CRAZY Chinese New Year Adventure in Beijing, China... (Dragons to Dumplings)

CRAZY Chinese New Year Adventure in Beijing, China...  (Dragons to Dumplings)

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good morning you guys it is another crisp and chilly morning but as you guys can see oh the gate is behind me but we have blue skies we have Sunshine it is beautiful and we have come to Nanluoguxiang which is supposed to be one of the oldest and one of the best here in Beijing we even have a guide map there we go I've heard this is one of the oldest ones over 7 to 800 years old wow that's a long time ago I was just going to say we already are walking into the Main Street and we have got a lot a lot a lot of food I have heard that these are supposed to be a Foodies Paradise because they have lots of like time honoured Brands around here they have loads of like the traditional authentic Beijing like Street snacks that you can pick up lots and lots of people out oh look at this these are churro's not very traditional for Beijing though are they? I don't know I love anything anything that looks good I love it I was thinking about either a bubble tea or maybe Churros so why not good they've got ice cream coming with them hello that was cute these look good 38 Yuan so let's see what's this this looks like some kind of soup maybe it looks a little like kimchi but I don't think it is but there's some bits over here as well this looks like I don't know maybe mushrooms not sure maybe octopus I don't know oh I see here old Beijing quick scolded tripe okay what did you order us chocolate whatever that is I think it's Hazelnut and chocolate something like that you don't need to ask me twice I'll just go and have anything so that was orange and peach there was chocolate there was hazelnut there's berries yummy so I got the chocolate one because I know you like chocolate churros for breakfast because that's just how we Roll yeah I love yeah the traditional style of these buildings you guys I have heard that a lot of these Hutongs or these older residential houses as well have like many many many families living in them yummy oh that looks so good thank you my friend look at the smile in my face he's a happy guy don't get run over the inside is oh he's very trigger happy just making his presence known get out of my way are you ready to sample some yeah I would love to really good really good these are good they're nice and fresh oh that was a very good start I'm very happy with that but look guys we have loads of clothing shops down here and it's all kind of traditional clothing these would look so good right now they're like the little overcoats that you'd wear on your nice Posh dresses this one look really good on you so nice and I feel like they'd keep you nice and warm they look a little thick right now because you would be needing it wow but look at this we have loads of little Alley ways off of this one main Alley way and everything is kind of like squished all in together it's all packed right in do people live here still I don't know because I think back in the day all of the main important people they used to live here alongside because this is very close to the Forbidden City yes it is you're so right actually we're behind it we're just behind the Forbidden City and yeah this is where all of the rich people and the well off people would be and they'd all kind of come here they'd have their residencies here they'd hang out here so it used to be a a very well todo area yeah look these little alleys it's the back of the shops now but back in the day this would have been like your side roads for houses and things for sure that one as well I think these are still residential though some people still live here I guarantee I saw a woman come out of one of the houses there you guys look at this we've got some more duck I think over here loads of little food shops in here okay maybe we should go check this out I think there's another entrance down here oh yeah look there's loads in here where's Taz what did you find I think that's chicken maybe some potatoes yeah look bubble over here some skewers you guys there's loads of different bits in here it's almost like a little food Court it is lots of different options this looks like some Stomach or something some intestines maybe it's too early in the morning for that see look at this some more over here some noodles this almost looks like chow mein kind of similar I'm not sure what it is noodles of some sort but here we go more these look like dumplinga and some Pies or similar I don't know if they are the actual thing there we've got some potatoes over here some hot dogs some skewers as well I am not so hungry but I think Taz he is looking for something to eat so you got skewers you got noodles you name it they have it wow too much for the sense oh if you could just smell that it's nice my guys well he is busy oh we got some noodles here too let's look for something else for a week day morning this is pretty good I think these are like mostly local tourists here they're not beijingers I see old Beijing roast duck roll would you like one yeah absolutely where is it literally I was just about to tell you I just saw somebody walking past with a wrap and I was thinking yes look at that this is all a Duck Restaurant then I think it is I think that is duck yes right let's go inside because I see them here get a duck wrap let's do it that would be nice shall we Lead the way please oh good we have a little menu that's come over you guys so we have some cooked tripe of sheep or swine it is way too early for that or some bean paste noodles or roast mutton old Beijing roast duck that looks good yummy old Beijing stew that looks good and then on the back signature crab dumpling ooh anything on the front oh my God there's more on the front guys we're spoilt for Choice okay this is what we want over here we want to go get a duck wrap 30 Yuan can I get one 30 okay I sit here we're starting over here we're going to wrap up nice over here we have the Ducks hanging up here I don't know if these are real ones or fake but we've got the meat skewers over here these look very very good yum I don't know what this is here but looks good too so she's going to make us a duck wrap so if you guys have seen our previous Vlog and you've seen we've already tried peking duck we tried it in QuanJuDe it was so delicious but now she's going to make us one I hope that's kind of similar we got some lettuce going in some cucumbers some shalots some onions ooh what's that here we go some plum sauce this looks delicious wow look at that thank you okay loaded it full of duck she like throwing in I was like yeah go girl keep going keep going ooh this looks really really good we want to get smaller portions so we can try a bit more of everything Absolutely that's our logic that's the plan I mean we want to sample as many foods as we can so duck wrap duck pancakes duck you bring it like anything good absolutely that looks juicy that looks so good that is good I have to say the duck is not as good as when we had it in at QuanJuDe it's still really good but the skin is not as soft like it's a little more chewy kind of but it's not nasty chewy it's still good sauce is it plum sauce yeah yeah super sweet let's destroy this and then continue the tour off the Hutong let's go this is where we had the duck wrap amazing amazing we've got people selling some more bits over here not quite sure what they are but it's smelling really good look at this we got kind of looks like a cake I don't think it is I think it's like more glutinous something wow guys let me know what is it looks like something glutinous or sticky or something like that but we're going to head on up this street it's got so much character here so much charm so much history imagine I feel like we say this every single time imagine all the stories these houses these walls these buildings have to tell I bet they are full of of funny ones or interesting ones what we got here this looks like some kind of theater oh yeah look the central Academy of drama there you go I love the trees as well over here they feel like quite quirky and I think in the spring or the Autumn either when they're in bloom or when they're losing their leaves they would look really beautiful proper picturesque I like places like this though it's like all so bustling so much energy so much food all of the people trying to get you to their shop if you just look away from here then look down here on the side Road or here yeah that's a true depiction of how the residential life is and it's on the same road yeah on the main bit here crazy look at this you guys we have a little sample tea we have this is flower and fruity flower and fruit I like it it smells really really nice it smells so good oh it's so sweet it's got a really nice flavour to it as well it's like very fruity it's like berries yeah yeah tastes like berries and strawberries yum let's try mine oh this is a different one this is watermelon ooh okay oh yeah smells it as well this is perfect in a Cold Day look at you sampling all the tea's look at these these look cute what are they little pastries with eggs yeah they're like cookies look at this we have so many shops down here you guys and they're selling absolutely everything oh look at that a little old style TV let's go in I imagine these hutongs on the inside to look really oldfashioned but I'm sure they're not I'm sure they've had makeovers and all things like that it's just the outside that's kept nice and old look at these they got lots of sweets one of these toys oh look at these some old video tapes now that is old more sweeties and I think there's actually even more sweets towards the back it's a bit of like an everything shop you know like they have I don't know something for everyone there's sweets there's some calendars there's some figurines oh it's so warm in this shop as well time to leave I know let's head out let's see oh look this looks like a resident going back into his into his house I can't believe it they open up when you go in there as well like I've seen a few people opening the doors well there's been a few open back here and they're really like wide actually there's quite a lot like goes further down one's like a little Alleyway it's a pretty cool place to live imagine you wouldn't have to go far to get your shopping and stuff done groceries going to go buy something take your family out for a meal go to a restaurant why not literally on your doorstep so true so this one is Qinlao Hutong so down this way they've all got their own names as well and then I think there's probably a little bit of some history about it here this is Qinlao Hutong so the main one is where we are right now yeah so we're on this Main Street this is where it seems to be like all the shops and the restaurants and then all of these go off down to the side so these are I guess these are residential on the other side as well we have another Hutong so it goes down on both sides and then you come back to this main artery where there is just absolutely everything look at all the duck one inside the swan whatever that is oh this duck looks like it's ready to go this duck looks fake I was going to say that looks like plastic rubber duck but I think she was just making a duck wrap there as well so really that's a popular little snack to have down here I've seen loads of this tripe as well which seems quite popular another popular food I don't know bustling I can hear people from the inside noisy shouting oh look at this come let's take you guys on a little tour see what's happening wow massive pot with all sorts of meat in there hello look at that skewers, no idea what this is wow there's just so much food everywhere I think there some drinks going just off the main road where the Hutong is come round to the side and you find these big food court areas so much variety got some chilly oils and things here it's so much to look at my goodness and I love the Ambiance here as well it's so cool look at that the Chinese lantern all on the ceiling here it's very traditional very cultural as well I like that is that chilly potatoes hello dumplings lovely wow if you want to come and look for somewhere to eat you've come to the right place my guy he's going for it so here's the thing you're walking off the road right in the Hutong like this and then it's literally on the side it looks like a normal entrance to a shop right any shop you go inside and it's a whole different world in there all together you're like where am I what is this and you step through the closet you're taken to a Whole New World of culinary delight it's pretty cool very magical I love it check this out look at what the guy is making it's called chimney bread looks pretty cool it's like a a big cone and it's got some cream inside maybe ice cream I don't know but it looks like oh this is how you make it that looks pretty cool what is this bread yeah this is and they have this in Prague and Budapest they have it's like a dough and then they fill it up in the Middle with like cream or ice cream or something oh this is pretty cool yeah because this looks like cream we got different flavors here as well chimney bread huge look at that you good very nice I think I'm getting to that point where I will be hungry maybe another 5 10 minutes I'm terrible I eat a lot what can I say I walk a lot as well so okay yes we know you're here who is it who is it okay okay yep Mr Uncle he wants everyone to know he's here okay Uncle very trigger happy always What's Happening Here it's quieter there's just so much Temptation everywhere just when I think I'm not going to eat anything else that sweet then comes something beautiful like that how can you say no to that this looks like someone's house what have you seen this is someone's Mansion an important person back in the day wow this is someone's Mansion here yeah I mean the entrance to the house looks very Grand I love the door but now it's somebody else's house no visitors they need their privacy obviously of course there's something for every season something for everyone oh my gosh I have such a weakness for sweet stuff come on stop it stop it where are we going now oh some dumplings underneath here are hundreds of dumplings waiting to be devoured I think these are crab dumplings they're supposed to be really popular I would love to try some out do you want to yes are they here these ones these are crab dumplings how do you know oh yeah I mean picture speaks a thousand words that one yeah okay cool I would love to this picture speaks even more English words signature crab dumplings yay all right find us a seat let's go let's go all right yeah no problem here we are lovely look who's bringing the goods I'm bearing gifts put your hand next to it for reference there we go it's almost the size of my hand like that wow that's the biggest that I've ever seen in my life all right now and it's a crab dumpling right why have they Given me straw maybe there's a soup it feels like it lift this up oh okay inside is it soup and pop it look at that also can we just say that Chinese food in China has been very different to what Chinese food in the UK is like or in the west okay so it's like one big dumpling and then basically it's filled up on the inside it's all oozing out oh yeah what does it taste like is it fishy or really nice yeah it's like crab crab soup I have figured this out you drink from it and then whatever's left then you eat it that's how it's done again never seen dumplings like this in our lives ever not this big no like the dumpings we're used to are much much smaller and you just take your chopsticks Bite size ones right more like dim sum maybe I guess oh look at that let dissect this is all crab mix there you go how's that oh and the soup as well this is good this is 30 Yuan that's not bad that's like £3 but this is big if you're not too hungry if you're feeling a bit peckish you can easily share this between two people so it's not bad for a snack we're going to let Taz tuck in and we will see you when we're back out on the streets let's go oh that was so so good oh my gosh Fast and Furious here in Beijing that was so good that crab dumpling loved it as far as this Hutong's concerned there is literally no end insight as far as you can see all the way down it's still so many people about hello where are you going there's a little Panda shop so we're going to go check it out everything is a panda everything in here guys it's a panda shop literally you got pandas everywhere oh this is so cool I love places like this they love these shops I just saw the same thing I was like what is the addiction there's one of these absolutely everywhere it's going to be one of them random ones it's going to be one of them absolutely everything shops where they just sell everything under the kitchen sink guys if you ever come to China and you see something like this yeah the entrance looks like this it's got all of these big messages prayers wishes and water we know then that means it's going to be a shiny sh*t magnet shop oh sorry what is this tea more tea flowers let's smell it first smells really fruity I love it you want to sample some more flower tea look at you why not this is flower tea it smells good that's really nice it's so good oo very good very nice I like it so fruity thank you but I call this a Chinese Hospitality they're so kind here warmhearted they know you're cold so they're just handing out teas they're like guys have some tea keep yourself warm yeah so good as well that tea love it right got some key Rings gloves there are you okay for gloves or have you lost some I love going to these shops though because you never know what you might find in one of them shops So Random it's such a Chinese thing though it is but it's literally everywhere but look imagine we're in these Hutongs in this really old piece of historical architecture and there is a starbucks somewhere there of course there is I don't know where it actually is oh I love this gate beautiful but you guys if you like shopping or you like food then this place is the place for you oh good job that was pretty close thank you is that an arcade oh it's like a 3D virtual reality thing oh what is this for 69 something again what is that duck there's a duck hanging in the window yes I reckon it says Fang Zhuang Chang number 69 I was right Michelin guide something Michelin 2020 Michelin 2021 I don't know what it is but it looks popular that's for sure clearly worth it because people are queuing in the cold weather that's the reason there's a queue going outside it's Michelin in 2020 and 2021 all right we've done it we've made it to the end everywhere you see on that side all along there's a parade of shops and there's more shops this way and I'm sure there's more shops along here as well should we we get bubble tea yes okay we got that one they got some nice little drinks going on here so it's going to be nice and warm because China is where we discovered warm bubble tea exists we had no idea before we have a little machine down here so we can pay alipay look at this as well this looks interesting this is like some kind of fruity tea it was 18 Yuan okay not bad so that's like £0.80 yeah you already picked it up so quick blink and you miss it this is where we got the milk tea from I think should we wrap it up I think we're going to finish it up here yeah it's been an amazing day again like we were saying earlier you can easily come get lost here because this Hutong's so long and plus once you reach the very top of that you can go left right wherever because it's a maze and it's huge guys if you made it this far then thank you so very much if you're not subscribed yet you know the drill get on it with your milk tea go hit that subscribe and we will see you at some point somewhere in the next one subscribe let's go!!!!

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