China's (MOST) Pristine Mountain Landscape - Yangshuo, Guangxi | S2, EP55

China's (MOST) Pristine Mountain Landscape - Yangshuo, Guangxi  | S2, EP55

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Can't I? It's overload, I am sorry You'll have to wait. Ok wow it's beautiful Good morning everyone Welcome back to my channel Now it's 9 am And I am in Yangshuo Guangxi province I have been here for 2 days already Yesterday I picked up my scooter I had my 1st scooter ride And I did some scooter vlogging But when I came back home I found there is a SD card error on my GoPro 9 And this isn't the 1st time That gopro9 did this to me I think I never had a problem With my GoPro 10 It's quite frustrating it's impossible for me to recover All the data from yesterday But... today is a new day And I am going to do Another new scooter vlogging And I'll put footages from yesterday At the end of this video So let's go So this is my scooter I was really expecting Guangxi to be a lot warmer But it isn't recently The lowest temperature is still around 0 Today luckily is a sunny day And I dressed up very warmly I have everything I need For this motorbike ride It's only 10, 20km round way I've got my helmet My protection gloves And I am wearing protection pants And long boots I have all my equipment in the case And I have a backpack I hope you can see that pointy hill In the camera That's the typical landscape here In yangshuo Those pointy mountains There are 2 provinces in China That are quite famous for karst landscape Guizhou province And Guangxi province Karst mountain (*landscape) Besides the mountains and rivers That we can see in yangshuo In my coming trips We're going to see more of them In other counties We can also find e.g. underground water (*rivers)

Big caves Sinkholes Etc. there are a lot of e-scooters in yangshuo And during the rush hours The streets can get very busy What's funny is that It seems that People prefer to drive on the car lane Even with e-scooter So far I am quite happy with this scooter Because it drives stable 2 days ago I rent a e-scooter in yangshuo So I try to do a tour Cuz my motorbike My scootor hasn't arrived yet But it was so bumpy And compared with that My scooter is way better Now it is the 1st time in my life To drive through a tunnel sell shoes,take a look And that is The shoes that she made I think she is over 80 years old Hi, free fruit tea No thanks this is a old opera house So it's free to visit Here this is the stage Those who are watching Sit over there around it Once you are here So many people want to approach you To sell their services A woman was asking for 60 yuan For a boat trip To the other side and back But here this ferry takes only 5 yuan per person hurry up Can't I ? It's overload I am sorry I see. you can wait for a while. ok It's beautiful this is a local ferry Many people are still living on that island This uncle is going with his motorbike Brother, is this for island tour yes How much per person How many? Just me Just you? one person is expensive You can get a smaller one Brother, a ride with you How much? How much is a ride? It's cheap. But how much? 30 yuan Where are we going Just follow me All you need is to pay 30, ok I'll go with you I have no idea What kind of attractions are there On this island brother How many attractions? One mountain, and one view point I see, one mountain and one attraction ok I'll show you when we arrive So here we are Let me show you Sure, show me please that is a ritual baton peak In the past, in the court The flat scepter held by officials this is a buddha sun-bathing his belly It's like a chubby buddha Sun bathing And the two behind is called encounter A monk dates a nun This is the longevity peak Or palm peak It's like your right hand And right in front of you is the image on 20 yuan banknote 18 Arhats descend to earth Oh, that's the 20 yuan image you can't see the reflection from here Go there and take a photo Ok, I'll go over to take a photo I actually have 20 yuan In my bag And that is the image On the banknote wait This is 1 yuan, 10 yuan, 20 yuan So this is the photo taking point For that important mountains On the 20 yuan banknote That it It's even bigger than my banknote That's the bird That catches fish It is here So look Firstly this And then this Oh, there is even an actor A model If you want to take a picture That's kind of cool Let me show you. sure This one is called step upwards And also Fairy descends to earth The highest is camel peak Before the camel peak Is the dolphin sees the sky So that's the dolphin? The 2 pointy ones Called damian peak Or horn peak The small is water snail peak The one near signal Is a beauty looking herself in the mirror Or lady makeup All together called Xingping landscape I'll take a walk and then back It's quite a nice ride Through all the villages Oh, a horse And then she, he just told me The name of different peaks Some are like dolphin Some are like buffalo or cow The horn of the cow Some are like something else I couldn't remember I only have very short time I came here in the afternoon I had maybe one hour tour And if you come to yangshuo I highly recommand That you spend more time Maybe you can rent an e-scooter Or just take a walk Around this island It is so beautiful you can even spend one night In one of the guest houses So now, time to go back It's already a bit late For the market Today is their market day The market day happens on On days with ending numbers of 2, 5 or 8 And the market is rotating Rotating between different locations This is all kinds of Soybean product This is tofu bao Dou-fu-guo Which is fried tofu And that's fresh tofu That is small lotus root And this is the specialty here Taro root It's very tasty When it gets steamed People use taro to make e.g. dessert

Or make steamed cake etc. Leafy green Now let's try some food So in this lane It is mainly hot pot People are sitting around the table And in this lane I've checked There are some noodles And some fried stuff This character means double joy This character means double joy This one is tasty I see, that one ok What is this? This thing Which thing? The bowls That's for you-cha The ingredients for you-cha I see, I'll get one Take a seat over there Manager, get her a you-cha Manager, I want a you-cha And one of this It's too big? Yes, very big It's you-bing What's inside? It's without fillings Is it sweet? It's flour, and with sugar And deep fried I see, thanks! This looks like a doughnut And I've also got a bowl of you-cha It's more like a bland tea But it's super warm And then there is small tiny ball inside It's super crispy manager Is there tea in you-cha? Yes I see, boiled with tea There is tea leaves and ginger Oh, tea and ginger! yes And chives So tea, ginger, chives. And garlic! This doughnut is nothing special It's just a piece of bread That is deep fried And it's a bit sweet And what is that? That? This is soy flour cake Soy flour cake And can I have one of that? sure Sticky rice cake With peanut and sesame Grounded sesame in it This one is quite tasty It's like mochi And the filling isn't too sweet But it's powdery With aromatic grounded peanut And black sesame I am simply too full For another bowl of rice noodle But you've seen How they prepare it And how other people eat it And I think that's quite enough Now let's leave this market Tian-hou-gong Mazu temple Temple for mazu I've also got one of those From the temple It's for safety And for good luck

2023-12-27 09:36

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