Craig Duswalt On How To Market Your Brand or Business Like A ROCKSTAR!

Craig Duswalt On How To Market Your Brand or Business Like A ROCKSTAR!

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Welcome to Out of the Box with Christine, the Podcast for Conscious Entrepreneurs. Are you willing to step into your greatness? Are you ready to shine? Well, get ready. Truth seeker. You're in for an amazing ride. And now here's the host of the show. Christine Blosdale . Welcome back to Out of the Box with Christine, the Podcast for Conscious Entrepreneurs.

I'm Christine, Blosdale your host. And today buckle up honey buns. Because today we have a very action pack show with a dear friend of mine. I, I, I consider this gentleman, family.

This is how close I am to my guest today. Uh, Craig does. Is a keynote speaker of epic proportions. I've seen him in action. So I know this, he is a bestselling author, podcaster himself, and the creator of the brands, rockstar, marketing, and rock your life.

Craig has written 10 books and is a number one bestselling author in so many different genres. His background. We're gonna talk a little bit about that because for those of you who don't. Where, where Craig came up in through the world, you're gonna get an earful.

He actually, uh, was touring with guns and roses as axle Rose's personal assistant, and then, uh, with air supply as well, thus, thus the branding of rock your life, right. And rockstar marketing. It's it's a brilliant, brilliant, it's a brilliant concept.

Thank you so much for coming on the show today. Craig Duswalt . My dear friend. It's good to have you back. Ah, Christine Blosdale in the house. oh my gosh. I miss you so much.

You're one of my favorite people and I'm so glad to be back on with you. It's it's been a while. It's been a while, but, um, it has been a while family, you stick together over the.

COVID times and with moving and everything, cuz I thought you were the Los Angeles, man. I thought you were the, the LA dude. And I was, and now where are you? Where are you at? I'm in north Dallas, Texas, Texas.

I've gone to Texas and you know, you know, what's really funny. Most people think, oh God, Texas Cowboys and all that stuff. Uh, you know, not diverse.

It is the most diverse place personally I've ever lived. I honestly, it. Such a great place and everyone's nice. Southern hospitality is here in Dallas, Texas.

It really, really is. Yeah, there is that Southern hosp and it's, it's, it's a tad more affordable than, than Los Angeles. Would you say I could have bought, let me see. 1, 2, 3, and a half of the houses that I live in right now for what I paid in LA and I live on a golf. That the L oh, you, that golfers play on my golf course every year.

A big tournament. So it's a nice place. Yeah. Wow. Oh my goodness.

And I'm in Australia now. Yeah. A little California kid who, who fell in love with you're a little further away from LA than I am. I'm a 7,000 miles away. . But the beauty look at the beauty of technology, right? I mean, I I'm. So, um, and I'm so blessed and happy to have this podcast, cuz I've had guests from all over the world and we're able to bring these brilliant minds to the listeners of the podcast, into the viewers on the YouTube channel and now, um, uh, and Pacifica radio.

So people driving in their cars, stuck in traffic, they get to also, um, hear these wonderful, uh, you know, beautiful. The people that, that inspire me. And so I'm just sharing you with the world and you know, what's great too there that this is, I will say, this is the good thing that came outta COVID that we yes, are very attuned now to working on zoom and stream yard and all these things so that we can connect to people that live.

8,000 miles away cuz I'm in Dallas. well, you know, another, a, a thing about COVID was, I mean, myself, I was actually really busy because my business, uh, coaching people, uh, teaching them how to create a podcast or do multimedia. You know, videos and branding and things like that. Yeah, it was great because I was already used to doing that on, on zoom. Anyway, I don't go to people's houses.

No so, so I was, so I was fine with that, but, um, but I, I noticed something. Um, and, and you, I know you've seen this happening in the last few years, even pre COVID, but did you notice this explosion of entrepreneurial. Oh, we're people.

Yes, because they didn't have that job. They, they either got, they either got, let go or their hours were reduced greatly. Um, and that insecurity of not knowing where that, you know, where the, where they were gonna pay their bills, there was an explosion of creativity and entrepreneurship that. That I know you were, you witnessed as well.

Cuz. Yeah. And, and remember when, when we grow up, our parents were like, you gotta get a job and then you retire in 35 years and you get a pen set, you know, and that, and the that's the goal of life.

Get a job retire at 60 years old and they give you a retirement party and then you enjoy the rest of your life while those days were over a long time ago. But now like you just said there, oh my gosh, my business is going through the roof cuz. Help entrepreneurs become rock stars in their business. And like you just said, there's no security. There's more security.

Now being an entrepreneur than there is at getting a job because you control it. You absolutely control everything. If you wanna work that day, you work. If you don't wanna work, you wanna play golf, go play golf. But you know, in the corporate world, that's over now grant.

The corporate world is letting people work outta their houses, but that's also giving time for people to sit at their house going. Yeah. Right. There's some other things that I could be doing right now, making money on the side or something. I didn't like sitting next to Karen anyway.

Right. Exactly. I get to be in my jammies. This is, that's a funny thing. I was just saying last night I was at a networking event and we were talking about . We were talking. COVID and zoom and, and having all of our meetings and things on zoom.

And, um, I said, we were just talking about how we are all dressed really well from like the chest up, right? Yeah. You don't wanna see what's down there now. You don't. I mean, you know, I was always very casually dressed when I would work at the radio station in the studio, because nobody could see me, but now we're, now I'm doing videos for YouTube. So from the chest up, you know, it's like, oh, nice shirt. Oh, that's a cool little necklace. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

But below people don't know, I could be. I'm wearing nothing. Yes. Or nothing.

I'm wearing these horrible slides. I'm wearing these, I'm wearing these horrible slides with socks. I look like, I think the, the character, my friend, my dear friend ed Asner played in up.

I think, I think I'm becoming that guy. The old man. Yes. Love that movie. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.

I'm starting to look like. A little bit. You're not I'm anyway, anywho, let's talk about, yeah. So let's talk about, um, well, your ex, I mean, you are. The guy to go to when it comes to someone who has a business, a service, if they're a coach or a consultant and they need to, they need to let the world know who they are and what they do.

And, um, I just think like, if you wanna drop some wisdom, you know, Drops of wisdom throughout this, this show. I would really love that. But let's start with, with you, like, how did you get started in this particular business? Because I know you had some unusual, a little bit of unusual background, just a little working in the rock and roll world, but, but tell us a little bit about how you became this really this master teacher. In marketing and branding. Yeah. So it's really funny.

And I'm gonna, uh, I'll go back to that in a second, but, um, I'm back in the music industry again, uh, because my sons are all musicians. My three boys, 22, 20 and 18, they're all musicians. And the middle son is in a band called thread and they're a heavy metal band. In fact, we're playing the whiskey again on sunset Boulevard.

So I'm going back to California, but it's so funny. I never ever, ever, ever burned a bridge. In the music industry, and I could have burned some bridges touring with guns and roses and air supply, but I never did.

And I always, uh, kept in touch with everybody. And now I'm using all these connections again for my son's band. So I'm managing my son's band thread, which is a whole other story. But back to that, um, I graduated college in 1983 and, uh, got a job at Westbury music fair in long island, New York. Runner backstage, cuz I wanted to be an actor.

I went to school for business. I was, I got a marketing degree, but a theater minor wanted to be an actor. So I got a job at a theater figuring if I'm in the arena of where these actors and musicians are, something might happen. I literally worked there two weeks. And air supply comes and does a show a Friday and Saturday night, Friday night, I work the show as the runner backstage, getting them drinks, getting the band towels, making sure they're happy backstage. I was like the runner, the lowest man on the totem pole.

And, um, so I worked the show Friday night, Saturday night. I'm not scheduled to work, but my mother wants me to take her to go see air supply. And so I'm like great. Two weeks outta college.

I'm taking my mother to a concert. So now my dating life is over. So that's good. And, uh, go to the show.

And during the show, she says to me, Hey, you work here. You could get me backstage. I'd like to meet the band. So I'm figuring great. My mother's a groupie.

This is not making sense right now, everything that I thought my, what mother was, is not making sense at all. So I go backstage, I introduce it to the band. I've only met them yesterday. And this big security guard that works for air supply comes up to me and he. You were the guy that was working here last night.

And I said, yes, I am Mr. A very large man. And he says, how much do you make a week here? And I think it's none of his business, but he's huge. So I answered the question. I said about $150 a week. And he says, how would you like to quadruple that? And so many things went through my mind of what this man wanted.

Right. $600 a week. Okay. Would I have to do, what do you, what do you need? I'll do. And he said, the band saw you working last night.

They loved your positive attitude and your energy. They wanna know if you want to go on the road, you leave tomorrow morning. They sent the limousine to my house, took me to JFK airport, New York. I got on a Lee jet and I met them in Wallingford, Connecticut.

And I told with airs supply for seven years. Simply because I always say in marketing, this is my best marketing tip. Always do your best just in case someone's watching.

It's not a great marketing tip, but it really, really is because if you walk around in life and everything is horrible, life sucks. A woe is me. No one's gonna want to partner with you will work with you.

So just like have high energy just beyond as much as you can and good things happen. So that's how I got my break in the industry. That's a great life tip. It's it is, it is a great life tip and that's one of my, that's one of my mantras as well. Even you, whatever it is, even if it's something that you go, oh, I'm dreading doing this. Yeah.

When you put a spin on it, like, you know what let's, let's see what can happen from it. I remember I was, um, well you were like a PA, right? Or you, right? Yeah. I was.

PA a production assistant in Los Angeles. When I was on TV show, when I was young for the, for, um, for a film company, they did commercials and things like that. And, um, and a production assistant and, and boy, we, we had the worst job we did. We were the lowest on the totem pole. Yep.

And I always, what I thought was funny was that even though we were paid the least, and we worked like really ridiculous hours, At the end of the day in my little old Volkswagen bug that like, I didn't even know how it drove. Um, they would hand me the sound, the, the, the, the sound, whatever footage and the footage of the day that they shot. Oh, my now, you know, you know, in television and film, The, the, the footage, it costs a lot per, per second, right? Because of all the stuff you have to have, all the crew, all the lighting, all the union, all the union stuff. So they would give this little 17 year old, 18 year old kid master the master of the day he's shooting and it's soothing.

And it said, you gotta get it to Kodak, you know, and you gotta drop it off to this, to technical or whatever Uhhuh. Yeah. And I would, I'd be driving it and. It's literally four, five o'clock in the morning and, and I'm driving with this thing. And inside of my head, I'm saying, Christine, this is good. It'll all pay off one day.

It'll all pay off one day. And, um, I didn't get a, I didn't get a job working for a major film company or anything like that, but it actually taught me, um, at a really young age. That there are some things, you know, there's some things that you do that are not the most pleasant, maybe mm-hmm , but it teaches you resilience because I had to figure out, and this was before, you know, Google maps. Yeah, you had to use Thomas Mo the Thomas guide, I think use the Thomas guide for those of you who are younger folk. The Thomas guide was our we'd have it in the car and it would always have like Coke and, and, and coffee. And it, it was disgusting cuz.

You'd have it in your car forever. And you had to look up the street address on there and, and look the page. Oh my God.

It was a nightmare. But, um, and the page would always connect to the next page. You had to figure out the connection of the page. Like, oh my God. Yeah. I don't know how we survived.

I don't either. I, that they're like. That's not true dad. I'm like, it's true. I swear.

It's true. True. But yeah, it, it teaches you that, that, that perseverance and that resilience, which I think is so important to, to people. Um, so then how did you get, how did you get hooked up with, okay, so then I tour with their crisis. Yeah. Seven years.

And, uh, during like about year four, a year five with air supply. This guy, Doug Goldstein, uh, get, uh, is now the new security guy for air supply. They found him in Arizona and he used to run a security company in Arizona at big venues.

So Doug joins our tour and I tour with Doug for three years. And then at the end of my seventh year, Doug's third year. I go back to New York, cuz I'm from long island, New York and Doug goes back to LA and to make a very long story short, um, he was asked to watch van Halen, like a friend. Our tour manager was tour manager for van Halen as well. So the tour manager said, Hey Doug, can you watch van Haen for a little while? Uh, while I go in this other tour and Doug says yes, through van Halen, he. Guns and roses when they were still on the sunset strip, um, about to release their big album appetite for destruction, their debut album.

So Doug just made friends with Axel rose, just like. Hit it off and axle hires, Doug Goldstein, a security guard guy to be the manager of guns and roses, total fluke, total. They weren't anything at the time they were, they had an album coming out. Everyone thought it would be good, but Doug got the job and, um, and he made, uh, a lot of the success that guns and roses has, uh, had at the time man still has, was because of Doug Goldstein. He was amazing. So then about a year or two later, They're about to start to use your illusion world tour, which I think to this day is still one of the biggest world tours in the history of rock and roll.

It was a three and a half year tour and Doug calls me up and he goes, are you ready to go back on the road? I'm like, Not really, uh, I'm just done with this. I did seven years and he, I said, what do I have to do? And he basically, you have to watch Axel rose. And I'm like, , that sounds, that sounds difficult from what I've heard in the news. And he said, yeah, but I'm gonna pay you a lot of money. I said, okay, come in.

Okay. Okay. I'm like, all right, I'll do that. So, yeah, I literally, um, I met axle one day. The first thing I had to do, I drove to Axel Rose's house in the, uh, Hollywood Hills. And, um, um, I get a call from, um, the manager of Doug and he says, Hey, can you do me a favor? Just go down the hill and pick slash up at the Oakwood apartments. And I'm like, oh my God, this is gonna be cool.

So I drive my little Chevy citation car to the open apartments and slash him, standing there with his top hat and his leather jacket in the parking lot. Of course, I recognize him. I just pull up to him. Without any question, he just gets in my car as if like he knew that I was gonna go pick him up. And he said, Hey, I'm slash I said, Hey, I'm pregnant. He goes, you're the new guy.

Right? And I said, yeah, I'm working with axle. He goes welcome. And that was it. And then I went back to the house and, uh, met axle. The rest, as they say is history. I toed them for four years almost during the user illusion world tour and about six to eight months after that as well.

So I did that for, like I said, it was great. It was, I wouldn't replace those years for anything. It was great.

Axle was. A great, great, great boss. He was great to his team. Now when he gets in public, he gets in trouble sometimes, but to his team, very loving and caring person, just, and everyone in the band.

Great, great guys. So I did that. And then after I opened up an ad agency, cuz I said, all right, I'm not touring anymore.

I'm kind of sick and tired of being on the road, living at a suitcases. I'm gonna, and I got married to my wife, NATA. Who I met during the tour. She was not a groupie, just, just in case. Everyone's wondering I met her through my sister.

Um, so anyway, so I, I finish, uh, the tour. I get married and I decide I'm gonna get a job. So I get a job at an advertising agency, cuz I want to use my marketing degree again. And then I went to a Tony Robbins seminar. and he convinced me. Yeah.

He convinced me to quit my job and start my own ad agency just through, going to a seminar, believe in yourself. And you know, why work for someone else when you could do this yourself? So I went home, quit my job. And I started my own advertising agency, did that for about five or six years.

And then I went by accident to us. Uh, his name is James mech. He was teaching people how to become a speaker. And I sat there going.

Oh, my gosh, I think I can do this. I have some pretty cool stories. And, um, I became a speaker that day in 2006 and the rest, as they say is history. I, I am, uh, now a pretty well known speaker. I get booked a lot as a keynote speaker for corporations and I put on my own event of which Christine has been to many of them.

Yes. She has spoken on my stage. She is our podcast expert when, uh, when I do my events and she literally. You know, started a business. Um, right there, right in front of my eyes. Uh, she was working at KPF FK and, uh, and she, oh my God, she did so much for my business, uh, during the fundraisers.

So I am eternally grateful to Christine. Oh. And, um, and, uh, we just, since then had a great relationship, but I've been speaking for the last I 16 years.

Um, and, uh, I had the brand rockstar marketing. I switched everything to rock your life. It's a long story, but it's a trademark idea, uh, situation. So I couldn't trademark rockstar marketing because rockstar energy drink, rockstar.

Other things were coming after me. See some desist. Right. Cause they were just like, you're getting too big. You can't, you can't have rockstar marketing.

So I switched everything to rock your life, cuz I do believe, uh it's it's still a. Brand helping businesses. But if you don't have your life together as well, then your businesses are gonna be successful. So everything I do is rock your life right now. I do rock your life TV. There's my little thing behind me.

And, uh, I teach basically entrepreneurs how to be rock stars in their business. And this is where this is your, yeah, this is your magical potion gift as well, because you know, and the show. Okay.

So this show is called out of the box with Christine and I like, I like out of the box, um, thinking and, and, and ingenuity and creativity. And that's what, uh, struck me when I first met you. I was like, this guy has some great ideas for marketing and branding. And promoting your business and whatever business is that you have, if you're an author, if you're a coach or a consultant.

And so even, even a retail business, even small business. Exactly because you, because you think outside the box, you, you, you, you, I come away with when I come to, uh, an event with when Greg, uh, is when Craig is speaking and, uh, I'm just like blown away. At the nuggets of wisdom that you have, and it's like, you're like rapid fire. You could do this. And then what about this? And then boom, boom, boom. And you're like, I speak very fast.

you should see people in the audience are taking notes. Like feverously um, I love the one that you, that was, uh, oh, I love the stamp story. Oh yeah. Yeah.

I have a, did you talk about, could you talk about that? Cause I think that's a brilliant, here's a tip for just pay attention to everybody, cuz this is actually a brilliant little tip. So there's a lemme see if I even have that. In my little, oh, I think I put it in the grudge. I don't have it.

So anyway, um, I, uh, I, I. When I like, if, if I'm trying to get someone to either like a YouTube influencer or something, or a podcaster to, I have a new book and I want them to review my book because I want them to talk about it on their podcast or their, their show or wherever or their blog or whatever. I send them a book in a Manila envelope, a regular envelope. Now, most people will put, uh, you know, a 58 cent stamp on the corner, or they'll just get a meter on the, on the corner of the envelope and mail the Manila envelope with the book in it. And then I put a little letter in there. Hey, I'm, I'm interested in, uh, you either reviewing the book or I think you would be a great sponsor for my next event, whatever it is, but to get, to get them, to get my package, to stand out.

Instead of now this takes a little time and it takes a little, um, it drives you crazy. But instead of getting one 58 cents stamp, I get 58, 1 cent stamps and I put them all over the envelope and I make smiley faces with the stamps. I don't have it in front of me, but I wish I had it. So I make smiley faces with all the stamps.

So the person that's receiving it, this little piece of. Mail is standing out. First of all, they're like, oh my gosh, this person had way too much time on their hands. What are they doing? But they they're interested to see what's inside. So they'll actually open it. See, it's a book and it's a letter usually with the book explaining.

Why I sent it to them and what I would like to do for them. Another thing I do because I have a podcast called rock your life TV is I invite them to be on my podcast. It's hard for them to turn it down. Cuz I have a lot of listeners on my podcast and I tell them that I want to promote you.

So then maybe you'll review my book on your thing. So I do that all day long, but I think what Christine is talking about yes is stamp hemp, where you could go to and for a couple of cents more per stamp, you could take your picture and put it on a stamp, like a 58 cent stamp with your picture on it.

So I was on the reunion committee. Of my 40th. I know you're going shocked that I am at my 40th high school reunion. but, uh, I was on the mailing committee cause I wanted to mail everybody their invitation to my 40th high school reunion. And I put my stamp picture as the stamp and I sent it out to everyone in my class.

So when I went to the reunion, Everybody came up to me and said, dude, how did you get your picture on a stamp? And I'm like, well, you know, I'm a speaker. And they asked me I'm really famous, not really famous. They don't know that anyone could do this seriously.

Nobody knows this. Except if you're in our little outside the box world, that you could do something like that. Right. I mean that I know. So I, so there's that, but then this is what really blows people away. If you are trying to get a client or someone, or you're trying to get somebody that you really wanna impress.

You then go to Facebook or whatever, grab their image, put their image on a stamp and then mail them something that you want them to open. And they're gonna see their face on a stamp. And if you put your phone number in there on either on the return address, Or inside the envelope, you better believe they're gonna call you and say, wait a minute, how did I get on a stamp? And I'm like, I don't know.

You just, I don't know. I just bought some stamps and your face was on it and it blows them away. And then I tell them the story and they're like, Dude, that is insane.

How do I get that? Well, and especially when you say, oh, Hey, I'm happened to be like a marketing coach and, you know, branding and they're like, you're hired. Yeah. That's happened before it has. Well, and it's just, it's getting the attention. And again, it's thinking outside of the box, instead of just doing the normal thing, right. Like everyone else, like everybody, everyone's gonna put a meter, the meter or a 58 cent stamp everybody.

Right? Yeah. That's what they do. Yeah. So don't do that. And then I have another one. Uh, for envelopes, like, you know, yeah. A typical business, 10 and white envelope. Uh, I do this to this day.

I, I, I do this a lot. I mail out regular envelopes and I, if I want to connect with somebody for any reason at all, I just want to connect with that person cuz they could either be a sponsor once again, they could be an influencer that I wanna meet and I want to be on their podcast or something like that. I mail them. An envelope and I put their name on it. And in the return address, I put my return address.

And under the return address, I put my telephone number. So I lick the envelope and I mail it, excuse me. I lick the envelope and I mail the envelope. They opened the envelope and nothing is in the envelope. And curiosity is killing them like, oh my God, what.

Craig Al what did he send me? I don't even know who this guy is. Oh, good. He left his telephone number on the return address. Let me call him. Hey Craig. My name is John Smith and I just got this envelope from you.

Uh, but nothing was inside what was inside and I say, well, nothing was inside. Really. I just wanted you to call me because I have this opportunity that. And one of two things happened.

One, they get mad and they said, dude, you can't do that. I'm like, dude, you called me. I didn't call you. Right. So I dunno what you're getting mad at or number two is they say what you just said before. Wow.

That was really cool. Cause I hate cold calling. So I figured I would have you call me if you were interested and now we can talk and it's just a great way to open the open the oh brilliant channel of convers.

It's so brilliant because also a lot of us, we don't get that much mail anymore, you know, like mail mail. Right. And so the, the thing is that when we do get mail, we think it's either, well, it's either a bill or maybe it's a check. They were probably thinking, right. Oh my gosh, I got a check and I, I, I need to know what this is.

I need to, what if it's a. Exactly. Exactly.

I gotta know. Where's my check. Oh my gosh. That is so brilliant. That was just, just worth those. Those are, those are tips that are worth gold.

Yeah. So that's what I do in my seminars. I give a bunch of those out and, and, uh, yeah, it's, it's kind of fun people. I love watching the light bulbs go off in the audience going, oh my God. Wow.

Okay. I'm gonna do that. Or what happens is a lot of times cuz some of them I have that are really crazy. That they go, okay. I'm not gonna do that. Cause Craig you're nuts. Like I, I send Volkswagen doors, uh, via messengers to people that I want to meet.

Like I actually go to junkyards and buy Volkswagen doors. And uh, in fact, I think I saw your Volkswagen there recently. Yes, yes, probably did.

So anyway, I, but people will go, all right, I'm not gonna do. But it gets them to say, all right, start. I need to think a little bit differently like that guy does instead of being like everybody else. And that's what the whole premise is just think differently. Like you do think outside the box, just, just do things differently. Absolutely.

Absolutely. And the same thing is like when, uh, what I tell people, if they, if they're, if they wanna get booked on a, on a podcast show or on a radio show, first of all, I always. Listen to the damn radio show or podcast show don't yeah, listen to at least listen to one episode.

I hate it when people just say, Hey, I wanna be on your show and they know nothing about me. They just go, well, I'll just throw this out there. Um, but, but what I, what I say is instead of sending an email, because every, you know, we get emails, I get junk email and LinkedIn is the LinkedIn to me is the, I don't know.

Some people love it. I loathe it. I do not. I do not like LinkedIn because anytime somebody says, oh, I wanna connect. I wanna be your friend, whatever.

And I say, okay, they immediately pitch me something. Right. I can make you a million dollars or whatever. It's like go away.

You're not a friend. Anyway. Do you find, because you have a podcast, do you find that most of them are pitching some sort of podcasting? No. Most of them are pitching their six figure program, their coaching program. I'm a coach for coaches. I'm a, I'm a, I'm a six figure coach for coaches.

And I could coach you coaching coach, coach, coach, and I'm like, shut up. So, so, but the thing is, is that what, um, in being a radio producer for so many years, 20 years, whatever I would get. Emails and, and it'd be like, hi, I want, I, I need to be on the show. First of all, I'm like, oh really? Pardon me? Uh, maybe not. And it's this long email. I, I, I, me, me, me, this is what I'm yeah, this is what I do this.

Right, right, right. Yeah. You know, your listeners are gonna love me because me, me, me, me, me, me, me, and I'm just like delete, delete, delete. Yeah.

Um, and, and so what I tell my clients, my, my coaching clients is that if you wanna get. A podcast or a radio show again, first of all, listen, if you can listen to a couple episodes, listen to the, the person a little bit so that you know something about them. Yeah. Before you ask them, you. I don't expect somebody, a stranger to walk up to me on the street and say, give me $10.

Right. now right. Somebody who knows me and says, I love you so much, Christine. And you're wonderful.

And you've been a good friend. Hey, I'm really low today. Can, can I borrow 10 bucks? Fine, fine. So absolutely what I say is endear, you know, get to know them a little bit. And instead of writing a email that is 10 miles long, boring as.

I say as that, you've got a little film crew in your pocket here. You've got a phone. Yeah. These phones are like a film crew it's technology at its finest. So I said, just do just like a, like a TikTok or a, or a, or a reel do a 15 second, uh, little video on your phone.

Talk to the person, you know, video, record yourself, talking to the person. Hey, Craig. Um, Hey Craig, it's Christine blase. I am a podcast coach and motivational speaker. And I know that you're gonna want me on your stage because blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Right? Right.

Whatever, the, whatever the reason is I need, I need to be on your show cuz of blah, blah, blah. Yeah. Then send it to them. The thing is, is that when we see people's eyes yes. And we feel them and we hear them and we can see them. Immediately there's that potential for us to connect and to be relatable.

Yep. If, if, if I'm just, if I'm Christine Blazedale and it's just a bunch of words in an email, that's not that powerful. Yeah.

But if they see you in action or you send them a video of you actually doing your thing, right. Then your chances of, of impressing that person are far more. And even if you're talking about someone about a, a show or a podcast, even.

You know what your interview that you did with Craig Dalt was amazing and right. Recall something that just happened on your show. Absolutely. I love when you did that interview with Craig Dalt you asked him this question.

Oh my gosh. You're so good at this. Talk about the person a little bit that is running the show that you want to get up, you know, is it, is that is key.

You know, that's why I only like doing live events. I, uh, uh, you. You ever watch a theater production, like a TV version of a theater production is horrible. It is horrible. So, uh, everyone always says, can you film your, um, event and then watch it and I'll watch it at from my house. And I say, no, cuz the energy is totally different when you're in the room.

And it's back to what you said, the eyes and connecting with someone, connecting with their energy. That's why I think live events are so important and thank goodness they have come. That's all I can say. Thank goodness.

you know? Well, and you know what it's it's um, like we, we were saying is there's an explosion of creativity and people creating their own business. Mm-hmm and now is a really good time. Um, well, it's an excellent time to, to do it. Um, and I've noticed, and I'm sure within your masterminds and groups, too, an explosion of female entrepreneurs, like.

Oh, and not, and not their, not, not people that are in their twenties and thirties. We're talking 56 seventies. Yep. Yep.

Talk about that. So I am, um, so I, I run these Rocky life conferences that Christine's been to. And, um, my audience is funny. I'm 60 years old. I know, I know you don't believe me.

I get it. I get it. I get it.

But I was, I just turned 60 and, um, um, and I find my audience is probably 35 to 70. I also find out my audience is, I'd say 70% women. And, and I, and I, and I speak a lot at women conferences. So I say to myself, like, I, I don't, I don't consciously say, oh, I have to attract women to. Audiences, it just kind of happens.

And I don't know if I have this sensitive side or whatever it is, but for some reason I attract women to my conferences. And I think it's because, you know, they are, women are way more creative than men. They just are. Men are taught, you do a job, you do whatever women think outside the box. They want to do things differently.

They want to make a difference in this world. And I think they're just starting to realize in the last few years, I'm I'm going to take over the world. Also, a lot of people like their husbands are retiring and now they gotta live with their husband by themselves. And they're like, and the kids are outta the house. And they're like, I don't wanna be with that guy all day.

I want to go out and do something different. So they, they, um, go to these seminars to try to find what they're gonna do in their second half of their life. And because they're so creative. They, um, they are thriving right now. I always say, I wish I was a woman doing, cuz I I'd be invited to more women conferences cuz they get a lot of women speakers. All right.

So I run these Rocky life conferences and now I'm partnering with this guy, Ken walls and he is a great live streamer and he knows a lot of technical stuff and we had, we have an event coming. Um, it's called turn it up. It's a retreat. It's a four day retreat plus a mastermind.

After that, we were trying to get speakers for this retreat. Really high end speakers and by accident, totally by accident. We got four great men. We have no women speakers. We tried.

To get these women like really high end people, like, like the CEO of Mary Kay type thing. They just couldn't do it, those dates. But it's funny cuz most of the people come into this event are women, but they're all asking us why are there only men speakers? And we're like, no, we didn't mean to do that. It was an accident, but. , but it's a real thing.

So next one we're doing like in March or something next year, we are gonna focus on like, we'll, we'll do this. We're only gonna get women speakers because they need to relate to powerful women. And there's so many choices. We just, we just had bad dates for the people that we were going after. Anyway, point is women entrepreneurs. That's the way to go.

That is the future. There'll be a women present woman president very in the near future. And I just think the world is going towards that.

It's not a, it's a great thing. I mean, women are amazing. My audience, like I said, great. They're just enthusiastic.

And they're excited about the possibilities in life, you know? Well, and I think that they're at that age, like I would say the majority, most of my clients, most of my. Coaching clients are well, they're definitely women. I, 99.9% are women.

Right. Um, and, and, and women of an, you know, women that are, um, fifties, late fifties, sixties, seventies, I've got quite a few clients that are in their seventies. I've got someone who's in their early eighties. Yeah. And, and what it is is that they are.

And I'm, and I'm speaking for someone as someone who's close to 58, myself, I'm Al almost 58. Um, we reach a point in our lives too, where we know what we want. Yes. And we know what we don't want don't want.

And we don't, and we don't have to pretend like, oh, that sounds great. Okay. Yeah, I'll do that. No, we're like, as you get a little bit older, you're like, no, I don't want to do that. Yeah. But we, and. Good, but we have like this, um, we have this expertise and wisdom to share and yes, whereas before it was like, you know what, you're not productive anymore.

You know, you can just like, just retire and just go away. Now. We're like, oh, are you kidding me now? I've got all this energy, all this mind creativity. Yeah. And I wanna share it. And that's what I find, uh, with my clients are women that want to share their gift.

They wanna help people. They wanna. Make the world a better place. They wanna leave a legacy.

And so that's where I see that explosion of creativity. What were you say? Yeah, it's that? It's that second? Um, I just spoke with a, a client of mine and she's 72 years old and her, she wants to coach. Men and women, but it's mainly probably gonna be women that are 50 to 75, that the kids are out of the house. They're empty nesters. What am I gonna do now? Like my, my whole life has been my kids and growing up and, and taking care of my husband and if they weren't working right. But now, like that's all done their job as a mom for the most part or a spouse.

Is pretty much done now, what am I gonna do for myself? I like you just said, yeah, I have all this wisdom that I've been bottling up for years and I just want to share, uh, I think her brand is your. Second purpose, your second purpose. I love that. And um, her name is Marilyn Heinz, shout out to Marilyn and, um, and I just literally had a coaching call with her and she is going to specific. I said, if you could niche this down, she's gonna help healthcare professionals and first responders.

That have retired that remember they've been giving back their whole lives and it just stopped one day and they just want to give back, but they don't know what to do now. And she's gonna help them figure out how to give back in their second purpose of life. And I just think that's where we're going. Like what they say, like 70 is the new, uh, 40 is the no seventies is the new 40. Yeah. But sixties 30, you know? And it's true because I remember my grandparents when they were 60 years old.

They were 60 years old and they like, they, they were just like drinking beer on the porch and their bellies out to here and wearing t-shirts. And I'm 60 years old. I'm as vibrant as ever. And I think that's where we're going.

We live longer. And I think man, 50 to 75 right now. Great. Great, great, um, group of people and especially women that want to make a difference in this world. And that's a great audience and, and smart and smart ed.

Oh yeah. I have, I have one, I have a, a podcast coaching client. Who's 75 years old. Um, she's a master teacher in her own right. Master healer.

Right. And it's beautiful. Beautiful, beautiful soul.

And she, um, she always wanted to have a podcast, but she didn't. She was like, I don't wanna hire a podcast manager and a producer and the thing. And ah, and she's like, she's like, I just really wanna, I wanna learn how to do it.

And I said, well, I'll show you how to do it. I'll teach you how to do it. And the easy, fun way, cuz this is another master trick. Yeah.

If you're a coach or a consultant, when you can teach people how to do something. Easy and simply, and have fun. The, the, the memory, the cortex is in the brain of the accomplishing it and getting it in, in really getting it, um, is much faster.

Right. You're you're learning her as much faster. Yeah. So I worked with her, I did a, a four week, um, coaching program with her. This woman, 75 years old is rocking the podcast world.

She's got podcasts on apple, Spotify, a YouTube channel she's interviewed, um, pat beitar. She's had over 50 by now. She's probably got like 60 episodes. She's wow.

She's publishing more, more podcast episodes than I am, you know, at like at a rate, you know, like she's like every week she's got a new show out. I'm like, what are you, what are you made out of? You know? And she's had a hard time. She.

She's had COVID, she's had some surgery. This is like, this is like an animal. This is like, you know, she, um, and she has guests on and she, it's not about her. The show's not about her. It's about these other masterful wonderful people in their own.

Right. And shining a light on them. Um, so I just I'm like it I'm I got goosebumps right now because I'm so excited. And that's, that's how you meet people and grow your business.

By accidents. Really? You're trying, all you're doing is getting a guest, featuring them, sharing their expertise to your audience, which makes you look like a rockstar because you brought them. Yeah. And, and whatever business you're running, even if it's just no teaching people like how to do a podcast or whatever that person is actually teaching.

And she might not be teaching anything. But if she has a YouTube, here's, here's a great thing. If she gets her numbers. By just doing a show featuring other people not talking about anything that she does. She has no business.

No, no website, no nothing, but she puts her videos, her interviews up on YouTube and she starts getting like a thousand people watching these YouTube's gonna pay her. So she doesn't even have a bus. I'm not saying that she doesn't, but you don't even have to have a business. All you have to do is promote people, do it outta your house. Mine's in my house. I'm in my house right now.

Yeah. You know? Yeah. And, um, and as this is totally free, I bought a microphone. I put a cool thing behind my.

Put some cool guitars behind me. I got some nutcrackers, uh, Kansas city, chief, and a TCU thing, you know, whatever. And I do it outta my house for free. And, uh, and YouTube will pay you if you get enough people, you can become a YouTube influencer just by doing this without a business.

And that's the beauty of what we're doing now. Uh, you know, this lady, how old is she? Again? 1775. 75 years old. So she's probably doesn't have a full-time job.

And she's just, you know, has all the time in the world and said, you know, I have all these connections and I have all this wisdom. I'm just gonna interview people and that's that's. But she, well, you, she has a working she's she's actually, she's a, a healer.

She's a Reiki master. Oh, okay. So she does have a business she's Aiki master and she has, she's still, uh, working very vibrant, you know, I love, oh yeah, she's fierce. Like I said, she.

Oh, and she's from Brooklyn. So she's got that Brooklyn. Oh my hometown. Yeah.

From Queens from Queens. I just love that. I love that's.

I'll give a shout out to her Barbara Saban. Hello, Barbara. I love you. There you go. Um, so we got, we've got a little bit of time left, um, and I wanted to.

Um, I wanted to throw out, well, first of all, if people are interested in finding out more about you, um, yeah, let's throw out that website and I'll throw it out again at the end, but, um, what's the best place to, to learn about you. And so about me that has everything as Craig And I know that's hard to spell, but Christine will put it out. I'll put it on the screen.

Yeah. Right. C R a I G D U S w a LT dot. Or just Google rock your life. I'd probably come up, but yeah, that's the main website and my events are rock your life and then I have the other one is the high end conference.

Turn it up. for mastermind. Turn it up. So I have three areas that you could go to. One is for keynote speaking to book me, Craig, rockstar, rock your life

conferences, my conferences, turn it up. Mm. Dot com is where we do really high end retreats and conferences.

But you know, I, and, and I always say this when you're coming up with a brand for yourself, I'm a speaker. That's what I do. I'm a speaker first. And then all the other things that I do, coaching mastermind is a byproduct of speaking. I always tell people, figure out what you are first.

Are you an author? Are you a speaker? Are you a coach? Are you a consultant? Do you own a small business? Whatever that is, promote that first. And all the other stuff will just, you know, people try to promote eight things at the same time, and then you're like you overwhelm people and you're not the ma you're the Jack of all trades master of none. So I promote myself as a speaker.

And then a podcast guy, an awesome speaking podcast guy. Let's okay. So let's go for the, for the folks that are, um, they've got, um, a business, uh, maybe it's an online business. Maybe they are, they're thinking about being a coach or they are a coach or a consultant, um, a service provider of some sort, um, let's throw out rapid fire let's um, some top tips that you wanna I'll I'll start it off. And then you.

Okay, top tip here, go girl, top tip. You need a, if you don't have a website, you need a, at least a one page. Uh, you, you need some kind of web presence where people could find out more about you. And when you do, um, when you do, uh, guests on a show or you are quoted in a magazine or something, you have a website so that people could find out more about you. And then that said, uh, the second thing is you need to create a media, one sheet.

So that you can get on television and radio and, and podcasts. And all you have to do is send out that PDF of that media, one sheet, beautiful headshot. Make sure that it's a recent shot and not a selfie.

Make sure it's I finally have a recent shot. Make sure it's a make sure it's a professional photo of you. Like in the last, you know, decade, let's make sure it's kind of recent. Um, and then all of your praises, all of the good stuff about you on that media, one sheet.

Okay. Now you throw out some. Okay, love website, love one sheet. Those are the two things you definitely have to have. So I have this new thing, you know, I never hand out business cards.

I hate business cards cuz they're in here and I never look at them. I get 'em from people. And then I throw 'em in this drawer. That's filled with business cards and I'm never gonna see them again. So I have, uh, this little thing it's actually made of metal. It's like hard as a rock and it's Craig's biz

It's actually another kind website, but it's on a mobile. Craig's business and what it is is just everything that you have. Is on like one scroll down page, but it's more for mobile.

So if anyone wants to, like, if you were to go to Craig's BI, you can, if you want have me text you back, you can go to a website, you can go anywhere. So I don't like handing out these cards. I like digital business cards and then they there's a QR code on the back of it. I've got one to take their phone.

Oh, you got, is it metal? It's metal. Yeah mean, so it's metal, this one's on a lanyard so that I, if I go to an event yeah. But it's got, I love that.

Yeah. So just tap you, just tap your, your card on someone's phone and it, and it comes up with all of your information on there. Yep. Yeah. They're brilliant. Love those.

And you impress people that way too. Don't you Craig? I know they go first. So fancy feel like , it's so fancy. It's so fancy.

So I, I do that all the time. Now. I never hand out regular business cards cuz Christine and I, we are outside the boxing cuz we don't that's right. All. And then my second one is, um, you, you need to do a, a live podcast and, and you have the person sitting right in front of you to teach you how to do that. And she ran it at radio stations, big radio stations in LA, pretty big city.

So you need to do a podcast and it would be better. A lot of people, when we said podcast way back in the day, it was just audio, but you gotta do audio and video killed two birds with one stone. Because once again, people wanna see you. Now, I, I know Christine's doing a show, right? On a radio station for Pacifica, but also on top. I mean, we're not, we're not gonna all be Christine that you get a one hour show on a radio station, but you can have a podcast. My podcasts are 10 minutes max, five to 10 minutes because people don't have the bandwidth usually.

To listen for a period of time. So I'd rather have a bunch of small podcasts give exactly what they need to do in five to 10 minutes and have a bunch of them and then call out exactly what they're gonna learn on the podcast. So it's a rock. Your life. TV is five to 10 minute podcast.

Really quick information. You could do it for free in your house. Put something behind you, that brands you all the time, while people are watching, you can do it on stream yard. You can do it on zoom. There's lots of platforms to do it on.

Okay. Those are my two now that's and, and that's one of my, like with, with new, uh, clients and they go, I'm gonna do a podcast. I'm gonna do an hour long. And I go, no don't oh, Christine, you did something five, five to 10 minutes is a great length. No, no, you could, you did something genius. I saw recently the micro something.

What was that? The micro podcast on podcasting? Yes. Yes. So micro podcast is five minutes or less and that's micro that's tiny, but there's steps or tips. So each episode is a tip or ESP five minutes is a long time when you're talking about what kind of, what kind of microphone you should get to be a professional. Host, right? Yeah.

So those are the, it's called the micro podcast on podcasting. And I do love those cuz they're short and I've got a music bed underneath them and yes, our attention span. And what's so good about those, those ed. No, what's so good about those.

I will watch that because listen, if I wanna know if I'm doing a podcast and I wanna know what microphone to buy, I don't wanna watch a 15 minute podcast and I gotta wait, what are they gonna do an introduction. And then, and they're gonna talk about some other, no, just tell me. In one minute to two minutes, the microphone to buy and tell me why I should buy it. I would, I'd rather have a hundred shows like that where I would just scroll down and go, oh, that's the one.

How did I, what microphone to buy for a podcast? Click on that. And it tells me within two minutes, what I buy. That's gold. Gold. Yes.

You need those things and you need, especially when you're first starting out, because one of the, one of the episodes is like to have a cohost or not. And I usually on, on cuz I've dealt with a lot of people who have had cohosts and I'm my, I say, if you can do it by yourself, do it. Because you own the copyright, you own everything.

And you know, if you're gonna show up or not. Yeah. A lot of times people start off if, and it could be a married couple could be friends, right.

Let's have a podcast, let's go do a podcast. And then one person ends up doing all the work. Uh, and then legally all the stuff that can come.

Yeah. I'm like just. Just do it yourself, if you can. Yeah. Just do it yourself and have special guests come on, you know, always do it by yourself and then just invite other people on. I agree.

Exactly. So you have control. Oh my gosh. Time is ticking by so fast. Okay.

Um, we, we have time for one more. Well, let people, let people know, um, what that one more thing is. And then also, um, again, how they can, uh, reach you. Okay.

So my last one is you gotta write a book. Everyone needs to write a book one in six. Yes. So right.

I write, I have a thing how to write a book in 30 days, you and Susie Truden are doing great stuff with her writing program. She does those itty bitty books, which are amazing. Um, shout out to Susie.

Um, alright, so everyone needs to write a book. I, uh, Along the lines of what, like SU Susie does the itty bitty books I'm working with, uh, Ken walls. And he has these, um, journals that he does as well. You could put your brand on a journal, right? Your brand have one or two pages about what you do or something like quick thing, but have it in journal form and you go to Amazon and you could print. In one day and they cost like $2 and you just sell them for $10, but it has your brand in it. One or two pages, and then a bunch of blank pages, maybe with a back, a screened back picture of your logo or something on the pages.

Amazon, you could print those in a day for like $2 each. Uh, and we're doing this whole thing at my event. Next event come to one of my events. We'll show you how to do it. I wanna do a journal.

I know I'll show you how to do it. Okay. I'll show you how to do up. Yeah. I love you, Craig basketball.

I love you, Christine. Blazedale I'm so happy to have you best closer. I wish I could give you a hug. I know you are. You're the best hugger as well.

I'm a hugger. You're a good hugger. You're a good hug, but we'll do here.

We'll do a hug. Okay. Um, uh, Craig does well, you are just amazing and I'm so happy that you, um, and you've helped also raise a lot of money for Pacifica radio as well. I want the audience to know. And for those of you who are like, what is she talking about? Um, Out of the box with Christine is available on apple podcast, Spotify, uh, Pandora, you name it, all those podcast hosting platforms. It's also available on YouTube and now it's available on Pacifica radio.

So, um, which is a gorgeous, there's a KPFK in Los Angeles. It's um, it's an amazing radio station and Craig has helped raise quite a bit of money for, for the station. I love KPK listen. Then lovely. And we love you. So, um, if folks, if you wanna find out more, of course the, the, the two main websites is and . I'll

make sure in the show notes, I have links to, uh, to, to all of those. And, um, If you want more information about this podcast, go to . Sorry. It's a long URL.

It's what it is. Um, and if you want more information about me, just go to my name, until next time, as I always say, remember to think outside that damn box bye for now.

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