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Daringbadi Tour | Daringbadi Tourist Places | Kashmir Of Odisha

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Welcome to Kashmir of Orissa Welcome to Dang Badi The Second Kashmir of India The South East India Green Valley of India This is approx 3000 feet height from the sea The Bay of Bengal Orissa Gopalpur approx 137 km from sea beach and Jagannatham only 248 km from Puri Far away Odisha's very beautiful and lovely hill station Daring Badi Daring Badi Transport Facility Food Facility Your best option How many days do you need to visit Dong Badi All the tourist places in Dong Badi I will visit you virtually one by one # Incredible India #Dang Bad Tourist Places Let's start this virtual tour, I am your friend Saurabh Raj and you are watching Right Riders video. If you like it, then like, comment, share and subscribe. Lovers Fun Echo Point Meghma Waterfall Rainbow Waterfall Nidu Banda . Waterfall Coffee Garden Ranga Monastery with Taratarini Temple Total 33 The Big Tourist Places I Will Try to Explore in One Video in Three Night Four Day Tour The Water is Very Cold [Music] It is in a Beautiful Location Look at the Big Size of This Cottage [Music] ] You can experience inside such a forest, Orissa is very beautiful, just see the view, Daringbadi is located in Orissa Kant Mall District, distance from Orissa Capital Bhubaneswar City is approx 248 km Nearest Airport Viju Patnaik International Airport Bhubaneswar Dong Badi Nearest City Berhampur distance is approx 120 km. Train is available from every major city of India to reach Berhampur, Bhubaneswar or Puri. After visiting Puri Jagannath Dham, I

reached Berhampur by train from Puri. From Bhubaneswar Barmunda bus stand, bus runs to Berhampur every 30 minutes interval. If you want, you can reach Brahmapur by bus. I reached Brahmapur at 12:00 noon. Go out from station number one platform and reserve a car for Dadim Bari. Outside Brahmapur station

you will find a lot of travel agent cars. Dong Badi local side. To visit the scene, I had booked South Travels for 9 four days. Three nights for four days. Four seater car charges are ₹ 10 500. If you want, you can book 3 seater traveler. Your charges will be ₹ 1. South Travels Contact Number and Package details are

given in the description of the video. We started the journey to Dadim Bari at 12:1. My train was very late in reaching Brahmapur. Now try to reach Brahmapur within 9 am in the morning. It was raining heavily on the day I reached Brahmapur. There are very few petrol pumps on the way from Brahmapur to Dadim Bari, so our car stopped at a petrol pump 10 km away from Brahmapur city. After filling petrol in the car tank and checking the air in the tires of the car, we started our journey again. Meet Pintu The Se Pin to the South Travel Owner cum Driver and Guide We will have a total tour of three nights and four days, we will complete a total of approx 650 km in the entire tour, this grandfather will be there and will guide us. They organize tours,

they also organize tour guides, they also tell us which is the best route or trekking route in the waterfall, that is, they fully support people, you will come to Jagannath Dham, you can also do this tour along with Jagannath Temple. Is this tour good? Is it in season or not? Does it have a season? Dada, it is in season from October to March. Winter season is from Dong Badi to Brahmapur. The distance is 119 km. First day, today we will visit five tourist places on the way. Maa Karanjay Devi Temple is at a distance of 31 km from Brahmapur. Karanjai Devi is a form of Durga. You can see Karanjai Devi by walking a little inside the main road

. Karan Jai Devi is beautiful above the road. You can see the idols of many gods in one gate. Local people come here to have picnic near Karan Jai Temple. Come by car, drive 500 meters from the main road. After coming inside, you can have darshan of Karanjay Devi. If you wish, you can worship here. Construction work was still going on in the temple, hence when we reached, the temple was closed from outside. We visited the temple

and paid our respects. You can see many peacocks near the Karzai Temple. These are the peacocks of the forest. The peacocks remain open. It was raining a lot, hence we could not see the peacocks. This is a different type of hat. Your house is here. It is good. After coming 3 kilometers from Karanjay Temple, the driver Dada stopped the car after seeing some vegetable stall on the side of the road.

Sweet Corn Kacha wala is famous here and this is it. Taste it. It is very sweet. You will come here otherwise you will. Do take a drink from here, it is very sweet, very sweet [Music] [Music] We crossed a toll gate on the entire way, but this toll gate has not opened yet. After crossing Rishik Kulia river at a distance of 72 km from Brahmapur, we reached Saroda Dam. Saroda Dam is located in Ganjam district of Orissa. The elevation

of the dam is 276 feet. You can see beautiful mountains on all sides. Orissa is very beautiful. You must visit Orissa once. There are beautiful mountains in the background of the dam. Now we are going to see the Dam Watch Tower along with the Khuteri Temple. Parking charges here. Have car 0 Bike ₹ Now time is 4:1 Now we have reached Tessari Temple Watch Tower Look behind me there is that watch tower and this is the temple of Mahadev and just below it is Tessari Temple Now let's go to the watch tower first Watch Tower Height 48 A very beautiful view of Sarota Dam is visible from the top of the feet watch tower. We came to the very top of the wash tower and

see how beautiful it is, this is the dam or the path on the side of the dam and on the way we had just come, just the background of the dam. These are very beautiful hills, just look at the view from here [Music] From the watch tower you can see the beautiful Khunte Swari Mahadev Temple, the temple of Mahadev is very beautiful, just below the Mahadev Temple is Khunte Swari Matarani Temple . After the temple, we reached Saroda. Now we have come to the market in Saroda, here we will have lunch. The distance from Barpur to Saroda is approx 80 km. There are two-three hotels and restaurants in Saroda. Today we will have lunch in a hotel known to Pintu, see

such a big restaurant here. Food is served in leaf plate. We took mutton thali. Its price is ₹ 10. This is rice, dal, potatoes, cauliflower pakora, mutton, potato chokha and papad salad. Kapran's chicken will leave mutton behind. The mutton here is very tasty. It is a big distance from Saroda. It is 47 km and it will be night by the time we reach Dong Badi. On the way, we stopped at Silent Valley View Point. We reached Dong Bari at 7:00 in the evening. Pintu, a good hotel in advance for us to stay in Dong Badi. I had booked the hotel name

sign, whatever be the season, the price of this hotel is fixed, that is why I had booked the room here. The hotel has its own restaurant. All the tourists who stay in nearby hotels come to the hotel restaurant and have breakfast and lunch. Or have dinner, this hotel

has the option of veg and non-veg. You can have lunch here or dinner as per your choice. Send here 90 fish thali ₹ 10 and chicken ₹ 10. For dinner, I had six pieces of rooti potato fry and chicken. The price taken was ₹ 1. The quality, quantity and taste of the food was very good. See how the hotel room is here. Both AC and non-AC rooms are available. There will be no problem of electricity. There is a generator in the hotel.

The bathroom was quite hygienic and clean. And geyser facility is available in the bathroom. I had booked a non AC room by paying Rs. 800 per night. Orissa, a small town in Kanda Mal district, Dang. Total population is 63000 plus religion 60. Day 2 Today we will visit 10 tourist places in Dang and at night. Will stay in hotel sign in.

Delicious food is being prepared in this hotel since morning. Tourists from nearby hotels have all come here to have breakfast. The price of food is not that expensive here. You can eat a full meal in just Rs. Here for ₹ you can add big dhosa idli or take puri. You can

mix everything and this is the price of the plate. I had bought a plate of semolina upma for only ₹. My name is Manoj Kumar Sahu, I have been in Hotel Darwa for 5 years, as much as here. Tourists come to nearby hotels and eat food in my hotel. Now if they come to Dar Bari, then stop at my hotel once and take the service. Dada, good morning, let's go in the morning at 7 am. We

set out on a tour after having a delicious breakfast. Today our first destination is Daringbadi Coffee Garden Hotel. Distance is only 2.3 km. We have just come. Today's fast destination of ours is Coffee Garden. Coffee Garden is right in front of us. By asking Dada which coffee tree is this red one, are you looking at it? Okay, don't you come big, you will come. You will be able to experience the life of a coffee tree. In a coffee tree, you will be able to see live coffee. Well, this black paper is very important. When it is cooked, it is taken out and

the process is called Nestle . The coffee that we eat is about 40% of the coffee. Big coffee plants cost only Rs. 57 hectares. Total area is 57 hectares. It is not possible to visit the entire coffee plant in one day. Local organic spice, turmeric master seeds, black pepper coffee buns are available outside the entry gate. If you wish, you can purchase it from here at a lower price. Our next destination right now is Laview Park Nature Park Coffee

Plan Coffee Garden to Nature View Park Laveau Park distance is approx 3.5 km morning 8:30 am We reached Hill View Park Nature Park is on the just opposite side of Hill View Park Here you can visit two tourist places together Laveau Park Entry Purse only at cost ₹ 10 and below 5 years children's entry is free. This park is maintained by ODI Tourism Department. This is a child zone inside the park. Many types of trees and flower plants can be seen. From Laveau Park you can enjoy the beautiful view of Dong Bari Hills. Can [Music] [Applause]

Ho There is a watch tower here, from the top of the watch tower you can see the beautiful Dong Badi Valley [Music] Ho Hell Bu On the opposite side of the park entry gate, now we will enter Nature Park Entry Cost Per Par ₹10 Here you can see the model of Orissa Tribal Village Rally [Music] Here you can also see many types of medicinal plants. Now our next destination is Mamu Park and Lover Point. Distance from Love Park to Lover Point is approx 18 km, a beautiful road. Mountains on both sides of the road which will definitely melt your heart [Music] 12:30 pm We reached Lovers Point. There is a little off-roading from the main road. Now we have come to Lovers Point . Lovers Point is very beautiful. Local people come here for picnic during weekends. Come during the rainy season, there is a lot of water in Lovers Point. If you want, you can take bath here [Music] [Music] Here we met some local children who gave us information about a cave, now we are going to see the same. Happy Birthday. It is about 200 meters

up the mountain from Lover's Point [Music] Cape. We walked 10 minutes from the bottom and reached in front of the cave. It was very dark inside the cave. There was a small path inside the cave too, but we and they were on the way. Have not gone Thank you Thank you again [Music] Meet at a distance of approx 500 meters from Lover's Point Mum Park M Park Ticket Price Per ₹ And Below F Year Children's Entry [Music] Free Emu You can see seven Aams inside the Emu Park Look at Ho A's height. What is my height? There is some time to stay here. If you want, you can stay here. One night through

10 charges ₹ 500 and two bet 10 charges ₹ 500. You will get extra for lunch, snacks and dinner. Have to pay now Next Destination Mand Saru Eco Tourism Park Mansru Valley View Point Magnetic Hill and Meghma Waterfall Emu Park Distance Approach from Loves 34 km People are going through Raikia Forest now, completely dense [music] forest 1 hour from last point After traveling for 20 minutes, we reached Mansru Eco Tourism Park. Time is now 2:1. Now we reached Mansru Eco Tourism. We will have lunch here. After lunch, we will go to see Magnetic Hill and Waterfall.

[Music] The entry ticket cost here is There is a wooden cottage and restaurant of Orissa Tourism here for ₹ 10. If you wish, you can stay here and have lunch, snacks and dinner. This is Dang Bari Echo Point. If you make any sound from here, there will be complete echo and just echo of the echo point. There is a suicide point on the left hand side. See, this is the suicide

point. Yes, there is a watch tower inside the eco tourism park. You can see beautiful views of Mansru Valley from the top of the watch tower. This is the Magnetic Hill. There is a trekking route of about 1 kilometer from the eco park. If you want, You can go to Magnetic Hill by staying one night in Ecopark and can also experience the Magnetic Hills. Mansru Valley View Point

is at a very beautiful location. Orissa Tourism Wooden Cottage is not available for offline booking here. You have to come here by booking online. Had no information about this place, otherwise I would have stayed here for one night. All these cottages have been completely prepared with tea good. Inside the cottage you can see how beautiful the good is. Sitting facility, sleeping facility and wash room. The bathroom is quite hygienic and clean. Booking website. You will find the link in the description of the video.

Booking is done online. It is Rs. 3700 along with food. It includes lunch, dinner, breakfast and everything you need in the evening and in the morning. If you stay in the cottage, your lunch, snacks and dinner will be wooden. If you want, you can sit outside and enjoy your meal inside the special restaurant. The ladies here do the maintenance and management of everything. If you want to have lunch, then you have to call and book in advance. Description of the video in the phone number. I paid ₹ 10 here and had egg thali with six items. Egg curry and rice tasted very good.

It was good, we had lunch, now we are going to see the waterfall. Next destination is Meghma Waterfall Eco Tourism Park. Distance from Eco Tourism Park is approx 1.7 km. If you book, you will get to do cycling. You can take the cycle

to Magnetic Hills and Ya. You can come to Meghma Waterfall Meghma Waterfall Tree cost is ₹ 10 and you will get such a wood within ₹ 0. You have to take the wood because we still have to track, for the waterfall we have to go down 400 meters. 400 meters again. Coming up [Music]

After 200 meters from the waterfall, the path is divided. On the right side path, you can reach the waterfall view point and on the left side path, you can go right below the waterfall. You will come only wearing trekking shoes . Come, my trekking shoes got wet in the rain while bringing them, so I am going wearing these slippers now [Music] I walked for about 15 minutes from the starting point, we reached just below the waterfall [Music] Some tourists climbed to the top of the waterfall. We were trying but don't try to do this. There is no Voluntary Q team here. If any accident happens then you can get into big trouble. Mansar Waterfall is very beautiful.

During the rains, there is strong water in this waterfall, so you can avoid rains. Do not try to go near the waterfall at that time. It took 15 minutes to go down to the waterfall but it took half an hour to climb up but today we had to cover two more spots, one was Dang Bari Hanuman Temple and the other was Dang. Bari Sunset Point It took me a lot of time to fly the drone so I could not visit these two spots today . We reached Dang Bari by 8 pm. Good morning Dada Good morning Good morning Dang Badi Tour Third Day Today we reached Dadim Badi. We will go to Gopalpur Sea Beach, 140 km away from here and we will explore all the tourist places one by one on the way. Today our fast

destination is Rainbow Waterfall, 8.5 km away from Dong Bari Hotel Sign in, on the left hand side of the main road, near Tribal Village. There is a way from inside to go to Rainbow Waterfall [Music] 9:5 We have just reached, our fast destination today is Rainbow Waterfall, we have to go down the track now, here you have to take wood here and there because you have to track. And after paying the charges for the wood, you will have to pay [Music] The waterfall is about 400 meters below the parking, carry a water bottle and a packet of some chips with you. If

you want, you can take the help of local people by paying some money. Approach from the parking. After walking for 15 minutes we reached just below the waterfall [Music] Rainbow Waterfall is very beautiful Now reach here before 12:00 noon If it is sunny then you will be able to clearly see the rainbow [ Music] 100 meters above the waterfall. There is a lion cave at a distance, you

can go inside the cape by taking the help of a local people, the water is very cold, the local people say that earlier a lion used to live inside the cape, there is a way to go deep inside the cape, it was very dark, there were snakes inside. This may also be the reason why we did not go inside. It is only 2 km distance from Rainbow Waterfall, there are mountains on all sides inside the forest. Sign in tent cottage. I stayed in the hotel in Dong Badi. All these tents belong to the hotel owner Monat Sau, Resort 24. Hours Electric facility is available here Per night Two bed tent charges are ₹ 1 500 Sitting facility Sleeping facility inside the tent Attached bathroom Geyser facility is available Tent booking contact number is available in the description of the video Bengali Valley Hill Cross at a distance of 88.9 km from Rainbow Waterfall We reached Midhu Banda Waterfall [Music] We have to go down 300 meters from the parking lot to the waterfall. This waterfall is very close to the main road, so there is always a crowd here [Music ] After Midhu Banda Waterfall, we are on the way to Gopalpur. People will now cross the very beautiful Sonpur

Valley [Music] On the way to Gopalpur, after crossing two or three beautiful valleys, we reached Harabhangi Dam at 2 pm. Harabhangi Dam is located in Gajapati district of Orissa. This Harabhangi Dam is the most famous picnic spot in Gajapati district. The dam is surrounded by mountains and forests on all four sides [Music] After seeing the dam, we stopped at a stoppage of approx 330 kms and had lunch at a price of ₹ 1. Brahmani Devi Waterfall is launched at only

2 km distance from Arova. After this we had come to see Brahmani Devi Waterfall. Local people consider the water of Brahmani Devi Waterfall to be very sacred, hence if you come to this place then do not pollute here. Two-three more tourists on the way. The place was in the evening so we could not visit. We reached at 6:00 pm. The main attraction of Taring Badi Tour is Ranga

Monastery. This is the largest Buddhist monastery of East India. 2010 Dalai Lama entered Ranga Buddhist Monastery. 530 am to 4 pm . The monastery was closed when we reached so we couldn't explore properly. We reached at 7 pm. Tapt Pani Hot [Music] Spung. Near Hot Spung there is a temple of Mahadev along with many other gods and goddesses.

There is a separate pond for taking bath in hot water. If you wish, you can take bath here at 8:2 pm. We reached Gopalpur Sea Beach via Brahmapur. In the next blog, we will try to explore all the tourist places around Gopalpur in this video. How did you like it? Do tell us in the comment section. See you soon with the last episode of Daringbadi Tour.

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