China Village Life Near India | Lijiang,Yunnan Province

China Village Life Near India | Lijiang,Yunnan Province

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Hello, Nihao! This is how Chinese local houses are She is saying she is very happy that she is on someone's youtube for the first time The Yunan Province's border is close to Tibet that's why you'll see people of a lot of minorities And the rest of the border touches Myanmar Look at China's cows Which is very different from India's cows You'll see something or the other different in China Which fruit is this? let me know in the comments if you know Look at its size It is similar to a small watermelon I was so tired because I was travelling continuously But I feel refreshed after coming here I am so happy to meet you And I am so surprised to see a foreigner here Hello everyone, welcome back to a new video It is very rare that our video starts with such a beautiful view Currently I am in Yunan Province's city, Lijiang city Should I call it a city or village, but it is so beautiful This is known as China's one of the most beautiful village In today's video we will explore the life of the people here Here you'll find authentic and beautiful village here I have stayed in China for about 2 months But I haven't seen such a beautiful village so far Look at this, this is my hotel I'll show you everything you'll get such a beautiful view of the village from here Look, there are local Chinese houses and from here too, you can see houses of the people which looks so authentic Look What a view And this is the terrace of my hotel, which looks so beautiful You'll see such beautiful flowers all around They have a glass bridge here If you go to any tourist place you'll have to pay for it But it is absolutely free They have made a cafe on top of hotel's terrace So people from outside can come and relax and have coffee I had ordered a coffee and a cake which I just had It was really good I am very excited to explore this village We'll roam around the streets and I'll show you the authentic life of ancient China The temperature might be 3-4 degrees Let's go and explore but before that, let me show you my room It is so inexpensive You'll be shocked let me show you my room first then we'll start to explore She is the owner Can you introduce yourself? What's your name? My name is Rena We newly opened this hotel this year And we want to bring the nice view Local culture for all our international customers It is one of the best hotel I have seen Literally, It is very nice Wait till you see the snow mountain tomorrow Yeah, but now it's cloudy so it is not visible properly But it's really nice You see the mountain it is all snow Now it is cloudy I told her I want to see some local things If you go by this lane, towards the end of it you'll see a local market As you guys saw, she is the owner of the hotel They have recently opened this hotel I showed you how beautiful it is My room is downstairs, I'll show it to you first Then we'll go and explore the village Look, the hotel is really good And the main thing is it is very inexpensive This is my room, 201 Look This is my room and it is so good You'll be shocked to know the price It is so big, 3 people can easily sleep on this bed and two people there And there is a bed here too I have this entire room by myself There are a lot of amenities Slipper, hair dryer kettle for coffee or hot water, water bottle for free let me show you the washroom Look This is the washroom You'll get brush, comb etc It is a big washroom I am paying 1000 INR for a day for this entire room Where will you get such a room for so cheap and atleast 7-8 people can stay here easily Just for 1000 INR, Let's go and explore the local market here I have just left from my hotel And the first impression is that it feels like exactly a village This looks very different from the rest of the parts of China There are close to no tall buildings here There are small houses here The hotel owner told me, that I might get lost int eh streets here Look, there are similar streets here. I need to go from here and then take a right This is such a different part of China I haven't seen such a part of China until now She told me try not to get lost in the streets Because you'll find a lot of same streets here Be careful I told her what will happen if I get lost, it'll be fun Wow Look, that's my hotel I need to go straight from here and the market is at the end of the street Look at the houses here, they look similar and are of same design Look As I told you it is very cold here so they have kept wooden sticks here to burn them or cook Wow It is so peaceful here There is a street here too Look at the mountain at the back The place where I am at, It is very close to India It is 400-500 km away from Arunachal Pradesh That's why it looks so beautiful, Our North East is also very beautiful The border of Burmah is 150-200 kms away it is very close to India We are here on the road And there you can see open air grocery market. People have bought stuff from there Let's see how it is Look at the view here You'll see mountains here. And even the roads in villages of China are so good And there is a truck that's washing the road The cleanliness is on a different level I have entered inside the market I liked this market because there aren't many people here They are shopping peacefully They roam with a stroller And you'll find old people here The women hang their babies on the back A kid is playing here You'll get fruits, meat etc here Which fruit is this? In China you'll always see something different Look at it's size. It is as big as a small watermelon

Which fruit is this? Comment down if you know I am sure Indians won't know which fruit this is See, it grows on such a tree But it is so big almost as big as a small watermelon Wow Now what's this Which fruit is this If you know then please comment below. I am not aware of it Here you can get fish There is chicken There is an old lady And look here This seems to be something medicinal There is apricot There are insects too The insect and apricot looks very similar here is the main item, Apples They have plenty I'm telling you a hundred percent, it must be very cheap. Which fruit is this? Now tell me. Now tell me, what fruit is this? It's so light, there's no weight to it. It won't be more than 10 grams, it's very light. There's a strawberry here.

I think this is a small part of a coconut. I thought there was only one market, but look here. This is a big market here.

And you'll get to see the market on this side. And there's a bigger market on this side. But I really enjoy seeing the local market of a country. Because there you get to know how the people there live. What they eat, what they get, what they don't get.

Do they get things like India or something else? So let's go, we'll go around a little more here. But I just showed you, I'll show you again. The fruits here are fresh at a different level. See how many types of grapes you'll get to see. There's strawberry, there's orange. Look at this grape.

Look at the quality, it's so good. I was in the market. She is thw owner of the hotel I can go here? Thank you so much. Okay. So the owner of this hotel came to the market and said If you want to see the villages, there are many small villages here. Lijiang is a big town.

There are many small villages here. So the most beautiful village is... Go to Wuhu village. It's 12-13 km from here. I'll book a cab for you.

You can go from here. Tell the driver where to drop you and how to drop you. I was telling him to wait you up. But he cannot. It's the same price.

He has to wait there for you for 3 hours. Oh no. It will be a problem. So you take another taxi to our hotel.

Okay. Okay. Do your work. Bye bye. I told him that we are going to the most beautiful village here. It's near the snowy mountain that I showed you. There are beautiful villages here You will get to see many local houses.

I told him that we are going to see the best village here. This is a village but the roads here look so beautiful. And the landscape here is so beautiful.

There are mountains behind and the view is amazing. it is so good the mountain you see at the back it has snow on top But it's not clear from here because of the clouds. But the view is amazing from here. Our taxi driver dropped us there.

He said that if we want to go to the village, we have to walk 1.5 to 2 km. And we have to take this road which looks so beautiful. Let me tell you about the temperature here.

We were there for 12 to 13 km. It was not as cold as it is here. You can see the mountains.

We are very close to the mountains. You will get to see the snow there. Let's see how the experience is goign to be It's very peaceful.

You won't see any car or horse here. I don't know why but the road ahead looks so beautiful. I can see some houses in the distance. You can understand that I have already walked 1.5 km. And it will be another 1 km from here. There is a small field here.

The villages have started coming here. And this is a farmer's wife who is taking her horse. And you can see many small fields here. You will get to see them. The village starts from here. It looks so beautiful.

And there is a small stream flowing nearby. This is the first house of this village. It is very big. I think this section is for keeping animals like horses.

And this is a small courtyard. But I can't see anyone. If I see someone, I will try to go inside. We have just started You will get to see many such houses. Look at this field.

Is this raddish or sweet potato It is a little far. It is winter season. If it was summer, It would have been so green. It would have been so beautiful.

But it still looks good. If it was summer. It would have been so green. It would have been so beautiful. There is a dog.

It is looking at me. I want to go inside. There are sugarcane trees in front of me.

Dog! Run! I am not going inside. There are many dogs here. I can hear the sound of a car.

This is not the main village. The main village is very far from here. I am going back 1 km. I won't go like this. There are tractors standing near the house. Look at this cow.

It is very different from Indian cows. Look at its color. It looks very different It is very beautiful. This is a farmer.

He has gone to graze his cows. A car just dropped me here. I came almost there and went back. Look at this view.

The land here is very different. There are many restaurants here. Homemade food, juice, Greek coffee, milk tea. Everything is available here. What a cafe! Look at this. I haven't seen such a different village.

This is a very different village. If there was a local here, who could speak Chinese, we could have visited their houses. Look at this. What a view! Wherever you look, it is very beautiful. If there was a local with me it could have been even better But we will try to explore as much as possible. We have to go straight on this road.

But look at this street There are so many beautiful lanes here. Let's go. We will go to anyone's house without any tension. There is no problem in China. There is no tension that someone will rob you.

We feel absolutely safe in China. This is a very good thing. Look at this house.

It is built in a very unique style. There is a horse standing in front of us. When I said horse, he started looking at me.

I think this place hasn't changed since 1000 years Look at the wall. They have made this wall by applying some soil. This is the same system that has been going on for a long time. Chinese style door. Horses are standing here.

There is a small farm here. A small house. If I go near it, it will kick me. Look at the horses. Lovely horses. The street has ended We have to explore many such lanes.

It is very stressful to enter the lane. Look at the dog. It has been barking for a long time. Let's go from here. Let's stick to the main road Otherwise, it will be a problem. As I told you, dogs are very scary.

You can see the house here. They have cut some wood. Oh my God! There are many dogs here. It is very difficult.

This village is very beautiful. People have made it a little more advanced. It looks more beautiful.

Let me show you. This is a shop or a restaurant. There are roses here.

Look at this. A wheel runs on water. You can see it here. They have shown a lot of creativity They have cut wood and planted trees here. These things make it more beautiful. I saw a unique thing here I don't know if I can record it here.

Let me see. This is a local house. Can I come? People are very sweet. Look at this. There is a dog here. It is looking at me with a dangerous look.

I asked the lady if I can come inside. She said yes. People are very nice. Let me show you the house. This is the lady and this is the uncle. They are putting the corn in the machine, they don't use their hands They just put the seeds in the machine and the seeds come out.

This is their house. These are the houses of local China. The clothes are drying here. There is a washing machine here. The potatoes are soaked here.

The dog is looking at me with anger. The potatoes are also kept there. Uncle's machine is stuck. Look here Uncle's machine is working. There are big baskets here.

It must be useful. THis is how it looks from inside It won't be good. The lady is cleaning here.

You must have got an idea about the local houses here. We will see more. There is a language barrier here. You can just ask if you can come.

I liked it a lot. There is some creativity here as well. We will visit more such houses. It looks so different. We will try to visit here as well.

There is a dog here. What a house! There are dogs in every house. They are the German Shepherds. There are small ones too, but they are dangerous too What are they doing? I will show you everything. I think they are making tea.

They are making milk tea I saw it in Tibet. I have seen it in Tibet as well. Milk tea is made here. People here drink milk tea as well. This province is located at the border of Tibet. That's why you'll find Tibet minority too That's why they are making tea Let's explore the village further.

It would have been great if we could visit that house. We will try it later. Hello! Nihao! They are so nice people.

As you saw, there was a wedding going on in the village. That's why they have decorated the car. I want to go inside the village and show you everything.

But I am scared of dogs. If they bite me even by mistake, then it will be a problem these houses are so beautiful. Look at the design Look at the seating area. There are a lot of corn.

It's so beautiful. You can see the mountains behind me. They are covered with snow.

Let me tell you about this province. This province is located at the border of Tibet. You will get to see a lot of different minority people here and the rest of the big border is from Myanmar, Burma, so you will get to see a lot of different cultures here. And look here, coffee and bread, what a thing, croissant, coffee, they have modernized the village, my favorite is croissant and you can sit outside and drink coffee. So let's go, let's take a croissant.

There is no one here, the bakery is quite good but I can't see anyone. I asked this girl if I can get a coffee I thought she works here She herself is a customer. Look, the ladies here wear something like this, Yunan ladies, look.

I was telling you, I asked this poor girl if I can get coffee here, she said I don't work here, I came to get coffee myself and there is no coffee shop there. So I said, let's go, why waste time, we will drink something later. Look, there is a process of making a house here, so let's see how they make a house here.

I don't know if the people here will let me come. Look, a house is being made here. And this is how they build a house Oh, they are burning the garbage here. This garbage is being burned, this wood is being used to make a house.

Look, the people who use a little brick, they use this brick which is very heavy. The block that we use on the road, this block is very heavy. And the rest are working with wood. And they are burning the leftover garbage. It's good.

You have got to see a typical village life. They have made it a little modern because tourists come here, so they have made some cafes. But still, you are getting to see authentic houses. And tell me honestly, have you ever seen such a beautiful cafe in your life? Just look at the seating inside. I have never seen such a cafe. And look at the ladies of the village here.

Farmers who are carrying so much stuff to the mountains. But still, look at the age of grandma, how old she is. In China, people have very short beards. And look at this, this is grandpa's beard. They have made it so beautiful with small things.

I mean to say that you don't need fancy things to make good things. Look at this. They have cut the wood and covered the gutters from above. It looks so good And they have cut the wood and planted trees in it.

It looks so good. And it's not just here, it's everywhere from start to end. And look at these berries. It's all over the place. Look, I'm talking about this.

It looks so good. And look, they have hung it on the wall. There is barbeque going on Hello, Ratalu.

I'll go. Come. I'll go.

Come again. I don't understand where should I go. It looks so good all around. Now I feel like I should go this way. Now I feel like I should go this way.

Now I feel like I should go this way. And we have come from here. And look, they have made a small tower here.

So I'm thinking let's go this way. It looks like a viewpoint here. There is a small lake here. So let's go there. But I have to be careful with Kallu Bhai.

Kallu Bhai has been following me for a long time. There aren't many people here This coffee shop looks so good. Look at this. What a view you will get from its terrace. So let's go here.

I'll have a little coffee. Let's sit there for 5 minutes and leave. Because it's evening now. It will be dark. We'll sit for a while and I'll show you the view We have taken Cappuccino from here. You can see.

And here we have met. We are talking about the village. It's beautiful though. It's very beautiful.

It was really nice to meet you. So let's sit here and have coffee with them. Then we will go ahead. They also keep cameras and travel.

I showed them YouTube. Please subscribe to his channel. Thank you so much. Still it's very beautiful. It's not like a commercial town. I like that.

So let's sit here and have coffee. And then let's see what plans are made. There is a little break here. You can also see the cafe outside. It's very nice.

So let's have coffee and leave from here. After traveling continuously for so many days, I was literally tired. But after coming here, I am completely refreshed. You saw that I was sitting and drinking coffee.

So I said, let's go up and see what's going on on the terrace. See, this is the terrace here. And look at the view. There are clouds sitting on the mountain behind.

And the whole snowy mountain, I don't know why it is completely hidden. Look at this view. It looks so good. Now that girl told me. Oh, look, you can also see the lake in front.

There is a lake right above my cup. And on this side, there is a snowy mountain. So you have to choose one of the two places. Because it's 5 o'clock now. Look at the time. And it will be sunset here at 6.20 pm.

So there are only 40 minutes left. I have taken a five-minute break here. And then I decide. Let's go to the lake or come to see the snowy mountain. The snowy mountain is not going to look clear today.

Because today there are clouds. You can see that it is completely cloudy. But look at the view And literally, you have seen how good the people of China are.

There is a girl down there. They treat you so well They react so well. So something like this has happened. So I drink a little coffee here. And I will take a 5-10 minute break here. Enjoy this weather a little.

And then we will go out to explore more. So we left after drinking coffee. So she is also going this way. And here we have come to a local farm. Look here.

Some sugarcane is cut and kept. There is a car parked here. Look, there is a barricade here.

We can't go there Let's go to someone's house. And take permission that we can see inside. Otherwise, I have already shown you the house. Look at this one.

This one is same. I think it's a hotel. Yeah, it's a hotel. It's fun to see normal people's houses. Yeah.

Look, this house looks a little good. And the fire is also burning inside. So let's go. Let's see if we can go inside or not.

Nihao. Oh, there is a... Aunty, can we come in and have a look? Thank you. Look, people are very nice. If you ask, they don't refuse.

And look here. Can you see? The cold has increased a lot. That's why they have lit a fire here.

Wow, you can warm your hands here. And look at the kids here. Kids are there.

They are feeling shy I told them not to be afraid. This is their backyard Their courtyard is like this. Which is very good. And they keep a washing machine outside. So that they can wash the clothes outside. Wow, I like this.

They have a massage chair here. They have money. They have money. The kids here are so cute. They have turned red. The cold has increased a lot.

Nihao. Look, there is her brother. He is wearing a school uniform. They are very cute. Yeah, they are so cute.

Let's see another house. Another house. Thank you. Literally, we are looking at every house.

If we find a good house, we will go inside. Look, there is a dog house here. There is a dog house there.

There is a dog house there. But we can't find the way to enter here. So, let's go.

We are looking at every house. I told you in the beginning. If we find someone who can speak local, it will be fun. So, we found him. Let's see The water is full of ice.

The water is full of ice. it's going down Snow water from snow. It is snowing here.

The house is good. It looks very good. And look, the water is full of ice inside the house. But we can't go inside.

And there are roses everywhere. There are roses everywhere. So, let's go inside. I am very happy. I am coming to someone's YouTube channel for the first time.

So, you can see behind in the video. Yes, I am happy. So, let's go a little further. Because the sun is about to set.

It is 6.07. And you can see in 10-15 minutes, the light is already going. We are back at the crossroads from where we had gone. And If I walk here for 15-20 minutes then I can see the lake But it will be dark by the time I reach there ANd nothing will be visible then And it is so cold I'll try to get down from here And If I can find a car, we'll take a lift and go Look There are horses here too I have almost showed you the entire village The lake part is left, but I can't show you because It's getting very cold and nothing will be visible let's go down from here She wants to click a picture with the horse If you want I can click your photo with horses Let's click her photo We have almost reached down And the water is flowing here It is so peaceful and silent It is almost dark My camera is on dark mode that's why it is a bit bright We have almost reached down from where we had startes We have reached here at a nearby market Which looks really good You'll get a lot of souvenirs And look here There is beer inside this is a small market I'll roam for a bit, I am tired. I haven't eaten anything

I'll go to my hotel and there are arrangements for food there I'll go and have something And then let's see Let's go i am very hungry let's go towards the hotel I am back at my hotel I am very tired I walked around 16 kms I did not eat anything, just coffee and cake in the morning Then I had another coffee Just that and I walked for 16-17kms I am very tired I came here and told the owner that I want something to eat There shouldn't be meat They gave me this This is egg fried rice for 20 Yuan which is 22 INR which is ok It was fun to explore we saw some unique and beautiful villages Hoep you saw something new And something good Hope you liked the video, if you did then please like share and subscribe Hop

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