Considered a Weakling His Entire Life, Boy Leaves His Village And Becomes a Powerful Soldier

Considered a Weakling His Entire Life, Boy Leaves His Village And Becomes a Powerful Soldier

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Suppose a Kid from the Last Dungeon Boonies  Moved to a Starter Town begins in Kunlun,   a village whose entire population is descended  from heroes. But among the villagers, who are   considered the strongest people in the world,  lives Lloyd Belladona, a weakling who cannot   do the work the villagers expect. That's why he  chose to leave the village and wander to the Azami   Kingdom to become a royal soldier. There, Lloyd  stays in the residence of a witch named Marie,  

who although initially refusing to host him,  is eventually forced to accept him after he   takes out the crystal ball. Using this item, he  summons Alka, the head of the Kunlun village,   Marie's former teacher. Of course, Marie  couldn't refuse her orders to take care of him,   especially after knowing he was very powerful.  Yes, Lloyd is considered weak in his hometown,   and he also thinks that way, making him insecure.  But the truth is that the standards of the people   in Kunlun Village were very high and different  from others. So, even though he was the weakest  

person in Kunlun, he could be seen as a powerful  person by outside standards. He can even use   magic with ancient letters, an ability that  is rarely possessed by the average person.   And he only uses it to clean the house. And so,  Lloyd started his new life in the Azami Kingdom.  

But one day, while walking in the city, he saw  a girl being attacked by a giant insect monster.   Thinking it was just an ordinary insect, he then  defeated the monster to save the girl, known as   Selen, or Cursed Belt Princess. The nickname does  make sense because her head is wrapped in a belt.   Not because she liked it that way, but because she  was cursed to not be able to take off the belt.   But in the end, the curse disappeared after  Lloyd cleaned her face with a handkerchief that   contained ancient letters, which turned out to be  used to remove many types of curses. Sure enough,   the belt around her head fell off, making Selen  touched by his kindness and fall in love with him.   The next day, the selection of soldiers finally  began, and there Lloyd met again with Selen,   who was also taking the exam. Besides her, he  also met a girl named Riho, a former mercenary  

who was recommended to become a soldier. But when  she saw him, for some reason, she could feel his   terrifying aura and strength, making her surprised  that someone as strong as him wanted to become a   soldier. And when she shared her findings with  one of the instructors, Merthophan, he was also   confused because why someone as strong as Lloyd  was there. Without a doubt, someone as strong as   him would pass the exam easily, they thought. But  surprisingly, Lloyd ended up not passing the exam.  

Frankly, when the military cadet class begins,  Selen, Riho, and Merthophan are confused as to   why they can't find him there. As it turned out,  the reason for his failure was simple: he used   ancient script while taking the written exam. Even  so, there is hope, as the class instructor Choline   announces that the royal princess, Maria, is still  missing after being last seen five years ago.   Therefore, whoever managed to find her  could ask the king for any request.   Hearing that, Selen and Riho are determined to  find the princess, so they can ask the king to   admit Lloyd to the military academy. Meanwhile,  after failing to enter the military academy, Lloyd   decides he will re-enlist again next year. So,  for the time being, he will apply for odd jobs,  

and his choice falls on a cafe that turns out to  be owned by Chrome, a former royal guard who used   to be in charge of looking after Princess Maria.  Although he was initially a little reluctant when   he saw the strong air emanating from Lloyd, Chrome  finally accepted him to work in his place after   learning that he was a friendly and innocent young  man. And most of all, he is very good at cooking.   Later that night, Lloyd told Alka and Marie he  had failed the exam. But he also expressed his   determination to try again next year and that he  would work part-time for a year to pay Marie's   rent. Then, after Lloyd went to his room,  Alka and Marie discussed the Azami Kingdom,   which would soon engage in war with the Jiou  Kingdom. Because of that, Marie, who turns  

out to be Princess Maria, who's missing, asks for  help so that Alka can help her kingdom. After all,   the Azami Kingdom would go to war with the  Jiou Kingdom because the King of Azami,   who was also Marie's father, was controlled by  someone who wanted the two kingdoms to fight on   the battlefield. But unfortunately, Alka refused  to interfere because she and all the citizens   of Kunlun would only make their move if they  fought the Demon Lord or a natural disaster.   Therefore, Marie must also not involve Lloyd  in their problems. Several days passed without   significant incident, until one day, Selen  got into a fight with a fellow student,   Allan, for some reason. And here, her cursed  belt, which she now wore around her waist,   protected her from his attacks. She didn't  know why the belt did that, but in the end,  

she took it as a sign that Lloyd was her soul  mate. Speak of the devil, at this moment,   Lloyd appeared because he heard the fuss. As if  realizing this was a golden opportunity to gauge   Lloyd's true strength, Merthophan ordered  Allan to duel him. He readily agreed as he   wanted to impress the officers and instructors.  He was sure he could beat Lloyd, who in his eyes   looked nothing more than a weak midget. And so, he  arrogantly allowed Lloyd to hit him, thinking he  

would only receive a weak blow. How wrong he had  been because if Lloyd had attacked him, he could   have killed Allan with one blow. Fortunately,  before Lloyd's punch hits Allan's face,   Marie arrives and takes him away with wind magic.  Although, he mistakenly thought Marie was trying   to save him from Allan. It turned out that Marie's  arrival was also seen by Chrome, who was not far   from there. As her former bodyguard, he naturally  recognized that Marie was Princess Maria,   so he confronted her. Now that her disguise has  been exposed, she asks him to investigate the  

identity of the mysterious figure controlling  her father. As the time passes, Selen and Riho   go to Marie's house to look for information about  Princess Maria, only to find that Lloyd lives with   her. Luckily Marie returned home soon after, and  she confessed honestly that she was none other   than the princess Selen and Riho were looking for.  Her real name is Maria Azami. Lloyd was surprised  

to hear Marie's confession because he had thought  she was a local hero who always helped people   secretly all this time. And that's why he wanted  to help her save the Azami Kingdom. However,   since Alka had warned her earlier, Marie rejected  Lloyd's proposal because he was still too weak   to help anyone, thus making him sad and leaving  immediately. However, once he was out of sight,   Marie finally asked Selen and Riho to help save  the kingdom by searching for information about the   person who controlled the king. Later that night,  Alka takes Lloyd to the night festival to comfort  

him. But instead, a swarm of giant locust monsters  suddenly appeared and ruined the festival.   Meanwhile, Chrome and Merthophan meet  the King of Azami at the king's palace.   Based on the information he had gathered with  Selen and Riho, Chrome deduced that Merthophan   cursed the king so he could be controlled.  Unexpectedly, Merthophan admitted it. He had a  

grudge against the Jiou Kingdom after his village  was attacked by Jiou warriors a long time ago,   and that's why he manipulated the king to start  a war, hoping it would destroy the Jiou Kingdom.   With Merthophan confirmed as the one controlling  the king, Marie, Selen, and Riho come to the   king's palace to stop him. But before they  move to arrest him, the king attacks him.   It turned out that it was the king who actually  controlled Merthophan, not the other way around.   Then, he turns Merthophan into a monster before  ordering him to kill Marie. But Chrome certainly   won't let that happen. Chrome asked Marie to go  after the king while he, Riho, and Selen would   arrest Merthophan. With that, Marie ran after  him to the throne room. She still hadn't given  

up on him. She doesn't know why her father has  supernatural powers and acts like a crazy person,   but she hopes to bring her father back to normal  with the ancient magic she learned from Alka.   But sadly, just as she nearly manages to do so,  the king outwits her, leaving her vulnerable to   his attacks. After defeating Marie, the king broke  her arm so she could no longer use ancient script  

magic. Then, after confirming that she would no  longer could fight him, he revealed that he was   the Demon Lord Abaddon, who had apparently  possessed King of Azami's body all along.   Hearing the word "Demon Lord," Marie  immediately realized something.   If she had known from the start that they had to  face it, she would have brought Lloyd because,   after all, the people of Kunlun were  allowed to fight the Demon Lord.   And so, she ran wild to find Lloyd,  ignoring the Demon calling out for her.  

At the same time, Lloyd was slaughtering the  monsters he thought were insects. But then,   he finally realized that the creatures he was  dealing with were monsters after the people around   him screamed in panic. Instantly, he thought of  Marie and immediately rushed to look for her.   But when he went to the king's palace, he  passed Allan, who was cowering in fear.   Lloyd understood the fear Allan felt, as he acted  the same when he first encountered a monster,   even though his version was a Demon Lord, not  an insect monster. Thanks to Lloyd's words of   encouragement, and also after seeing how he  could defeat the insect monsters with ease,   Allan's courage returned. With that, he rose to  fight the insect monsters, although it wasn't   long before Alka decided to use her magic  and finish off all the remaining monsters.  

In the king's palace, Chrome and the others were  overwhelmed by the monster version of Merthophan.   Fortunately, at this crucial moment, Lloyd finally  came and brought Merthophan to his knees with one   slap. He could understand Merthophan's motivations  and how he wanted to be a true warrior. Therefore,   Lloyd advised him to return to the right path.  His advice made Merthophan realize his mistake,   and he slowly returned to being human. But the  funny thing is that he thinks Merthophan is so  

drunk that he makes a scene while cosplaying.  That assumption made Merthophan angry and turned   into a monster again. But still, no matter  how angry he was, Lloyd could beat him with   a single header to his face. That, however, does  not mean the problem is over. Shortly after that,   Marie appeared with Demon Lord Abaddon trailing  behind her. And yet again, Lloyd thinks Demon Lord   Abaddon is a drunken old man cosplaying as king.  Hearing Lloyd's ridiculous assumption, Marie took  

advantage of it and asked him to clean the drunken  old man's dirty face with his handkerchief,   which he did. He affixed ancient word magic to  the handkerchief and wiped Demon Lord Abaddon's   face with it, unaware that his actions made the  Demon Lord disappear from King of Azami's body.   The next day, things are peaceful again,  and Lloyd meets his older brother,   Shoma, who has come to town. But strangely, when  Alka appeared, he disappeared out of nowhere.  

Meanwhile, Chrome is back to being a soldier.  Merthophan received the punishment of being exiled   to Kunlun. And Marie chose to remain a mage even  though her father had recovered from the Demon   Lord's influence. The good news doesn't stop  there. Now Lloyd is accepted into the military   academy thanks to Allan's recommendation. Even so,  there are still minor disputes during this peace.   More precisely, the conflict between  Selen and Alka was fighting over Lloyd.   But when Selen's belt rose to protect her, Alka  realized that the belt was a long-lost protective   relic from Kunlun Village. A few days later, Marie  and Chrome took Lloyd to pick up the trash. But it  

turns out that the trash is a holy sword that no  one has ever been able to pull out. And Lloyd,   thinking the sword was indeed trash, pulled it  out easily and then put it in the trash bag.   Lloyd's life at the academy was  also going smoothly. However,  

the students were trained intensively for the past  few days as they were going to have an exhibition   match against Rokujou Academy. Because of that,  they're getting more active in magic training.   Although Lloyd's strength is too great, he always  ends up causing chaos in the training sessions.   Due to this, instructor Choline decided  not to include him in the upcoming matches.  

Meanwhile, Marie's house had two unexpected  guests, Phyllo and Mena Quinone, two sisters   from Rokujou Academy who came to ask about Riho.  But before they could say any more, they suddenly   felt a terrifying aura that turned out to be from  Lloyd, who had just come home from school. Phyllo   reflexively attacked Lloyd with all her might,  only to find her attack meaning nothing to him.   Now that she realized the person in front of  her was very strong, she immediately asked him   to make her his student, to which Marie responded  by kicking Phyllo and her sister out of the house.  

The next day, the principal of Rokujou Academy,  Rol, came to see Riho. They seem to know each   other well, as can be seen from how Rol tries to  make Riho come home and how she threatens her.   But Riho angrily refused, although  she somehow became gloomy after that.  

Therefore, at Marie's suggestion, Lloyd tries to  cheer her up by asking her out on a cafe date,   where she then tells him about her past. So back  then, Riho and Rol were in the same orphanage. At   first, Riho really admired her, especially after  she gave Riho an artificial mithril arm to replace   her badly injured left arm. But after a while,  Riho realized that the mithril arm drains magic,   and Rol only gave it to her so that one day  she could use it to draw the holy sword.   Yes, it was the same sword that Lloyd easily  pulled out the other day. A few days later,   the exhibition match between Azami Military  Academy and Rokujou Magic Academy was held. And   the prize from the match turned out to be a holy  sword. It made Rol so enthusiastic, and she even  

decided to join in the match. Seeing that, Choline  then decided to include Lloyd in the match.   The first match pits Selen with Phyllo, who uses  her magic to attack. Luckily, Selen could control   her cursed belt, then used it to block Phyllo's  attacks and bind her. But apparently, using   objects like belts was categorized as a physical  attack, and it was forbidden. As a result,  

she was disqualified. Then, in the second match,  Azami Academy chose Lloyd as the representative,   while Rokujou Academy appointed Mena.  The outcome of this match is predictable.   With his extraordinary magic, he came  out victorious without breaking a sweat.   The score was now even, and the match had  to be decided by the third and final duel,   which pitted Rol against Riho, who both used fire  magic to attack. But for a moment, Rol's attack   almost hit her, forcing her to dodge. And it was  at this moment, that Rol quickly approached Riho,  

then removed her mithril arm. Fortunately,  previously Riho had hidden the explosive magic   stone in her right hand. With the rock, she  exploded her own hand, sending Rol flying far   away. And her arm could return to normal thanks  to the magic stone she had prepared beforehand.   Not wanting to waste momentum, Riho cast  high-level magic, scaring Rol until she   fainted. In fact, she was just bluffing. She  didn't actually cast any high-level magic. So,   in the end, Azami Academy won the match. But that  didn't make Rol just give up. When she woke up,   Rol immediately tried to seize the holy sword.  She received information that the one who drew the  

sword was Marie. So, because of that, she intended  to make Marie an ally by kidnapping Lloyd.   But instead of directly telling Phyllo to kidnap  Lloyd, Rol spoke using a metaphor. She told Phyllo   to steal something precious from Marie. Arriving  at Marie's house, Phyllo saw her prostrate in   front of the crystal ball, thus making her think  that Alka's crystal ball was precious to Marie.   Not only did she take the magic ball, but Phyllo  also left a letter which Lloyd later found. In the  

letter, she was trying to tell the recipient  that one of her valuables had been stolen.   This time it was Lloyd's turn to misunderstand.  He thought it was a letter for him, and because   he didn't see Marie at home, he thought she  was kidnapped. Incidentally, at this time,   Allan came to the house. And so, taking Allan with  him, Lloyd rushed off to save Marie. But on the  

way, they run into Phyllo, who immediately  challenges Lloyd to a duel to the death.   He accepts the challenge but wants them to duel  by arm wrestling and even insists on doing it.   While they had that ridiculous duel, Allan  secretly left with the holy sword to protect   it in a hidden place, even though its hiding  point could not cover it from people's eyes.   A moment later, one of Rol's men came and attacked  him. But unexpectedly, Mena appears and helps him.   Back in Lloyd and Phyllo's arm match, their duel  turns out to be so fierce that they shoot up into   the sky while arm wrestling. But in the end, Lloyd  could win the duel with the help of his magic,  

impressing her, who immediately asked him to  marry her. On top of that, she had also told   him that she had not kidnapped Marie. She was  actually in the toilet all this time. Meanwhile,   Rol is furious after Phyllo brings her a crystal  ball instead of Lloyd. But then suddenly,   Alka appeared from her crystal ball, surprising  Rol, who immediately insulted her. Offended at   being insulted, Alka unhesitatingly blows up  the place, making Rol be rushed to the hospital.  

When she lay in the hospital, a mysterious  magician appeared to come to her.   It turns out that he is the one who has been  manipulating Rol's memories to get the holy sword   so that he can clear the dungeon in Kunlun while  killing Alka. In Kunlun, there is indeed a dungeon   that has not been conquered, which contains the  strongest monsters. A few days later, the students   at the Military Academy have a long vacation,  and Lloyd wants to use it to work odd jobs as   a cleaner at a hotel, to which the owner, Coba,  admits frankly that recently something has been   attacking his workers. People around the hotel  often fall unconscious. After touring the hotel  

and putting on his uniform, Coba takes Lloyd to  greet an unfriendly noble guest, Lord Threonine.   Even so, Lloyd could attract him because they both  were interested in forestry. Later that night,   one of Coba's maids, Kikyou, secretly went to see  Threonine to discuss something. It turns out that   she is an investigator assigned by Threonine to  investigate strange phenomena around the hotel.   They suspect Coba is planting torento trees  illegally in the forest. That could explain why   so many people fainted there. Torento itself is  related to the demon lords. The other name alone  

is the demon king seed. And if the seed from  the tree is eaten by a person, that person can   gain extraordinary powers. Kikyou suspects Lloyd  of eating the torento seeds because she sees how   absurd his physical strength and abilities  are while at work. Hearing her suspicion,  

Threonine gave her an antidote that could remove  the torento from Lloyd's body. And so, Kikyou   gave the antidote to Lloyd by mixing it into his  tea. But just before he took the teacup from her,   Coba suddenly came, grabbed it, and drank it,  though he immediately vomited the tea because of   the strange taste. Afraid that Coba will be angry,  Kikyou immediately runs away, but that only makes   him suspect her and Threonine as the masterminds  behind strange events around the hotel.  

The next day, Riho visits the hotel, although  she doesn't know that Lloyd is working there.   Not only her, but Selen also came there  with her father because apparently,   he wanted to match her with the son of  Threonine, who was none other than Allan.   She actually did not want to marry Allan. She  hated the idea so much that it made her want   to kill Threonine to cancel the dating. But Selen  soon forgot about the plan when she arrived at the  

hotel. She met Lloyd instead of Allan, much to her  delight. He tells her that Allan suddenly fainted   in the hotel bath, so Threonine asks him to take  Allan's place. Hearing cases of people fainting,   Selen invites Lloyd to go on a date so they  can simultaneously investigate the area.   But just as they were about to leave, Shoma  came to deliver the Molotov cocktails.   Although, he did not linger there. He hurried off  again after meeting Lloyd's friends. Meanwhile,  

Kikyou is still determined to give Lloyd the  antidote, so she lurks from afar as Lloyd and   Selen go on a date together, trying to find the  gap so she can give him the antidote. Eventually,   she found the opportunity while he was alone.  Kikyou offered to massage him with the antidote,   so he couldn't help but take his clothes off. But  the moment she massaged him, Selen came back and,   seeing what they were doing, immediately attacked  Kikyou. And once again, Kikyou was forced to flee.   In the afternoon, Lloyd soaked in the hot springs.  But apparently, he's not the only one who wants to  

enjoy the pleasure of soaking in hot water. Selen  and Riho also went there; even Marie, Alka, Mena,   and Phyllo were there. Mena and Phyllo turned  out to be investigating a fainting case there.   Hearing an explanation about the case Alka  then revealed that she knew the cause,   and it was because of the torento seeds, which  is a native plant of Kunlun. From a distance,   Kikyou was apparently watching Lloyd taking  a bath with the girls. But at this time,   she meets Threonine's secretary, Minoki, who turns  out to be the one who has eaten the torento seeds.  

Gradually, he transformed into the Demon Lord of  Trees, Earkling. But luckily, Lloyd and the others   realized they were being watched. And so, he went  to check to find Kikyou with a strange tree-like   creature. Lloyd thought Minoki was cosplaying  as a tree, making Earkling angry. He immediately  

summoned his monster army, which Lloyd quickly  defeated. But while Lloyd was slaughtering the   monsters, Earkling took the opportunity to head to  the hotel, where Threonine, Coba, and his father   Selen were discussing what was happening. A  moment later, Earkling finally arrived and   immediately tried to attack them. Luckily, the  girls also came shortly after, although magic   didn't work on the Demon Lord, so they had to rely  on physical attacks. But Riho had other ideas.   She rushed over to the wagon holding the Molotov  cocktails and took them. Coincidentally, Allan,   who was asleep on the wagon, had woken up, and  she asked him to help them defeat the Demon Lord.  

And so, they started pelting the Demon Lord  with Molotov cocktails before freezing him.   It was at this moment that Lloyd finally arrived.  He then took the seed from the torento that was   inside the Demon Lord and destroyed it, thus  turning Minoki back into an ordinary human.   Not far away, Shoma was quietly watching the  fight. Not only that, but he also managed to   restrain Alka. It turned out that he was part  of the plot that caused the torento seed case.  

He even admitted that he had planned many  things since the holy sword was drawn,   and his plans would not stop there. After saying  all that, he left, leaving a furious Alka alone.   Later, it is discovered that Shoma brought  a woman named Micona to meet her supervisor,   Sou. Micona herself is a student at the Military  Academy who has a crush on Marie. But she was   heartbroken to learn that Marie lived under the  same roof as Lloyd. And since then, her hatred for   Lloyd has never disappeared. Shoma is willing to  help Micona destroy Lloyd; he gives her medicine  

from Torento and Abaddon. After consuming the two  drugs, she instantly changed form, increasing her   strength. Meanwhile, Lloyd and the others are  asked to exterminate a giant snake in a dungeon.   And while they were exploring the dungeon, they  suddenly felt a strong shaking like an earthquake,   making them think it was caused by the  giant snake. But actually, it wasn't a giant  

snake or anything. It was just Alka and Marie  breaking through the dungeon searching for Sou.   But instead of Sou, Marie found Micona, who had  turned into a monster. Micona seemed willing to   do anything to defeat Lloyd, even if she had  to capture Marie and use her to lure him.   Her method ended up being effective because  Lloyd came to her moments later, asking her   to stop her madness. But she didn't want to  hear that and instead challenged him to a duel,   which he accepted. With Shoma's gifted power,  Micona can match Lloyd. At least for a while   because Lloyd is still the winner in the end. But  not long after, Selen and the others came, giving  

Micona a chance to distract Lloyd. She attacks  them, forcing him to become a shield for them and   getting injured in the process. But she mistakenly  attacked Lloyd's friends, making him very angry.   He decided to fight seriously, to the point  that his fight with Micona shook the whole   dungeon violently until he finally managed to win  the battle by throwing her out of the dungeon.   But as soon as the fight was over, the giant  snake they were after appeared. And surprisingly,   the snake knew Lloyd. He is Vritra, the guardian  of Kunlun and the source of Alka's power.   In the past, Vritra fled to this dungeon after  Alka made her skin as a belt, which is now   worn by Selen. Unfortunately, the reunion between  Lloyd and Vritra is ruined by the arrival of Sou,  

who then kills the giant snake. With Vritra dead,  Sou hopes that the seal on Kunlun will weaken and,   at the same time, eliminate Alka's power. But  his guess was wrong. Her power is still there.   She hit Sou head-on as soon as she appeared,  making him crash into the wall. And Sou also   apparently failed to kill Vritra completely  because he managed to transfer his soul to the   belt that Selen was wearing. Realizing his plan  failed, Sou ended up escaping by teleportation.  

And before he completely disappeared, he  vowed to unlock the dungeon in Kunlun one day.   The next day, due to a misunderstanding, the  people thought that Allan had defeated Vritra,   and because of that, the king awarded him the  title Dragon Slayer, despite his confusion during   the ceremony. Meanwhile, Lloyd and the others  head to Kunlun to take care of Vritra. Chrome and   Choline were also on this expedition. Only Allan  was not with them. To get there, Alka summons Eug,  

a Dwarf inhabitant of Kunlun, who opens  a portal so they can get there quickly.   From the outside, Kunlun looks like an ordinary  village. But as soon as they entered it, the   visitors immediately felt a terrifying air radiate  around them. All the citizens have strange powers,   and even the children there can repel dragons  with only paper planes. In the village,  

Choline and Chrome meet the expelled Mertophan,  who says that he cannot return to Azami because,   apart from his sin, he has already felt at home  in Kunlun. Later that night, Mertophan goes to   Marie to apologize, explaining that someone,  who looks like Sou, gave him an egg one day.   And after he presented the eggs to the king,  they seemed to be controlled by some power.   Elsewhere, Eug and Alka are discussing someone who  seems to want to resurrect all the Demon Lords.   Apart from that, they also talked about how they  had lost some of Vritra's memories before and how   his memories are now starting to come back. The  next day, they went to the dungeon to recover   the Vritra. But when they arrived in front of him,  Alka revealed that the dungeon was a prison where  

the citizens of Kunlun sealed the Demon Lord.  And Eug added that with Vritra's current state,   people with evil intentions could open the dungeon  and release all the Demon Lords using only the   holy sword, which was the key to the dungeon.  But now she didn't see the holy sword, so she   asked the group about it, making Riho suspicious  of her. Regardless, Eug then started the ritual   of healing the Vritra and stuffed it into an egg.  But as a consequence, the power of Alka disappears  

when the egg hatches. When the rituals were over,  Lloyd and the others planned to return to Azami   as soon as possible. Because the Azami Kingdom  would be holding a friendly match with the Jiou   Kingdom to celebrate the peace that had finally  been established between them. But before that,   Eug took Alka to the forest because she had some  things she wanted to talk about. But that was just   an excuse because, in reality, she wanted to trap  Alka in a hole. Yes, Eug had been waiting for the   moment when Alka lost her power so that she could  open the dungeon and free the Demon Lord. She had  

even prepared her plans long ago, including how  she sealed the Vritra in that egg-like object.   It was because she was actually cooperating  with Sou and Shoma. After trapping Alka, Eug   tells Lloyd to look for her. Because she couldn't  find her. Next, she transfers everyone to Azami,   including herself, before closing the portal, thus  trapping Lloyd in Kunlun. The others wondered why  

she had closed the portal, but she told them that  she didn't want to be bothered by Alka for a day.   And so they returned home to prepare for the  exhibition match. But when Selen, Phyllo, and   Riho were checking the arena while mocking Allan,  who was chosen as the fighter's representative,   they found the king accompanied by Sou and Shoma.  Feeling suspicious, Riho then asked the king to   cancel the match. While in Kunlun, Lloyd finally  finds Alka still trapped in the hole, which he   often uses as a place to contemplate when he was  still living in Kunlun. They both knew that Lloyd   had to return to Azami soon, but Alka chose to use  the cannon to send him back to Azami since they   could no longer use the portal. The next day, the  exhibition match was still held. In that match,  

Allan must fight against a cloaked figure,  who turns out to be Micona. Of course,   he is no match for her. She beat him so badly  that the king asked someone to stop the fight.   But unfortunately, Chrome and Choline could not  act in front of Sou and Shoma's terrifying aura.  

In another place, the girls finally find  Eug and try to stop her. But of course, she   disobeyed their request and instead brought out  an army of monsters to hold the audience hostage.   Fortunately, the king listened  to Riho's advice the day before,   so he had already made anticipation in case  something bad happened during the match.   So, he prepared soldiers who could fight and  had them disguise themselves as spectators.   As a result, instead of being held hostage, the  soldiers took up arms and fought the monsters.  

Merthophan accidentally went to Azami  when the group returned yesterday.   He transforms into a naked man armed with  a hoe and a sickle before fighting Shoma.   But during their fight, Shoma took the time  to explain the motivation behind his actions.   Turns out he was bored with the world he lives in  today and didn't want Lloyd to feel the same way.   So, to make his brother's dream of becoming a hero  come true, he sets the stage by starting a war.   After saying that, Shoma immediately moved as fast  as lightning and attacked Merthophan. Meanwhile,  

Allan sneakily sneaks behind Sou and attacks him,  cutting off his arm. But miraculously, his arm can   be reconnected easily. It turns out that he is an  artificial creature created by Alka long ago to   become a hero and save the world. But after his  mission was completed, he could not die, so he   planned to kill Alka, thus making people see him  as a criminal. Then, he will make someone become   a hero to replace him. That person is Lloyd. And  only by that Sou could disappear from the world.  

Right after Sou finished explaining,  Lloyd appeared in the center of the arena,   asking Eug to return the Vritra egg. In response  to his request, Eug summoned a giant golem with   Micona as the source of his power and ordered the  monster to fight Lloyd. Lloyd and the golem clash,   and he manages to destroy his hand. But it turns  out that the golem can regenerate, so even though   he repeatedly destroys it, it can recover quickly.  At some point in the fight, Riho cleverly lures   Micona out with a piece of Marie's underwear  as bait. Lloyd can defeat the golem easily.   At the same time, Selen managed to snatch the  Vritra egg from Eug's hands and break the seal.  

All of this made Eug panic. But when she turns  to Sou and Shoma for help, she finds them busy   filming and commenting on Lloyd's heroics. With  Vritra free, Alka's power returns again. She then   appears on the battlefield and kills Eug's entire  army of monsters. But when she raises her hand to  

kill Eug, Shoma reacts faster and saves her.  Their mission was complete, and there was no   longer any reason for them to linger there. So,  with that, they left with the still angry Eug.   At the end of the anime, Lloyd is shown  still living with Marie and the girls.   And now, they were all gathered together to  celebrate the victory. Allan was also present   at this celebration. With that, this anime  ends. The message we can take from Lloyd is  

that everyone must have talent in a particular  field. So, don't be sad or discouraged if you   feel you don't have the skills. You must have.  It's just that you haven't found and honed it.

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