Day 7 - Hardangervidda | Biking from Nøtterøy (Oslo isj) to Bergen Norway | Viet/English subtitles.

Day 7 - Hardangervidda | Biking from Nøtterøy (Oslo isj) to Bergen Norway |  Viet/English subtitles.

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Day 7 from Geilo to Maurset, the weather  today is okay but we are both tired and   exhausted but hopefully we will get there today,  gonna be free camping no camping place up there   we're gonna up to the mountain Hardangervidda, gonna be good though what do you think Marius?  Finger crossed for us.   hello guys this is the  plan for today it's about 72 kilometers from Geilo To Maurset. The elevation is about 800 meters   as you can see at some parts we are  reaching over 1 200 meters over sea level   this gonna be a challenge to us to  finish the Hardangervidda in one day   so let's see we can make it happen  or not stay tuned we'll be right back   The water is no warm, it's cold, When you see blue/green color is cold AF It's not what you gonna see in warm water.

Bergen 240km! That is where I'm gonna go! we are on Hardangervidda and this  is what we cycle for! look at this! someone attempted to murder me and Marius   and Affi! after today I will call the police  and report all of that stuff to the police now I'm Gonna Keep filming like this  anything happen to me you can see it from now no more no more time lapse you know what is the sticks are for? it's for find the road, when it's winter  and when it's snowing   they need to plow the snow on the road so those  sticks are for finding the road again   no trees up here over 1 000  meters no trees can grow It's really hard to breathe up here I can do this 1140 meters over the ocean And Im gonna make it! we're gonna take a break up  here [ __ ] it I'm gonna die! I pushed myself to the limit though I'm gonna die but not today People! sorry for that but   Im too exhausted but I can show you the  views man it's worth it, look at this oh my God look behind us. ah look at this oh my God Good job man I want to take a break I'll  see you guys later oh [ __ ] it   We are stopping in a coffee which is close in few  minutes we're gonna check if it still open we're   gonna eat something, now it's 6 p.m and we didn't eat anything good today just some just some energy bar and some  [ __ ] like that and it's not enough though   and as you can see, the white stuff is  snow is not melted up here not all It's Hardangervidda, you can see over  1 000 meters no trees, no trees can grow   it's impossible you can see some  small trees like that but not big trees I have to be quick, Marius is wating for me see ya we are somewhere call Lægreid Høyfjellsseter, 1200m above sea level. On Hardangervidda, We're having burger! A real one, a good one, look at this! I cannot wait, okay let eat Marius, what do you think  yeah Affi staring at me we need to start now   Affi over there, all right we need to start guys now is late is 8:20 right now and we are still riding up  on Hardangervidda and look at this! Guys oh my God oh that was so sketchy look at this I'm gonna show you guys  something hang on x2??? Smell like brake discs! is smell the brake, the brake of that car is gone yeah I think we have some friends Marius oh it's ice is not rain! is ice. damn

sorry guys I cannot film the whole way, the whole   Hardangervidda for you guys. guys because this road is too long for us for me to film so I will make  some time lapse and some small clips Oh It's raining it's good though yeah I think I'm gonna keep continue  with time lapse so see you guys later we are on the way down I don't have pedal even one stroke, just moving even I'm going uphill though but now it's downhill again It's just going down, I don't do anything right now, it's look  flat but actually it's slightly downhill   so I don't have to do anything right now  just like chilling and let the bike moving I will show you guys something look at this, they do stop the whole traffic for the... what is that? Marius: goats don't look at me with that eye he want to say your bike smell  like [ __ ] so he have to pee I think it's me that's smell. how do I smell sir good no pee no [ __ ]  [ __ ] you got [ __ ] I got [ __ ]   sir please don't be don't be hard on me man sir oh someone with the dog let's go! we got a little break the brake got the break and now  we're gonna break the brake. oh finally I had to pedal.

finally so we have to pedal! That is weird! now it's going down again Oh smoke over there it's coming some  smoke from a house though Keep moving boys  we are tired but The Show Must Go On three more kilometers and we are there today is a long long day, it's super long oh my God! I hope we gonna get a little bit of sun when we get there! It's gonna be PERFECTO! MY FRIEND! let me tell you that! I think we get it now it's 9pm and you see the sun is  still up there! actually now it's bedtime tho, now should be bedtime  I'm gonna sleep so well today my friend   you might never wake me up ever again [ __ ] it man hæææææææææææææ? it's good??? In Norwegian if someone says something to you and you can't hear it so you say hæææææ? that's how we say WHAT in Norwegian! HÆÆÆÆÆÆÆÆÆÆÆÆÆ? An: Hææææææææ? Marius: HÆÆÆÆÆÆ? lol Hold on a moment we take over the road Mamma Mia! here we are, Garen camping   we just come to this camping place and  Affi come here! and look at Affi she is so tired she is done oh we're gonna go  to relax-station soon, Im wanna relax my friend! Hello guys this is me again  and this is Marius eating some nuts we are just sitting here chilling and  drinking some cognac now it's uh 11   P.M we just got here for like one hour ago yeah  today was a long day, we were so so late but   we made it here so it's a good point and It's still something is not soo good but we are still alive   yeah lucky that we don't have  to sleep up there, up on Hardangervidda. Gonna be windy AF. Today we rode something like 80km? roughly yeah up/down to the mountain, uphill/downhill, it killed me it's got   me so hard, 900 meters climbing, 900+ meters  and uh 900 meters down yeah, One go.  

yeah and uh but everything so far so good uh even  this late but we got here everyone is fine it's   okay Affi is tired lying on her bed and sleeping  and what do you think about today Marius?   what is the hardest thing today? Marius: The hardest thing today I would say is the reckless drivers   yeah the Hills they can be managed but reckless  drivers cannot be prepared for we are well   visible we are respecting traffic we're doing  what we can to be as accommodating to other   trafficants as we can and don't go on passing  bicycles with just centimeters that is wrong in so   many ways so dangerous people will die from doing  this and that's by far the absolutely worst part other than that legs feel well used but I shall  not complain the views were stunning and we had   wonderful weather all day and once we got into  the evening traffic subsided and it seemed like   somebody learned how to drive as well so the last  bit wonderful! It's very traditional   that every trip we are going it's one day we're  getting really really late and we get exhausted. Marius: we got late luckily the lady at the campsite we  called her early and she said she would keep open   for us and she opened the reception let us in gave  us a little time to do some shopping in the small   store she got there and I do have absolutely  nothing to complain about the service here   so if you do visit this is a nice campsite it's  called Gården Camping/Garen camping which   basically means the farm camping place  it's beautiful location it's quiet and yeah they received pretty much anything  yeah and uh what is the best thing today   oh the burger yeah was excellent yeah  that's probably the best burger I had in... ever. It was perfect food, Perfect Place  perfect timing, everything was so perfect yeah   if you are on Hardangervidda, you should  try that one what is that name Im bad with names! I am gonna find that and you can read it up here. later on the video so yeah but you have to try  it please try it uh not you will find the link   in the description to the location as well yeah  but yeah so now it's getting late I'm tired   how about Marius? put it like  this see you guys tomorrow

2022-10-27 09:15

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