Crossing the border Honduras - El Salvador |S6-E58|

Crossing the border Honduras - El Salvador |S6-E58|

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From which country are you? - The Netherlands My wife has a cousin who lives in The Netherlands - Ah yes? Yes, he lives in The Netherlands - You don't say, in which place in The Netherlands That I don't know Good morning Internet, it is eight o'clock in  the morning and welcome back to the channel   Welcome here in Marcala, I think it's called Marcala in Honduras and today I'm going to try to cross   the border into El Salvador. I'll tell you more  about that later in a bit. I'm just going to pick   up Alaska now. I already had a breakfast, I didn't bring my camera because there's no breakfast in   this place, so I had to walk into town and I kind of forgot how much attention you draw if you walk   around a woman alone in a place like this.. the cat calling is really, really bad and everybody's   looking at me. So I feel uncomfortable as is so I didn't feel like walking around with the camera as   well that would just make things worse. So anyway I had my breakfast and now I'm picking up Alaska

*inaudible* - Sorry? Hotel Roxana? - That's here But are there conference rooms here? - I don't work here Hahaha, I'm sorry Reception is over there Some people do mistake me for a local.. they thought I worked here Ah, nope.. I don't work here Tip toe, tip toe, tip toe Goodbye! They key? - The key is in the door. Thank you! Bye Okay, which way am I going? It's market day today Very, very busy in town Okay, so here's the thing with the border.  The border crossing that I want to take.. oh  

just start raining a little bit.. is a very  small border but that's basically all I know   I tried to find information on whether or not it's open but I couldn't find anything so honestly   I just don't know if the border is open or not. If it's.. if it's not open, I'll have to make a   massive detour to another border crossing, a bigger one that then hopefully is open   But yeah I'm so close to this one  that I thought I'm just gonna give   it a go. It would be nice to know up front  of course.. but hey that's just the way it is   Most of the time, I don't know up front  anyway what's.. what's going to be happening

Which way? This way So I guess we'll just find out.. won't we.  It's about 40 kilometers to the border   So in that sense it's not very far but if  it's closed then I have to backtrack to another   border that will be an extra.. 200 kilometers. So yeah, let's see.. fingers crossed, it's open And actually also.. I hope it's open because I kind of need to make my way to San Salvador   Without too many detours because  Alaska here finally needs a service   Service interval of Alaska is about twice as  big as I used to have with the Royal Enfield   So that's really good for traveling of  course.. I have to do a lot less maintenance   Um, so that's why a lot of people  have been asking me for a long time   Don't you do need to do maintenance? No, actually not. So but now just pass the service interval  

mileage and in San Salvador there is a Honda dealer So I'm going there to get the service done so I shouldn't really make too crazy detours anymore   Because yeah I've just now already passed  the.. the mileage to get service done so.. What a beautiful area, it really.. well, I don't know if you can see it but   look at those high mountains. That over there must be another volcano. All of that is El Salvador

Really, really stunning Okay, fingers crossed and that the borders open I mean it's not a punishment to ride here This is it. Yeah, this is it This is the border Good morning! - Good morning Where are you heading? - I'm going to cross to El Salvador Over there, is immigration - I'm going that way? Yes, continue. You can park the motorcycle there. - Okay, yeah Okay, I have good news and bad news It's.. oh

This is the bad news that.. .. The bad news is that um.. When I was waiting in line to get my passport stamped   There was a big gust of wind that toppled  over Alaska and broke off my left mirror I'll show you later how the mirror looks like but it's broken. And..   .. Where's El Salvador's side. I'm confused Oh, it was huh.. now I'm really confused now. Okay, the good news is the border is open, bad news is   Alaska fell over, broke my mirror and my hand guard is bent   So now my clutch lever is still functioning but it gets stuck But they only stamped my passport. See that's.. now my lever gets stuck. I'll fix that but um..

I'm confused because I didn't do temporary import.. only passport, so now I'm confused. Let me ask But here is the Honduras side and El Salvador? - No, this is Honduras, El Salvador is further down. One minute Ah, okay I need your passport - Yes.. eh.. where did I put it.. One moment! Many foreigners pass here or not many? - Yes, yes. A few foreigners

From various countries - Ah yes? The majority from Europe right? From Europe, yes? Okay, it's good that I came back because  actually I had to do some police thing   Um.. but the border the.. El Salvadorian is just.. .. A little further so in that sense I'm  okay, I'm supposed to go this way then And then I really have to stop and fix my.. .. lever because this is almost impossible to switch gear now. It's a little bit annoying and I lost my   mirror can you believe this! It's so stupid and these mirrors are supposed to.. well not break   It just landed really unfortunate on the stones and it just.. it just broke here, right here  

So the ram mount stayed and then the  mirror broke off. So that's a shame It's always like these stupid little things like this right? You just park   Your bike gets blown over by the winds and  you break stuff.. anyway. Ah, I think this must be.. .. I don't know. One minute they say Okay, this is the El Salvador side then Hello - That's where the cars go to there. Put it behind the cones there. Over here? Ok. Of course Okay, well first the good news. That  was the smoothest border crossing   Ever.. I think. It took me about an hour and I was just mainly waiting in line because there were  

some other people but it was really, really easy so first I'm gonna say welcome to El Salvador I made it. Um, the bad news is.. again there's some bad news, unfortunately is that there was no customs   on the El Salvadorian side and I knew there  was no customs on the Honduran.. Honduras side So but I thought, okay there's no problem because I already got temporary import permit and stuff But maybe I should have extracted from that, that on the El Salvador side there was also no customs   I don't know I.. I didn't think of that  and now basically Alaska is illegal here   I said what about my bike and the temporary import and they were like well.. we don't have customs here  

So just.. you can just go. So like, yeah but won't I get into trouble when I try to leave El Salvador   And they're like yeah.. maybe but just say that you came from a border where there was no customs   So yeah.. um, I'll see what I.. what I do with that. Um, I'll investigate a bit more what I can do about   that but anyway.. I guess for now I'm here. I am in El Salvador and this is honestly a beautiful part  

of the country. It's super mountainous, look at all of this and very green, so yeah.. this is good   This is good. Another country and well the  fastest border crossing in a very long time   So I'll just.. I'll just take that hey? Let's see if I can buy a sim card here  

It's one other thing that I need to be doing  still and maybe I'll just uh.. do my levers  See so.. because this is now loose and bent my clutch lever gets stuck here. So we'll just have to fix that Hello! - Hello! You sell simcards? - Simcard? Claro? Yes.. - I only have Claro. - Yes, that's ok Yes, yes, yes - And it's activated this simcard, or..? Yes, it's activated. You just put it in - Ok, perfect!

Here, this is what you are looking for This is how the company left it to me The company left it to me, its worth 1 dollar. And it's active It's activated. Here you have everything.. the sim You don't want this to see how to.. - How to..

You can.. You speak Spanish well. You understand Spanish - Yes Do you accept money from Honduras or only dollars? - Only dollars. It's one dollar One dollar.. Ok, I'm going to look for one dollar - One dollar.. it's little From which country are you? - The Netherlands My wife has a cousin who loves in The Netherlands - Ah yes? Yes he lives in The Netherlands. - You don't say, in which place in The Netherlands

That I don't know But yes.. she has a cousin. Looks like he lives there, in The Netherlands One dollar - Yes, he has documentation and everything Okay In the nineties he went there To The Netherlands.. he had a wife but it looks like they separated, Yes, they separated - Ah, how sad The Netherlands is beautiful, he says. very beautiful - Yes A developed country - Yes Yes, well developed. Because.. you have years of working a lot. To get development - Yes We are still missing much. - But, step by step. - Step by step Right. Bye, bye.

Alright, I got a sim card and I just quickly adjusted the hand guard so at least for now I can ride normally But um.. it's just a temporarily solution so this is another thing.. .. That needs attention when I do the maintenance or the service in El Salvador. Basically I just   need new guards because these ones have  been giving me issues since the beginning   They're just not a good fit and it was  just really hard to find guards that fit..   .. Perfectly because either they hit the  windshield, they hit the tank or something else So I settled for these ones but they  are also giving me issues so anyway   Let's see where I'm going.. that's a good  one Anyway first things first, I'm riding to Laguna Alegria which is 122 kilometers  and it's now 10:20 so.. plenty of time This way. Longitudinal de norte Yoi, it is hot in between these mountains.  Unbelievable. Hot and extremely dry

It always amazes me how places like  this.. oh, what's that? Oh, an iguana. Look. Hi there Hi Passing through another small town.. not sure which one   But I'm liking all these colorful houses. So cute Alegria, I'm here So I found myself a room, it's actually really  decent. Look at that, it's quite nice and big   Um, so I'm pretty happy with that. To give you an update on my mirror so this is how it looks like   you can see where it broke off. Um and then the ram mount kind of just stayed here inside.. so yeah I'm  

afraid that this is beyond saving. Um, so in the next ride when I go to San Salvador, I'm going to   see if I can find a solution for my mirror and all the other things. So my main priority is just to   get the service for Alaska done. That's  actually my main priority here in El Salvador   In Honduras, I already looked for a Honda dealer but there's not so many of them there and they   only service like small little Hondas. They don't have the 300, so it's really hard to to get any  

parts or impossible to get any parts even. Um, but here in El Salvador at least.. well I don't think   they have a lot of parts either but they said  the Honda dealer said they can service my bike   I already asked them. Um, so I guess that should be fine then and yeah.. I just have like a lot of small   things that hopefully they can help me out with. Like you know the hand guard which is bent and  

I should replace it and the windshield.. you know it has like these.. the windshield is attached with   these like little rubber things. I don't know what they're called, when you put the screw in they kind of extend   And two of them are kind of ruined. Um, so that means that my windshield is kind of vibrating  

a little bit which makes a noise and of course it's not good. I'm going to lose them at some point   So I'm going to see if I can find a solution for that and..   .. Oh yeah and the little thing on the backside.. my little reflector that got damaged on the   transport, um on one of the boats. No yeah, on when I crossed from Colombia to Panama on the little boat   They're damaged. Of course my side stand is.. it's welded. That got damaged on the other boat trip   And I think that's the reason actually why  Alaska fell over today because the side stand   is just not good anymore. But I don't think  I'll be able to get a solution for that here  

But anyway I'm gonna try and then I'm gonna look for some new tyres because my rear tyre is not so   good anymore. There's still quite some profile.. but it just.. there's a lot of damage on the rubber I think I've been riding quite a lot on like rocks and sharp rocks.. so it's a little bit battered and um   Yeah I can feel that it's not.. not so good anymore. So um, I'm gonna see if they have some tyres that  

fit Alaska and that are.. that are acceptable and then I'm gonna do that as well. So yeah I have a   long list of things. Um, it's pretty much the first big service that I'm doing on.. in this season so   it's not bad at all and Alaska has received a  beating. So yeah she definitely needs some uh.. TLC   So yeah that's my main plan for El Salvador to be honest, to get all this stuff sorted so I can   continue the ride towards Guatemala which is going to be the next country of course but anyway I'm   happy I'm here. It was a beautiful ride today and yeah in the next one you're gonna see all of this   work anyway that's a lot of blah blah. That was it for today, I really hope you liked this video  

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