Daru Desi S2 - Mead with a Twist! | @moonshineindia345 | #Bha2Pa

Daru Desi S2 - Mead with a Twist! | @moonshineindia345  | #Bha2Pa

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It's been a while since we... Hey, wait, let's not do the entry! We both have been in all Bha2Pa videos lately. Coffee or whatever, we were there. Let's walk normally. Talk and walk.

Hello, friends! Hello! I'm alcohol! I'm desi! We have a new season of Daru Desi for you! The last season had 5/6 videos and you guys liked them a lot! Because we are all drunkards! For those who are new here, here's some context: In the show, we spoke of indigenous liquors made in India... Like... (breaks into song) Showcasing Indian liquors like Feni, toddy, Mahua. We got a great response! But we stopped during COVID. People kept asking us to cover excellent whiskeys and gins that are made in India. That's why in this season, Season 2, We will cover this: IMFL: Indian Made Foreign Liquor! But if we are trying IMFL, it should be a foreign item that is made here? So an item like you! So that's what we are doing! We are trying foreign things that we have now made Indian.

She's mine now! That's why we are doing something in the 'MIDST' of local liquor and IMFL! I made space in the MIDDLE for that joke. Okay. Let's go! Oops! But please keep my jokes in Somesh, they are important. A well-known mead brand in India. That's Moonshine! Yeah, during prohibition in America, selling alcohol was illegal so people started bootlegging it.

I do know something! So that was called Moonshine, right? Yes. Moonshine is not made here? No. Doesn't happen here, we are all very good people. Right. But it's okay to test things out on friends. Who cares if they suffer? So they didn't test on people, just on friends.

And started this meadery. Let's see it! This whole land was barren, no shade. Started with 3 people, now we are 55! Those who have watched our earlier episode on mead may know a bit.

But this place has a great set up so let's see the process in detail! The first and foremost ingredient for mead is honey. Here, they use Indian cerana bees and some other foreign species. They showed us how honey is made. We have covered the honey-making process in last season's mead episode. Do watch that if you want to know more! Mead making sounds very simple. Mix honey and water, add yeast and some nutrients, control the temperature and you got mead! This is already sounding pretty complicated! This is not our message, you make it only if you want to! Don't do it in India, home-brewed liquor is illegal here.

Only at your own risk. We fill it halfway with water. Then, we add 50kg honey to it. The water keeps rotating. If I want 6.5% alcohol in the final product, I need double of that as fermentable sugars. Did you catch that, Somesh? This item is a MUST! For us, Desi Daru is something people make when they lack skills.

That's not it. If you want to make something like her, you have to know maths and science. It's special. You need dad jokes for success! In this, you have flavors, water, yeast and honey. No flavors.

No added flavors. Only the inherent honey flavor. You see, these are the geniuses. I am trying to simplify it for the lay man. But what's the issue? In India, people drink their own piss. What's that called?

First morning pee. The next step after fermentation. Basically, a very expensive sieve. You put in real fruits.

Which fruits do you use? There's guava chilli, mango chilli, salted kokum. Guava chilli as in, you add salt to the mead? So the guavas that are sold at the Khed-Shivapur toll plaza are used here! Is there mead in this right now? Yes, there is. 20,000 litres mead. More than 20. It's 20, 20, 10 and 10. So, we have 60, 000 litres mead here right now! Just saying.

A plus point of this career. What do you have to declare on these labels? Alcohol percentage, the warning about alcohol consumption, the warning against drunk driving. We have it down pat.

It's interesting that sugar can cause many of the same issues but they don't have to declare anything and we do. So here, honey is the biggest quantity, then apple, cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, ethyl alcohol generated during the process and then yeast. Basically, alcohol is the least in quantity here. This is 6.5%. How alcoholic is beer? 4.5. 4.5 to 8.

Mild beer is 4.5. Whiskey and all is 40-50%. So this one is just a cute little drink, very little alcohol. One feels bloated after drinking beer in the afternoon. Bloating in English but it's actually indigestion! This mead doesn't make you feel that way. That's the big difference. Is this mead for licking? This is not mead but you should lick it.

This is also from our hives and our bees. Remember DDLJ movie? It's from those fields. Yeah, this one tastes like Adulsa! Adulsa does contain honey. Yes, its base is honey. Know the Sheesham wood trees? I wish I could show you the taste and the smell. That would be the real technological advance! Red-coloured berries.

It's called teeny-weeny berries. Here we have 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8? How many? 8? Yes, 8. You have 8 flavors available.

We'll try 3 for you guys, but we may try more later. Not your business. Let's start with this traditional mead. Look at that gas. Cheers! Cheers! Nice! I should speak in Marathi, right? Beer makes the English come out! Beer and English go together. He's saying that in some villages today, farmers have to manually cross-pollinate using brushes. Bees do that for free. If we raise the demand for honey over sugar, there will be an incentive to protect bees so that they can continue to pollinate as nature intended.

Flora and fauna will flourish again. The nature is clapping for us right now! In our field, we say 'Saving the world one pint at a time'. Let's save this world some more! Mead is like beer or wine, don't put ice in it. Refrigerate it and consume as is. Right? Smells strongly of honey.

Very subtle flavors. It doesn't taste like Appy. We are going to keep drinking, no worries. I am just surprised you remember the url. Anything for sales.

This one's highly recommended! The guava and chilli combination. So we use ghost pepper chillies from Nagaland. In the word Madeira, the root is Madh, which means honey. Really subtle, it definitely tastes like guava but not like a juice. It's how water would taste if you had put a guava in it for a long time. Also, please don't do that ghost pepper challenge. If you want to anyway, keep a doctor handy. Keep 1 litre curd ready.

Yes or you will become Khaleesi. Yeah but you will do it because of the chilli, right? Oh God. You don't tell me.

Now, we will taste Salted Kokum mead. He said we can enjoy it as is but they have a tie up with Nomad. Try Nomad Food when you are here. My personal favorite is bacon chutney for those who like bacon. Do try Nomad Foods! Cheers! Even before drinking, there's something else apart from Kokum.

Ginger! It smells of ginger. I think I'll start drinking mead because of this one. Subscribe to Bhartiya Touring Party. The subscribe button is down below. Go to the moonshine website, buy their merch and honey.

Simple username because no one has this name! Come for the tour! Yes, come! Bhartiya Touring Party has to tour! There's a tour going on right now! You can come too and have this amazing Nomad food! Most importantly, you'll get this! Like us! About to drink 7/8 now! The last cheers! Cheers!

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