weren't going to be out in the sun all day so we were really really happy. Sadly it didn't come off and he kept on coming back to us and saying "We're locking off you a smaller boat and taking it for less time for the same money" and we said "Well no, we paid for a whole day. We'll have our money back" and he said "No, no, I find you another boat" so we went with it for quite a while thinking, believing that he was going to sort of say but it became more and more obvious as it went on that he was not going to do it so when we finally asked for our money back we went for a good 18 hours, maybe 24 hours of excuses why he wasn't coming up then he turned up with no money but left his ID card which we've talked about previously. Eventually

yesterday we got our money back so we did get our money back but we didn't get our trip to Komodo so to say we're frustrated is an understatement so I feel what I'm trying to tell you is if you're going to do something like that what you need to do is you need to think about going to one of the offices in the Main Street. Me and Vee walked up Labuan High Street just up from the harbour yesterday and there are countless shops who are tour organisers and you're going to get a receipt and you're going to get hopefully what you pay for on the tin so unless you know the taxi driver you're dealing with my advice to you is go up the high street, get yourself a receipt and do it that way so you know learn from our mistakes. At least we got our money back we lost out on the experience but we got our money back and we'll come back next year and we'll do the Komodo trip and we're going to do a live abroad trip next year. We think what we're going to do next year I'm going to look into it but I think I've sussed it away where we can go Bali to Labuan Bajo by public ferry and we'll come here and probably have one night here if we time it right and we will time it right and then we're going to do a live abroad boat back to Lombok and then we'll do Gili and then we'll go back to Bali so we're going to do it a totally different way but while we're in Labuan Bajo next year I think we're going to do we're going to try and do 10 days here and do a bit more of a tour to experience the area because there is so much I've read about to see but we really do need to spend more time here to have a good look around. Anyway let's have a last final look around here because I'm sure you're in the hotel really yet so I might have a wander around the hotel in a minute just show you the hotel because you obviously probably wanted to see this as well but you know you've seen countless pictures now done some drone stuff around here this is you know 10 o'clock in the morning and the hotel at the moment it's quite busy but look look at the beach there is nobody here you know you look down that way there's a couple of people but there's hardly anything so it's an idyllic place to come really is and I suspect last night you would have seen the drone footage and I'll put it back in here now because you know obviously I'm talking about it just up over there there's another coast so you could go over that side as well and you'd be able to watch the sunrise if you you know that was your thing and it doesn't look very far away although I do think you need a bike or a car the driver situation like I said is really expensive so you need something where you can just pop away the problem is every time you want to go down in town from here it's they're charging you 100k and grab needs to come here or something just to sort the price of it because it's a 10 minute drive but 100k it's a lot it is you know but they they got the market at the moment and while they got the market they're going to charge it anyway let's have a wander up through the hotel we're Marc and Vee and this is our adventures over there we have a pool the restaurant I think we'll walk over there next all these little bungalows on the front these are the beach front bungalows they all look quite nice don't they they've all been recent what the beam updated as we speak we got a pool just over there and you got restaurant that's the restaurant there we spent last night there's an area over there seats we spent you know to about 10 o'clock last night to sell it there and they told us that the restaurant will stay open 24 hours as long as there's somebody there who wants to buy they will stay open so you could theoretically sell it there all night if you really wanted to and as we come up through they offer a massage service here however if you want it they organize a taxi to take you down to the town and so if that's the case it's going to be quite expensive so you probably don't want to bother with that as you can see I was telling you they're just doing the uh grounds here hello there how are you doing and you can see they're just preparing that one getting more finished and as you come back these you got two more pools here two more pools but as you come back up through these are what they call the garden view bungalows that's what we stayed in which are considerably cheaper if not a bit busier I'm obviously done on the beach front because they're slightly more expensive if you don't get so many people here.

The staff, now the staff are absolutely lovely. Always willing to help here You know, they can't do enough to keep you happy. I've seen some reviews of this place, it's been really bad. We've criticized them, but they are great. Good morning, how are you? So we'll walk up back up through. So you come up through the garden view here.

And that's one of our new subscribers up there. Hello. And as we come up through, this is the main reception area and it's beautifully set up. It's quite a commanding position because as we walk up and I'm going to just turn around when we get to the top and you will see. Here you can't see a lot, but you can see the bumpers. You can see how green it is everywhere.

Quite a beautiful area, quite a beautiful area. Now we're going to go up a bit further now when we come through. And this is nice and airy up here, and you can see the view. There's another great place if you wanted to. Watch the sunset from up here. You got nice comfortable chairs.

It's nice and airy. Really quite nice place. So that's the sort of view you're having. And the sun literally sets right down there. But you've seen that already, haven't you? You've seen countless photos on Instagram. You've seen plenty of footage, some drone footage, some camera footage.

So you certainly know what it looks like. It don't feel as humid here today when we first came in. We thought it was really, really humid, but it's not feeling quite that bad anymore. Well, they have more rooms here as well. I'm not quite sure what they're calling these, but they have these rooms as well. So they may be cheaper than the garden rooms, I don't know.

The staff here, as I've said, have been absolutely brilliant. And I cannot thank one particular member of staff enough because it wasn't for her help. We certainly wouldn't have got her money back. And this lady has sat here. There she is. She helped us out so much.

You cannot believe. And thank you so much. Really, really appreciate it. Now, if you want to leave your bags, there's plenty of room to leave your bags there.

And it is just an absolutely amazing place. It really is. This is the second time now we've stayed here. And this is what it looks like outside this side. Obviously, up over and you're at the coast again. So it's a perfect position.

So welcome to the Sylvia Beach Hotel. Well, again, we booked a drive over the pickers up for the airport at 12 o'clock. Ten past twelve, I messaged him to ask where he was. And he said, oh, what time? And I said, twelve o'clock. He said, oh, OK, come in.

Twenty past. He still hadn't turned up. I messaged him. And he said, oh, ten minutes at least. So this lovely chap from Sylvia Beach has decided he'll take us instead in his own car. So we're very, very lucky.

And he is driving us to the airport now. So I'm really, really appreciative of that. Hopefully. That's another lesson for everybody else. Make sure that you know you're going to get to where you're going. And there he is.

Well, we're all checked in. A little bit of a panic with me not turning up for the taxi. No, he's what's up with me now, telling me, no, don't take someone else because he will be there. You know, what are you going to do? You're going to wait around and be late for your plane? Are you going to take an opportunity to get someone who's actually going to get you there? We've taken the opportunity to get ourselves in. So now we're just going right down through this. But we've been here a couple of times, then.

The last time we're here, we had to run back, didn't we? Well, we're back through and this art shop's got a sale on. T-shirts are only 200K for three pieces. It seems a very cheap price.

I don't know how good of you we're going to get at this. It's probably the best view we're going to see. That's actually the president's plane there. He's here in Labuan Bajo at the moment. We said that we thought there was something going on and we were right.

There's lots of police, lots of digging trees. And obviously the president wasn't amongst it as well. So there you are. That's the president's plane here in Labuan Bajo Well, that was a little bit of a little panic. All of a sudden, a rumor went round the section of the airport on the gate that the flight had been delayed. We went I went down to the board to have a look and it just appeared off the board.

And we were I was there talking to an Australian lady or two Australian ladies, actually. And we asked the guards and he didn't know anything about it. So they'll maybe go down to check in again.

And the lady said, oh, I'm going to go down and just ask at the gate to happens. And as we come back to the gate, they announced that it was boarding. So here we are. We're now boarding. You can see the plane over there.

Never walk across the time, which is great, and I forget on this one. I'm back to Sanur. Our flight will be back in Bali, having a beer in about two to three hours time.

We'll be on before he flies. All right. Oh, so the coolness.

Good morning. How are you? Oh, good afternoon. Thanks. Yeah.

Well, there we are. We've left Flores. We'll head back to Bali now and. Actually, it turned out to be a delay of about 20 minutes, not very long.

So all the panic about an old delay. It's been pretty much deviated anyway. Don't matter, because when we get back, we're just on park and got the whole evening to have a few beers and carry on. Well, there we are. That's back at Bali end of domestic flight number five, I think.

Quite a few flights we've had this time around. We will be doing more internal flights now. The next flight will be on the way back to Kuala Lumpur.

But for now, we're going to go for the airport and then head off, get grab and head to Sanur. So hopefully the next bit of big plane sailing is just waiting for these back to come off plane and then we'll be on our way. So here we are. Don't forget, we're on the buses next.

You got ice like summer sky, if smart could kill or die. Now it starts to rain. So let's enjoy it. I can't believe that this is real and the way you make me feel.

You make me want to sing. And so I do. So if you want, I'll be right there. Anything you want for you, my sweetheart.

I'll be by your side. And when I do get to see your smile. I'm a building cloud.

So here we are in domestic is a change put a lot. So welcome back to Bali. Island of paradise. We're going to just wander to the other end. I'm really sure where we're going there because this has changed quite immensely.

But I'm sure we'll find out where we're going. Now, it's not very often you see one of these. Certainly in Bali, you don't see very many. That is absolutely stunning.

You got gold going Mercedes there as well. Wow, wow, wow. How cool is that? What we got here? Another Porsche. These are just absolutely unbelievable. Handmade in Bali apparently.

Domestic has just changed immensely. I don't know when the last time you were here but this is absolutely well just such an impressive place now. So if you're coming through on Garuda you're going to do domestic as you land. This is what you're going to be, this is what you're going to encounter. Really, really

quite impressive. If you want to grab though, there is a premium if you get it in this part but we're going to walk on through a little bit further and theoretically it should be cheaper. It won't be cheap cheap but as you know the airport it's always got a surcharge isn't it? You know anything you do for the airport it's going to cost you but that's what you're going to put up with but look at this, this is absolutely brilliant. And there's all the proper taxis driving through the ground. Get ready here we go this is where it's all going to go a little bit crazy and everybody's going to be trying to sell us a taxi so we're just going to go up the end here get ourselves a grab and get over to Sanur. As we come through into the car park your grab pickup point is here so that's all you're going to do is walk through to this point of the air and there you are so um give you an idea where we are we've just walked up over there through all the shops come across that little crossing and here we are this is your grab pickup point. The great thing is

watching the taxi drivers know they're desperately trying to get the attention of someone you watch them the two guys in the yellow now it's almost a little dance same thing. Well a little one ago I told you about this last room we're staying in um it's a gazebo beach hotel and it is stunning we're paying a little bit over our normal budget for this one but come with me and have a look at this now this is outside there's a little pool there and we're going to go in and have a look see if we can look at this room here we go as we walk in look at this room oh my god this is proper old barley I think look at that bed a little setty in front of it it is absolutely amazing so airy there's windows everywhere there's air conditioning I can see 12 volt sockets over there I'm sure there'll be other 12 volt sockets I hope um we've got the lights so I would imagine yeah there's 12 volt sockets down in behind the lights now that is stunning no look at that the stairs there so I'm gonna have to look and see what that is there a minute um but as we come round there's a door there and we have outside bathroom sunken bath yeah that's sunken bath and it is it is really really old style barley just shower this is proper proper old style barley and um we're looking forward to this come back into the main house main house main house main room swing round and as we come here we've got tv got a full size fridge doesn't have anything in it though we even have a kitchen here with a microwave now oh my god that's all I can say it's it's there's a little bit of stuff you know there's two or missing there and it's a little bit dated but the whole whole thing feels great now the stairs there let's go and have a look stairs go up as we come up what have we got up here I look at this it's a lovely little veranda sunroom just to sit in the evenings look at the work up here look at it the cool ovens are absolutely unbelievable unbelievable and we got this for the next six nights there would have been a time when we couldn't have even dreamt of staying here because of the cost of it um it's expensive now but it is genuinely affordable anyway this is evil beach hotel This one, I mean it live maybe. You can see, you can photo, no problem, no money to photo. You can look for a dollar for one.

Look for a dollar. Look for a dollar. Okay, so we're back in Sanur and it is now Sunday evening, which is the Locals Day.

And you'll see lots of locals down on the beach, especially up at Sindu They'll come down and enjoy the sea. As you can see, the tide is out. So, there's not a lot of swimming to be had, but that means the tide will be high, probably around a dinner time.

So that'd be great. And of course, if you walk out of this, one of the tides about this high, you do get to see starfish. blue starfish, I've seen do remember.

So we'll have a look when we get around. We're going to walk up to inna Sindhu. And there's a couple of little warungs there, which were always nice to sit outside last year. So I think that's what we're going to do. We're going to sit outside there.

That's where the locals will be. And just chill out a little bit. And I think we'll go up to the main street for some food later on tonight. Come down towards Sindhu Beach. You can see, you get really, really busy. Lots of locals down here.

And these are the little warungs I was telling you about. You can see lots, really, really busy. So people here. So we're back in Bali. Tomorrow we head over to Kuta again and hire a car from Eddie. After that, we head on up to Keramas Beach to see some friends for the evening.

Hope to see you in the next video, guys. Look after yourselves. See you later. Bye.

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