Crossing The Border From CHINA To LAOS By High-Speed Train (Kunming To Luang Prabang)

Crossing The Border From CHINA To LAOS By High-Speed Train  (Kunming To Luang Prabang)

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we are now at Kunming South Station on our way to  Laos isn't that crazy we're going to be going to   Laos by train crazy and it's crazy early too it's  what is it 6:55am right now in the morning our train   is at 8:08am but we really don't want to miss it so  we're here a bit early but are you excited though   yeah it's been a fun month in China one month  went by just like that I had the toughest last   couple days though because after our epic hike in  the mountains we ended up going to Shangri-La and   maybe because my immunity was already quite  low at that time I just couldn't deal with   the altitude which is 3500 meters above sea  level yeah and right away Flora got altitude   sickness I think I had a combination of the  flu from the hike altitude sickness and it's   just I couldn't get rid of it and after 3 days  in Shangri-La trying to adjust trying to use   oxygen to help myself adjust I just couldn't and  we left without seeing anything other than the   train station in Shangri-La but I'm glad to be at  this lower sea level now we're still at like 1900   meters but we're heading towards 300 meters so  you should feel better after yeah I still need   to recover as you can tell okay why don't you  rest here get a massage I'll go get something   to eat these are massage chairs and also you  can charge your phone and your electronics it's   at 7.99 Yuan for 12 minutes but I'm too cheap  I'm just going to sit here okay you can choose   whatever you want for breakfast but no coffee  I can't drink coffee yet okay we can probably   get food on the train too but just in case they  don't have anything good on the train okay I'll   be right back okay KFC looks good what else  is here noodles congee it's all in Chinese let's see   here this one is chicken chop thick egg triple  layer coffee 2 pieces is that milk or soy milk   thick egg double batter two pieces what's this one  okay so that's soy milk um can I have this one um oh scan here I wish Flora was here I have no idea  what she's saying so she told me to scan   the QR code but the menu is also all Chinese  hi babe I sent you the menu could you order   it for me oh okay okay just get the egg and  chicken muffin with coffee combo and you can   choose the one that you like okay that's the  only way to order yeah okay I'll try byebye bye 17 17 yes thank you got it that was the most difficult thing ever oh  I missed you so much that was so difficult   they don't let you order it like normal no they  wouldn't let me order it she kept telling me to   scan the QR code yeah and I couldn't get through  in the beginning cuz they needed a local phone   number and I was like okay let me make one up  but it didn't work until I suddenly got like a   magic number that works I still don't know how I  didn't realize how hard it is to communicate cuz   most people here don't speak English and I took  it for granted because I always have you with me   you always help me I remember we walked into a  KFC in Guilin and also there was no counter for   you to order it was through QR code and I also  struggled with it I think it's like there's a   point where it's convenient and there's a point  where the convenience becomes inconvenient yeah   so I think right now it can be when things  are so digital especially for tourists who are   used to using cash who are used to like ordering  food from people yeah you got your tickets ready poor baby only 10 hours to go so when we decided  on where we should go after China we were looking   at like okay where can we fly from Kunming  and it was pretty easy if we wanted to fly   back to Chiang Mai but because it's like oh we've  done that before we we know Thailand pretty well   so when we saw the opportunity to take a train  from Kunming to Laos we're like okay that's cool   because we haven't done it before and this train  is relatively new it's only been available for   passengers for the last year for international  passengers I think International crossing the border and it's only 90 USD for First  Class so we're like okay that's cheaper than flying somewhere and we don't have to go to the  airport look at like how big these train stations   are I know I was just saying this place is huge  so it's quite convenient and cheap and it's going   to a place that we haven't been before is this  our train the green one yeah we have been on   over like 10 trains in China over the past month  and we never bought first class I'm so excited even the standard class looks  nice oh we're on the first one I see the difference so the seats are bit bigger  and it's two and two yeah the standard class is   three and two and it's not as busy which is nice  but doesn't this look very retro even the train   the color of the train looks so retro oh there's  even a table here yeah that's not our seat this   is our seat oh this is pretty good yeah pretty  roomy how's the seat babe honestly it's harder   than the second class it's hard you know what  I mean yeah lots of leg room with footrest got   head pillows here and another pillow here I like  the pillow and then you have this one here   if it gets too sunny you can put the screen  down another coat hanger here is there a table table is here and there's like a plug  here too yeah you're right it's a bit   hard like we've sat in so many second class  trains in the last month oh that's nice   you can go pretty far back this is pretty  good we'll need it for the next 8 hours It's hard though I think because we're moving  towards Southeast Asia now   everything in Southeast Asia is harder  the bed is harder the seats are harder how come those seats have a table I think that  when you book you can specifically book that   spot I'm not 100% sure as well because the  way that we booked our tickets was through   my friend my roommate so she booked it for us  using the 12306 Chinese app which is the Railway app and because you need a phone number  right to book it yeah I don't have a local phone number so   I couldn't book the ticket myself but if  you need to book your ticket you can try   the railway app to see if it works for you if  not there's also like a website called China   ticket Online and then you can um give them  your like passport information and then you   can make a booking through there and then I think  someone physically goes and like buys a ticket or   something like that so then you basically pay  I think you pay some sort of administration   fee for that also I got my confirmation on my  phone for the booking but I physically have to   go to the Kunming South Railway Station give  them our passport and show the booking number   and then they give us a physical ticket because  this type of train you cannot just board with   your identification you need to actually have a  ticket so either do that before we did it the day before   so we're not in a hurry cuz the train is at 8am  so if you needed to come here and get a ticket in   the morning I don't know how early they open bye  China not quite yet maybe maybe in like 5 or 4   hours 5 hours okay we'll say bye again yeah we'll  say bye Kunming let's see what we got Chinese KFC muffin   yeah panini so mine is pork sausage and egg and  cheese oh that looks so sad it does it's squished   let's see yours what's this chicken and egg oh  oh mine looks so much better yours looks so nice oh wow that's good it kind of tastes like  Italian herb panini the bread has like a   nice flavor and chewy too this is much  better than McMuffin this is delicious   so it's about 11:45am and they  just came around I can see my reflection they just came around and uh ask if anyone  want lunch boxes you can pre-order what you   like ahead of time but they also come around  with some already heated up rice so if you   want one you can order one with them it's 40  Yuan each so I got the Kung Pao Chicken and two side dishes yeah you have two  vegetable dishes um you have the chicken in the   middle and a box of rice oh that's a lot of rice we can  share this is good for two people I would say   because in about 45 minutes we should get to  the China immigration so we would exit there   and I think that whole process would take  between like an hour to an hour and a half   depending on how fast everyone is and we have  to take all belongings with us yeah you have   to take everything just in case if there's any  problems I don't think they want to wait for   you to come back and get your bag so I think  they want everyone to take their stuff with   them but you do come back to the same seat on  the same train like this train will stay cuz   there's only one train so don't worry yeah don't  worry and don't miss this train um you'll come back   to the same seat on this train let me show you  what the toilet looks like a sink area that's   nice and western toilet I think the squatter  is on the other side but I prefer this one simple and clean we are now at the second stop in China  it's funny because as soon as we stop   all the smokers rush out to have a quick smoke  it's crazy the amount of people who smoke here in China First Class cabin is a lot more relaxing I'm glad we booked first class second class is  so chaotic coming in here is like a bliss it's   so quiet and relaxing I would think we were used  to second class already cuz we've done it so many   times oh we're almost at the Mohan station so if  you want to eat you should eat a little bit first   oh wow it's hot significant change in weather here  yeah I think it's at 26° or 27° or feels hotter hang in there babe we're halfway there  more than halfway it's already 12:30pm we   should be able to get to Luang Prabang at  4:30pm four more hours to go you're doing a good job you're doing a better job  you're carrying like 50 kilos on you where have you been in China we started from  Shanghai Shanghai yeah I'm from Shanghai oh   yeah to Yunnan we came from Shanghai to Yunnan  to here okay what's this one temperature monitoring   we go through here here I think you're already  better cuz you passed the temperature check no   my fever's gone for sure okay so we um I saw a  sign that said you could do a landing visa which   I don't know the details about but if you really  really mess up and you don't have a visa I guess   you can get one here but we have everything so  we'll cross quickly crossed the health scan now   we're going to do customs and then I think  immigration we'll see you on the flip side that was pretty easy yeah it was 15 minutes  maybe 20 minutes and we're all done the China   side this is the waiting lounge and then I think  we get back on the train up here so it takes 90 minutes because we have to wait for other people  yeah does that mean we should get a massage yes   it will be 20 Yuan for 20 minutes that's not  bad but we'll get a proper massage in Laos   that would be nice oh this chair is nice this  chair is pretty comfortable back on our train it's like nothing happened number nine back to where we started look we are here now so  close to the border so in an hour we have to do it   all again but now we know it's quick hopefully  the Laos side is as efficient as the Chinese   side yeah we can say bye to China now bye China  hello Laos we have to get off now we have to do   it all over again that was like 15 minutes oh  my goodness I just had a deja vu it's slightly   hotter even here oh my God why does it seem  more busy here it's the same amount of people what is this I think we all merge into the middle  babe oh it's more chaotic than the Chinese side   and smaller oh this lane's closed all right  once again we'll see you on the flip side   but this time it might take a lot longer yeah  cuz only two lanes out of six are like fully functioning   and open and what's with these lights I thought  people were taking photos of us keeps flashing   hey babe you smell what I smell but you know how  adults try to not say it out loud because it's   it's rude but the little kid was like Mom  it smells so bad someone farted the little   kid beside you yeah and then everyone was  looking at the kid like we know kid we know so stinky and it's like humid and it's hot and you  can't go anywhere you're stuck and we are officially in   Laos yay one more stop and we're in Luang Prabang  maybe an hour no no two hours two more hours yeah   two hours we have to figure out the money thing I  think they accept Thai baht oh really that'll be   good yeah cuz we have some Thai baht the currency  here is called Kip so 1,000 Kip is two Baht oh   my goodness we're going to have a lot of bills  aren't we we're going to be a millionaires again thank you welcome to Luang Prabang it's hot and  smoky so smokey look at that can't even see the   sky I wonder if it's a burning season just like Northern Thailand  that means they burn quite long mhm yeah or is it   just all the cigarettes from the platform you know  what I'm excited about what is that after a month   of me translating and talking to people finally  it's your turn to translate for me and communicate   with the local people I'm going to show you Laos  babe I'm excited for that okay now where do we go   is there an ATM nearby doesn't look like there's  anything nearby maybe that way everyone is going   down so maybe there are shuttles down there  is that an ATM yeah the far end you want to   go there yes okay why don't you wait here look  after the bags can we go in there instead okay they're broken both of them are broken so hot  okay well I guess we got to walk down then   everyone walked down mm I just checked the temperature  it's 38° I already had to take off my socks it's   just too hot so we just took the elevator down  um there seems to be a lot of shuttle buses here Just the two of you yes Would you like a private car or share with other people how much is it to join others 40,000 Kip per person or 300,000 Kip for a private car not expensive 300,000 Kip not expensive only 500 Thai Baht If we join how many people in a van 12 people how many people do you have now right now we have about 7 to 8 people oh okay we'll join them we have many people waiting and we have many cars you can buy the ticket here 40,000 Kip per person we're going to Mekong Charm Guesthouse how many people two people can I pay in Thai Baht yes 80 Baht per person okay okay perfect you can use Thai Baht you have   80 Baht 80 Baht per person not  bad oh we can go right away yeah where are you going brother Mekong Charm Riverside you can drop me off first if you'd like are we going to the same area yes all to the town center is it smoky from dust or from burning crops from burning crops burning season isn't over yet not yet it's over next month yes majority of people in laos can understand Thai right yes they can understand me right yes that's because we hear it everyday from watching TV watching Thai TV programs is it here Mekong Charm yes yes yes thank you so much yay we've arrived Uncle thank you so much how do you say thank you again it's so nice I got a lot of good restaurant   recommendations from him we're  checking in yes uh seven nights seven nights okay are you sure it's heavy  first impressions I already liking this  city the town's so cute I know yeah you don't  have to carry anything I'll take care of you thank you so much have fun here good luck good luck to you as well I forgot how to say it again say what's your name Kit oh okay I heard a  lot about you yeah you're all over the   comments the review section everyone said  you're the nicest guy here is that true nice the triple room have only one this side okay   that side is only double room perfect  it's quiet this side thank you so much nice room we made it let's see oh look the shower and the shower has a  door we got two beds yeah this was the only room   left when I was booking so a triple room I'm not  complaining yeah we have this bed yeah so uh I'll   sleep here and you can sleep here you always say  that but it's not true this bed is going to be   for sleeping and this is for putting all of our  clothes yeah laundry and the balcony facing other side so we're not facing the road which is  good so it might be quieter here this is very nice   I'm looking forward to explore Luang Prabang  let's just get comfortable clean up and relax   that was a long journey but it was an experience  it's crazy we were in China just half a day ago   now we're in Laos and we've never been  here so this is quite exciting thanks again for   joining us on this epic journey have a wonderful  day and we'll see you in the next one bye bye-bye

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